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Nobody Reports Nutty as a Fruitcake Nancy

Nobody Reports

I agree with Newt on his opinions about Nancy…and having thought about it all day, Nancy’s anger seems so personal, one has to wonder if she is REALLY afraid of her own son being exposed as he had some business going on in Ukraine too. You know, the old mother bear protecting her cup?

This morning she came out before Trump and tried to act like she was high and mighty, protecting the Constitution, but well…if you missed it, here’s some of her rant.

I know. You would THINK she’s stop digging that hole. She has a one-cracked mind.

Later on in the afternoon, Trump was his usual very funny, and top of his game self, and celebrated with the Senate, giving them all thanks. He was so on top of his game, I couldn’t stop watching it.

Like Newt said: the Democratic Convention is going to be QUITE entertaining.

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Nobody Wins When You Listen to Newt Gingrich

Nobody Wins

I just HAD to post this video when I saw it on Breitbart.

Gingrich is as clever as a Fox. He always comes across as a true conservative patriot, but there are two big reasons (actually make that three) why this Nobody can ever trust him.

  1.  Many years ago I read a book written by a doctor who was elected by his state, and went to Washington D.C. to be part of the republican revolution back in 1994. He described in great detail how Newt, who was the house leader at the time, got them all on board with the 1994 Newt revolution. BUT…when it came to implementing all the points on that board, Newt got them all in a room, and basically threatened them all if they did not go along with him on giving up many of the points on that board. It’s not well publicized, but Newt ended up giving in to President Bill Clinton on all the big points, even though, the GOP won, many seats in the house simply because Newt knows how to say one thing, and do another. You see that here. He says Trump shouldn’t shut down the border, and yet says he doesn’t want OPEN borders. Right. It’s already open. Newt does this double speak better than anybody. That doctor quit in disgust because he saw that no matter how many you send to Washington to represent the people, it doesn’t matter. The leaders of the party make the decisions. So, basically, your vote means nothing. This is NOT a representative government. After reading that book, I learned to watch the leaders: of the house, of the Senate, and now, the FBI, etc. They work for the elites.
  2.  I don’t remember what year it was, but I was watching an interview with Newt YEARS ago, I think Bush Jr. was President, and someone had asked him a question about America becoming a bilingual country like Canada. He very calmly assured the reporter that no matter what language was spoken in America, the official language of the government would be English. Right there he was saying that it was clear that the order of the GOP was to merge Mexico with America, and that we WOULD become a bi-lingual country, but it really didn’t matter much to him. As Rush Limbaugh said today, most of the GOP WANTS open borders. It’s been that way for decades. It’s cheap labor. And that’s why nothing will ever be done to stop it.
  3.  Watch Newt ACT like closing the border would hurt families and farms, and be so concerned about Mexico. It shows that Newt works for the big business and NOT the American people. And to go ON and say that open borders would change our culture, when it is doing it now, right before our very eyes, and Americans are being replaced, and we are being invaded, and to actually be so flippant about it, to this Nobody, is disgusting.

This morning on C-Cpan a black man who worked in a factory in North Carolina, was telling a pretty common story. He said that his boss, and half the people he worked with only spoke Spanish on the job. He felt as a black man that this was a discrimination against all the black workers there, who couldn’t understand Spanish, and they could be making fun of him, or talking about his performance right in front of him, and he wouldn’t know.

He said that they should be MADE to speak English when hired. All throughout American history, immigrants HAD to learn English.

Not anymore. Schools hire interpreters, businesses now have to supply two language, press one for English and 2 for Spanish.

So, cupcakes…I hate to break it to Americans, but we are already a bi-lingual nation.

Thanks to men like Newt Gingrich, who can talk out of both sides of his mouth.

Don’t get me wrong…I like Newt. He has studied American history and can really inspire you on it.

But…he doesn’t give a damn about America, or the people who live here now.

 Nobody Wins when you have such clever politicians lying and sounding like they actually care…like Newt does every other day, and that’s most of the politicians in the country.

The only one who seems to care is our President. When Trump did NOT put Gingrich in a position of power I thought: “This man really IS smart.”

And that’s my Nobody Opinion. 

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State of the Republican Presidential Candidate Race

The 2012 presidential election isn’t until November 6, but the race to become the Republican Party’s presidential candidate has been in full swing for some time. It’s been an interesting race to say the least. Potential candidates, such as Texas Governor Rick Perry, U.S. Representative Michelle Bachman, Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr., and businessman Herman Cain, have dropped out of the running. There hasn’t been anyone who has emerged as the clear-cut winner, although most people are pointing to Mitt Romney as the most likely person to win the nomination. Some people would argue that the reason why the race has been so interesting is because it’s also been a bit of a train wreck. It seems like nearly every one of the Republican candidates has said or done something that has hurt his chances in the race, causing some pundits to declare that all they have done is ensure that President Barack Obama will keep the office for another four years. Others have pointed to the increasingly large divide between Democrats and Republicans as well as the one between liberals and the far-right conservatives in the Tea Party. No matter the reason, this election has given political science majors much to talk about.
As the Republican primaries wind down and the national convention approaches, here is a look at the Republican presidential candidates who are still in the running. We’ll take a brief look at where they are in the polls and if they have a good chance of earning the Republican nomination and running against President Obama.

