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Nobody Remembers the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977

Nobody Remembers


Okay. I don’t even remember Elvis. My brother loved Elvis, I loved the Beatles, and he now knows more about Miley Cyrus than I even care to ask.Elvis

But that’s not what Friday’s blog is about. Enough with the good old days of Beach Boys singing about surfing, and women in Bikini’s who didn’t look starved to death.

Let’s remember…The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977!

And why is this important? Because if you want to know WHY our Presidents, Congress, AND our Supreme Court are ignoring the Constitution and trying to make it really easy for illegal’s to flood the country, and will continue to follow that path hell or high ice water, remember…they all have a goal in mind that they feel is a MUST for the survival of the United States and that is to get immigrants into the country. And get the poor more money.  And it’s not easy. You have to give them stuff.

It all started with the CRA and peanut boy Jimmy Carter. Back when Carter was President, there was a lot of complaints that white people were getting loans but urban blacks were not.

Congress decided to give these people houses. (Which is WHY we need term limits…I’m all for 3 months at a time.)

If you think Jimmy was the only one to feel it his job to get ‘minorities and poor people’ houses, think again. President Bush, Clinton, AND Obama have also carried on that fine tradition of….giving people who can’t afford them, free houses. OR…houses they couldn’t possibly afford.

Add free college and health care, and back Social Security payments, throw in free drinks at the local strip club, and you can see where this it going.CRA cartoon

From It Is Dangerous to Be Right when the Government is Wrong by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

The Community Reinvestment Act made it legal for the government to twist the arms of private banks to make loans to “less than creditworthy borrowers” thereby forcing private banks to associate with clients not of their choosing but rather of the government’s choosing. To hold control over these lenders, Congress empowered a number of regulatory agencies to punish those banks that were not meeting the credit needs for “low-income, minority and distressed neighborhood’s.” The government’ threat to these lenders was real. Agencies like the Federal Reserve, the Comptroller of the Currency, the Office of Thrift Supervision, and the Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation could examine banking institutions for CRA compliance (or non-compliance) and take this information into consideration when approving applications for new bank branches or for merger or acquisition. Banks were bullied into loosening their standards and as a result , made questionable loans to those who could not afford them.

He cites an example of a strawberry picker who made $14,000 a year, a loan for a $700,000 home.CRA

And in the end, President George W. Bush had to come out and ‘save’ the economy which was on the verge of ‘collapse’ due to the gambling on Wall Street, but the real problem started with politicians trying to give the poor houses they couldn’t afford, and in the meantime, putting thousands of small banks into bankruptcy.

Which, of course, were gobbled up by the bigger banks, who were bailed out, making EVERYONE wonder if they did this all on purpose? Ha ha ha..of course they did! You think they don’t teach this stuff at Harvard?

That act alone put Obama into office and led us down the path to the destruction of Western Civilization. It was massive redistribution, and it had the blessings of the Bush family.

And so, that’s why we must remember Elvis, and the good old days, when he…was King…when life was much sweeter. In fact…if we could  have made him King..

We’d be a lot better off today. Rap…would never have happened.



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Nobody’s Fool: Brent Bozell

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s another excellent speech from CPAC. If you don’t know who Brent Bozell is, then this is your chance.

He is a passionate patriot, a tireless fighter for freedom.

Brent wins the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week, for making this outstanding Paul Revere Warning…..of our future in which more gestapo liberal attacks on our freedom of speech and Christian leanings are in store. Brent is doing this almost alone, and with stupendous courage.

Don’t miss

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