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In Defense of the Big American Bone

Or— Those With Big Bones, Hide Them NOW!

Nobody’s Opinion

She’s Italian, she was raised Catholic, and she fits right into what I was going to talk about today. Her name is Liz Trotta. She is a contributing commentator on Fox News, and this morning her subject was…the Pope. People should stop picking on him, especially Rush Limbaugh, she said. She went on: Just because the Pope said that he knew and liked a lot of Marxists, doesn’t mean that he likes Marxism.Lis Trotta

According to MS Trotta, the Pope sees the great misery and poverty in the world, and he is just doing what Jesus would do, what we all should do—- be concerned about the little children of this world growing up in poverty.  (It’s the new progressive argument.)

I had just read a piece from Charles Krauthammer’s new book, “Things that Matter” called, The Mirror-Image Fallacy, (Time, Aug., 1983) in which the good psychiatrist explains the progressive concept of Solipsism, which says that everyone in the world is alike.

“Fundamentally, it is a radical denial of the otherness of others.” said Charles.

This philosophy —everyone in the world is the same, because we all sleep, drink, feel pain, get common colds etc,  and therefore utopia could be reached if we just got the right system in place—is crazy.   Nobody needs to suffer, they believe.

I hate to say this, but sometimes it’s what people leave OUT of their talking points that can really get you pissed off. (Obama does this every day.) In Liz’s great defense of the Pope, she forgot to mention that the Pope WAS attacking capitalism.  Sorry Liz, that quite a big point to leave out.

h/t The Exchange:Pope

The pope has gone a bit overboard, however, in his recent attack on free-market capitalism. In a lengthy “apostolic exhortation,” Pope Francis rails against “an economy of exclusion” and a “ financial system which rules rather than serves.” The pope points out that, in a time of miraculous technological progress, alarming numbers of people still live in misery and desperation.

“The culture of prosperity deadens us,” the pope writes. “We are thrilled if the market offers us something new to purchase; and in the meantime all those lives stunted for lack of opportunity seem a mere spectacle; they fail to move us.”

The pope has urged everyone from charities to Italian authorities “to do everything possible so that every family can have a house.” this holiday season.

Great idea!  Hey, that Vatican is pretty big— just THINK of how many homeless families you could fit in that sucker.

According to the Pope, and the progressives, the only way to rectify this horrible injustice of people who have nothing, is to redistribute the bones…I mean the money, by force if we must. Both Obama, and now the Pope, and quite a few members of Congress are ready to implement…equality upon the world. Obamacare is just the start.

(John McCain would add the Ukraine, Japan, North Korea, the Sudan, Syria…..Mercury, the planet Venus…)

The world leaders are desperate in their compassion, are they not? Even Liz today was full of it. I was looking for the picture of the poor starving children walking barefoot in Rio to pop up behind her.

To the progressives, the only way to bring utopia to the earth is to take a bone from one dog, and give it to the other dog.  Anybody who has dogs knows there WILL be a fight. Even the sweetest dog on the planet will bare her teeth and growl, protect that bone, even hide it, from the other dog. That is her bone, and NOBODY has a right to it. This happens every single morning in my house.Dog with Bone

It’s dog survival 101.

And everybody knows the best way to lift people out of poverty is to let the people run their own lives, in free markets, without government interfering, and collect as many bones as they possible can.  And that’s true capitalism. That was once the American Dream.

My subject today was going to be when did America stop believing in individual success? When did the American Dream turn into— America is greedy, selfish, and rich?

When did the man become less important than the collective? Even in sports, it’s the home-run that wins the games. While the collective can win at many things, true progress is made, in almost every instance, by the individual with a little help from his friends.

(Thank you Ringo)

I know when it happened in my life. The social conditioning started in 1st grade. If one bully hits a kid, and the kid sticks up for himself, BOTH kids are sent to the office. What can of justice is that? There is no justice.Communism Cartoon

It’s all about teaching that the children must obey and do what’s best for the collective.

