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Happy Halloween! Michelle Can Now Scare Us All


Nobody Remembers….

Remember this Michelle Obama?

Or THIS Michelle Obama….

Right. Michelle is coming out FULL-BRO brother, (notice the hair) the black vote has to be pounced upon. The hate whitey, whitey hates you program to get the black out to vote, has to be fully employed now,

But I love how she remembers the ‘blacks’ moving in and the whites moving out. All these young black college kids getting a free college education have to be told what USE to be, because none of them are having that rough a time.

Usually, WHEN the blacks moved in, they didn’t mow their lawns, or smile at their white neighbors. Drugs became common place, and white kids were attacked and kicked in the head—(That happened to my son, luckily he survived.) Gun shots in the middle of the night were common.

They didn’t take care of their property, most of them being on welfare, and NOTICE…how she blames the whites for ‘leaving’ them all in despair, and their communities in shambles. As if it was UP to the whites to take care of them, like children.

As if their behavior is ALWAYS the fault of the whites.

What a bunch of crock.

Anyway, it’s Halloween. The democrats have “voted to impeach” the President.

Hillary is out on her broom.

I suggest, we all stay inside. After all, Michelle thinks white people are scared of black people.

And the eight years of Obama fanning the blacks flames of war, she might have a point.

Many of us didn’t leave. (I for one) And we all got along until the Obama move into the White House. The blacks got richer, and the whites got poorer. The black teenagers got more violent.

And isn’t it funny that not ONCE while she was first lady, did she wear her hair…naturally.

I can see why. It’s pretty scary. (But not as scary as her back)

Happy Halloween Everybody! I’m staying indoors, turning off the lights, and watching a scary movie.

Let the real monsters of the democratic party celebrate.


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Nobody’s Fool: Candace Owens—The Next MLK

Nobody’s Fool

This convention of young black leaders was pretty much ignored. I think I watched it all on OAN…and the first speaker up was Candance Owens.

She was…spectacular to put it mildly. This speech was certainly as great as any MLK gave, and what a brilliant young woman she is.

I TRIED to find her speech alone, but couldn’t. What I did find out is that 9 out of 10 video’s of this event completely cut out her speech.

I’m sure that was on purpose. YouTube doing a bit of editing. So, I’m glad I found this. She is the first speaker, so if you don’t have the time to watch the whole thing, don’t miss her speech. Like all great leaders, she speaks with blazing truth. 

(The President is great too of course.)

Candance Owns….you win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week.

Now…don’t stop speaking!


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Extortion-Reparations. What’s the Difference?

Nobody’s Opinion

To know that the next election is going to be all about the “black” vote is a no brainer. Reparations are being talked about with every candidate. Joe Biden did the old democratic trick of going into a black church where some young black girls were killed some 50 odd years ago and talked as if nothing has changed.

Hey, it’s worked every year for every democrat since I can remember. “I walked with Martin Luther King!” etc., etc.

AMERICA IS STILL RACIST! The message is everywhere.

They even dragged out Condoleezza Rice who basically accused Trump of being a ‘racist’ and dividing the country.

Shame on you Ms Rice.

To this ‘white’ person, who now is made to feel she owes reparations to anyone who is “colored” I have to ask myself…why? Why should the old retiring ‘white’ person have to pay for millions of black people who have NEVER been slaves?

Because it’s all a con. Has been for years. And everybody knows it.

The other day, my husband and I were sitting in a doctor’s office, and got into a conversation with two black women.

The first woman was pretty nice. She had served in the military, and put all her three children through college she said. Her oldest daughter had a degree in Physics, and had a great job in Chicago. She had five daughters, and lived very well. All the daughters were going to college. She wasn’t married.

The second child was the problem child. A young man who made straight A’s all through school, and she paid for him to go to a local training school to become a mechanic. But, instead of getting a good job at some well know auto place, he prefers to smoke grass all day, and he fixes cars on the side for his friends. He has a son, and mom is mad that he didn’t get a decent job for his son.

The third son was her favorite. The oldest— and he had…13 children by five different mothers. The poor guy was working three jobs to support those kids, and she helped him out whenever she could. BUT all the mothers had degrees and great jobs.

To this white women all I could think of was….who PAID for all these degrees?