  • Mitt Romney – Mitt Romney is currently the front-runner in the race and the one most experts believe will win the Republican nomination. Recent polls even show that he can beat Obama in the presidential election if he wins the nomination. His position in the race isn’t a lock, however; Rick Santorum has been making waves as a more conservative candidate after wins in Southern states such as Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. Still, Romney seems to be the one most likely to win the candidacy and even the one most likely to win the election in November as long as he sticks to his guns on the economy and unemployment, areas in which he seems the most knowledgeable.
  • Rick Santorum – At first glance, Santorum seems to be in a distant second place to Romney, but he has been closing that gap thanks to caucus victories in the South. The former Pennsylvania senator has never been shy about expressing his opinions on healthcare; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights; abortion; and his own religious beliefs, something that has arguably hurt his chances in this race. His popularity has grown quite a bit since he declared that he is running, but it may not be enough to win the nomination from Romney and he seems too divisive to win the presidency from Obama.
  • Newt Gingrich – After a 13-year absence from mainstream politics, former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich managed to raise $32 million in 2009 and 2010 for his campaign. This is more than all of the other Republican candidates currently in the race. He is known for thinking outside of the box and has a good grasp on most of the issues, but controversy surrounding his personal life hasn’t exactly endeared him to the general public. He is currently in third place behind Santorum and, while his chances of winning the nomination seem slim, he hasn’t given up yet.
  • Ron Paul – Ron Paul may be a long shot in this campaign, but he is clearly not without his supporters. These supporters have been spreading his Tea Party-influenced views on liberty, financial market reform and human rights with the hopes of presenting him as the candidate who shuns regular politics as usual and is more in touch with the American people.

These are the remaining presidential candidates in the race to secure the Republican nomination. Romney looks like the probably nominee at this point, but there is still some time for that to change.
If you would like to learn more about the election process or even pursue a career in politics or as a political analyst, consider enrolling in a political science degree program from an online college. It has always been an interesting field of study and, with today’s political landscape, it’s become especially fascinating.

Sources (2012) (2012)

by guest: Leslie Branch

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Newt Debates Obama’s ‘Green’ Energy in a Blood-Sucking Contest

Nobody Flashes

He may not be Irish, but Newt Gingrich looks like one. Here’s Newt taking apart, word for word, Obama’s speech on energy.

Pull up a green chair, pour yourself a green beer, make yourself a corn beef sandwich, and watch the debate that most likely, you are not going to get to see for real.

Obama used the analogy today that the people who think all his new green energy programs are lame are like the people of old who thought the TV, telephone, and automobile would never work. They think the world is flat.

Nobody Thinks that green energy is more like the leeches theory of old. Remember that theory? The one in which all the doctors thought that by putting the latest medical technology…sucking leeches…on a patient..that the leeches would suck out the “bad” things in the blood that was killing their patients

Taking America off of oil and putting us all on algae, would be much like putting leeches on all our cars. It would kill us…as sure as George Washington died from all those blood sucking doctors who actually thought, they were helping their patient.

Obama’s green energy politics are …not only flat, they are blood sucking, and Newt, in his usual bravado form…makes him look silly.


Nobody Notes:  Notice that his wife does not move more than five inches through the whole thing.


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Nobody Notes–Last Debate and Ann Coulter

Nobody’s Notes–

On the final Republican Debate in Arizona.

It wasn’t the debate tonight that surprised me..nothing new was exposed under the sun. Ron Paul was as he said he is: consistently constitutional. Rick Santorum fell from grace by trying to act like all the previous bad votes he did in Congress were not his fault—and he has a point…It’s just the way Washington forces you to work. He really got some big boos when he said he was a team player.

Most people know the “system” is corrupt.  

Newt Gingrich had no great moments, but if he ran on getting our own energy here at home and telling the rest of the world to go fly a kite like he said—He’d probably win.

Mitt Romney did well, said all the right things—no doubt it will be announced that he won. But, at the very end of the debate we saw his dark side.  John King asked him a question, and Mitt was pontificating his usual politician BS style, and King called him to answer the question, and Mitt snapped back  with that “How dare you question me.” attitude. Newt can pull it off. Mitt looked arrogant.

We have the supreme arrogant in the White House now, we don’t want another.

At the end of the debate there really was no clear winner..everyone had a few good points, but it was after the debate that I was surprised at Ann Coulter’s piece on why all us ‘morons” don’t get it. Mitt Romney is the best candidate according to her. She really has no clue.

I’d like to help her out to WHY Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, and many others are scared of Mitt.

Here’s a few of her comments, and my…”help.”  

Ann Says: Romney became deeply pro -life as governor of the aforementioned liberal state and vetoed an embryonic stem cell bill. (Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich lobbied President George W. Bush to allow embryonic  stem cell research)

Nobody Says: We have all seen the video Ann, of Mitt being FOR pro-choice…he was a pretty big boy when he took that stance, and now he has changed. (flip-flop) Also– So what if he was elected in a liberal state? That means that  a lot of liberals thought he was pretty moderate. And George Bush’s embryonic stem cell research was on only the embryo’s that had already been frozen. Bush was adamant that no more be harvested.  At the time, Nancy Reagan was pushing really hard for it. Remember Ann?

Ann Says:  The chestnut about Mitt Romney being pushed on unsuspecting conservatives by “the Establishment” is the exact opposite of the truth. The Establishment, by any sensible definition, is virulently opposed to Romney.