If a bully in class damages something while the teacher is gone, and nobody in the class is willing to be beat up by the bully, they remain silent. The whole class will be punished for one man’s crime. I believe this is done in the military too.

Nobody Thinks the very insanity of blaming millions of white people now, for crimes of their ancestors of long ago, is no different than punishing the whole class for crimes none of them committed. We are…forever being conditioned to guilt. And the Catholics and politicians, are masters at it.

It’s one of the reasons a whole race of white people are silent now on the injustices being propelled on them, for crimes they didn’t even commit.

So I ask myself: Will America put up a fight for her bones, the biggest one being freedom and the right of the individual to decide his own fate? George Carlin

And why should such an intelligent woman such as Liz Trotta, ignore the obvious?. Has she no clue that she is suggesting we all stop buying I-Phones and start giving our money to countries all over the world?

( I don’t have an I Phone, but the black guy who just came over to fix my internet connection had two, which he got the old-fashioned way. He worked for them.)

Liz Trotta, we perhaps could say, is just a product of her Catholic upbringing, which never told her, there isn’t enough bones in the world to fix poverty, and who never pointed out to her, that politicians will go farther than a dog for their right to keep their bones: They hide them in offshore bank accounts while they take ours, which Nobody Thinks is an injustice we have been conditioned to accept.

And speaking of dogs: Today, Raul Castro issued a stern warning to entrepreneurs to not push the boundaries of the state. Nobody is to collect too many bones in Cuba..he is adamant.

The Pope would no doubt, find Castro very friendly, because Castro, has a house for all his people, even if they all leak.Dog digging hole

I just hope our American doggie survival instincts kick in before it’s too late…and if not, we can always go back to the old Jesse James’ method.

You dig a BIG hole….

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Communism, Capitalism, and the Sweet Ism Sound of Sucking…

Nobody’s Opinion

Well, bust my plastic buttons: The Pope is complaining about capitalism.Pope Francis

Democracy Now:

Pope Francis has used his first major written work to attack capitalism as a “new tyranny,” while urging global leaders to fight poverty and inequality. In a document published Tuesday, Pope Francis denounced the ‘idolatry of money’ and “trickle-down” economic policies, as well as consumerism and a financial system which he says rules rather than serves. The Pope urged politicians to guarantee all citizens “dignified work, education and healthcare.”

This coming from a guy who gets money from the poor and lives in a house which has the biggest collection of art in the world, and probably has his own foot massager.  I love a good hypocrite. Gee…another con job. And I thought this guy was going to be the real deal. (sigh)

I side with Mr. Adams who found the Catholic Church full of that very same ‘tyranny.”  The Catholic people are poor, but the Vatican is not suffering. Maybe the Pope should practice what he preaches and sell off those Bernini’s so that Peru can have free health care.

I was thinking about the rich today, because I was reading about that very big capitalist, Ross Perot, in Forbes magazine.

True Confession: I voted for Ross Perot…twice. It was said that Ross was the reason Daddy Bush lost to Bill Clinton, and so, the Clinton’s will make sure that some third-party libertarian will run against whomever runs against Hillary, to assure her election, because that worked so well with Bill. It’s all getting rather boring and predictable, isn’t it? Having our Presidents picked years in advance?Ross Perot

The reason I like Perot so much, is that he kept trying to warn everyone about NAFTA, and CAFTA. What he called the sucking sound of America losing its jobs to other countries.

I really don’t think Perot is suffering after his defeat, and neither is Mitt Romney, because they are both what the Pope is talking about: capitalists— In fact, there is one thing both Ross and Mitt have in common: They know how to get the government to fund their big money-making projects and they use that free money from the taxpayers to further their empires.

From “Love That Giant Sucking Sound”, Christopher Helman, Forbes Magazine, Sept., 2013:

The Federal Aviation Administration came to the Perots (in Texas) says Perot Jr., “and asked us to donate land for an airport,” an industrial airport to be built with public funds.