The second black woman kept talking about HER son, who had some kind of degree and drove a brand-new Mercedes Benz. But she still bought the lie that a cop killed a black in Ferguson. She said she had a plate in her head so I’ll give her some slack.

The high school I went to, now is 80% black, and last year alone over $43 million dollars’ worth of scholarships were given out to the students. When I went there, only about 6 kids out of the graduating class got scholarships. Now, it seems, all you have to do is show up and you’ll get one.

If you are the right color.

Our taxes mostly go to that school system.

The dirty truth is the American ‘white’ person has been paying for the college educations of millions of black kids. They don’t want you to know just how many successful blacks there are. Nobody Knows.


Here in North County, you are more likely to see a black person driving a $40,000 SUV than a white person. More black people live in the $400,000 houses than whites.

No, they didn’t report that on the news. Sure there are a lot of poor blacks, but there are just as many poor whites if not more.

To me, reparations is just another extortion scam for money. It’s no difference than what the Muslims do.

The Muslim game of “We will let you go through our waters for a price” has not changed since Thomas Jefferson went and fought the Barbary pirates. Obama gave in to the extortion demands of Iran.

North Korea plays the same game: Pay us, and we won’t bomb you.

The blacks, and their democratic representatives, now just use the extortion race card for power and money.

The “All whites are racists just like their President” will be all we hear for the next year.”

And calling our President a raciest every single day, makes you wonder…

Does extortion really still work?

We’ll find out.

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Nobody’s Fool: Candance Owens

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s a refreshing video made by a woman after my own heart.

Enjoy, the wisdom of Candance Owns.

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Nobody Reports: How Long Can Blacks Be “Conned?”

Nobody Reports

I’ve written about the ‘black’ race situation before this year: the good news was that MANY of the blacks in my area, not far from the infamous Ferguson, MO, were waking up to the ‘con job’ that the democrats had practiced on them for over 50 years.

All because of President Trump, and the actions of Obama.

As Dinesh D’Souza so succinctly pointed out in his books and movies, the Democrats were ALWAYS the ones keeping the blacks segregated, poor, and slaves.

From Con Job by Crystal Wright:

Returning to the days of Reconstruction, when blacks had gained many civil rights, was a terrifying prospect to LBJ or to any racist Democrat at the time. From 1865 to 1875, the Republicans had controlled Congress, passing two dozen civil rights bills, including the Thirteenth Amendment, ending slavery: The Fourteenth Amendment, counting blacks as citizens: and the Fifteenth Amendment, granting black men the right to vote. State legislatures at the time were also dominated by Republicans, and the first seven blacks elected to Congress were Republicans elected during Reconstruction: Senator Hiram Rhodes Revels of Mississippi, Representative Benjamin Turner of Alabama, Representative Robert De Large of South Carolina, Representative Josiah Walls of Florida, Representative Jefferson Long of Georgia, and Representatives Joseph Hayne Rainer ad Robert Brown Elliott of South Carolina. Altogether twenty-three black Republican were elected to Congress during Reconstruction. As Dave Barton, in Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White, noted of the five years after the Republican dominated U.S. Congress passed the Thirteenth Amendment, “Blacks went from being slaves to becoming members of Congress.”

Then came the Great Society, and the strategy to KEEP the black’s poor, and voting. Now, the democrats want to bring in another ‘slave’ labor system: the Hispanics. LBJ did it for their votes.

And the democrats are fighting hard for open borders also for the votes.

This Nobody Wonders if the last Presidential election will be the last honest one held. (But that’s another blog.)

What’s even scarier is that they have been able to KEEP blacks down and separated as a ‘tribe’ whose hated masters should be every republican and the blacks have bought that lie hook, line, and sinker for over 50 years.

THINK about that. How powerful that is. How the lies and propaganda have kept a whole race who won freedom from one party, devoted to the ones who really keep them poor and enslaved.

And we see the propaganda daily, trying to destroy the one man who could finally HELP the blacks out of their ongoing misery.

Is it any wonder they attack him so viciously? How great is their power?

Will the blacks keep taking the ‘red’ pill? Or will they come out in force in 2020 and vote for their own rights and their own children’s rights, to be finally free?

Nobody Knows.

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Can They Start Another Race War in America?