Nobody Says: Ann Coulter thinks the “establishment” is Rush Limbaugh and FOX news. To the American people “the establishment” is the old Rockefeller Republican big government part of the party that we are tired of. That big Rockefeller government was endorsed and lead by the Bush family, who endorses Mitt. It’s as simple as that., Ann. George W. Bush turned into a big government Rockefeller Republican and his family support Mitt Romney. THEY are the establishment, not the conservative TV and Radio hosts.

Ann  Says: But instead of popping Champagne corks over our final triumph over Rockefeller Republicanism, some conservatives are still fighting old wars, rather like an old cold warrior prattling about the Soviet Union after the rest of us have moved onto the war on terrorism.

Nobody Says:  When was the final triumph over Ann? Was it over when Daddy Bush said, “There WILL be a New World Order? Was it over when his son signed the North American Treaty? Or when he expanded government spending? When he came out and said, “Well the bankers got a little too greedy” and started the bailouts of the bank, with just a “Okay, no big deal here.” and changed the whole world?

Tell me Ann, when did that big government Rockefeller part of the party stop?  Hasn’t the whole Bush family been trying to get Jeb as President?

Ann Says: The obsession with sticking it to the Establishment (which includes Christine O’Donnell, but excludes Bill Kristol) by voting for a loose cannon demagogue or a crusading Catholic who can’t seem to move the conversation past contraception is as pie-in-the-sky delusional as anything dished by Democrats carrying on about “green jobs.”

Nobody Says: Ron Paul is not a loose cannon. If he is a loose cannon then so is our Constitution. You are a Constitutional lawyer, are you not?  And whether you liked his answer tonight on attacking Iran, (Ron is against it)he is right on one thing. Another war would sink us economically like Russia. We have 45 bases around the area..war should be avoided at all cost.

Still, most conservatives think Iran is another Hitler waiting to happen.

And Ann…Rick Santorum did not start all the contraception talk, it was Obama who set that whole thing up. That conversation is being fueled by liberals, not Santorum. (Wow…Ann Coulter, the women who wrote the bible on liberal dirty tactics ignores her own books. Amazing.)

Ann  Says: Meanwhile, Romney cheerfully campaigns on, the biggest outsider and most conservative candidate we’ve run for president since Reagan, while being denounced by the Establishment as “too Establishment.”

Nobody Says: He may not be from Washington, but he is the son of a Senator. Many believe that the big corporations and money have taken over most of our politicians. (Wow, that’s pretty much a fact.) Obama will paint Mitt as the big rich Wall Street guy and he will lose. Mitt will get mad in a debate, like he did tonight. It would be a VERY close race….and they would give it to Obama to prevent race riots.

I can’t say tonight as I walked around the block and looked at the stars that I felt inspired at all by any of it. In a debate, Newt would be the best debater against Obama. That’s just my Nobody’s Opinion. I think Sarah Palin and Thomas Sowell agree.

The main trouble is: Americans are really tired of their politicians…It’s about time they start attacking Obama with every breathe they take, at this point..that’s all we want to hear.  

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Now, Watch the Destruction of Rick Santorum

Nobody Knows

First it was Sarah Palin…she was the rising star that the people were hoping would run…not even George W. Bush, or Richard Nixon was vilified as much as Sarah in the press. They attacked her children, her family, even her baby. It was too much for her..she got out. Then we had Newt. Newt was destroyed by the media, and his own past. Mitt Romney ran nasty ads while claiming that he had nothing to do with those ads. The media again…attacking viciously. Yes, candidate after candidate has rose up, and then gotten knocked down.

The people know that it’s Romney who bears the Bush mantle…which hold the powerful in Washington D.C.. What they don’t tell you is that the powerful from both parties..would prefer Mitt to run.Running out of choices, the people are now going with Rick Santorum. And already, he is the next man to fall.

On the left, he is being attacked as some kind of scary religious right-winger who is out to put women back into the 18th century.
From the right..we are seeing his past. Here’s a few things we should all know about Rick, put up by Chuck Norris, (who supports Newt) on WND last Sunday.

Rick said, “I’m not saying necessarily earmarks are bad. I have had a lot of earmarks. In fact, I’m very proud of all the earmarks I’ve put in bills. I’ll defend earmarks.”
• Santorum voted to raise the national debt ceiling five times
• Santorum voted for taxes in the Internet Access Tax Bill
• Santorum had the audacity to vote to continue funding the Bridge to Nowhere rather than send the money to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.”
• Santorum voted for CAFTA, which removes duties on textile and apparel goods traded among participating nations, resulting in nearly ALL textile companies leaving the South.
• Santorum voted for HR 3448 – Minimum Wage Increase bill
• Santorum voted for HR 796 – the protection of abortion clinics
• Santorum actively supports the Global Fund, which was created by the United Nations to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, but also “channels a large portion of its funds through Planned Parenthood’s affiliates around the world and through a British group Marie Stopes International (the largest chain of abortion mills in the UK, with 66,000 abortions a year.)… to operate in Cambodia, Fiji, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Burma, Kenya, Tanzania, and other countries,” according to the pro-life Gerard Health Foundation that provides millions of dollars to pro-life groups
• Santorum opposed the tea party and its reforms in the Republican Party and conservative movement just a couple of years ago saying, “I have some real concerns about this movement within the Republican party … to sort of refashion conservatism. And I will vocally and publicly oppose it.”

So, he’s going to get attacked from the left AND the right. After Rick, the only one close to the people will be Ron Paul.

