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Nobody Remembers: Clifton R. Wharton, Jr.

Nobody RemembersClifton

You can’t turn on the news without hearing about the violence in Ferguson. Last night, I was sitting outside in the car waiting for my husband who had gone into the local gas station to buy a lotto ticket. I had the windows open and AC/DC was blasting on the stereo. A car filled with young black men pulled up right next to me, and just stared. And I had all I could do to NOT laugh because THREE of the young skinny black boys, could hardly walk. Their pants held tight right below their butts by a belt, and their underwear showing..big combs in their hair.  Really stupid. Like women wearing short dresses and high heels in the snow when the temperature is below zero.

Still…I had to REALLY hold back that grin on my face. What if they have to run?

Watching the crazy ‘race war’ in the news, I remember the days when so many  blacks didn’t seem so …can I say,…uneducated? Dim-witted? Stupid?

Sure, we have a lot of whites like that too, but they aren’t stopping traffic in the streets.

In light of these thoughts: I’d like to post a few words from a speech given on July, 21, 1986 by Clifton R. Wharton, Jr..  A black man who had risen to great heights by becoming the first black to become Chancellor of New York University. He ran many corporations, and put some time in as Chairman of the Secretary of State.  Running the Rockefeller Foundation  gave him a lot of clout…In other words, back in his day, Clifton R. Wharton was a huge success. And he was black.

He would have been another great candidate for our first black President, had he been born a bit later— but there you go, we got Goofy.

In this speech, he ponders on WHY the blacks did not keep up with the education of the whites, and what was the real reason they were not making it in the world?

Too many blacks drop out. Of high school, and then college, he said. (So…what’s new?)

Here’s some excerpts from his speech:

From our country’s earliest colonial days, education has been the keystone to progress. Yet increasingly large numbers of American blacks appear to be indifferent, apathetic, or cynical  toward schooling and higher learning.

Have we as a people lost our faith in education? Does the wider society realize the enormous cost and burden which it will ultimately pay by failing to avert the imminent disaster?

In the year 1984, 15 blacks were awarded PhDs in engineering, 13 in business, 11 in physics, 4 in mathematics, and 3 in computer science. The rest of the degrees were mostly in social science.
black worker

He goes on to wonder why after 30 years of affirmative action things are getting worse:

Blacks (In the past) somehow managed to advance education goals even though the deck was stacked even more formidably against them.

Are persistent poverty and persistent discrimination obstacles to learning? Of course they are. Do Delinquency, broken homes, alcohol and drugs, street culture, shoddy career counseling, youth unemployment, teenage pregnancy and all the other enduring pathologies of disenfranchisement lie at the bottom of some of today’ s drop out crisis and eroding college participation rates? No doubt about it.

But are they the root of the entire problem?

Black college graduates from the 1920s , 30s, 40s, and 50s, tend to share several key psychological features: They have a strong sense of self and heritage. They are family oriented, and very often community minded. They have tremendous  drive and ambition. They know what they want to do. They know they can do it. They aren’t even much interested in all the reasons somebody tells hem why it wasn’t ever possible for a Black to do what they want to do. all they want to know is what it will take them to do it.

What makes the Asian student so superior? family

We need to strengthen the black family. We need to reassert the relevance  of self-respect and high aspiration and we have to persuade black youth that they can compete on equal terms.  We need to ask more of our own leadership.

I said it before again and again, the resources and commitment that have never railed us have always been of the black community itself.

Mr. Wharton goes onto say that the stereotype images of the black youth is their downfall. (Now MTV takes care of that.)

In other words, passing blacks them when they can’t read or write, putting them into college when they can barely add, always making an excuse for them because they are black…like accepting lower SAT test scores, and dumbing down whole tests and grades for them, only hurts them.

Disenfranchisement breeds poverty breeds bad neighborhoods, which in turn breeds crime and welfare dependency and homelessness. And you are locked into a hardcore underclass.

Above all we must ask the black leaders to tell the county that the black agenda is more than guarding black turf or constantly repeating the litany of only black issues.