Nobody Knows

How much longer Obama’s influence is going to keep those black men on their racist farm?

First: Watch Paul Joseph Watson make some great observations in the video above, about the hypocrisy of making the blacks believe they are still living in slavery.

Add to that—that this week, Spike Lee made some really racist movie which he got a ten minute standing ovation for at the Cannes festival. I’m sure he flew his whole family over.

Watch the trailer. It’s surreal. It’s like…uh…WHO wears an AFRO now? And can anybody tell me how many members there are left in the KKK? Who by the way, was a democratic organization.

This movie almost seems…comical, it’s so out of touch with reality. And so is that video. I was looking for “Shaft”. “Papa was a rolling stone.” I bet Spike Lee sits in his mansions, gets stoned, (With Obama) and talks about how he’s going to start the next black revolution. I’m sure they all miss those big parties at the White House.

I’m TRYING to remember what masterpiece of a film that he ever made, but for some reason…I just can’t come up with one. Richard Pryor made better movies, so I guess when you’re that bad, the only thing you can do, is try to be a black champion of ….stupid movies.

All this means is that the Russian deal isn’t going so well, so, PLAN B: Get that race war going to get democratic votes in the next elections.

Remind them all: They are black, and beautiful, and can dance and sing, and grow big ‘fros’.

Really. I’m white and I think this is just funny. But…if I were black I would have to laugh too. And then I would be totally insulted.

Spike Lee has no clue to how many blacks are tired of the same old song.

He’s about to find out.


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The Hidden Fact is that Hidden Figures is a Must Watch Movie

Nobody’s Opinion

There’s a movie out right now that is getting promoted big time: The Black Panther. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve already read that it has a lot of ‘politically correct’ themes of race in it. I imagine it’s another movie to get the young black men and women riled up for the black ‘revolution’ that Obama tried so hard to foster during his eight years as President. It’s another movie to get out the ‘black’ vote.

But, in my Nobody humble opinion, there is no way that it will be important as a movie as the recent movie, Hidden Figures, which is up for Oscar nominations this year.

Opps. It goes BACK in time. Something the liberals keep complaining about.

I just got finished watching it tonight. It’s a story of how a group of black women who worked for NASA were an essential element of our space program.

It shows how hard the black women had it back in the 1950s, but it also showed one very important factor: despite their hardships, the blacks had jobs, respect, dignity, morality, and in some cases…sheer genius.

As Thomas Sowell has often pointed out, blacks in the 1950s and 1960s were middle class. Not many of them were on welfare. Most of them had jobs, and families. Throughout the movies you keep thinking to yourself, “What happened to them?” 

The main character was a black woman mathematician, Katherine Johnson, whose genius basically helped put the United States back in the driver’s seat over Russia, with her work at NASA.

What the movie shows I think, more than anything else, was that back in the 1950’s our schools were much better than they are now. These black woman got excellent educations in American schools, whether they went to the colored schools or not.

Sadly, that is no longer the case in America.

The TEACHERS were simply better. There was no social engineering back then. Before the democrats got ahold of the educationally system, the gifted child (black and white) was nurtured and pushed to excel as fast as he or she could climb, which gave our nation an advantage, and that is why America soared. There was none of this “Everybody must get rewarded, nobody should ‘feel’ bad’.”

If you were good, you were encouraged.

And if the child didn’t get it, the teacher would help them, or hold them back until they did.

Now the gifted child is held behind, bored, having to wait for his or her classmates to catch up.

The movie also shows how brilliant these black women were, and how a few of the men had a hard time accepting their brains…BUT…the reality is back then, and even now I believe, a really smart man wants the best person for the job, and in the movie, the really smart men in charge saw the greatness and gave those women full rein to perform.

John Glenn wouldn’t go up into space until Katherine verified the math.

“When asked to name her greatest contribution to space exploration, Katherine Johnson talks about the calculations that helped synch Project Apollo’s Lunar Lander with the moon-orbiting Command and Service Module,” NASA wrote. “She also worked on the space shuttle and the Earth Resources Satellite, and authored or coauthored 26 research reports.

Now, you aren’t going to read that anywhere…they will say that the women did it all themselves, but as Katherine said in later years…everything was a team effort. And most of the time, that team that Katherine was on were men.