Out of the clear blue sky, Rick is the poster boy for the ‘right’ taking away woman’s right to contraception. They are using Rick to SCARE the women into thinking they won’t be able to get contraceptives, AND in Rick they found a perfect opportunity to expose the “everyone has a right to free birth control” in the Obamacare. Since there are more single women than married, they are counting on them wanting that big free handout.

FREE PILLS GIRLS! FREE ABORTIONS! Obama is your sugar Daddy!

They use to just hand out beer for votes. Baby, you’ve come a long way.

If the feminists were smart, they would have insisted on vasectomy to control the population, but instead they make the women take those pills, which many believe to be the cause of so many future cancers. If I were a man, I’d sue for my  free vasectomy. Especially if I were a Liberal man. How dare they forget you.

Rick is being made to be some kind of religious zealot who will put all woman back in the home having babies, and would outlaw contraceptives. That’s absurd, but it’s their talking point. It’s the old bogey man, works every time.

His record on voting to fund abortions throughout the world, proving that he supports contraceptives, will never be mentioned. Norris likes the tea party, and Rick..well…he’s a party man. And if you had listened to Obama’s big speech today, he sounds just like a party man too…republican. So, why does Obama have to sound all patriotic? Because he needs some conservative votes.

Would Rick be better than Mitt?

Nobody Knows…but if history go on as usually…he will rise and fall with the rest. All Mitt has to do is get out-of-the-way, and both party leaders will do the work for him. It’s all about protecting the rich of Washington.

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Dung Beetles VS Donkey Semen

Nobody’s Notes

This was a strange week, wasn’t it? It was like we were all forced to drink a full glass of donkey semen chased down with a shot of urine. I would have NEVER thought of that vision, if the TV. program, The Fear Factor, didn’t make it one of its challenges for its contestants. Nobody is going to use it for good measure. So, in honor of the fine minds at The Fear Factor, mental visions will be used to sum up the more absurd events from the past week.

Donkey Semen: Everyone this week was out to pour donkey semen down the throat of Newt Gingrich. He has been so stuffed with the stuff, its foaming out of his mouth. A big spurt came from Bob Dole the OTHER great Republican Presidential loser, who basically just complained about Newt carrying ice buckets around the capital instead of the usual Washington shit, and nobody knew why.  His big ethics crime? He took the college course he taught, off on his taxes, something every poor taxpayer in the United States would find reasonable.

glass of donkey semen

Compare that to Nancy Pelosi’s (the last house speaker) vast stock market gains and her personal manipulations of her office, to give herself billions of stock dividends with her power as Speaker, and Newt looks like a little boy stealing a piece of bubble gum, next a woman who just stole the state of Montana. We have MOUNTAINS of donkey semen floating down that woman. (Okay, do NOT picture that.)

And speaking of mountains…

Today,  a rich man of Davos, admitted: They are calling Mitt Romney:  “The Bartender.” Mitt will pretty much serve up anything you want, they said, and none of them are planning on losing any of their stock dividends: Mitt is the rich man with the Fannie and Freddie stock they hope gets elected: and speaking of rich men with stocks…

Glass of Urine: Everyone who has a car, wondered why in the WORLD would our President veto a harmless gas line from Canada? We were told, it was to please the environmentalists, who worry about what it will do to their moose, not to mention their green stocks, only to find out, that all those visits to the White House by Warren Buffet weren’t because two rich guys wanted to talk about how much they enjoy cheeseburgers.

It seems Obama and Warren struck a deal. Warren will use his trains to ship the gas from Canada, which of course will raise the price of gas by at least 30 cents a gallon as opposed to 5 cents from the pipeline, which will make him richer than Bill Gates, if only Obama would stop it.

So…he did. (Okay, you tell me what happened.)

To seal this deal, Buffet got his $200,000 dollar a year secretary to come to the State of the Union address and look very sad that she has to pay more taxes than Warren. She not only is helping Obama’s promotion of “tax the rich” (Remember, you can’t touch Warren’s fortunes, he has hidden his riches at Bill Gates House.) but help Obama to get the women voters back on his side…which brings me to..

Donkey Semen: Every feminist on the planet is going to grab this news and run to the bank with it: according to FOX NEWS today: a new spices of DUNG BEETLE has been found, and unlike most spices, this female dung beetle actually has the bigger HORN then the man, and does ferocious battle. Yes, Rachael Maddow can be rest assured, she has evolved from a proud dung beetle. We won’t hear the last of this great Darwinian discovery….

Glass of Urine while lying in a bed of snakes:  This hasn’t got into the mainstream news…because the dirty little secret is the men at Davos helped get Obamacare installed, and want it desperately to stay there because of “globalization and overpopulation.”

There was a heartbreaking story of two parents who were trying to get a kidney transplant for their “retarded” child. The great panel of doctors came into the boardroom, and denied the parents the operation, even though someone from the family was going to donate the kidney, BECAUSE…the girl was retarded and not worth saving. It’s reality folks. Read about it here…or not. Frankly, I’d rather read about the next spurt of urine being aimed at Gingrich ….

Donkey Semen: Yes, believe it or not, Mitt Romney ridiculed Newt Gingrich for wanting to go to the moon. He doesn’t know how in the world we can pay for it. “The moon can wait.” said Romney. 

 Obama has already spent enough money for us to go to the Orion Nebula and back, with nothing to show for it, but Mitt is more concerned with Newt wanting to send people to the moon. Nobody can own the moon he says. And you know who agrees with Mitt?

