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FOX Did Everything They Could To Help Joe

Nobody Knows

Well, tomorrow we are going to hear how Joe Biden won the debate. Suddenly, the bumbling idiot came out and acted like every politician has ever acted in our lifetime…full of BS. A surprise, but was this the plan? Have him ACT senile and then come out and surprise everyone?


What did we learn at this first debate? That Chris Wallace lied, Joe Biden Lied, and the camera’s were set to make Joe look more Presidential. Trump just looked angry.

And who could blame him?

FIRST: Joe’s head was BIGGER than Trump’s. That was camera work on purpose. He had a million dollar suit on, while Trump wore the common man’s business suit.

SECOND: CLEARLY, and without a doubt, Biden was giving the questions before the debate, never mind what Chris said, HE LIED. He had a perfect answer for every question. Jerome Corzi reported that fact, and I believe him. Joe had his notes right there to get all his “Number one: Number two: Number three:…yes he knew all the question, just like Hillary did.

THIRD: Joe KNEW where the camera was and he looked into that camera just to talk directly to the American people. Trump either didn’t know he could do that, and even if he did, he was such a cheap typical political trick that he didn’t use it. I think, he should make fun of Joe doing it. Because it was such typical cheap shot.

FOURTH: Joe blamed Trump for everything that the democrats have caused. People who have been paying attention know that THEY are to blame, but Trump should have brought up that very obvious fact…

FIFTH: It was very unfair of Chris to let Joe go first on every single question, and he reprimanded Trump way too much after lies were being told.

And last but not least, while Chris asked a few tough question to Joe, Joe was prepared to NOT answer any of them.

He called Trump a ‘clown.’ That was…unforgivable.

Every time Trump tried to point out that 80 million unsolicited ballots should not be counted, He was drowned out, by both Chris and Joe.

Biden just regurgitated the last 50 years of progressive talking points, and flat out lied about his son.

And even though, they made Trump look…tired and angry, trust me, it’s not going to effect the people out in the country whose lives have been destroyed most of their lives by the democrats and Rinos.

We KNOW Trump is right.

It’s sad, when you are the only man fighting for the country, and we no longer have a fair process of election.

But then again, Nobody Thinks our elections have been rigged for quite some time, haven’t they?

In 2016, it was the FIRST time in a long time, when it slipped away from them.


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The Silence of Praying Christians

Nobody Flashes

While all the news outlets today kept repeating the same news of Trump’s Supreme Court pick on Saturday, NOBODY showed the gathering of Christians at the mall to listen to Rev. Graham.

I didn’t see a picture of it anywhere. I had to look it up on the internet, and even there, it was underreported. Why? Probably because Christians have to pay their own way to Washington, (Soros does NOT bus Christians) and they are pulling the load for the REST of the country, and many of them have lost jobs. Their own churches are suffering from the ‘lockdowns” financially.

Still…many did show up.

Graham said…this:

“I’m just concerned that the people in this country don’t realize that the left, the socialists, want this country to look like Cuba… like Venezuela,” he said.

“The only hope for this country is God. It’s not Republicans or Democrats,” Graham said. “Only hope is God and if we as Christians don’t pray for God’s help, he may just let this country fail.”

Don’t worry Rev. Graham.

We ARE praying.

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Nobody’s Fool” Mitch McConnell

Nobody’s Fool

If you missed this history lesson from Mitch McConnell, it’s worth the listen.

He lays out why all the hysterical remarks by the democrats about the vote destroying our Constitution with a vote so close to the election, is nonsense.

Well worth the watch.

McConnell is Nobody’s Fool. 

Still, this nobody is expecting Romney to upset it if he can.

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Nobody WANTS to Remember, Ruth Bader Ginsberg…Thank You Very Much

Nobody’s Opinion

Can you believe this? When Justice Scalia died, there was a few nice remarks, and then no more mention of it.

But Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies and…it’s a national tragedy. And while many are remarking how unfortunate this is happening at this time before the election, think again. This is a godsend to the democrats. They knew they were going to lose the election to Trump, so before he even jumped into the race, they started their ‘coup’. THAT didn’t work. Then came all the sexual scandals the pee-pee tape. Then they got the FBI, the CIA, and the justice department to all get in on getting him out.

Led by Hillary and Obama, nothing was off limits. Treason was committed all around.

The media did EVERYTHING they could to destroy him. All the techs used their vast monopiles to silence all his supporters. Didn’t work.

Then we ALL had to put up with impeachment. Didn’t work.

Then they played the race card. Didn’t work.

Then they released the virus. Killed a lot of people, destroyed the economies of the world, but still, the Trump supporters remained.

THEN, they made their biggest mistake. Used the virus to close down the economy, and they sent their BLM revolution to the streets…but who got hurt the most?

The blacks, who are NOW turning to the President. They’re not stupid.

If there IS a race war, they truly are, outnumbered.

What’s left? Why, the women of course!

And Ginsberg’s death has them depending on the only group left: The women’s vote.

Abortion will be banned. That’s the big fear.

It’s another fear card, blown up beyond idiocy.  “Women will SUFFER! Children will SUFFER! People will get NO health care and die!”

Why, you would have thought having Ginsberg on the court was the only thing standing between Mordor and Peace on earth, and everyone running wild in the streets….

Right on cue today, Hillary and Bill Clinton came right out and took CREDIT for having put Ruth on the bench.

Hillary, the woman who wants to get rid of the electoral college has the gall to say that putting another conservative on the Supreme Court bench will be the end of the Constriction.

Uh…say what?

NOBODY on the planet wants that document destroyed more than Hillary Clinton. How long has she been trying to get rid of the electoral college? And by the way, so did Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who thought the constitution was outdated, and therefore JUDGES should just do what they thought was best. Write their own laws. Its what democratic judges do best.

This will be their last bullet. They KNOW not many people have even read the Constitution. So, they just keep saying that Trump is destroying the Constitution.

They are counting on the ignorance of the people.

It’s up to the few remaining voices of reason to remind everyone just how much the democrats would destroy it, if the election is lost.

On the good side, one more voice on the Supreme Court that acutely follows the Constitution, is needed desperately, if the election goes to the Supreme court, because Justice Roberts will vote for Biden. And THAT, is the real scare for them.

This morning Elizabeth Warren said that if “Mitch McDonald and his henchmen.” Nominate someone to the Supreme Court all is lost.

The left has threatened to burn it all down, meaning everything, the whole country.

Guess what? We’ll be ready. Even doves have their limits.


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President Trump Honors Us All On Constitution Day

Nobody Remembers…

Constitution Day.

—And our great President, who once again, does what the past four Presidents wouldn’t do.

Save the country, it’s history, and it’s people. I don’t remember either Bushes, or the Clintons, OR Obama even mentioning our great history like this.

Pelosi likes to mention the Constitution to make everyone think she’s actually read it. By the way, where is Nancy today?

Vice President Pence had one of his best speeches also.

If you missed it, you might take a few moments and reflect…:What would BIDEN do today? Answer: Nothing.

I’m hoping I get to visit the museum he is going to build to honor great Americans. What a GREAT President.

We are…so lucky to have him.


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China Declared War…Congress Worries About “Evil” Trump

Nobody Wins

So, how do you declare war on a country who declared war on you, when half of your companies, and most of your products are MADE in that country? How do you declare war on a country who knows that if you attack them, you destroy yourself? And most importantly, how do you declare war when your Congress and most of the politicians IN that Congress are making deals with that country which makes them and their friends rich?

How do you declare war, when YOUR biggest companies have lost all loyalty with their own country, in order to make their own fortunes soar? When patriotism and the country that made them as big as they are, mean nothing to them?

Answer: You don’t. You can’t. All you can do is try to fight that war with what you have. Only Congress can declare war on China, and they won’t do it.