It’s a good thing to get women interested in math. Math is in almost everything…its in music, nature, everywhere around us.

It’s one of the reasons I loved the movie, I loved math, as did my mother, and I went to school at the time when they were experimenting with NEW MATH…a math that never made any sense to me whatsoever.

In the movie, when NASA was having a big problem with a trajectory of the spacecraft. Kathrine figures out it was because of the New Math. She throws out the New Math and uses the old…because it works. 

Whatever you do, see the movie…for the older people, it will bring back memories of when a country worked together, blacks along with whites, to make America great.

Even though those young women didn’t get the credit they deserved at the time, they were STILL proud of their jobs and their country.

For the young, of all ages…it should simply inspire.

In fact, watch it with your kids.

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Nobody’s Email: Peggy Joseph, woke up.

Nobody Gets Email

I thought this was rather uplifting…I have noticed here in North Country St. Louis, home of the infamous Ferguson, the blacks are being extraordinarily friendly in almost all of the stores. It used to be, if you had a cap on with the American Flag, and you were white, they wouldn’t even look at you.

Not now. Now they smile, and talk, and it’s almost as if suddenly, a whole LOT of them woke up to the fact that, hey! White people are NOT the boogey man! Who knew?

Nobody Thinks in this last year of Obama….many blacks are waking up to the fact that Obama wasn’t the Messiah. Like this lady did.

Peggy Joseph…grew up.

Dorothy has come home.

So….Nobody shouts: Welcome back Peggy! You’re looking good!


(Thanks to ‘g’ man.)

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Whoopi Baits the Racial Hook: One More Time…

Nobody’s Opinion

Well, well, well. The richest woman in the United States is Opray Windfrey.

We have a ‘black’ President.

We have scores of black actors who have won Oscars and live in multi-million dollar mansions.Will smithe and Jada

We have black athletics that make millions of dollars. And not just a few. They dominate football, the NBA, and boxing.

They have jobs as newscasters. They are in our living rooms, in Congress, and they are also killing each other and burning down their own CEO's

They are at least a third of the people we see in our movies and on our TV’s, and in Fortune 500 positions of great power.

America is 72 percent white, 10 percent Hispanic, 3 percent Asian, and 13 percent African-American.  In proportion to their population, there are more rich blacks than whites. There are also more middle class blacks than whites. But…they keep that a guarded secret.

They are MORE than represented in the fact, they are overrepresented.Obama race card

They have, through affirmative action, been given MORE rights, welfare, college grants, special favors, and positions that some of them are not even qualified for. It’s been an unfair playing field to make up for “slavery” …a crime committed so long ago, everyone who committed those crimes are dead. People who have committed no crimes are being held to extortions.

The race card is an easy card to play, and Whoopi keeps playing it.

Whoopi Goldberg is trying to stick up for Will Smith, who let’s get real here, is just upset that he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar this year. Whoopi said that ….”We are not treated like Americans.”

Excuse me?


Tell me Whoopi, how is an American treated? I’d say you’ve been treated better than 99 percent of the American population, black AND white.

If Whoopi Goldberg actually thinks that she is not treated like an American, then she should go live in Paris. And she has said she will leave if Donald Trump becomes President.

Hey Whoopi! Last time I looked, it was Cher who sent bottled water to Flint, Michigan..uh…that white woman. Where were you?

I this video, Whoopi, who likes to think of herself as a great intellectual, was putting down another black woman for saying her “opinion” about all the separations of the races: It’s not a good thing. And it’s not. She’s right. Listen to the lame excuse Whoopi gives:


Whoopi thinks no one is being taught about black history… fact, that’s ALL we’ve been hearing about for decades now…and now, it’s used mostly for extortion.

I don’t know, but I bet Whoopi supports Hillary. Because Hillary is suggesting she will get black reparations’ to the blacks. By the way, Obama floated that too to get the black vote.

Whoopi already got hers, will you get yours?

Pinka Jada Smith, started this big racial firestorm, by complaining about the all-white Oscar nomination process. It smacks of the same old Jesse Jackson race- card smack down.

Clint Eastwood put common sense to it:

“I don’t know anything about it.” He added, however, “All I know is there’s thousands of people in the Academy, and the majority of them haven’t won Oscars. A lot of people are crying, I guess.”