Glass of Urine: Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin has branded America a nation which ‘wants to control everything’ during a scathing verbal attack on the U.S. (When you’re people don’t like you…blame the U.S. for your poverty..old Russian trick.)

Yes, Vladimir: WE WANT to Control the Moon, and you have to take us there!

I was looking at the moon last night and thinking..that with just enough nitrous oxide we could make it. I’m calling Demi Moore. And if my pilot falls asleep at the wheel, I’m taking a picture of that guy and sending it to my local school board, who will suspend me from the trip for having dared showed our tax dollars being wasted.

Let them each eat a dung beetle in a pile of scorpions, because this Nobody will not be coming back if I got on Newt’s flight to the moon.


Right now Iran is killing bloggers who “spread corruption.”  It’s only a matter of time before that glass of urine spreads…and this Nobody has spread enough dung to last a lifetime on this blog.

Our President Obama just signed a UN treaty to control the internet…and who controls the UN?

You’re right! Arabian Dung Beetles, and Snakes! In fact, rumor has it, the United Nations is the real inspiration for The Fear Factor.  As for Obama, he leads the nation in stuffing donkey semen down just about every open orifice on the planet.

And I just realized…I’d better end this before I try to elaborate on the finer points of semen. Somebody in Dallas, is still looking for Debbie.

Nobody is glad this is 2012, my fear factor ratio is running on empty.

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Mitt or Newt? Paper VS Rock

Nobody Wonders
Let’s see..We’ve made it through a zillion debates and the State of the Union according to the Magic Obama Master, and the opposition group is down to four, with two frontrunners.

We have to pick:  Who’s the worst of the two Evil Republicans who are leading the pack that Obama should debate? That was the big question of the day.

 So far, Glenn Beck is NOT for Gingrich.  Marco Rubio…is not exactly for Gingrich. Mitt (VP here?) Ann Coulter, Mitt.  The Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie…Mitt.
Rush Limbaugh is for anybody who is not Obama. Judge Napolitano: Ron Paul— throw Oliver Stone in that and you have to wonder what happened to Mr. Stone? Has he quit drugs?

On the Gingrich side: We have Michael Reagan, who’s father Ronald Reagan, didn’t even mention in his diary according to Mitt. Fred Thompson is for Newt. And a man who makes more sense most of the time than all of the above put together: Thomas Sowell picks Newt.

He says between the two, both are not so good, but…he’s for Newt. And today, he was proven to be on the right track because if Nancy Pelosi can come out attacking Newt, then who does that make you want to vote for?

Nancy likes Mitt? Nancy…the woman who is responsible for Obama’s LIVE TO DIE Obamacare, prefers Mitt Romney.

I’d say that puts Newt in a good light. So…is this a trick?

Nancy Pelosi says that she knows for certain that Newt will not be President because she knows something so terrible that she threatens to tell the world, if they elect him as the candidate, and she WILL tell the world what it is, and he will lose. Hopefully, it’s not that he had a sexual affair with Michelle, because I think that’s about the only thing that would shock us.

So, what could Nancy know? Just the fact that she has come out and threatened the man is enough to rally a few more million to vote for him, just because it was such a lowlife thing to do.

They must really want Mitt. Do we want to give them Mitt?

How are we going to decide between the two?

Nobody Suggests the Sam and Dean method:

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Newt, China, Private Jets, Internet, Nation Building, and Lawrence of Arabia

Nobody’s Notes

Lots of different thoughts today:

NEWT GINGRICH: First up: Rick Perry got out of the Republican race, and very graciously too. But the real topic is going to be on Marianne Gingrich, Newt’s ex-wife, whom the left has given a huge platform to damage Gingrich from getting the nomination. As usual, their timing for sexual scandals is impeccable.

Nancy Pelosi, a few days ago tried to throw us all into Mitt’s ring by saying that Mitt would lose if he got the nomination so the Democrats wanted Mitt to win the nomination: She said that so the many conservatives that didn’t like Mitt, would go…”Oh yeah? Just for that Ms Tufu Buguta, I’m voting for him!” They want Mitt to win.

SO…It’s  been leaked that Newt requested an ‘open marriage’ according to Marianne. His first wife is out for revenge. Seems she didn’t like the limelight, so what’s a better way to stay away from it than to marry a politician?

Nobody Thinks any of us should judge the scorn of an ex-spouse. For instance, I just went out to lunch with an old friend who was outraged at the actions of his longtime girlfriend.

“My God, “I said. “What in the world did she do to you to get you so angry?”

“She wouldn’t go to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday with me. ”

Really? I know. To my friend, who goes to Disneyland at least three times a year, falling in love with a person who’d rather go to Las Vegas means she doesn’t love him enough. He went anyway, and showed me a darling picture of himself with Minnie.

You had to be there—I told him I simply HAD to have a copy.

Maybe Newt wanted a wife who would stand by his side in the photo- ops. Marianne didn’t want to do it.  So, none of us especially those of us who have thought of sending our ex’s to far off planets (that include this Nobody…I’d send my ex to the nearest black hole) should judge Newt on this:but we will!

I keep saying…find some sexual stuff on Obama. Nobody is listening to me.

