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Obama CONCERNED about Border NOW? Ha!

Nobody Wins

I love it. Watch the news on any day and you can almost predict what ‘disaster’ the politicians and their state propaganda machines are trying to control: After the train wreak in Afghanistan, they needed to redirect the public. So…Give the public a release valve: The usual dog and pony Congress show drilling and slobbering over Biden’s general. Asking WHO made the mess in Afghanistan? Obama’s fingerprints are all OVER that. So…Obama decides to come out and address the problem of open borders…as if HE is not running the country. Oh, no. He’s not. He’s just finding out that his black voters might just be a little pissed off about all the illegals coming for their money.


“We have borders,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News host Robin Roberts. “The idea that we can just have open borders is something that … as a practical matter, is unsustainable.”

Of the over 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants who gathered in a makeshift camp under the border bridge of Del Rio, Texas, thousands were allowed into the United States under Biden’s administration.


It’s bad enough that those Generals are trying to rewrite their own horrible mistakes, Liz Cheney came out and made a case for January the 6th. I felt like I was looking through clear water and seeing a bedrock of dirty water covering the mud for miles. The murky swamp is murky on purpose.

So, once again, the Congressmen and women are allowed to express their anger or their thankfulness, and no one is put in jail. It’s always a ‘re-elect ME’ photo opp. It seems Biden was being blamed which means, will Michelle run for office? Will Michael finally come out of the closet and run as the first transvestite? No ‘she’ll run as a woman, IF she runs. I still think Hillary is going to try again. I could be wrong.

Or maybe they will somehow put Obama back in. Or maybe Trump will get in. It’s getting to the point we are ALL so tired of politics.

Which is probably how they like it.

Nobody Wins when your country is so corrupt nobody knows WHAT or who to trust anymore. You just know, you can’t trust the United States government.

Remember, it was Obama who put the immigrants in cages. And it was Obama who opened the borders, by letting them in and putting them all over the country. He gave them DACA.

He is still running things, but he wants you now to blame Joe. Obama is following his old mentor Alinsky: overflood the situation, and render in the chaos.

MEANTIME: Hundreds of really old trees were cut down for his library. I guess trees can now fart. I bet he puts up a few windmills just to look good, and kill some more birds. Personally, I think they should outlaw all these Presidential museums. Have one in D.C. and let that be it. They are just fronts to make the X Presidents money forever in their foundations without having to work or pay taxes.

Nobody Wins when you have the despicable running your country. Yes, the despicable VS the deplorables. Whose going to win this one?

One thing we do know, Nobody Wins if this corruption keeps going.

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Alexander Hamilton TRIES to Prevent Sanctuary Cities

Nobody Remembers

I don’t know about you, but every time I hear the democrats (And Bush) go into how the country was built on immigrants, we can all agree, BUT…it’s what they leave out that makes me angry.

Immigrants yes, but when they came here, the citizens in this country did NOT have to support them. If they had relatives here, they helped them.  Or the many local churches. They also had to test for disease, and to become a citizen they had to learn English, and pass a test. Only English was taught in our schools. They either learned it, or flunked.

Here in my local school district, there are 42 different language that get special attention. Our schools supply breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

Except now, mom has to feed them, our schools are closed.

WAIT! Mom doesn’t have to feed them, the ‘taxpayers’ do. They can go down to the many places giving out free food, and that includes our libraries.

As I’ve told you, I am still reading in the Federalists papers and when it came to the subject of “citizens’ Alexander Hamilton had this to say.

AH: The dissimilarity in the rules of naturalization, has long been remarked as a fault in our system, and as laying a foundation for intricate and delicate questions.

NOBODY: Wow. Nothing under the sun ever changes.

AH: In the 4th articles of the confederation it is declared, “that the free inhabitants of each of these states, paupers, vagabonds, and fugitives from justice excepted, shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of free citizen in the several states, and the people of each state, shall in every other enjoy all the privileges of trade and commerce &jc.”

NOBODY: Well, here in 2020, paupers, vagabonds and fugitives from justice NOW have all the privileges of everybody else, in fact, they get more…food, shelter, voting rights….

