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Nobody’s Fool: David Icke

Nobody’s Fool

As I said yesterday, England and France are starting to wake up to the REAL threat of Covid-19 which is global socialism and mankind’s loss of liberty.

I don’t think its just a coincidence that Musk wants to put all our brains on computers all of a sudden.

This was David giving the speech he has been broadcasting ALL over the planet for years…and years. Seems now, the people are finally catching up to his warnings.

And dig the blond in the black dress…she’s REALLY having a good time.


(PS…when is America going to invite him over? We could use a few liberty rallies of our own.)


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The LONG Plan of Global Takeover is Here: Stand Back.

Nobody’s Opinion

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my ‘phone’ news, a news app I did NOT sign up for, it just came with the phone, and I saw this headline:

Fact Checker DIES of exhaustion. 

According to the report, and NO this was NOT the Onion, some poor lady was so exhausted from trying to keep up with all the Trump’s family lies that she died of sheer exhaustion. The people that hired her to do this job did NOT expect so many lies to be told at the RNC convention.

At first I laughed out loud, and then I thought, how many people are reading this crap and thinking it’s true? It was in the regular news feed.

Today, it was admitted that only 10,000 people have actually died from COVID-19. Fauci had to admit it. But on the news, more shutdowns and it’s reported that almost 200,000 have died, you hear it everywhere. The mask wearing mandates are closing down businesses all over the country, and for what?

England and France’s people have figured it out.

How many times in the last few days did we hear that the boy that shot back at rioters was called again and again a “murderer” when he was was actually defending himself? There is lots of video to prove it.

Now, a young Trump supporter was point blank shot dead in Portland for wearing the wrong hat.

How does the media react? Well, Trump WANTS these riots, they are saying, and he’s the President, this is happening on HIS watch! In fact, all this is his fault. Never a mention about the democratic mayors and governors that are standing by and letting it happen.

The English people have woke up. They are protesting the “mask” charade. The French too. BIG protests. Their leaders want them all arrested.

Clearly, this is a planned GLOBAL takeover of the world…and whose behind it all? China. And our biggest companies.

And Amazon is right up there with the coup. Let me tell you why.

Bezos didn’t just buy the Post because he wanted to get into the newspaper business. They all know, they HAVE to control the news. They push out  the fake news and utter lies we hear and see every second of every day, whether you want to see it, or not.

Which brings me to Amazon. The other day, I read a report about how Amazon is putting ports into all these different cities. And I was very surprised to learn that OUR city was not one of them.

This is a global EFFORT, and here’s the proof to me that what we are seeing happening has the support of all the tech companies. And the major media here in our own country.

As you know, I’ve lived most all my life. St. Louis is smack dap in the middle of the nation. Missouri is why the stealth bombers are located here. Sometime during the last years of Bush, TWA, moved out of Lambert field…which once was so busy with air traffic that you could look up in the sky and see the planes lined up, at least 7 waiting to land. TWA left, was destroyed, and THEN the whole airport and surrounding area was transformed.

Oh, it took them some time, but where once thriving hotels, restaurants, neighborhoods stood, it was ALL torn down. It took them years, but they did it. Most of us could not believe that the construction went on, since the airport was dead.

A HUGE bunker and BIG hills were created. A new runway that would hold the biggest plane ever built was constructed.  It’s still there, just waiting for traffic. And If you could google Lambert field today, you would see what LOOKS like, a hidden bunker. A giant hidden bunker under the airport.

Recently, there were HUNDREDS of solar panels put up next to it. Across the street from the airport, where there IS no structures.

Now, several years ago, China wanted to buy the airport. Or rent it, I can’t remember. We had lots of our politicians say how WONDERFUL it would be so sell Lambert field to China, because it would bring so much business to the area. We lost a Ford Plant, and Boeing is at this airport. For years it was reported that a Chinese company right across the street from Boeing was a front for spying. This company ‘sold’ giant statues. Of course, they never sold those statues.

So, the people got to vote on whether they wanted China here, and we all voted NO.

During the Obama years, all was quiet. But since the election, Amazon has been on a real tear here in North St. Louis. Right next to the airport HUGE, and I mean HUGE warehouses have been built almost overnight. Old car dealerships are being tuned into PRIME TRUCK parking lots. More car washes are going up, and major work on our highways are being done, right next to the warehouses.

This is ALL for Amazon. So, why are they keeping this huge transformation of a town so secret?