CHINA: Why is Obama pushing solar energy when China owns 97% of the minerals on the planet that you need to MAKE solar panels? Don’t they get enough of our business? Not only that, they are going to mine the moon and then, where will we go? We won’t have the money to mine our own minerals, and even if some state here had the minerals (and they do) the Democrats would find some kind of rattlesnake feeding ground and claim the land to be preserved. The Democrats would rather make us all suffer with our houses set to 50 degrees in winter, and 80 degrees in summer.

China will now get Canada’s oil, thanks to Obama, which means we will have to now also buy our oil from China too. They are trying to put us back into the stone age…and speaking of the stone age…

PRIVATE JETS Did you know that if you are flying on a private jet, you are not “inspected” at all? The pilot gives the guy a few digits and you’re waved through…with a hand. They don’t even have to see if a passenger is on the No-fly list. 

Think of that next time some TSA agent is feeling up your groin.

So if you’re a rich Saudi, you can charter a 777 or 757 for private use, and there you go! Fly it right into the Capitol, and destroy our government.. and set up the secret government which WILL put us back into the stone age…which maybe is what they are hoping for: BIG Change. And speaking of change….

INTERNET: So many people participated in the internet blackout the draconian law is losing steam, so Obama has said that he is dropping the matter. They are reporting that the Hollywood moguls are hopping mad because they want to SUE China, and all those little nobody bloggers that keep posting Youtube video’s and pictures that they should be getting paid for.

Like that’s really going to happen.

No, what will happen is Obama will let it go for awhile and just pass the government control over to Homeland Security or the Commerce Department, right before the election, and the moguls will be back with their money. 

When Bill Clinton and Boeing wanted to sell our missile secrets to China, they took it out of Congress and the Defense Department, and went through the Commerce Department. Done deal. Good for Boeing, good for Clinton—not so good for the American people who can now be wiped off the planet by a nuclear missile from China. It’s the new godfather way. And speaking of Godfathers:

NATION BUILDING: I read an interesting take on nation building this morning. According to John C. Hulsman, we should take a lesson from Sir T.E Lawrence of Arabia. If you want to nation build, you get the WARLORDS to join you. Our American model of “reform or die” isn’t as affective as accepting the culture you want to conquer, and putting the big godfather warlords already in charge, under our direction.

“A hundred years ago, just 3,000 British officers controlled the whole of the Indian subcontinent, but most of them commanded local tribes in their own language. “

“The Israeli army can relegate skilled Arabic translators among it s reservist to routine guar duty because Arabic is compulsory for Israeli secondary school students. American lack the cultural depth to manage the welter of ethnicities and sects of the Middle East.” –Sparnleger “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chaos.”

In other word, we would be better to learn to speak Arabic, give all these warlords one of these:

Gold Lamboghini

And tell them if they do what we want, we’ll get one to every Warlord’s son. We’d save billions.  

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Go GET em’ Rush!

Nobody Flashes

Yes, I participated with the “black-out” yesterday, and so it seems did many others.  And this morning I was thinking that IF it was passed, I wouldn’t be able to post this wonderful rant by Rush Limbaugh, so that everyone could hear it.

That would be considered copyright infringement. I can’t imagine losing freedom on the internet. Something is very fishy about the whole thing…but what else is new?

Rush, is at his very best here. When it comes to rallying the troops, NOBODY does it better than Rush.  It’s the reason that Republican Presidents invite him to the White House, and bake him cakes for his birthday.

So Enjoy!…while we still can.

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Newt Channels Scarlett O’Hara

Nobody Reports

It’s late, so here’s a few Nobody’s Opinions on the South Carolina Republican debate

Newt won: One of his best lines of the night, was when he was asked about what he would do with the enemy, he said I’d do what General Jackson would do: Kill em.

There is no doubt, he would be the best to debate Obama. He goes beyond debate: he entertains. AND he got a standing ovation. When the black Fox commentator, Juan Williams asked the leading question about how condescending it was for Newt to suggest people should get jobs as janitors, and didn’t he see how the poor and minorities would be offended by that remark, –Newt said. “NO.”

The people went nuts. So many whites are getting so tired of working their butts off, while seeing the other half getting food stamps, who are mostly blacks— drive around with new cars, their kids getting free college educations while they have to pay for theirchildren, in fact their children can’t afford college…these people are tired. You were seeing the reactions to years of affirmitive action. One group paying for another group to live. 

The old excuse of the liberals: whites are raciest…the whites are getting tired of it. Hell, I’m tired of it. In my neighborhood, it’s 60 percent black, and there are just as many black raciest as ‘whites’. In fact, they are more due to the percentages.

We are more divided now than we ever were thanks to Obama. And when liberals say that whites are racists, BS. Many, many whites voted for him. Hey..look. You have a “black” (really mullato, but let’s forget facts) man in the White House. “Racist” white America voted him in.

Here, I’ve watched the blacks collect food stamps, and milk the system dry. They CAN because it’s mostly blacks that work in the government that hand out the money, and all these young black men on the street, would do good to start out at sixteen doing some kind of work, besides going around in gangs and robbing quick marts.  

Anyway, that was the highlight, and might just get Newt South Carolina.

Mitt: Once again, in the middle. Lucky guy. it was his worse showing, because mostly he looks like a liar, and he has that queasiness of every crooked politician we’ve ever seen. At least Newt knows enough to ‘connect’ with the people.  Mitt can’t do it. It’s just not in him.

When he defended the Defense Bill, and tried to tie it to arresting Al Qaeda, to the reason he would keep the rule that citizens could be arrested without trial…he doomed himself. The Constitution means nothing to him.