Nobody Thinks…This is Obama black friends making sure they keep their riches.

We white people don’t HAVE to pay to see Will Smith in his Oscar (no winning) role, do we now?  They act like spoiled brats.After Earth

By the way, Whoopi may have won her Oscar on her own performance in Ghost, but if Patrick Swayne’s, that hick of a white guy, had told the studio he wouldn’t do it without her, she would still be in comedy clubs doing her raunchy routine.

I take that back. She would probably be back on welfare, due to the fact that the economy has been so destroyed by the “black” President, most of the comedy clubs have gone out of business.

The real point is: Until black people start thinking and acting like Americans, they will never be…all they will do is fall flat with the whites when America is taken over by the Muslims and the Hispanics…who could care LESS about their black history.  If they were smart, they’d get smart and start complaining about the real problems that are facing the whole nation. Stacey Dash sees it, but Whoopi…nope.

Whoopi is setting the stage for her own people to remain stupid.

But then what can you expect?

She is part of Bernie Sanders rich elites.

Funny that Will Smith should be complaining when he got to have his own movie made with his own son….don’t you think?

Would YOU be complaining?


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Ferguson Blacks have Amnesty Day! Yes!

Nobody Cares

I know this is hard to see…BUT…the whole country has been hearing, from the lips of Barack Obama and Eric Holder, that Ferguson was targeting blacks unfairly by giving out too many traffic tickets to them. The cities are getting rich. Uh…..not really.

This Nobody is here to tell you, WHY blacks drive carelessly, walk down the street and give cops the finger, and do things like steal cigars from helpless shop owners…

They know, that they won’t be prosecuted.

Rest your mind world! Since 2002, every year, (and every black knows about this) can get all tickets, warrants, and past illegal fees forgiven on Amnesty Day! Ten bucks will be all you have to pay.

Having trouble paying child support? NO problem! Show up on Amnesty Day!

Too many outstanding speeding tickets? NO problem! Show up on Amnesty Day! Don’t pay those expensive tickets—that’s only for rich white people.

There’s a warrant out for your arrest? NO problem! Come on down to Amnesty Day! We even give you three days to make it here.

And this covers all of the black counties in the St. Louis area.

Where do you think Obama got the idea for amnesty?

Is this going on in other cities? I have no idea. BUT…remember, when you hear Obama feeling sorry for the poor black men all over the country that are given tickets by the cops…

It don’t mean a thing. Unless of course, they are honest people. And in THAT case, they probably never get tickets in the first place.



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Nobody’s Fool: Thomas Sowell

Nobody’s Fool

If you do not have Thomas Sowell in your vocabulary, you’re really missing a great mind. Here Mr. Sowell explains the truth about why blacks have fallen so far behind.

Thomas Sowell has NEVER  been anybody’s fool. As a writer and a thinker, he’s on every issue under the sun,  99 percent perfect.



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Nobody Remembers: Clifton R. Wharton, Jr.

Nobody RemembersClifton

You can’t turn on the news without hearing about the violence in Ferguson. Last night, I was sitting outside in the car waiting for my husband who had gone into the local gas station to buy a lotto ticket. I had the windows open and AC/DC was blasting on the stereo. A car filled with young black men pulled up right next to me, and just stared. And I had all I could do to NOT laugh because THREE of the young skinny black boys, could hardly walk. Their pants held tight right below their butts by a belt, and their underwear showing..big combs in their hair.  Really stupid. Like women wearing short dresses and high heels in the snow when the temperature is below zero.

Still…I had to REALLY hold back that grin on my face. What if they have to run?

Watching the crazy ‘race war’ in the news, I remember the days when so many  blacks didn’t seem so …can I say,…uneducated? Dim-witted? Stupid?

Sure, we have a lot of whites like that too, but they aren’t stopping traffic in the streets.

In light of these thoughts: I’d like to post a few words from a speech given on July, 21, 1986 by Clifton R. Wharton, Jr..  A black man who had risen to great heights by becoming the first black to become Chancellor of New York University. He ran many corporations, and put some time in as Chairman of the Secretary of State.  Running the Rockefeller Foundation  gave him a lot of clout…In other words, back in his day, Clifton R. Wharton was a huge success. And he was black.