And I hate to break it to you, but George H.W. Bush and all the elites PLANNED it this way. Globalization was all about no more wars with other countries. That’s how they sold it. If America went to China, China would never declare war on us because our economies would be tied.

Well…oops. Did they plan for this? Nope.

From the beginning, it was clear, that this virus was a bio-weapon forced upon the world in order to take it over. China was being challenged by President Trump. He was reversing the course of the past 4 presidents, who went along with China’s domination, with the excuse that it would become a democracy and the world would be a safer place.  Nuclear weapons would never be used. In the meantime, bio-weapon labs were developed. Why spoil the ground when you can just destroy the people?

Because the globalists and progressives KNEW Donald Trump would reverse the course of world government,—the techs, the politicians, along with those who rule in the shadows, prepared their war plans—not against China but against Trump.

They released a virus, specially designed to take out the old, the infirmed, the sick. It was an upgrade on Hitler’s Final Solution.

If you THINK this is sheer conspiracy nonsense, then all you have to is look at the way everybody in our Congress PROTECTS the Chinese. The devastation that this virus has done to the world will forever change many things for years.

That’s why, this lady was banned from Facebook, and twitter: she’s got the facts.

Frankly, this nobody finds anybody on the planet who thinks this was all just a little mistake, and ‘pandemics’ like this comes around every 100 years or so, and no country would do that to another, would also believe that a baby has a right to be killed AFTER it’s born.

China played the long game, and used our own people as chess pieces on the board. When the stock market crashes, the rich get richer because they load up on stocks pennies on the dollar. China will come in and buy, buy, buy.

Nobody Wins, when the truth is hidden. And this brave soul, has just exposed the ‘facts.’

China declared war on the world. And we have no recourse but to ride the storm.

And our treasonous, and greedy politicians…let them.

Next time I hear ANYBODY praise the Bushes, I want to scream.

Other Nations now, have to join the fight…to keep their Independence.

Or the world truly will grow dark.

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Nobody Wonders: How Great IS a Peace “Distraction” ? Pretty Great.

Nobody Wonders

How the press could IGNORE this great signing at the White House today? I watched the whole thing, and it was truly, a fresh beginning of Jews and Muslims coming together to take part in the future of the world. To bring about peace, and prosperity.

This is how you unite the world. You could tell by the smiles on their faces they all believe this will work.

You get them off of war. Too many elites make TOO much much money from it. And that includes our own global elites.

ONLY President Trump could have thought of this way to get the Middle East to come to their senses about Israel. Nobody Wonders, what Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George W. are thinking tonight. Carter ran around the world putting the U.S. down, and praising Muslims at every chance. Clinton, was of course, trying to give Arafat everything he wanted, only to be ignored. Obama sided with Iran, and decided to give them billions, only to use that money to kill our own soldiers. Year after year all we heard was “The poor Palestinians.”

That was the PLM “Palestinians Lives Matter” we had to endure for so many years.

Nobody Wonders HOW the progressives are going to 1: Attack the deal and 2: Take credit for it when it works.

What’s Biden going to say? “This was a terrible deal for climate change, because it will cause more greenhouse gases....” I don’t know, but it will be stupid whatever it is.

Pelosi has already come out and said it was “a detraction.” Well, she’s right! President Trump is trumping up ANOTHER major victory while they are going around telling everyone HE is responsible for the deaths from the Wuhan Virus. Nobody is listening to their propaganda, because this truly was a remarkable achievement.

They have GOT to be hysterical about this one. I might have to turn on CNN just to watch the meltdown.

It’s a great day for America. It’s a great day for the world.

Once again, our President makes us proud. Let’s hope, one day, no more of our boys will have to come home in body bags.

And no more mothers in the Middle East will have to feel, the loss of her sons.

What more could we hope for?

Nobody Wonders…could this be the start of a healing planet? Abraham would be proud.

We can only hope.

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Robert Kiyosaki…”It’s Worse”

Nobody Reports

Here’s a recent video by Robert Kiyosaki.

Depressing, but informative.