AH: There is a confusion of language here, which is remarkable. Why the terms free inhabitant’s, are used in one part of the article, free citizens in another, and people in another: or what was meant by superadding “to all privileges and immunities of free citizens” …” all the privileges of trade and commerce, “cannot easily be determined. It seems to be a construction scarcely avoidable, however, that those who come under the denomination of free inhabitants of a state, although not citizens of such state, are entitled, in every other state, to all the privileges of free citizens of the latter: that is, to greater privileges than they may be entitled to in their own state: so that it may be in the power of a particular state, or rather every state, is laid under a necessity, not only to confer the right of citizenship in other states, upon any whom it may admit to such rights within itself, but upon any whom it may allow to become inhabitants within its jurisdiction.

NOBODY: Hamilton is talking about EXACTLY what is happening today, in all our sanctuary cities. They are giving citizenship to illegals and saying that other states should recognize ‘aliens’ as having the same rights as citizens.

AH: The very improper power would still be retained by each state, of naturalizing aliens in every other state. In one state, residence for a short term confers all the rights of citizenship to another, qualifications of greater importance are required. An alien, therefore, legally incapacitated for certain rights in the latter, may, by previous residence only in the former, elude his incapacity: and thus, the law of one state be preposterously rendered paramount to the law of another, within the jurisdiction of the other.

NOBODY: New York, California, Illinois, and many other states are doing this to the rest of us.

AH: By the laws of several states, certain descriptions of aliens, who had rendered themselves obnoxious, were laid under interdicts inconsistent, not only with the rights of citizenship, but with the privileges of residence.

NOBODY: I can think of a few Congresswoman and at least one President who ‘rendered themselves obnoxious.

AH: The new constitution has accordingly, with great propriety, made provision against them, and all others proceeding from the defect of the confederation on this head, by authorizing the general government to establish and uniform rule of naturalization thought the United States.

NOBODY: There. Hamilton solves the problem. It is written

So, it comes down to the famous Clinton line “It depends on what your definition of “is” is.”

While Hamilton made it very clear that ‘vagabonds, paupers, and fugitives,” and ‘aliens” should not be allowed to wander from state to state claiming all the rights of the rest of us.

Clearly, any illegal who walked over our border, now can claim it.

What does our Supreme Court have to say about this?

Frankly, I don’t think they care.



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Global Warming Causing Fires in California Says the Expert: John Kerry

Nobody Flashes,

John Kerry was on cable TV a few days ago, blaming the California fires on global warming. Nevertheless, most of the fires in California are caused by man. Over 80percent.

Could it be that millions of undocumented illegals now residing in California could have a hand in this?

Or could it be that the French are pissed off about Trump putting tariffs on their wine?

Could many of these fires simply be arson? For whatever reason, who knows. One thing really suspicious is blaming ALL the fires now on one electrical company. Never in history have we watched one state being so totally destroyed like California.

Something doesn’t smell right.

Nevertheless, all the poor people losing everything. So sad.

And notice…none of these big liberal bleeding hearts EVER mention the damage to the animals.

California is the most liberal state in the country, and right now, burning up before our eyes. L.A. is being destroyed by the homeless and disease. It’s as if Soros is lighting the match.

And yet, somehow, Nancy Pelosi and all the democrats that rule there blame President Trump.



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Muslim Woman Has Baby in Cab…All Because of Trump

Nobody Knows

Today on C-Span, there was some kind of Congressional session on President Trump’s Muslim ban. They had two Muslim men testify how unfair this ban was. Illan Omar was on the committee.

I don’t recall the guy’s name was, the Muslim who was testifiy, but evidently, he owned a shop in the Bronx, and had a successful grocery store. He said he liked to help all his customers no matter who they were. My first thought was: Where did he get the money to open a store in the first place? It’s a question I ask myself again and again: How do foreigners, who supposedly are so poor and desperate, manage to get the money to open up businesses here in America? I’m sure there’s some kind of program helping them, because in every city, they come here, open up shops, and I have always wondered…if they are so poor, where DO they get the money?

Anyway, he continued his story: He was a citizen. He was never asked how he became a citizen, but he wanted to bring his wife and two children to America, but they were from Yemen and it was denied. He went on to say that he would go BACK to Yemen and on his trips, he fathered two children.