Perot like the idea–and saw a greater opportunity. He convinced Fort Worth Mayor Bob Bolen and the city council of his grand plan. Perot would put up the land for the airport but only if Fort Worth agreed to pay for utilities and infrastructure, allow Perot to operate the airport and promise future tax abatements so he could lure in companies and develop yet more of his land.

Why settle for just an airport?

And this is how it works all over the United States: The billionaires get the ‘people’ to pay for the football stadiums, and malls, and on and on and their property taxes go up, and while jobs ARE created, the bulk of the money goes to….the billionaires.cartoon

Why do you think there are more than 500 big B’s on the Forbes lists? And when the Supreme Court gave big companies “personhood”, you have the mom and pop small business up against the Wal-marts. (I understand where the Pope is coming from, but he just doesn’t get it does he?)

The Perot airport has become the main industrial hub for the lower United States. Sharon Boyd, who tried to stop Perot getting public financing had this to say:

“He’s the ultimate welfare baby. He doesn’t do anything without subsides or tax rebates. He has a mentality that views the public sector as a fat pig that’s going to be slaughter anyway, so it might as well be by us.”

So…here’s where maybe somebody should get the Pope aside and ask him: You, dear sir, can fly all over the world BECAUSE men like Ross Perot build airports for your plane to land upon. Maybe you should think about that next time you take a tour.

Is it any wonder the Pope is complaining? Mom and Pop just don’t have the money any more to fork over to the church. Instead of blaming governments for giving handouts and sweet deals to billionaires friends, he is campaigning for communism. Think about that….Communism and the Church.

Talk about a great sucking sound…put those two together and the wall of China might get sucked up into the Vatican overnight.Capaitalism

I can’t wait. Where’s my straw?

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Steve Forbes quotes FDR…

Nobody Reports

How can anyone not like Stephen Forbes? I remember feeling sorry for him when he ran for President, because, in this world of “who’s the prettiest” Steve was last in line. Still, I’m glad he did run, because I started paying attention to most everything he said afterwards. And here’s a small sample of why I like this man:steve Forbes

From Forbes Magazine: September 23. 2013

The Federal Reserve, with hardly a comment uttered, has openly made itself into the fourth branch of government, amassing immense powers. This must make the other branches, you know, the ones sanctioned by the Constitution drool with envy. By massively expanding its balance sheet, it has gone into the credit allocation business. Big Government and large businesses benefit from almost zero cost credit.  “It comes at the expense of small businesses where most of the entry level jobs are created. “

And then Steve sites a quote from FDR:

If you have a chance, go online and read an astonishing speech FDR gave in San Francisco before the Commwealth Club as a presidential candidate, just before the 1932 election. In it he declares.FDR

“Our Industrial plant is built….Our last frontier has long since been reached, and there is practically no more free land…to which those thrown out of work by the Eastern economic machines can go for a new start.” Big companies were more and more dominating the economic landscape. If present trends continue, Roosevelt warns, the time will come when “We shall have all American industry controlled by a dozen corporations, and run by perhaps an hundred men…The independent businessman is running a lost race.” Roosevelt concluded with words that would have the current White House occupant nodding in sympathy: “Our task now is not discovery or exploitation of natural resources…It is the soberer, less dramatic business of administering resources and plants already in hand…of distribution wealth and products more equitably, of adapting existing economic organizations to the service of the people.” Then the Killer: “The day of enlightened (i.e., government) administration has come. ” Indeed.

Nobody Thinks Obamacare was done at the request of big business, and that’s why the Rino’s want it to.Obama and big business

The good news? We still have Steve Forbes, a man who knows the rich, doing all he can to inform and educate us. All we need is more of them speaking out.

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Lemonade, RV’s, and Capitalism

Nobody’s Notes

I was coming home from an RV show (in which I learned that you should buy one in Texas because there are no taxes, and rent one first) when I passed a bunch of kids waving signs saying, “Lemonade 50 cents.”

