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Nobody WANTS to Remember, Ruth Bader Ginsberg…Thank You Very Much

Nobody’s Opinion

Can you believe this? When Justice Scalia died, there was a few nice remarks, and then no more mention of it.

But Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies and…it’s a national tragedy. And while many are remarking how unfortunate this is happening at this time before the election, think again. This is a godsend to the democrats. They knew they were going to lose the election to Trump, so before he even jumped into the race, they started their ‘coup’. THAT didn’t work. Then came all the sexual scandals the pee-pee tape. Then they got the FBI, the CIA, and the justice department to all get in on getting him out.

Led by Hillary and Obama, nothing was off limits. Treason was committed all around.

The media did EVERYTHING they could to destroy him. All the techs used their vast monopiles to silence all his supporters. Didn’t work.

Then we ALL had to put up with impeachment. Didn’t work.

Then they played the race card. Didn’t work.

Then they released the virus. Killed a lot of people, destroyed the economies of the world, but still, the Trump supporters remained.

THEN, they made their biggest mistake. Used the virus to close down the economy, and they sent their BLM revolution to the streets…but who got hurt the most?

The blacks, who are NOW turning to the President. They’re not stupid.

If there IS a race war, they truly are, outnumbered.

What’s left? Why, the women of course!

And Ginsberg’s death has them depending on the only group left: The women’s vote.

Abortion will be banned. That’s the big fear.

It’s another fear card, blown up beyond idiocy.  “Women will SUFFER! Children will SUFFER! People will get NO health care and die!”

Why, you would have thought having Ginsberg on the court was the only thing standing between Mordor and Peace on earth, and everyone running wild in the streets….

Right on cue today, Hillary and Bill Clinton came right out and took CREDIT for having put Ruth on the bench.

Hillary, the woman who wants to get rid of the electoral college has the gall to say that putting another conservative on the Supreme Court bench will be the end of the Constriction.

Uh…say what?

NOBODY on the planet wants that document destroyed more than Hillary Clinton. How long has she been trying to get rid of the electoral college? And by the way, so did Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who thought the constitution was outdated, and therefore JUDGES should just do what they thought was best. Write their own laws. Its what democratic judges do best.

This will be their last bullet. They KNOW not many people have even read the Constitution. So, they just keep saying that Trump is destroying the Constitution.

They are counting on the ignorance of the people.

It’s up to the few remaining voices of reason to remind everyone just how much the democrats would destroy it, if the election is lost.

On the good side, one more voice on the Supreme Court that acutely follows the Constitution, is needed desperately, if the election goes to the Supreme court, because Justice Roberts will vote for Biden. And THAT, is the real scare for them.

This morning Elizabeth Warren said that if “Mitch McDonald and his henchmen.” Nominate someone to the Supreme Court all is lost.

The left has threatened to burn it all down, meaning everything, the whole country.

Guess what? We’ll be ready. Even doves have their limits.


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Remembering the Important

Nobody Flashes:

Due to the upcoming ‘war’ to KEEP America great, I always like to put things in perspective;

And that’s why I have lots of these kinds of pictures throughout my house.



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