His wife’s pregnancy was bad, he was so worried, and it was horrible because she went into labor in Yemen, and they called a cab, and she had the baby in the uber cab. It was the most horrifying day of his life. To him, she should have been allowed to have her baby here, in the best hospitals, which had been denied to him.

My second thought was, well, whatever this dire pregnancy was, she didn’t have any problems having the baby in a cab. Something that is done even in America during rush hour traffic.  If she had been that sick, she might have died. But the WAY the man told the story, you would have thought the baby died, the mother died, etc, all because of our mean President Trump.

Me, listening to the sob stories.

But no, she had a healthy baby, and he had to come back to America to support them because he couldn’t find a job…well I guess, in any other country. He put on a pitiful face.

Nobody ever asked the man why his wife wasn’t a citizen, or how he became one…but the rest of the show was all about how the President was SO unfair to Muslims. Ilian made sure that everyone knew that.

The other guy wanted to bring his wife’s mother, and father, and some brother…well, you know the story.

While I was listening to it, I felt sorry for them, but then, I got to thinking…why? There are homeless veterens on the streets of California. Veterans coming back from war committing suicide.

If the man really wanted to be with his wife, he’d go to another country, start up another business, and live with his wife and children. That’s what I would do. But no, we all know why they come here.

So much free stuff.

Nobody Knows how really good the liberals are at tucking at your emotions. The Pope came out again and said all nations should welcome all migrants from everywhere.

Well, let the Pope feed them.


Okay. I’ll shut up now.



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Modern Day Slavery

Nobody Wins

I turned on FOX news this morning, and it was filled with one face mostly: Donna Braille. Donna was the woman who gave Hillary Clinton the questions before her Presidential debate, and I don’t remember her ever being ‘fined’ or prosecuted for that, do you? Maybe so, she was fired from CNN. But now, she is a BIG star on FOX. Donna was later on, seen on the FIVE, and her main message was how awful it was for Trump to gather up the illegal parents of all the children whose parents were going to be deported.

There was a raid today in Mississippi:

MORTON, Miss. – U.S. immigration officials raided numerous Mississippi food processing plants Wednesday, arresting 680 mostly Latino workers in what marked the largest workplace sting in at least a decade.
Koch Foods, based in Park Ridge, Illinois, is one of the largest poultry producers in the U.S. and employs about 13,000 people, with operations in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio and Tennessee.

Koch Foods, is according to one source, not related to the famous GOP donors. (right.) I find that hard to believe that the real Koch Brothers would not sue just for trademark reasons alone. A three billion-dollar business using their name? Any business worth it’s salt would sue. Brand names are guarded like the gold that they are, and I find it funny that the real Koch brother would not care…but that’s another blog.

Donna went into her, “Oh, those poor, poor children?”

I’m sorry. This nobody asks the simple question as to WHY they can’t go get the kids, put them with their parents, and take them back to wherever they came from? That would stop the poor children’s suffering.

Those children are citizens they say. Okay, but they are STILL minors, and if mom and dad are here illegally, then they should go home and take their kids with them. That’s should BE a law.  It’s not the citizens of the United States problem to feed and educate those kids just because they were BORN here. If the parents are not citizens, then there is no reason those kids should get any welfare from the U.S.

The simple fact is, many of our biggest companies want these illegals to do the work that “Americans won’t do.” And it would be nice if they bring the kids to take their places in the future.

Never mind that the Americans aren’t even given a chance to do them.

It’s amazing, how nobody mentions the fact that bringing in millions to supply our major corporations with cheap labor is not much different than when the democratic cotton plantation owners wanted cheap labor to pick their cotton. The main difference is that the latter black slaves were brought over here in chains. These people, are giving free credit cards, bus and train rides, food and nice clothing, along with cell phones.

In that respect, the plantation owners have more of a heart.

They wouldn’t be coming here if they weren’t promised jobs and free everything. So, while it’s a small start, let’s hope some Obama judge doesn’t just release them back into Mississippi, on the sheer insane notion that if the children were born here, their parents have American rights.

Where does it say that if you are born in America, your illegal parent gets the same rights as you?