Rick Santorum: Rick did really good putting Mitt in a few knots. You have to give him credit, he is what he is.
Perry: He did a lot better tonight, and it’s unfortunate that he screwed up in the beginning. His points about the flat tax were good. I think by now, a flat tax would be welcomed just because our tax system is such a joke. He also got Mitt to refuse to expose his tax return.


Ron Paul: Did not look good. He looked tiny in his suit, and sometimes he looked even confused. Like Nixon, he doesn’t photograph well. But, he made good points. Most people object to his foreign policy, because it’s just so different than what we’ve been programmed to accept.  We’ve been so proud of our military for so long. He isn’t clear enough on his thoughts on the future. He explained it well enough, but he needs to be more succinct. They come to him so seldom that when they do, it messes up his timing. Last night won’t affect his base though.

All in all it was a best debate so far because they left the “bell” out, and Jon Huntsman was gone. That guy was getting creepy.

Now, we have tornadoes here and I need to go below.

And as Scarlett O’Hara said to Newt tonight: ” Tomorrow is another day!”

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Ron Paul and Glenn Beck

Nobody Reports

Have you noticed? Everyone is talking about Romney and Gingrich. Nobody is even speaking about Ron Paul. Clearly, he is the closet to the Independents in this country, those that are tired of the corruption in both parties, and they want him to disappear.

In this video, dated June, 2011, Ron says one thing that we have seen time and again. You can vote in a whole new set of reputable conservatives and take over the Congress, but unless the party leaders are not corrupt, you won’t get the changes that you need.

David Icke has been talking about his for years: That those at the top know the real agendas, and as you go down the power pyramid, the different people beneath them have no clue as to what is happening. It’s one of the reasons the whole country cannot believe in the decisions that are being made by our Presidents and the top Democratic and Republican party leaders. During Obama’s first year..Nancy, Reid, and Obama did all the changes. They unconstitutionally FORCED that health care bill through Congress.

Now Obama is just going around congress, appointing more Czars.  I’ve said it before…those few at the top (and they are in both parties) are following some global plan that is on a need to know basis. The office of the Presidency now has almost unlimited powers. And the next President is not likley to get very upset about that. Unless it was Ron Paul.

Here’s another example:  I once read a book written by a representative of Newt’s 1994 Contract with the People Congress.  Newt was House Speaker, and all the new conservatives that had been voted in to change the country (first time in 40 years if I remember correctly) and joined Newt on The Contract, were appalled at one meeting. They were ready to fulfill the whole contract, and they were gathered together to finish the changes needed.  Newt gathered them all together in a room, and told them they would kill their own careers if they continued to go on with his contract. He told them it all had to stop. His own contract.

They were…powerless. Many of them gave up and went back to their lives outside of Washington.

How many times has House Speakcer John Boehner given into Obama? Remember…the HOUSE and its members were against raising the debt limit. But John…gave in. It’s as if the new republicans in the house had no voice at all.

What really happens is they have to do what the speaker tells them, or else risk not getting money to get re-elected.

In this respect, Ron Paul was right. Our top leaders are in bed with the FED, and most of Congress, espeically the new ones, are kept out of the loop.

What good is the Constitution, if our top leaders ignore it?

And if you think an amendment would be passed holding all members of Congress to term limits and abiding by the same laws as “we the people”— then you also think Dolly Parton would love to  get a boob reduction.

I’m just saying.

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Live Free and Master the Art of BS

Nobody’s Notes

—That I missed the first part of the last Republican Presidential debate, but what I did see of it, gave me the impression that at this point, it really doesn’t matter much who is winning. (That’s me watching the debate. I put my best hat on.)

Rick Santorum won in Iowa, after the fact, even though it was reported that Mitt Romney won..but by that time, nobody even cared. All they cared about was that Rick got a $2 million dollar boost.Rick Santorum was right in the last debate about the family being decimated, and therefore effecting our whole country. Absolutely right, which was pointed out to be a ‘scary’ thing to say. Go figure. He also stated that Iran was a Theocracy that wants to destroy the West. As a naked fact: that’s true. How he deals with that fact is another matter.

Mitt Romney did not make any sense when he was answering the attack by Newt Gingrich that his barrage of negative ads against Newt were filled with lies. Mitt said, “I didn’t see them.” then went on to address all the issues in the ads. So, if he didn’t see them, how did he know what they said? Then he blamed the people that MADE the ads. Not many people believe that Mitt Romney did not see those ads first, and if you do, then it’s not going to matter…unless you vote. You might want to do something else that day…I suggest, you go fishing.  

Newt’s problem is his little cherub face. It’s a hard face to trust. Thomas Sowell has come out with his support, and that’s saying something. Also, Michael Reagan likes him the best— two people Nobody admires.

Quick thinking is Newt’s strong point, and he is the best reason to watch the debates. That, and Ron Paul’s funny faces. I watched Newt at a town hall meeting where he actually answered or (NOT) the questions from the people. He is much better at ad-libbing and LOOKING like he is answering the question, even when he is not.

I don’t know what politicians call this little stunt, but they all do it: Let’s see how nebulous we can answer that without seeming snobby. They usually start off at the point, and lead it to another subject that they want to talk about and the question doesn’t get answered. It’s the old two-step, side-slip,then smile really big that every politican must master in order to succeed.