He would have been another great candidate for our first black President, had he been born a bit later— but there you go, we got Goofy.

In this speech, he ponders on WHY the blacks did not keep up with the education of the whites, and what was the real reason they were not making it in the world?

Too many blacks drop out. Of high school, and then college, he said. (So…what’s new?)

Here’s some excerpts from his speech:

From our country’s earliest colonial days, education has been the keystone to progress. Yet increasingly large numbers of American blacks appear to be indifferent, apathetic, or cynical  toward schooling and higher learning.

Have we as a people lost our faith in education? Does the wider society realize the enormous cost and burden which it will ultimately pay by failing to avert the imminent disaster?

In the year 1984, 15 blacks were awarded PhDs in engineering, 13 in business, 11 in physics, 4 in mathematics, and 3 in computer science. The rest of the degrees were mostly in social science.
black worker

He goes on to wonder why after 30 years of affirmative action things are getting worse:

Blacks (In the past) somehow managed to advance education goals even though the deck was stacked even more formidably against them.

Are persistent poverty and persistent discrimination obstacles to learning? Of course they are. Do Delinquency, broken homes, alcohol and drugs, street culture, shoddy career counseling, youth unemployment, teenage pregnancy and all the other enduring pathologies of disenfranchisement lie at the bottom of some of today’ s drop out crisis and eroding college participation rates? No doubt about it.

But are they the root of the entire problem?

Black college graduates from the 1920s , 30s, 40s, and 50s, tend to share several key psychological features: They have a strong sense of self and heritage. They are family oriented, and very often community minded. They have tremendous  drive and ambition. They know what they want to do. They know they can do it. They aren’t even much interested in all the reasons somebody tells hem why it wasn’t ever possible for a Black to do what they want to do. all they want to know is what it will take them to do it.

What makes the Asian student so superior? family

We need to strengthen the black family. We need to reassert the relevance  of self-respect and high aspiration and we have to persuade black youth that they can compete on equal terms.  We need to ask more of our own leadership.

I said it before again and again, the resources and commitment that have never railed us have always been of the black community itself.

Mr. Wharton goes onto say that the stereotype images of the black youth is their downfall. (Now MTV takes care of that.)

In other words, passing blacks them when they can’t read or write, putting them into college when they can barely add, always making an excuse for them because they are black…like accepting lower SAT test scores, and dumbing down whole tests and grades for them, only hurts them.

Disenfranchisement breeds poverty breeds bad neighborhoods, which in turn breeds crime and welfare dependency and homelessness. And you are locked into a hardcore underclass.

Above all we must ask the black leaders to tell the county that the black agenda is more than guarding black turf or constantly repeating the litany of only black issues.


Mr. Wharton has it right: Family, self-respect, hard work, things that the white people know are the true road to success…simple things, that are taught by mom and dad.

And the progressives have worked hard in destroying the family and leaving the kids to the state.

Until the blacks start figuring that out, that dropping out of school, throwing rocks at police, doing drugs, having pity parties, and not getting married, they will remain, Jesse Jackson’s money train, and Obama’s slaveocracy.

And in Ferguson, Dr. Wharton’s imminent disaster…has arrived.


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Selma to Ferguson…How Far Have We Come?

Nobody’s Opinion

I watched the big Obama Selma speech on Saturday…and then watched C-Span’s old reel reruns of the March to the Alabama Capitol.Selma

So, how far have we come in 50 years in race relations? About two blocks, back. Thanks to Obama.

We have a black President, the richest women in the United States is a black women, and blacks fill the halls of Congress. Blacks now get free educations, free medical care, but they STILL have the highest unemployment level of all the races.

The whites and the blacks are farther apart than they’ve ever been, and that’s because of the culture that they love

Affirmative action has given many blacks the opportunity to rise to high levels in government while many whites were forced to step aside, because of no sin of their own, and because they were white.

Affirmative action was a bitter pill to swallow for the whites who never committed the crimes of their ancestors. But there is was: Law.

Here where I live, not far from Ferguson, more blacks drive big SUV’s than not. More blacks have houses than not. And yet, go into the city and you will still see the poor blacks.