Or even more…that illegal has MORE rights than you.

Somebody tell me.

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Nobody’s Fool: The Blue Collar Man

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s the common man giving some blue collar advise to AOC.

Yes, common sense is abundant everywhere BUT Congress.

And that’s why we need more rants like these.


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“If You Love Your Nation, Sorry, You Can’t KEEP Your Nation.”

Nobody’s Opinion

Propaganda: It’s taken over our daily lives, our news, our movies, our politicians and our books. Western nations are being purposely flooded to replace the Western populations with masses of people who have never lived in freedom, and really don’t want to.

Sorry George Bush: That’s one of you BIGGEST lies…

And the elites are open about it. They are socially engineering the world, and they control most all media. They are on a mission: To build the Tower of Stoned Babel.

Here’s a speech from Bill Clinton, that he couldn’t make on TV, so he made it as a fictional president in his “fictional book” The President is Missing

Our democracy cannot survive its current downward drift into tribalism, extremism, and seething resentment. Politics is little more than blood sport.

Americans moved from being slaves to being equal under the law and how they set off on the long journey to be equal in fact, a journey we know is not over. The same story can be gold of woman’s right, workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights, the rights of the disabled, and to guarantee equality to people without regard to their sexual orientation or gender identity

We could bring small town and rural America, people in depressed urban areas, and Natives America communities into the modern economy with affordable broadband and lead-free water.

Our native-born birthrate is barely at replacement levels. We need the Dreamers and the worker, who form new businesses at twice the nation average.

And it’s not only the ‘dreamers’ President Bill Clinton is talking about. The last four President have literally dumped onto American soil…millions of Muslims.

They’ve kept the Muslim immigrants taking over communities pretty quiet on our news. But here in the Middle of the country, they are building Mosques over Churches, and building businesses everywhere.

And they DON’T like America, at all.

Imagine my shock when a few days ago, while I was flipping through my Direct TV channels searching for something I haven’t heard, when  I stopped to listen to a man who had been in charge of dealing with the ‘government’ in Iraq, and he said basically this:

The Bush administration tried to promote the women’s rights movement in Iraq, and after ten years, it’s been a dismal failure. Instead of trying to educate the women, they SHOULD have been educating the men. The women just want to be able to get out of the house, because, you see, according to Islamic law, they can’t leave the house without their husband’s permission, and a man with them.

How many billions of dollars was spent on this “educating’ Muslims women we will never know, but there was also another big failure: The opium’s trade is actually MORE proficient then when President Bush first invaded. He said the Taliban took it over for awhile, and destroyed most of the crop, but they think that might be because they really did it to drive up the prices.

Yep. Our Troops have done nothing to curtail the opium trade. Note also that over 90 percent of the world’s opium is grown in Afghanistan so most of that is coming across our borders.

According to our President, over 80,000 people have died from heroin and opioids overdose. My own local fire chief says that what they get called for the most: drug overdose.

Who are they blaming? Our doctors.

Just today I was cleaning the kitchen with the television on, and on a local channel was a prominent local commentator who had CAIR on his show to talk about what to do about the current Islamophobia problem here in North County St. Louis.

It’s a CRIME you know. In England you can be arrested for it.

It was the usual propaganda about how Christianly and Islam have SO much in common. One guy said that both religions condemn killings. It’s in the Koran he said. What he did NOT mention is that it’s in the Koran that they must kill all infidels.

They had a woman one who said she loves fashion. She said this while wearing a full white Muslim gown that fell to the floor with her hijab on.

In other words, it was a message to all white and black people in my area to start accepting the Muslims who are being sent here in droves, and they are the ones who must bow to the Muslim. THEY will be condemned and ostracized in their own towns if they do not.

These people have no intention of getting along Christians or anybody else for that matter. It’s simply not in their religion.

Okay then. But, as we’ve seen in Europe trying to mix the Muslims and punishing the natives for even saying they don’t LIKE the religion, is more or less, giving in their religion.

The London Muslim Mayor has called our President a fascist. There is nothing more fascistic than Islam. They are expecting mass protects when President Trump visits the Queen this week.