There is nothing more important than teaching kids at an early age that you can make money if you work, so I decided to risk getting my car towed since it was a busy road, and stop to help promote capitalism in the young minds of tomorrow.lemonade stand

“Have you got change for a dollar?” I asked.

“Sure!” Said the cute little blond kid. He took my dollar and gave me back two quarters, and then, I looked down at the table and saw…empty cups.

“We ran out of lemonade.” said the kid. “Dad’s inside making more.”

Well, Dad evidently had either never make Kool Aid before, or he was watching  the football game because five minutes stretched into ten, and my patient of standing in the 100 degree hot sun was disappearing  the hotter I got.

“You know, in business it’s not good policy to keep the customer waiting, and you should have HAD THE lemonade already made so that when you run out, you can easily get the refill.” I said.

“Well, mom went to take my sister to her ballet lesson.” said some chunky kid. “And dad said to fill up the glasses only half full so that we don’t run out. ”

Good old dad. He was teaching the kids how to rip off customers. Clearly the adults had not thought this whole thing out.capitalism

“You can have some water!” said the chunky kid.

“Okay, you win. ” I said. I poured myself a small glass of water and left….who knows what dad was doing. …. “But I won’t’ be back tomorrow when I pass this way again.”

Hey…kids have to learn to deal with the dissatisfied customer.

As I was driving home, I noticed that my air conditioning vents were rattling. I had just gotten the car back from a major brake job, and I couldn’t help but be suspicious. Did the mechanics mess with my air conditioning vents just so that I would bring it back to be fixed?

And that’s one of the reasons why capitalism gets a bad rap. It is SO easy to rip people off for your own benefit. Without honesty, and integrity in capitalism, you get to the rich elites ripping off the lower classes and then you have demands for communism.

Even Glenn Beck rips off people……and he’s a Mormon.

As for the RV show…it’s amazing what they can fit into a big van.cap two

One guy, who looked liked Donald Sutherland, told me that he had one, and traveled all over the West, and  that his transmission to his car blew somewhere in the Sierra Mountains. And he used it to go to Canada and get drugs….His wife wanted another one.  They told me they had children scattered all over the country.


“Oh, so you want to go and visit your children?”

“No…we want to get away from them!”

Some days, I wonder why I even leave the house.



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Nobody’s Fool: Aston Kutcher

Nobody’s Fool

This week’s Nobody’s Fool award goes to that “sexy” guy, Aston Kutcher, who came to his senses and divorced Dimi Moore, (Really, next time she should pick a liberal to marry) and has surprised us all by giving this wonderful uplifting speech at the Teen Choice award.

I still haven’t gotten over Bono coming out and saying capitalism WORKS! HA! And now this! And it’s not even a full moon!

Enjoy! I certainly did.



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Nobody’s Fool: Dr. Benjamin Carson

Nobody’s Fool

Dr. Carson was an internet sensation last week when he stood up to the “bully” in the room, Obama, and Obama didn’t like it. But because the good doctor was black, there wasn’t much Obama could do about it.

Here we find out that the good doctor COULD run for office. He’s smart, honest, and we are going to be seeing more like him coming out of the woodwork. If you haven’t seen that speech, you can see it below.

It’s worth the watch…especially the end, when he talks about the brave men of the Revolutionary War.

Nobody Thinks…Dr Carson is Nobody’s Fool....and I hope we see more of him.


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The Future of the Digital Age According to Jaron Lanier

 Nobody’s Opinion

Okay…so Joran doesn’t exactly have the slick look of the other internet guru’s. When Tom Beebe (Thanks Tom) sent me an article about this guy last week, I must admit, besides being upset about the “cashless’ society that the internet is taking us, I had not thought much about the other side— but I am now.

So Nobody Asks: Is there a  downside to the internet?