Mitt is not good at this, so like Obama, he is already not even allowing question and answer periods.

Obama handpicks his questions now. He looks down at his little piece of paper and says..”Uh…so and so.” And that reporter stands up and asks his question.

Very controlled. I simply don’t know why any of them show up. He could read their questions off a laptop. Mitt as President will do exactly the same.

Jon Huntsman’s strategy is to just say, “The American  people want: Fill in the blank…HIM. Short. Sweet. Look in the camera. The audience loved it, which frankly, was pretty scary in itself.

What exactly is in their drinking water? And speaking of drinking…how about those NBC commentators? A bit too..passionate there, don’t cha think?

Ron Paul should have been the winner, because he said the word ‘liberty’ about 2,000 times, and if you are in the state whose motto is “Live free or die.” which by the way, Jon Huntsman obviously did not know, you are bound to get some brownie points.
And I wrote this whole blog before I realized I left out Rick Perry. I had to come back and fill this in. Rick is the invisible candidate that Steve Forbes is betting all his money on. Hopefully, his money holds out.

Nobody Thinks New Hampshire is Stephen King’s country. It is filled with scary liberals who know how to change a tire, and yet are highly educated at all the right schools—schools who have forgotten to teach them that in order to live free, you must pick the right leaders, who are NOT liberals. If you don’t, you are very likely to die sooner.

The “live free or die” motto would be better changed to: “Live well, or blame God, or George Bush.”  

And on that note: How about a word from our sponcer: THE ONION. Here’s a great summary from the elections of 2008, that fits into 2012.

It’s timeless.  Enjoy!

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Product Placement: Political Power Prevails

Nobody Cares–

–That I was bored of politics yesterday and watched this little documentary. I many never drink Coke again…and I’ll tell you in a minute about that.

The guy that made this movie, (forgive me if don’t I tell you– I REALLY don’t want to remember his name) reminds me of my next door neighbor. He always borrows my lawn tools and forgets to give them back. Only in America can a guy make a movie about getting major corporations to give him thousands of dollars to put their products IN the movie, which is about him getting $1.5 million dollars to make what is basically—just  a big advertisement for their products.

After it was done, I had to think: Now, what did I learn?

1. POM (the major sponsor) is good for men’s erections. (Yes, that was the big one.)

2. Product placement in movies can sometimes help carry the cost when the budgets are so big.

3. Advertising is almost never honest.

4.. Quentin Tarantino has a hard time getting ANY major spongers.

5. Even Ralph Nader is a sucker for free stuff, bribes, and payoffs.

6. If you just even LOOK at the logo of Coca Cola, your endorphins in your brain will shoot sky high, you will start salivating, fall on the floor, crave wild sex with Kevin Costner, and need to be taken away by the police…..

Just kidding—You might not do that , but you will want to drink one. The MRI’s prove it.

7. I also learned that they know if you get kids young enough loving McDonalds, you can program them to want McDonalds for the rest of their lives. I ought to know: whenever I’m stressed I want McDonalds. In fact, I had it for dinner tonight…a quarter pounder (no cheese) with a Coke.  My mother must have bought me McDonalds when I was sick when I was a kid, because it’s the only food that makes me feel better.

Flu? MCDONALDS! Stuffy nose? MCDONALDS! Hangover? MCDONALDS! Don’t want to cook? MCDONALDS! Okay, that last one, in my house, is considered an ailment.

Obviously this means…OMG!  I’m addicted!

So…Nobody asks: How can a “logo” put your brain in addiction mode?

This from Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About.”

Food manufacturers are knowingly putting chemicals into the food that cause the consumer to become physically addicted to it. Chemicals are being added to our food that actually make us gain weight. Since our brains are mostly fat, a large percentage of these chemicals accumulate there over the years.
So, eating fast food does actually build up…a brain full of fat, which they say…makes you dumber.  
Does this mean you are getting information from a fat brain? Can you READ this and not gain weight? Is that Big Mac that I ate when I was ten still in my cerebellum? Is THAT why we have all those ADD’s and ATT’s, and people who can’t remember who’s Vice President?

And if commercials about food, cars, cigarettes, vodka, drugs, and car insurance aren’t enough to drive us all into zombie- fat no-brain land, let’s not forget all the subliminal political messages they put in all the sitcoms and movies.

They are not only advertising products, they are advertising political parties.

Last week Michelle Obama made a guest appearance on Nickelodium to push the Obama’s big campaign suck up to the military. (see video below) Yes, they have to get some white votes somehow.  

They could be doing this for two reason: It’s an election year, and they want to convince the conservatives..whose families are in the military, that they like them, or 2. They are planning to attack Iran and need more soldiers before the year is out. The ones coming home will not want to go back out there: back to the deserts, and the camels, and the Muslim busting stress, where a McDonald’s Super-Sized Big Mac Meal, topped off with a cold delicious chocolate shake is hard to come by.

Can you blame them?

Either way, when the top family in the country can manipulative the masses with guest appearances on TV shows…Nobody Wonders: Who pays who? Does the President always get free air time, when others have to PAY to appear?

How fair is that? Is Newt Gingrich going to get free air time on MTV? Also, did Michelle Obama PAY to have the kids call her “Your excellency”? Or did she…demand it be written in the script?Nobody Knows.

I suggest what’s-his-name make that his NEXT big movie. If he does that, I might even pay to see it.

And then… I’ll surely remember his name.


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