I believe that Amazon is going in with China to make St. Louis a major hub for China/Amazon business. It’s part of the global takeover of the world that China has planned and THAT is news that you won’t hear about at all.

There’s the FAKE news, and the censored news.

A while back I told you about a Chinese guy that came up to my front yard and started taking LOTS of pictures. I thought he might have been my Pilipino neighbor, but then I remember, they moved out. No this guy took about 30 pictures of the front of my house…smiling an ignoring me. He did not speak a word to me even though I was talking to him.

I think this China guy was actually going through the neighborhoods looking for houses to ‘sell’ or use in propaganda in China.

Hillary Clinton gave us the biggest clue of all, when she said Joe should not Concede. Joe Biden IS on the payroll of China, That’s a fact.

And our President is right: If he does not win the election, we WILL be taken over by China. And our very own past President, have sold us all out. They’ve been in bed with China to make themselves very rich. And now, with the release of the virus, and the communist threat of having our lives ended by thugs in the streets, President Trump is the only one standing in the way.

That’s my Nobody Opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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Nobody Rants About Church

Nobody Flashes 

I thought this was an interesting conversation for a Sunday.

Jordan Peterson, doesn’t go to church, and neither do I. But our reasons are VERY different.

This Nobody Thinks that there is SO much evidence there is a higher force, or GOD, or whatever you want to call it, that billions of people on the planet feel the same, only worship this feeling or belief in many different forms and ways.

Someday I’ll write more about it. But there is one thing for sure, people going to church is a very GOOD thing. The children learn the ten commandments, the bedrock of all legal and moral plates for Western Law and Civilization. And the community comes together to bond in a common feeling of goodness and hope.

When the sick, the alone, need help and comfort, their friends and pastors can provide much better support than almost any psychiatrist.

The power of MANY people praying for an individual in that community is like money in the bank. There have been many studies done that show that the more people praying for an outcome the better. It works! Nobody knows why. I think George Lucas tried to capture that universal feeling with his “May the Force be With You.”

Yes, may God be with you always, is pretty much the same.

Good and Evil has been a universal theme throughout earth’s history. I don’t think that is going away anytime soon, no matter how much the elites tell us “It’s complicated” or “Everything is relative” or “It depends on what you think the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

Now, having said that…churches can be run by evil people just as well as governments. A Pope that forgives it’s pastors for sexually abusing children is not a church I would want to go to.

I recently lost a friend, because she was Catholic and I ask her how she can put up with their current Pope? I didn’t mean it as an insult, but she took it as one. To me, he is not even a religious man, he a political communist. AND the Catholic church is based on the same rules as a dictator. I mean really…Jesus did NOT make the Pope Jesus the second. John Adams was repulsed by the Catholic church and it’s pompous riches.

Of course, he would be. Many in America at the time were.

Martin Luther did a good thing, when he declared that no longer did a person have to go through their Priest to be blessed by God. We all know the history of the Catholic churches and the fact that many of the Popes were very corrupt.

I have found in my lifetime that religious people can be the BIGGEST hypocrites of all. I’ve often wondered why.

Just think of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Yeah. Kill that baby.

Many a communist have taken the “Jesus says to give to the poor.” and turned it into, the government will take your money and GIVE it to the poor and if you don’t like it, you are evil.

Not exactly the same.

I like to say, I’m a VERY spiritual person. I see God everywhere, and in many things. All you have to do is see the miracle in the universe, the preciousness of all young babies, a bird flying, a rose in the garden, the trees coming back EVERY spring, and the courage and love of people everywhere. Just wonder at the human body. How the nerves, the brain, the stomach, the ears, the eyes, the hormones…everything in thousands of little ways work together to form the miracle of life. Start studying the universe and you get the same awe.

So much order. So much beauty. So much we will NEVER know. But God touches you, when you least expect it, does he not?

For example:

Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart. I was helping a black woman try to find the right aspirin.

“Would you help me?” she asked. I don’t know which one to get.

I spent about 10 minutes explaining to her all the difference of all the aspirin (Trust me, I’ve taken them all) and then out of nowhere she said, “You know, I think Jesus MEANT me to talk to you today.”

To make a long story short, she just HAD to tell the joy about how she was born again, and I listened, with love, because I’m not “born again.” I was born once. I was trying to tell her how happy I was for her, but she was …fluttered, and so I grabbed her two hands, looked her in the eyes, and said, “Come on! Squeeze MY HANDS!” Her limby hands went into a big squeeze.