Men love to invent…and thank God. For the short time they have been here, they went from clubbing each other with clubs, to threatening each other with the atomic bomb proving that many inventions have a double edge sword. One’s man’s ceiling is another man’s floor, and even Paul Simon would admit that he’d rather be a hammer than a nail.atomic bomb

While the sheer genius of the atomic bomb can be marveled at…the world is now in continuous fear of the next ‘nuclear’ attack, and some of us wish that it had never been invented..and did they REALLY think the future consequences of it through?

Obviously not.

And so it is with the new digital technology–like the atomic bomb it is having a downside effect. With all the wonderment that has come with the ease of home computers, there is a man who is pointing out, that it could be the destruction of us all.

And that’s where Jaron Lanier comes in. Jaron was a Silicon Valley digital rock star. He was a pioneer and publicizer of virtual-reality technology (computer-simulated experience. ) and knew all the big guys; Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg, —-Google, Facebook, etc…and he is so upset about what he has created, he is going around the world and warning the rich guys…of what he calls, “digital Maoism.”

Jaron Lanier, calls this “digital Maoism” indicting “internet intellectuals” like Facebook and Google of being “spy agencies.” He wants to subvert the “hive mind,” as the web world’s been called, before it engulfs us all, destroys political discourse, economic stability, the dignity of personhood and leads to “social catastrophe.”  Instead of an ever-upward enlightenment, it is just as likely, he argues, that the crowds will devolve into an online lynch is watching

And who could deny this? Remember how excited Obama was about the Arab Spring? Remember how it was declared that the whole thing came about because of FACEBOOK? Without FACEBOOK the riots would not have evolved.  But what came of that? While Zuckerberg was taking victory laps with Obama’s plans to get rid of Mubarak, a huge vacuum was created and the Muslim brotherhood jumped into that hole, and took the reigns of power, leaving the ‘useful idiots” staring at their cell phones and wondering what the hell  happened.Arab spring

And Jason sees this as not a good thing. It’s Mob rule…which is what democracy is, and our founders hated it. He explains it as:

“An enabling and foreshadowing of mob rule, not a growth of democracy, but an accretion of tribalism. But it slowly is turning us into a nation of hate-filled trolls. We have economic fear combined with everybody joined together on these instant twitchy social networks which are designed to create mass action. What does it sound like to you? It sounds to me like the prequel to potential social catastrophe.”

And then there’s the economic side, which is much more damaging. Here’s more:

“I’d had a career as a professional musician and what I started to see is that once we made information free, it wasn’t that we consigned all the big stars to the bread lines. They still had mega tour profits. Instead, it was the middle-class people who were consigned to the bread lines. And that was a very large body of people. And all of a sudden there was this weekly ritual, sometimes even daily: ‘Oh, we need to organize a benefit because so and so who’d been a manager of this big studio that closed its doors has cancer and doesn’t have insurance. We need to raise money so he can have his operation.’

And I realized this was a hopeless, stupid design of society and that it was our fault. It really hit on a personal level—this isn’t working. And I think you can draw an analogy to what happened with communism, where at some point you just have to say there’s too much wrong with these experiments. So by taking value off the books, you’re actually shrinking the economy.” whoever has the biggest computer can analyze everyone else to their advantage and concentrate wealth and power. [Meanwhile], it’s shrinking the overall economy. I think it’s the mistake of our age.”middle class

Since Jason is a musician also, he sees the damage here. Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg, they just don’t get it because the ONLY job they ever had was creating the internet. But when you’re a musician you dream of the hit record, and with free downloads…the monetary rewards of original music went out with the proverbial free downloads onto your hard drive.

And not just musicians…the whole print industry has been changed: thousands of newspapers and magazines have shut down.  Think of how many journalists have lost their jobs. And SO much misinformation is put on the internet, it’s hard to tell what’s true and what isn’t.

Many of our schools are getting rid of books, and giving the kids IPADS. They have stopped teaching cursive writing…texting will become so big in the future, that future generations will not even know how to make a complete sentence. Already in China, the kids are forgetting how to read, because all they do is text. Not to mention the waste of time everyone spends on their computers.