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Ivanka Trump: Uplifting AND Beautiful

Nobody Flashes

She came, she conquered, and the democrats went absolutely crazy with jealousy and criticism.

I was totally blown away. I remember her speech at the first RNC convention in 2016. I thought she was a bit timid, shy, and really didn’t come across as well as Don Jr.

Not so last night. Last night, SHE was the greatest speaker in the Trump family. Her stunning beauty alone SHOULD have been mentioned all over every media. If this had been Michelle Obama, and Michelle looked this good, we would have been hearing nothing BUT how she stole the show.

Instead, as usual, nothing but nasty comments.

Jealousy. That’s all it is. There IS no movie queen in Hollywood that could have been as sparkling and glamorous as Ivanka was last night. Elizabeth Taylor maybe could have matched the beauty, but not the speech.

In fact, I might even add, I thought her speech was better than her dad’s, which was WAY too long. And he was obviously tired. Even so, he pressed on like a trooper. I’m sure Ivanka had a nice long nap before this speech and spent hours getting ready.

Dad, on the other hand, might have been up all night, and most of the day running the world and it’s problems.

The man is…incredible. And despite all the divorces, his kids grew up to be great.

Many criticized how President Trump shows off his kids, but hell, why shouldn’t he? Each one of his kids is intelligent, well-spoken, and role models for every family. Who ELSE is he going to trust? And memories are short. JFK’s brother was made Attorney General. NOBODY complained about that nepotism, now did they?

Trump’s children are his brand. And Trump is all about branding.

This nobody think that the Obama’s, The Bushes, and the Clintons are just jealous of the Trump children.

As a family, the Trumps have more class in their little fingers than any of the other dynasties of American History.


Yes, good old fashion jealousy.

I’m sure the family is used to it. And I’m SO glad they just go on and show off.

Ivanka was…spectacular. She is her father’s daughter, and her mother’s devotion.

All America should be proud of this…daughter. Last night, she was, the quintessence of the true American woman.

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Nobody Flashes Thoughts on THIS Historical Night.

Nobody Flashes

As I watch the President speak tonight, I find it comforting to see all the black supporters who came out to praise his leadership, because I listened to Kamala’s speech today and half of it was all about how racist America is. They are SCARED of the great black exodus off the democratic plantation. Then she pretty much accused President Trump of every suffering on the planet. In fact, the deaths of the virus is his fault. The riots are his fault, and she approved of them all, and suggested even more should happen.

Clearly, they had to pick a NASTY woman to try to destroy him.

But this testimony will forever be melted into my memory. I was in tears at the end of Ann Dorn’s video.  A white woman, married to a black police officer, killed by a young black man.

You see, here in St. Louis, the white and the blacks have lived together for so long, there are many bi-racial marriages here. Only when Obama came along did the race relations between us start to appear. He FANNED the flames of white hatred. Police hatred.

But you know what? The blacks who lived in Ferguson, moved out. And that will be happening in all the cities across the nation. Many of them have lost their homes, and their jobs, their businesses. If they can, they will move…south.

The democrats think that’s the way to win. The old communist revolution way. But it’s getting old. They are doing it during the virus.

Not very smart.

Who cannot shed a tear for a man so clearly loved by his ‘white’ wife. America is TRYING to move on.

But the democrats do NOT want it to happen.

So, I think, it will be the blacks who decide this election. This nobody thinks, the democrats have overplayed their hands.  And even though there are enough white young, rich liberal kids who were fooled by the propaganda, Most of them will stay home and play video games.

President Trump’ speech is a great American speech.

And as so many have said: God has a tendency to give us the right man at the right time.

No other President has as much love for America and it’s people as THIS President.

We will not see the likes of him ever again.

So…he’s still talking! Yes, everyone is going to fall asleep pretty soon, but not Trump.

And so he goes on….

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Nobody’s Fool: Maximo Alvarez

Nobody’s Fool

Tonight’s first night of the Republican Convention, was filled with wonderful people saying powerful things.