And then I said. “Now THATS love! That’s Jesus talking from me to YOU!”

By the way, neither God NOR Wal-Mart stuck us down with a thunderbolt for the sin of holding hands.  (I HATE Wal-Mart, but then, you know that.)

I left her pretty happy.  It was a loving touch for both of us. Now, that that ‘state’ has told us we can’t ‘touch’ do you SEE the human misery that evil rule alone is causing?

Later on that night, while at Home Depot, I started talking to a black man with an American Flag mask on. The older blacks KNOW the danger of the kids going crazy. They know. And they are reaching out as much as they can to the whites. I wear a hat that says 1776 on it, and every day, some black person comes up and gives me a big smile and hello.


I don’t know if it’s happening where you live, but I guess it took the real evil we are seeing with the BLM to wake them up.

But, I got off the subject.

Jordan is much more esoteric than I am. I prefer to go to a church…alone. It’s me and God. That’s it.

But, there IS one thing that is a fact: Prayer helps everyone. And when man builds beautiful churches for all to gather, than more should be built. Now, they are attacking Christians all over the planet.

If for that reason alone, the elites must be STOPPED. People NEED Jesus, religion, and religion gives them hope. To take that away is just..


Me? I pray, while I just sit in my garden and listen to the birds. I even rejoiced at the sight of a chicken snake in the garden yesterday.

My mice problem might just get solved.

Thank you Jesus. Now, go and take care of Sarah…and help her find the right aspirin before China cuts them off.

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Ivanka Trump: Uplifting AND Beautiful

Nobody Flashes

She came, she conquered, and the democrats went absolutely crazy with jealousy and criticism.

I was totally blown away. I remember her speech at the first RNC convention in 2016. I thought she was a bit timid, shy, and really didn’t come across as well as Don Jr.

Not so last night. Last night, SHE was the greatest speaker in the Trump family. Her stunning beauty alone SHOULD have been mentioned all over every media. If this had been Michelle Obama, and Michelle looked this good, we would have been hearing nothing BUT how she stole the show.

Instead, as usual, nothing but nasty comments.

Jealousy. That’s all it is. There IS no movie queen in Hollywood that could have been as sparkling and glamorous as Ivanka was last night. Elizabeth Taylor maybe could have matched the beauty, but not the speech.

In fact, I might even add, I thought her speech was better than her dad’s, which was WAY too long. And he was obviously tired. Even so, he pressed on like a trooper. I’m sure Ivanka had a nice long nap before this speech and spent hours getting ready.

Dad, on the other hand, might have been up all night, and most of the day running the world and it’s problems.

The man is…incredible. And despite all the divorces, his kids grew up to be great.

Many criticized how President Trump shows off his kids, but hell, why shouldn’t he? Each one of his kids is intelligent, well-spoken, and role models for every family. Who ELSE is he going to trust? And memories are short. JFK’s brother was made Attorney General. NOBODY complained about that nepotism, now did they?

Trump’s children are his brand. And Trump is all about branding.

This nobody think that the Obama’s, The Bushes, and the Clintons are just jealous of the Trump children.

As a family, the Trumps have more class in their little fingers than any of the other dynasties of American History.


Yes, good old fashion jealousy.

I’m sure the family is used to it. And I’m SO glad they just go on and show off.

Ivanka was…spectacular. She is her father’s daughter, and her mother’s devotion.

All America should be proud of this…daughter. Last night, she was, the quintessence of the true American woman.

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Nobody Flashes Thoughts on THIS Historical Night.

Nobody Flashes

As I watch the President speak tonight, I find it comforting to see all the black supporters who came out to praise his leadership, because I listened to Kamala’s speech today and half of it was all about how racist America is. They are SCARED of the great black exodus off the democratic plantation. Then she pretty much accused President Trump of every suffering on the planet. In fact, the deaths of the virus is his fault. The riots are his fault, and she approved of them all, and suggested even more should happen.

Clearly, they had to pick a NASTY woman to try to destroy him.

But this testimony will forever be melted into my memory. I was in tears at the end of Ann Dorn’s video.  A white woman, married to a black police officer, killed by a young black man.

You see, here in St. Louis, the white and the blacks have lived together for so long, there are many bi-racial marriages here. Only when Obama came along did the race relations between us start to appear. He FANNED the flames of white hatred. Police hatred.