I don’t know about you, but I see no reason whatsoever that if I wear shorts in the hot summer sun, and my Muslim men neighbors give me dirty looks, then THEY should just leave.

I resent my own city officials repremainding me, calling me names, because I do NOT want to lose my freedoms.
The freedoms that MILLIONS of men and women have died for.

In my ‘dream’ world, there would be a criminal court to put on trial, all the Western leaders who have decided to hand over the Western nations to tyrannical Muslims, just to keep their big government New World Order on track to the global government they all talk about, where multinational corporations and elite global preisident act as one.

And we could send them all to a dream island, where they could protect themselves by living behind a BIG wall.

And the rule of law would be Sharia.

Okay, I’ll shut up now before Google sends me to the basement…

Wait, I’m already there!



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Bill O’Reilly: Nobody’s Fool

Nobody’s Fool

Okay: So he doesn’t have the FOX news makeup artists, and the expensive multi-million dollar FOX movie sets behind him. He doesn’t have the three beautiful women to banter with, but that’s not why millions of Americans miss Bill.

He always gives a great opinion….like here. And that’s what we cared about.

When the President said he’d send the illegals to the Sanctuary cities, they all screamed like pigs.

Trump showed America what hypocrites they all are. O’Reilly puts it straight up.

And by the way, according to the law, there IS no law saying the President can’t do this. Just as there is no law saying the President has to show his tax returns. The democrats are lying.

They will never admit it, but I bet Fox News lost a lot of viewers when they got rid of Bill O’Reilly. They lost the Independents, and there is more of them then either conservatives or liberals now.

You can say what you think about him, but one thing is for sure: Bill O’Reilly is Nobody’s Fool. 

I’m glad he’s still putting himself and his opinions out there to us…so keep it up Bill!

Lots of fools are still out there.


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Why do illegals Even GET Social Security?

Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wonders about this very popular view held by all politicians. The view that we need to flood our country with immigrants in order so shore up Social Security and Medicare.

It was spoken by President George W. Bush too many times to count, and Bill Clinton said the very same thing. It’s the reason all the politician give for WHY we must let in all immigrants: Legal or illegal. To save the great American Ponzi scam.

It goes like this: here’s a News headline from USA Today:

Aging white Americans need immigrants to keep Social Security and Medicare funded

Aging WHITE Americans? What about aging black American? What? How about all the illegals who come here and get OUR social security payments without even having a job?

From New America:

Whether or not illegal aliens are doing jobs Americans won’t do, they’re certainly getting benefits Americans don’t get. This is the finding of a Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) report stating that a whopping 70 percent of illegal-immigrant households with children receive handouts via a government program. The rate for immigrant households with children overall (both legal and illegal) is 57 percent, versus only 39 percent for such native households.

The vast majority (95 percent) of immigrant households with children had at least one worker in 2009. But their low education levels mean that more than half of these working immigrant households with children still accessed the welfare system.”

Translation: The taxpayers are subsidizing these businesses’ cheap labor.

Add to that,  the immigrants who do work here, send their money back home:

In the United States last year, more than $120 billion was sent by workers to families abroad – making it the largest sender of remittances in the world. More than $23 billion went to Mexico, $13.45 billion to China, $10.84 billion to India and $10 billion to the Philippines, among other recipients.

The data showed that the biggest beneficiaries included India and China, which each received more than $60 billion, followed by the Philippines ($24 billion), Mexico ($24 billion) and Nigeria ($21 billion).

World Bank officials believe the amount they donate could be billions more because not all cash is sent through banks and money transfer companies on which the figures are based.

Migrant money graphic.jpg


Nobody Wonders why they don’t  just stop giving out benefits to people who are NOT citizens, and why they are not taxing the billions that are being sent overseas.

But then again, we don’t really have to wonder why, do we?

We KNOW why.


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Nobody Wins When You Listen to Newt Gingrich

Nobody Wins

I just HAD to post this video when I saw it on Breitbart.

Gingrich is as clever as a Fox. He always comes across as a true conservative patriot, but there are two big reasons (actually make that three) why this Nobody can ever trust him.