This man, brought tears to many.  Maximo Alvarez KNOWS what communism looks like.  Here he warns America at what he sees coming.

If you missed it, here it is again.


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“I’m Sorry If the Truth Offends You”


Nobody’s Opinion

I want to thank Kellyanne Conway today. She has no idea how not only she is helping the country, but helping me personally.

My son just came by my house not too long ago. I haven’t seen him for over a year. He wouldn’t get out of the car. He believes, in his mind that he is protecting usboth by not getting out.

He’s afraid of catching the virus. “Maybe we can go to dinner next year.” He said.

Well, I can tell you, that’s not going to happen. You see, my son is Trump-hater, and he pretty much has disowned his own parents for supporting him.

It’s clear that the left has been trying to promote division and revolution…like Mao’s revolution, with Obama, and the corporations of BLMs fuming the hatred. Families have to pick a side. The left WANT civil war. But the children of the boomers have not been taught history.

How do those of us with relatives taking sides explain, the danger of what they want.

Communism will be coming to America. They think, they will just get free stuff…like Europe.

As a parent, I did the best I could. MY parents did they best they could. But my son has gone through rough times, and he blames it on President Trump. And therefore, his own parents. Much the same as 15-year-old Claudia.

He listens to CNN, and of course, he KNOWS it all. If you try to refute any talking point he will NOT listen. Nope. He has no respect for talk.


So, be it. As I’ve reported, I’ve had two encounters with my neighbors…one who called Trump the Devil, and the other who was convinced he was killing thousands of people. The HATRED POURING out of these people is…. Frankly shocking.

For those of us who actually have “common sense” we are in disbelief that so many people can be that stupid at once.

Half a nation has fallen for the 1984 playbook being unleased right in front of them. Most of them have never even read that book. I know my son hasn’t. Or Brave New World. Nope. They get their news from late night comedians.

I’ve racked my brain wondering WHY? Where did I go wrong? I bet Kellyanne is having the same thoughts. Anyway…Kellyanne…I need to thank her.

Yes, I was feeling SO sad, so bad, and then I thought about Kellyanne.

Kellyanne is not only one of the sharpest minds on the planet, she has done a terrific job daily defending the President. She is  a superhero to every patriotic American woman, and she gets NO respect from her husband, and now her daughter.

Claudia Conway — the rebel 15-year-old daughter of Trump adviser Kellyanne, and George Conway — made the bombshell announcement as she denounced her mother’s job as “all about money and fame”.

She told her 253K followers: “I’m devastated that my mother is actually speaking at the RNC. Like DEVASTATED beyond compare.

“I’m officially pushing for emancipation.

The push for a divorce from her parents comes after she asked progressive Democratic New York Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to adopt her.

Claudia also slammed Trump for using the “racist” phrase “china virus.”

Okay, right there you see that the great brain of Kellyanne did not get passed on to her daughter. Her daughter got her father’s genes.

It happens.

Remember Ronald Reagan’s son? OMG.

I’ve tried to figure out why kids of obvious intelligent people can be so…clueless, and so full of hatred…but all I can think of is the baby boomers have raised a generation of narcissistic idiots.

It’s our own fault.

Add the horrible public-school system, and drugs, and sex, and video games, and ‘’socialism/communism taking over all our schools” and you can’t blame it all on the parents.

A whole generation of kids were royally brainwashed. Parents didn’t even know it was happening.

So, let’s hope Claudia, (obviously social media has damaged her brain and she thinks she’s a supermodel, in love with her own image, talk about wanting fame and money, and doesn’t need her family) can go out and find her own way.

Will my son, Kellyanne’s husband and her daughter still hate HER all her life because she works so hard for Trump and us all?

There is only one answer painful as it is

I will love my son till I die. But, I’ve lost all hope of him seeing any kind of light when it comes to politics.

But as the song goes. “Let it be.”

Yes, I will let it be. Because I believe in freedom. Freedom to think as you want. Kellyanne obviously believes that too. And her price to pay is so much bigger than mine, while losing a son or daughter’s love and respect knows no limit of sorrow—whether you’re a nobody like me, or a very big somebody like Kellyanne.