But you know what? The blacks who lived in Ferguson, moved out. And that will be happening in all the cities across the nation. Many of them have lost their homes, and their jobs, their businesses. If they can, they will move…south.

The democrats think that’s the way to win. The old communist revolution way. But it’s getting old. They are doing it during the virus.

Not very smart.

Who cannot shed a tear for a man so clearly loved by his ‘white’ wife. America is TRYING to move on.

But the democrats do NOT want it to happen.

So, I think, it will be the blacks who decide this election. This nobody thinks, the democrats have overplayed their hands.  And even though there are enough white young, rich liberal kids who were fooled by the propaganda, Most of them will stay home and play video games.

President Trump’ speech is a great American speech.

And as so many have said: God has a tendency to give us the right man at the right time.

No other President has as much love for America and it’s people as THIS President.

We will not see the likes of him ever again.

So…he’s still talking! Yes, everyone is going to fall asleep pretty soon, but not Trump.

And so he goes on….

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Richard Grenell: One of the Great Speeches Ever Given at a GOP Convention

Nobody Flashes,

One of MY favorite speeches of the night. Hopefully, we will see and hear MORE from this very smart and patriotic man. He “nailed it.”

If you missed it, ENJOY! If not, be like me and watch it again.

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He Stayed the Course…and Won: Nick Sandman

Nobody Flashes

And celebrates…a young Abe Lincoln.

God bless this young man, and his courage.

Enjoy the words of a great American: Nick Sandman.

The ending was GREAT!

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Nobody’s Fool: Maximo Alvarez

Nobody’s Fool

Tonight’s first night of the Republican Convention, was filled with wonderful people saying powerful things.

This man, brought tears to many.  Maximo Alvarez KNOWS what communism looks like.  Here he warns America at what he sees coming.

If you missed it, here it is again.


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“I’m Sorry If the Truth Offends You”


Nobody’s Opinion

I want to thank Kellyanne Conway today. She has no idea how not only she is helping the country, but helping me personally.

My son just came by my house not too long ago. I haven’t seen him for over a year. He wouldn’t get out of the car. He believes, in his mind that he is protecting usboth by not getting out.

He’s afraid of catching the virus. “Maybe we can go to dinner next year.” He said.

Well, I can tell you, that’s not going to happen. You see, my son is Trump-hater, and he pretty much has disowned his own parents for supporting him.

It’s clear that the left has been trying to promote division and revolution…like Mao’s revolution, with Obama, and the corporations of BLMs fuming the hatred. Families have to pick a side. The left WANT civil war. But the children of the boomers have not been taught history.

How do those of us with relatives taking sides explain, the danger of what they want.

Communism will be coming to America. They think, they will just get free stuff…like Europe.

As a parent, I did the best I could. MY parents did they best they could. But my son has gone through rough times, and he blames it on President Trump. And therefore, his own parents. Much the same as 15-year-old Claudia.

He listens to CNN, and of course, he KNOWS it all. If you try to refute any talking point he will NOT listen. Nope. He has no respect for talk.


So, be it. As I’ve reported, I’ve had two encounters with my neighbors…one who called Trump the Devil, and the other who was convinced he was killing thousands of people. The HATRED POURING out of these people is…. Frankly shocking.

For those of us who actually have “common sense” we are in disbelief that so many people can be that stupid at once.

Half a nation has fallen for the 1984 playbook being unleased right in front of them. Most of them have never even read that book. I know my son hasn’t. Or Brave New World. Nope. They get their news from late night comedians.

I’ve racked my brain wondering WHY? Where did I go wrong? I bet Kellyanne is having the same thoughts. Anyway…Kellyanne…I need to thank her.

Yes, I was feeling SO sad, so bad, and then I thought about Kellyanne.

Kellyanne is not only one of the sharpest minds on the planet, she has done a terrific job daily defending the President. She is  a superhero to every patriotic American woman, and she gets NO respect from her husband, and now her daughter.

Claudia Conway — the rebel 15-year-old daughter of Trump adviser Kellyanne, and George Conway — made the bombshell announcement as she denounced her mother’s job as “all about money and fame”.

She told her 253K followers: “I’m devastated that my mother is actually speaking at the RNC. Like DEVASTATED beyond compare.

“I’m officially pushing for emancipation.

The push for a divorce from her parents comes after she asked progressive Democratic New York Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to adopt her.

Claudia also slammed Trump for using the “racist” phrase “china virus.”

