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Nobody’s Perfect: John Kerry VS Phyllis D. Jefferson


Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have a Secretary of State, John Kerry,  who seems to be on the side of “Allah”, instead of what he should be saying he is on: the Christian, “God.”

VS Phyllis D. Jefferson, who stabbed her boyfriend because he ate all the salsa.John Kerry birth

Let’s start with John Kerry first.

By all accounts, John Kerry is trying to help Iran, the country that has said “Death to America” so many times, it might as well be a bumper sticker in Tehran. He is desperately trying to give Iran the power to develop enough nuclear bombs to blow us, and just about everybody else off the planet. And so, when he goes around saying things like Iran will get her nuke ….“If Allah Wills it.” you have to wonder why is he doing this to his own country?

John Kerry told reporter Laura Rozen this weekend that a nuclear deal with Iran is possible, “Inshallah.”

And then there’s Phyllis D. Jefferson, who was so furious that her boyfriend ate all the salsa She jabbed a knife into his stomach, AFTER she jabbed a pen into his pelvis.

While many of us might be upset that our boyfriends hogged the salsa, most of us would have just resorted to getting up off the couch and getting something else to eat.Phyllis Jefferson

Clearly, her priorities were not in order here. CLEARLY this woman has issues, beyond her own unfortunate birth.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Is it John Kerry, who wants Iran to get its own nuke so badly, he willing to become a follower of Muhammad? (Like his boss?)

Or is it Phyllis D. Jefferson, who was not about to let her man steal her salsa ever again?

Nobody SAYS…..

John Kerry Wins!

When you can’t see that given Iran the ability to nuke Israel off the map, after all they have done to our boys overseas, then, you truly are less than perfect, in fact…we won’t say what you are here.

I do have my reputation to consider. (What reputation, Joyanna, you might ask?)

Congratulations John Kerry! You just won the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the century if your deal goes through.

As for Ms Phyllis. I suggest she just stock up on salsa and some meds.

And…stay single. Hopefully Michelle has taken all the salsa out of the lunch room prisons. Or…maybe not.


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Ted Kennedy: The Lion of the Cesspool

Nobody Flashes

The Democrats are losing popularity, the last election was proof of that…so this week, right on time, they have decided to resurrect the Kennedy Dynasty. After all, the Clinton’s Dynasty is at best, precarious. And so, Obama and the Kennedy’s have spent a great deal of money bringing back the glory of the last democratic family everyone admired: The Kennedy’s.

And the Kennedy family needs to catch up with the Clinton Foundation…which has millions pouring into it. All of Jackie’s clothes have been sold. That’s a pretty big family, and a lot of yachts to support.

From John Fund:

Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr points out that the institute “was supposed to be paid for exclusively with private donations.” But it should come as no surprise that the gorgeous 40,000-square-foot building that will house Kennedy’s papers and memorabilia as well as a recreation of his personal office and the Senate chamber was financed with a generous $38 million congressional earmark. The state of Massachusetts chipped in with another $5 million for education “infrastructure.” 

2010 attempt by then Sen. Kerry to funnel an additional $28.9 million in funding to the Institute from the Defense Department’s budget ran into heavy flak. “helping Americans learn more about the Senate’s vital place in our democratic system and the historic leading role that the late Senator Kennedy played during his decades of outstanding service.” ted Kennedy cartoon

Yes, for $16 dollars you will see a replica of the Senate Floor….which is there to make the American people feel that Senators are MUCH more important than the House. The House represents the little people—you and me. The Senate represent the top 1 percent.

This Nobody thinks they have plans to get rid of the House in the future, because I have seen children’s books about government where the House of Representative is not even mentioned.

I kid you not. Books explaining the American Congress talk about the President, and the Senate. No mention of the House.

Ask yourself why.

As you can hear from Obama–the theme of the democrats continues to be the other party won’t work with us!

Ted Kennedy worked with Republicans, but the Republicans don’t work with Obama or democrats…even though, people who watch politics know that Obama and Harry Reid have NEVER crossed the isle….Obama refuses to talk to anyone, unless they are Muslims.

Obama is a dictator and the democratic party is happy with that.

Anyway…it’s about time we stop paying for these monumental museums given to politicians so that THEY can continue to make a living off them.

By the way, where were Hillary and Bill? Mmmmmmmm?


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