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Nobody Remembers the History of ISIS in Iraq

Nobody Remembers

I love these really short video’s which explain things in a simple sort of way, and because I need to do other stuff tonight, I’m sparing you from my usual rants on history.

Much has happened since even this was made, but remember, Obama really doesn’t care about ISIS.

He plays golf after beheadings.

Which should make ALL of us…wonder. Okay. so maybe it’s just me wondering….who’s side is he on?

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Nobody’s Fool: Thomas Sowell

Nobody’s Fool

If you do not have Thomas Sowell in your vocabulary, you’re really missing a great mind. Here Mr. Sowell explains the truth about why blacks have fallen so far behind.

Thomas Sowell has NEVER  been anybody’s fool. As a writer and a thinker, he’s on every issue under the sun,  99 percent perfect.



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