  1.  Many years ago I read a book written by a doctor who was elected by his state, and went to Washington D.C. to be part of the republican revolution back in 1994. He described in great detail how Newt, who was the house leader at the time, got them all on board with the 1994 Newt revolution. BUT…when it came to implementing all the points on that board, Newt got them all in a room, and basically threatened them all if they did not go along with him on giving up many of the points on that board. It’s not well publicized, but Newt ended up giving in to President Bill Clinton on all the big points, even though, the GOP won, many seats in the house simply because Newt knows how to say one thing, and do another. You see that here. He says Trump shouldn’t shut down the border, and yet says he doesn’t want OPEN borders. Right. It’s already open. Newt does this double speak better than anybody. That doctor quit in disgust because he saw that no matter how many you send to Washington to represent the people, it doesn’t matter. The leaders of the party make the decisions. So, basically, your vote means nothing. This is NOT a representative government. After reading that book, I learned to watch the leaders: of the house, of the Senate, and now, the FBI, etc. They work for the elites.
  2.  I don’t remember what year it was, but I was watching an interview with Newt YEARS ago, I think Bush Jr. was President, and someone had asked him a question about America becoming a bilingual country like Canada. He very calmly assured the reporter that no matter what language was spoken in America, the official language of the government would be English. Right there he was saying that it was clear that the order of the GOP was to merge Mexico with America, and that we WOULD become a bi-lingual country, but it really didn’t matter much to him. As Rush Limbaugh said today, most of the GOP WANTS open borders. It’s been that way for decades. It’s cheap labor. And that’s why nothing will ever be done to stop it.
  3.  Watch Newt ACT like closing the border would hurt families and farms, and be so concerned about Mexico. It shows that Newt works for the big business and NOT the American people. And to go ON and say that open borders would change our culture, when it is doing it now, right before our very eyes, and Americans are being replaced, and we are being invaded, and to actually be so flippant about it, to this Nobody, is disgusting.

This morning on C-Cpan a black man who worked in a factory in North Carolina, was telling a pretty common story. He said that his boss, and half the people he worked with only spoke Spanish on the job. He felt as a black man that this was a discrimination against all the black workers there, who couldn’t understand Spanish, and they could be making fun of him, or talking about his performance right in front of him, and he wouldn’t know.

He said that they should be MADE to speak English when hired. All throughout American history, immigrants HAD to learn English.

Not anymore. Schools hire interpreters, businesses now have to supply two language, press one for English and 2 for Spanish.

So, cupcakes…I hate to break it to Americans, but we are already a bi-lingual nation.

Thanks to men like Newt Gingrich, who can talk out of both sides of his mouth.

Don’t get me wrong…I like Newt. He has studied American history and can really inspire you on it.

But…he doesn’t give a damn about America, or the people who live here now.

 Nobody Wins when you have such clever politicians lying and sounding like they actually care…like Newt does every other day, and that’s most of the politicians in the country.

The only one who seems to care is our President. When Trump did NOT put Gingrich in a position of power I thought: “This man really IS smart.”

And that’s my Nobody Opinion. 

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AG Bill Barr: Finally! A Man of Intellect!

Nobody Flashes

One of the great moments in President Trump’s presidency so far:

Finally: Great Americans: Sheriffs, Border Control Agents, Angel moms and dad, all giving the most glorious thanks to a President who never lets the American people down.

The most glorious moment being this well-spoken and heart-felt speech by our new AG: Bill Barr.

I couldn’t help but wonder how the Bush family must have been reeling with anger.

And the dirty dozen? Just got thumped.

Jeff Sessions wouldn’t have said a word.

As usual, after weeks of depressing attacks on the American people and their President (Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith being especially annoying) we saw our President–

Stand tall, with America.

If you missed it, enjoy. In fact, I’m going to enjoy it again!

And many thanks to The Gateway Pundit, who was the only conservative site that posted this because I sure couldn’t find it anywhere on YouTube.


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Let El Chapo Build the Wall: Great Idea!


Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wonders

This is the best idea yet! Good for Ted. Nevertheless, we all know the democrats won’t allow it somehow.

If Trump grabs that money, they will scream like pigs. But, who says he can’t? Where is it written?

What’s even more annoying is RINO Lindsey Graham, and Senate leader McConnell, telling him to accept the little $1.37 billion dollars.