The rhetoric in the speeches from 1965 and today, are still the same old same old, “Police brutality, voting rights, blacks are oppressed.” etc— bundle of the usual, it was interesting to note, on the bloody Sunday celebration in Selma, that Obama didn’t really talk about that. Why? He’s been talking about it his whole Presidency. Why hold back at Selma?

If the “poor’ and oppressed blacks wanted to hear Obama speak, I don’t think they were allowed in. It was a small crowd. It looked as if only the rich made it to that speech. The black Caucus were there. There were expensive IPADS, IPHONES, in other words, blacks with a lot of money got to go, no doubt, it cost them.

BIG difference from that crowd and the one that marched in Selma in 1965.

George Bush cut out of Picture by NYT

George Bush cut out of Picture by NYT

And then you noticed–two white people looking very scared on stage:  X-President George W. and his wife Laura.

They looked like two little white parrots that were dropped inside a den of hungry wolves.

Obama treated George W. Bush, and his wife Laura, like they weren’t even there. In fact, the NYT excluded them out of the picture as they walked across the bridge. Could that be any more disrespectful?

Why in the world did they invite him, and why in the world did he go?

And where was Bill Clinton? Or Jimmy Carter? You tell me.

Obama’s actual speech was less about black relations, and more about trying to pound in the new progressive propaganda points: which is the new America will NOT be white. He cleverly left out that Muslims and Hispanics will outnumber blacks in his speech, but if you know history that Obama was trying to rewrite: –America was made by mostly white European men, and that history is slowly being smashed into the new mantra of: We have ALWAYS been integrated.

Sure we have. But we have mostly been white, and Obama cannot stand that fact. And I believe, that’s the part he hates about America…it’s whiteness. He can’t wait for us all to die out.

Obama’s speech could have been made by a Republican to unit his people, that’s how unlike him it was:Rolling Stone Wayne

“Look at our history. We are Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea, pioneers who braved the unfamiliar, followed by a stampede of farmers and miners, and entrepreneurs and hucksters. That’s our spirit. That’s who we are.

“We are Sojourner Truth and Fannie Lou Hamer, women who could do as much as any man and then some. And we’re Susan B. Anthony, who shook the system until the law reflected that truth. That is our character.

“We’re the immigrants who stowed away on ships to reach these shores, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free –- Holocaust survivors, Soviet defectors, the Lost Boys of Sudan. We’re the hopeful strivers who cross the Rio Grande because we want our kids to know a better life. That’s how we came to be. (Applause.)

(Notice…how he makes it sound as if people did not apply for citizenship..just came here however.)

“We’re the slaves who built the White House and the economy of the South. (Applause.) We’re the ranch hands and cowboys who opened up the West, and countless laborers who laid rail, and raised skyscrapers, and organized for workers’ rights.

“We’re the fresh-faced GIs who fought to liberate a continent. And we’re the Tuskeegee Airmen, and the Navajo code-talkers, and the Japanese Americans who fought for this country even as their own liberty had been denied.

“We’re the firefighters who rushed into those buildings on 9/11, the volunteers who signed up to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq. We’re the gay Americans whose blood ran in the streets of San Francisco and New York, just as blood ran down this bridge. (Applause.)

(Okay, I missed the blood running in the streets of San Francisco. Guess I was paying too much attention to the blood running in my North County St. Louis neighborhood.)

“We are storytellers, writers, poets, artists who abhor unfairness, and despise hypocrisy, and give voice to the voiceless, and tell truths that need to be told.

Is this a call out to rap?

I don’t know. What I did notice is he left out praise for the 2

“Laws can be passed,” he said to further equalized the blacks. And then he started in on the right to vote. Yes, blacks are being kept from voting. Uh…who knew? They voted for Obama, all 95 percent of them. More backs voted in 2008 than whites. And yet, he kept bantering for a new right to vote law, blacks are being kept from the voting.

Showing an ID is an insult to all people who want to vote, basically is the argument.

This is all about getting the illegal’s to vote, and everyone knows that.

If in America you don’t have to show an ID to vote, well, then what’s the point? Just call up Russia and send them some ballots.

It’s absurd. It’s illegal. It’s against the law, and that’s Obama, isn’t it?