Okay, right there you see that the great brain of Kellyanne did not get passed on to her daughter. Her daughter got her father’s genes.

It happens.

Remember Ronald Reagan’s son? OMG.

I’ve tried to figure out why kids of obvious intelligent people can be so…clueless, and so full of hatred…but all I can think of is the baby boomers have raised a generation of narcissistic idiots.

It’s our own fault.

Add the horrible public-school system, and drugs, and sex, and video games, and ‘’socialism/communism taking over all our schools” and you can’t blame it all on the parents.

A whole generation of kids were royally brainwashed. Parents didn’t even know it was happening.

So, let’s hope Claudia, (obviously social media has damaged her brain and she thinks she’s a supermodel, in love with her own image, talk about wanting fame and money, and doesn’t need her family) can go out and find her own way.

Will my son, Kellyanne’s husband and her daughter still hate HER all her life because she works so hard for Trump and us all?

There is only one answer painful as it is

I will love my son till I die. But, I’ve lost all hope of him seeing any kind of light when it comes to politics.

But as the song goes. “Let it be.”

Yes, I will let it be. Because I believe in freedom. Freedom to think as you want. Kellyanne obviously believes that too. And her price to pay is so much bigger than mine, while losing a son or daughter’s love and respect knows no limit of sorrow—whether you’re a nobody like me, or a very big somebody like Kellyanne.

I was watching Gone with the Wind tonight on TCM channel. I’m surprised they showed it.

And there was a scene where Rhett Butler was telling the men gathered in the great room of the plantation that the South didn’t have a chance to win the war. Simply because the North had the steel, the money, and the mines.

One of the men challenged him, and he said.

“I’m sorry if the truth offends you.”

Great line. Great line. And we need to say it to a lot more people. Hopefully, with as much class as Clark Gable and Kellyanne.


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A Very Great Sunday Message from Jon Voight

Nobody Flashes

A great patriot, a great message, a man of God.

The truth, suffers no fools.

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Why LIBERAL Women Should Never Hold Office or Any Job for that Matter

Nobody Flashes

Biden’s “Light into the Darkness” women. If they did this to MY kid?…..uh….well…

Can you believe these morons?

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What you WON’T See Tonight

Nobody Flashes…


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Alexander Hamilton TRIES to Prevent Sanctuary Cities

Nobody Remembers

I don’t know about you, but every time I hear the democrats (And Bush) go into how the country was built on immigrants, we can all agree, BUT…it’s what they leave out that makes me angry.

Immigrants yes, but when they came here, the citizens in this country did NOT have to support them. If they had relatives here, they helped them.  Or the many local churches. They also had to test for disease, and to become a citizen they had to learn English, and pass a test. Only English was taught in our schools. They either learned it, or flunked.

Here in my local school district, there are 42 different language that get special attention. Our schools supply breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

Except now, mom has to feed them, our schools are closed.

WAIT! Mom doesn’t have to feed them, the ‘taxpayers’ do. They can go down to the many places giving out free food, and that includes our libraries.

As I’ve told you, I am still reading in the Federalists papers and when it came to the subject of “citizens’ Alexander Hamilton had this to say.

AH: The dissimilarity in the rules of naturalization, has long been remarked as a fault in our system, and as laying a foundation for intricate and delicate questions.

NOBODY: Wow. Nothing under the sun ever changes.

AH: In the 4th articles of the confederation it is declared, “that the free inhabitants of each of these states, paupers, vagabonds, and fugitives from justice excepted, shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of free citizen in the several states, and the people of each state, shall in every other enjoy all the privileges of trade and commerce &jc.”

NOBODY: Well, here in 2020, paupers, vagabonds and fugitives from justice NOW have all the privileges of everybody else, in fact, they get more…food, shelter, voting rights….

AH: There is a confusion of language here, which is remarkable. Why the terms free inhabitant’s, are used in one part of the article, free citizens in another, and people in another: or what was meant by superadding “to all privileges and immunities of free citizens” …” all the privileges of trade and commerce, “cannot easily be determined. It seems to be a construction scarcely avoidable, however, that those who come under the denomination of free inhabitants of a state, although not citizens of such state, are entitled, in every other state, to all the privileges of free citizens of the latter: that is, to greater privileges than they may be entitled to in their own state: so that it may be in the power of a particular state, or rather every state, is laid under a necessity, not only to confer the right of citizenship in other states, upon any whom it may admit to such rights within itself, but upon any whom it may allow to become inhabitants within its jurisdiction.