I was watching Gone with the Wind tonight on TCM channel. I’m surprised they showed it.

And there was a scene where Rhett Butler was telling the men gathered in the great room of the plantation that the South didn’t have a chance to win the war. Simply because the North had the steel, the money, and the mines.

One of the men challenged him, and he said.

“I’m sorry if the truth offends you.”

Great line. Great line. And we need to say it to a lot more people. Hopefully, with as much class as Clark Gable and Kellyanne.


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Why LIBERAL Women Should Never Hold Office or Any Job for that Matter

Nobody Flashes

Biden’s “Light into the Darkness” women. If they did this to MY kid?…..uh….well…

Can you believe these morons?

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A Letter, To President Trump


Nobody Flashes:

A reader sent this to me. This man expresses with simple heart and language what so many of us feel. I thought, it would be a great piece for this Sunday. (Thanks to g-man)

God Bless our President.  And may God protect him from all the globalist elites who want him destroyed, and America along with him.

Why President Trump is Our Only Hope-A letter from the son of a Holocaust survivor!

Frontpagemagazine ^ | Aug 6, 2020

Posted on 8/6/2020, 6:53:32 AM by SJackson

Let’s look at this man for one second.

Walking back to the White House after a long day.

A 74-year-old man coming back home from work at 2AM while most men his age are retired in their vacation homes.

He comes back after a long day that probably started before the sun rose and gets back home exhausted with his tie open and hat in his hand feeling that an accomplished day is finally over.

That amazing man is in the age of many people’s grandfathers, great grandfathers or my grandfather when he passed away, but this man just came back home from work, for me, for you.

This man, left his massive gold-covered mansion where he could retire happily and play golf all day long.

But this man put his wealth aside and went to work for free, for $1 a year, for me, for you, for us, for AMERICA.

While other presidents became rich from the presidency, this man LOST over 2 billion dollars of his wealth during this short 4 years of his life. Yet, he donated 1 million dollars to flood victims in Houston.

He put aside his amazing retirement lifestyle for getting ambushed every single day by the media and the Radical Left Democrats that trash this man who works for them until 1 AM for free.

He doesn’t do it for money or power, he already had it. He is doing it so their houses will be safe, so their schools will get better, so they will be able to find jobs or start a new business easier, so they will be able to keep few dollars in their pockets at the end of the month while other presidents before him made sure to keep digging in their pockets and empty them for taxes.

Look at this picture again, that man is at the age of your fathers, grandfathers or maybe YOU. Where is your respect? Honor? Appreciation? Are you THAT BLIND? THAT BLIND to not see a thing this man is doing for you and for your family?

THAT BLIND that after all his work for minority groups in America you keep calling him a racist? I am the son of an Auschwitz Survivor and someone who lost 99% of my family to the camps and ovens of Nazi Germany. And I’m no fool. DONALD TRUMP IS NO RACIST OR ANTI-SEMITE.

Are you THAT BLIND to not see how much this country developed in the last 4 years? President Donald J. Trump, I want to thank you with all my heart. I am so sorry for the blind hatred you have been made to endure.

You are a good and generous man. I KNOW THIS. What I don’t know and think about often is what kind of people is it who can be so hateful in their hearts to spew such hate and evilness, not just at you but at your family too?

Or people mocking and making jokes about you because you’re not a professional politician groomed in speech-making and straight-faced lying.

Or attacking your wife and young son.

People who believe their hatred is their own. But they can’t articulate why they hate.

What kind of people are these?


They are the kind of people who do not realize that they have been manipulated and brainwashed by such a deep-rooted EVIL MOTIVATED BY EVIL MEDIA.

The American people are in a bad place right now…. in their hearts and souls. God help us…. Trump is not the problem.

President TRUMP is our only hope.

22 posted on 8/6/2020, 7:51:04 PM by Grampa Dave (Does anyone k


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