So, after 50 years, what’s the difference between Selma and Ferguson?  Quite a lot. We have a lawless President who is leading a lawless race of people into their own hell.

Blacks didn’t kill each other in Selma. The police did NOTHING wrong in Ferguson. The mobs were the blacks.

You want a real bloody Sunday? Go for a walk in any one of our cities in the black neighborhoods on a Saturday night.

Thousands are shot dead by…other blacks.

That’s the REAL bloody crime in America. We have a bloody Chicago that makes the Mafia look like a small note in Chicago’s murder history. And the policemen are getting the blame.

It’s disgusting.

The urban cities are a joke. Detroit. Chicago. St. Louis, Atlanta. Even when they are run by black mayors they are cesspools of the democratic corruption. The poor stay poor, and a lot of black politicians get rich. Blaming the white man for their misery is just getting old.

The blacks in the past had a Constitutional right to complain.

They don’t anymore.

It’s been 50 years of free handouts to the blacks, who have done nothing but whine.

The democrats have kept them on the plantation, ready to excite their dogs into rabid riots for the sake of power. They keep them in poor schools, and promote the rap culture to fill them with hatred. They promote drug use to keep them in line.

It’s time they stood up to the real slave masters: It’s not the police that are the enemies of the black people

It’s the man who is building his own police state. And his name is Barack.

And by the way…he wants the whole world to think….he’s “black.”

His white mother was just some kind of mistake.



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Nobody’s Perfect: Kanye West VS Bruce Jenner

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have two really messed up …humans…who made very big mistakes.

This week we compare Bruce Jenner to Kanye West.Kenya West

Let’s start with Kanye—-Just because he reminds me of so MANY black musicians that I used to work with, I am really going to enjoy THIS.  They think, and this is a fact, that BECAUSE they are black…they are better musicians than whites. Where they get this idea is beyond me, as music is relatively speaking, universal in all cultures.

As everyone saw last night at the 2015 Grammy Awards, when a young white man named Beck won album of the year, Kanye ran up to the stage to protest, just like he did when Taylor Swift won in another year.

Because Kanye is such a racist, everyone said it was a joke, and the young Beck handled it well. Because he laughed at him, Kanye had no wind…he stopped short of protesting.

But, right afterwards, he complained—.

I didn’t watch the music awards, and I’m glad. Seems the theme was devil worship, black lives matter, Obama wants the rappers to stop beating and raping women, and the highpoint was probably the end.

Kanye was once again, not only rude, but acting like…a bully. I guess you can when you are married to Kim Kardashian.

And speaking of Kim Kardarshian, her ‘father’, Bruce Jenner, or is it Jenny Jenner?-was in a major car accident where one person was killed:GV: Bruce Jenner Involved In A Crash That Leaves One Person Dead

Bruce Jenner has issued a public statement offering his “heartfelt and deepest sympathies” to the family of the woman who died after he crashed into her white Lexus on Saturday. As Gossip Cop reported, after a Toyota Prius came to a screeching halt on the Pacific Coast Highway, a white Lexus behind it hit the brakes, and Jenner’s Cadillac Escalade smashed into that car, causing the Lexus to veer into traffic and get hit head-on by a hummer. The woman died on the scene As Gossip Cop noted, five kids and two adults were injured and taken to the hospital. Jenner, who voluntarily took and passed a field sobriety test, walked away without any injuries.

Okay….hormones are a bitch, and Bruce was traveling too close, obviously everyone was, and I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but nevertheless, he did run into the back of her car, for whatever reason, he wasn’t paying attention. How many of us see this kind of thing everyday? Bruce Jenner

On the whole, to go from being an Olympian to a wanna-be Kardasian poodle dog has got to be the so confusing it’s even hard to drive a car.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

My money’s on Kanye. He’s insufferable and a buffoon. If Paul McCartney and Obama want to hang out with him then let them be merry. And by the way..he keeps saying he’s a musician. Last time I look, you have to play an instrument to be a musician. What does he play…a drum machine? His mike?

Black lives matter, sure, but being black doesn’t necessarily get you the album of the year…even though you think it should.

Congratulation Kanye! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week! This week, your black life really does…matter…just not to me.

Go ahead..let’s hear it for him ladies and gentlemen..hands up!

hand up

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