NOBODY: Hamilton is talking about EXACTLY what is happening today, in all our sanctuary cities. They are giving citizenship to illegals and saying that other states should recognize ‘aliens’ as having the same rights as citizens.

AH: The very improper power would still be retained by each state, of naturalizing aliens in every other state. In one state, residence for a short term confers all the rights of citizenship to another, qualifications of greater importance are required. An alien, therefore, legally incapacitated for certain rights in the latter, may, by previous residence only in the former, elude his incapacity: and thus, the law of one state be preposterously rendered paramount to the law of another, within the jurisdiction of the other.

NOBODY: New York, California, Illinois, and many other states are doing this to the rest of us.

AH: By the laws of several states, certain descriptions of aliens, who had rendered themselves obnoxious, were laid under interdicts inconsistent, not only with the rights of citizenship, but with the privileges of residence.

NOBODY: I can think of a few Congresswoman and at least one President who ‘rendered themselves obnoxious.

AH: The new constitution has accordingly, with great propriety, made provision against them, and all others proceeding from the defect of the confederation on this head, by authorizing the general government to establish and uniform rule of naturalization thought the United States.

NOBODY: There. Hamilton solves the problem. It is written

So, it comes down to the famous Clinton line “It depends on what your definition of “is” is.”

While Hamilton made it very clear that ‘vagabonds, paupers, and fugitives,” and ‘aliens” should not be allowed to wander from state to state claiming all the rights of the rest of us.

Clearly, any illegal who walked over our border, now can claim it.

What does our Supreme Court have to say about this?

Frankly, I don’t think they care.



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DNC Convention: Most Boring Words Ever spoken. (With 3,475,833 lies.)

Nobody Wonders

As I sit here TRYING to watch this parade of…depressing progressives DNC morons, endorsing a man who is hardly able to say a sentence, I am thinking: If anything could turn off a people to politicians and politics, it’s this ridiculous montage of lies, and blames, and just sheer audacity of pompous rich liberals trying to convince whomever to “get big things done.”

Hillary was almost funny. Pelosi was clearly running for the office of the Presidency herself.

There is a lot of time devoted to poor beat up women, gun violence, and the poor economy that Trump is not helping. They BLAME him for it. Business people complaining he didn’t help them. Schools not being open HIS fault.

ALL…and I mean ALL of it is theirs. They kept the whole country “locked down.” THEY did it. And now they blame him for it

Now they are showing President Obama giving Biden the Medal of Freedom. (Ha ha, he looked even spaced out then too.)

THIS Nobody still can’t remember a single thing Joe Biden has done except enrich himself and his family at our expense, THIS Nobody is amazed how this smacks of a Russian TV program.

Obama is in Philadelphia…trashing the Constitution! Well, why not?

The great speaker, the man who committed treason, the audacity of lies, and communism.

Trashing the President. Well, sure he is! It’s come out what he did.

Oh! They are blaming him for the deaths of the virus. This man is….


Ha ha ha ha ha ha…his brother! Joe’s Decent. (Ha ha)

It’s takes a real criminal to stand in front of the Constitution, and act as a patriot.

Sorry Obama. You took us down a road of hatred and racial division. You got VERY rich, and ‘fundamentally changed” the great republic that we lived in.

Joe just got rich. And hey, I GOT H1N1, where were you Joe?

Joe helped with Obamacare?

Marxist, Muslim, Liar, and the worst President in history. And also, most likely very GAY.

But he sure can talk.

Joe and Kamala care about every America says Obama.

Ha ha ha ha.

NO one is about the law? Says Obama.


The question is: How many people are going to put up with this slick willie of a disgusting person?

Is it me? Or is it time to kick these elite egotistical, and very rich assholes into the great big garbage heap off bad history and horrible tyrants.

Okay, I’ve heard enough. (Wait, he saved the black as slaves history for last.)

Obama, get off the stage. You are…beyond belief and I’m so sorry that we had to suffer you. WE did it with dignity. Not you. Oh no.

Ending with pleads to the blacks to save us all. And of course, President Trump is not even close to his magnificent self.

Now, Kamala, you’re next President.

She has to follow Obama? Ha ha ha.

I’m going to bed. I don’t think I could hear another boring speech. Kamala will be President?

What have I got to say?

Is that the BEST you commies can do?

Bring it on.

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