Mr. Wharton has it right: Family, self-respect, hard work, things that the white people know are the true road to success…simple things, that are taught by mom and dad.

And the progressives have worked hard in destroying the family and leaving the kids to the state.

Until the blacks start figuring that out, that dropping out of school, throwing rocks at police, doing drugs, having pity parties, and not getting married, they will remain, Jesse Jackson’s money train, and Obama’s slaveocracy.

And in Ferguson, Dr. Wharton’s imminent disaster…has arrived.


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Nobody’s Fool: Daniel Hannan

Nobody’s Fool

This was sent to me by email…and I HOPE that my good friend amfortas doesn’t mind that I also post what he had to say about one of the greatest minds on the planet: Daniel Hannan

Amfortas summed it up brilliantly:

“One is occasionally reminded of what a Politician CAN be. Away with the cant and the cliche, the sound-bite and the mendacity, and bring on the clarity and purposefulness. Watch a man who CAN speak and hold his audience in rapt attention. Here him speak WITHOUT notes or tele-prompts. Listen to his almost perfect enunciation and his ability to draw upon relevant quotations. It astonishes that he can speak without a hint of demeaning an opponent, but condemn an entire generation of them without even mentioning them.”

Well said, my friend.

And…thanks to amfortas, let’s all enjoy...Nobody’s Fool: Daniel Hannan.

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Obama’s Manufactured Race War

Nobody Wins

Two cops. Shot. One in the head.  In Ferguson.fergusion

And go figure…Obama and Eric Holder couldn’t STAND the fact that not only was officer Wilson innocent, the story that the young and promising black student, Michael Brown, who was just walking down the street, as is his LEGAL right if he is black, (yes, blacks don’t have to obey the same laws, didn’t you know?) was not holding up his hands and saying don’t shoot.

NONE of the lies were refuted. Even the black Congress held up their hands in protest on the floor.

Obama and Eric Holder keep fanning their racial mobs to the hilt. Soros, Hillary’s and Obama’s best buddy, decided he needed to fan those flames of race and pay $350 dollars to anyone who would cause a mob to throw rocks, bottles, and shout nasty things at men just trying  to do a job…

BUT– that wasn’t enough. Holder had to come out and take over those raciest police. And tell everyone in the world that YES..the Ferguson Department was FULL of racists.  Being nebulous, they just blamed it on some emails.  So, one by one, the white cops resigned. And another resigned, and another…or more than likely, Holder fired them, because Obama took over the Ferguson police Department.

Can he legally do that? Probably not, but no matter.

And then, from far away, a sniper (and not a very good one) shot two cops last night who were just standing there. One in the head, the other in the shoulder.

Both Obama and Eric Holder, being behind this manufactured racial war, always protecting their OWN hinnies, and records of having CAUSED this hatred, released a statement condemning the shootings— WHILE the black senator from Ferguson basically said this was payback for all the times the cops had ambushed the people.Maria Chappelle Nadi

Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal was on CNN basically saying that the black people have been ambushed for too many years by the police, so she understand the shootings. (WHAT?)

We have another wacko Senator here, Jamilah Nasheed, who was arrested for not getting out of the street and blocking traffic.

You see, Obama blocks traffic all the time. Daily in fact. I guess that’s why he thinks blocking traffic is okay.  In fact,  in Obama’s America, black crowds can shut down stores, loot, shut down highways, cities, throw rocks, and bottles, and kill each other. It’s okay. He understands.

I want to know how much the sniper was paid.

Yes, I said it.

How much was he paid? And who paid him? Soros?

And ONE MORE THING: (Can you tell how much this pisses people off here?)

All those tickets that the blacks are getting in outrageous numbers according to Holder? What he DID NOT tell you, is that every single year, they hold a ticket forgiveness day downtown, and anybody who has any kind of ticket for whatever reason, can get in line, pay  $5 bucks, and their record is swept clean. This has been going on for YEARS. And it’s usually all blacks in that line and the lines go for sometimes over 5 city blocks.

The white people who PAY their tickets watch with amazement. Why bother even giving them tickets?

So, what do the blacks know? They can do anything.

And summer is St. Louis….is almost here.



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