It’s what they wanted because with the caravans coming, even MORE will flood the borders. And Nobody Wonders if the Koch Brothers and Zuckerberg haven’t put in some money with Soros to make this invasion happen.

The conservatives might spin it as a win, but the democrats will say THEY won, because Trump didn’t get much of anything.

It’s a risk he will have to take. Does he call an emergency? Or does he look “weak” and wait for a better time?

Only he knows the answer to that.

The fault still lies with Paul Ryan. He never let immigration reform even get to first base. The BUSH/Hillary/RINO open borders scumbags are doing everything in their power to stop Trump from stopping the invasion.

Between the liberals and the RINOS they continue to try to destroy his base.

If Trump accepts this, it will surely look as a defeat to many people who are tired of waiting. Like Ann Coulter. They want him to just stand up and do it.

But when you have most of Congress blocking it, and against you, and he does want to get reelected.

The dishonest chess game they are playing is disgusting and horrible to even witness.

The crowds in Texas show that the people want this. It’s only Congress blocking the way.

So, Mr. Cruz? It’s your turn to score a big one for the team. 

If you could help pull this off, it would be a page in American history. Right up there with the Alamo.

Can you come back and prove that Levine and Limbaugh were right to support you over Trump?

Can you do that for the great state of Texas? Can you do that for America?

Right now, even one man in Congress helping out is a win.

This is your moment.

Go out and sell it.


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President Trump’s Speech to Truth: American Gothic Progressive Rebuttle

Nobody Flashes

Tonight the President of the United States put a bull’s-eye on the problem of the border. He did a great job.

My astonishment came when he said that more people have died from drugs gotten in over the border than died in Vietnam.

Maybe we should build a wall NEXT to that Vietnam memorial, filled with their names, and call it the Pelosi/Schumer War Wall.

I almost had to laugh at Schumer and Pelosi’s faces during their rebuttal. They basically claimed that some government workers not getting paid is EQUAL to thousands of people dying.

It was a hard argument to refute and all they could do was say, oh…it’s all a lie.

EVERYBODY knows its not.

No wonder they looked so….sick.

But, THEY know, that these video’s, like the one above by Mark Dice, are being passed around the internet and have been making them all seem like the biggest hypocrites and liars of the century.

Nobody Thinks that THIS American Gothic nightmare, of Schumer and Pelosi, was just seeing the start of their own 20/20 defeat.

This is their last dying call. The democrats now NEED illegal votes to stay in power. Nobody Wonders how long they can keep up their lame excuses and not suffer at the ballot box.

That’s why New York and California are promising them all sanctuary and free health care.

But…Hey! You have to admit, they make a lovely couple. 

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Nobody’s Fool: The Gateway Pundit


Nobody’s Fool

The liberal news have been mouthing all the same thing: President Trump is throwing tear gas at women and children!!

It’s a fake. Gateway Pundit, gets the Nobody’s Fool Award for exposing this very fake picture.

Gateway Pundit posted this…and the comments below said it all:

What are the odds of there being one smoke canister and THREE camera men in a single area? And ALL of them just happen to be in one place to catch the ONLY woman and children in the entire shot?
Also the shadow angle shows that this shot is from about 2 hours after the mob staged its attack on the border. Video shows shadows consistent with 2pm during that assault. Here, even leaning over the shadows are longer than the people are tall. The shadows in the immediate background look like either it’s 5 pm or the people making them but standing off camera are giants.

And the little girl on the left has no shoes on. Obviously meant to tug at the heart-strings of easily led liberals who think this girl has no shoes.

Exactly – and putting diapers on big kids to make them look younger – is equally obvious ploy.

Obama said they were starving…(Mama is not starving.)

I have traveled that side of the world. NOBODY is putting diapers on 5-6 year old there. And even many children JUST RUN BOTTOMLESS, and poop as they go. So this is a pure SOROS.

Liberals, lie, cheat, steal, commit treason…you have to wonder just how MUCH the Presidency of the United States meant to their big global takeover.

Thanks to the few sites left untouched like the Gateway Pundit, we are finding out.

Oh…and thanks to jet trotter. Good work!

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