AND…when everything is online: books, money—- all that you do and say will go to the few people who run the world and who will have the power to completely control every single thing. Jaron is right. Jason even goes so far as to blame the housing crash on the internet:

“The rise of networking has coincided with the loss of the middle class, instead of an expansion in general wealth, which is what should happen. But if you say we’re creating the information economy, except that we’re making information free, then what we’re saying is we’re destroying the economy.”Ipad and monkey

To my mind a over leveraged unsecured mortgage is exactly the same thing as a pirated music file. It’s somebody’s value that’s been copied many times to give benefit to some distant party. In the case of the music files, it’s to the benefit of an advertising spy like Google [which monetizes your search history], and in the case of the mortgage, it’s to the benefit of a fund manager somewhere. But in both cases all the risk and the cost is radiated out toward ordinary people and the middle classes—and even worse, the overall economy has shrunk in order to make a few people more.”

We read of online bullying leading to teen suicides in the United States and, in China, there are reports of well-organized online virtual lynch mobs forming…digital Maoism.”

You know, too many of us know someone who has been grieviously hurt by the internet. I know a man whose girlfriend got mad at him, and went online to FACEBOOK and told all kinds of horror stories to their whole network of friends, and it even got back to his work. They were lies, and somehow he forgave her, and they made up, but the damage had been done. This is happening to millions daily. There is no recourse in court….in fact the law can’t keep up with it.facebnook

And if you think that the powerful people will think twice about hurting society, remember the story of Zuckerberg. When he first invented FACEBOOK as a student, he put up a very demoralizing contest and rated all the women on his campus as “ugly” or “cute” and everyone on campus got to have fun putting down women. Typical liberal. He was old enough to have a moral compass, but he had none.

It was…disgusting….and yet, Zuckerberg was forgiven for such an insidious prank because he was a genius. The question is, when these young, rich, and sometimes very immature boys work with Presidents, you DO have a Maoism. Zuckerberg has moved to China to avoid taxes.

No doubt Zuckerberg thinks he is saving the world, he’s not like Jaron who sees beyond himself. You COULD say that the internet is a young will work out the bugs in time.

I’m sure they thought the same thing about nuclear warfare. But unlike the atomic bomb…so far, we’ve been kept pretty safe from doesn’t affect our daily lives. But the internet is working it’s magic every single day. Hopefully…Jaron will make the rich elites think: After all…he’s right…we are NOT gadgets….but like the ‘ape’: We sure do love them. Lanier gadget

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Nobody’s Opinion About 2012

Nobody’s Opinion

Anybody want to hear what I have to say about 2012? No?Sandy two

Nobody Thinks this year was mutilated, as sure as a Kentucky Fried Chicken….but the main thing we are going to remember is… the rush of all of us stocking up on guns at the end of the year because, for the first time in history, SOMEHOW, a man who has single-handily changed America’s greatness to fast becoming a third world country, got reelected.

Yes, the election was a fraud….the race might have been close, but we’ll never know, because for the first time in America’s history, we have Hugo Chavez as President. He just has a much more expensive bombardier jacket, better teeth, and a bigger plane.

The year WAS– nothing but politics. Right down to the last day in November we were unmercifully bombarded with the fact that Mitt Romney kills dogs and people, and hides his money in the Cayman Islands.  Mitt Romney somehow could not muster up the courage to call Obama what he really is: A crack head taking us all to communism on a fast bus to El Salvador.

And you know what? I CAN call the President a crack head. Since Obama became ‘President’ my neighborhood is full of them.  If he can play golf with pimps, I can call him a crack head, knowing perhaps all too well that I’d better say it now…because it won’t be long before I can’t say such things.

The Republicans ran such a weak campaign, it was as if they hadn’t noticed that condoms are being handed out along with joints in our high schools, and the President lets his secret service have prostitutes at their beck and call. Mitt failed to mention that Obama, not only unfairly took the credit for killing bin Laden, but let 4 men die in Benghazi—and….not to mention, how he loves to sell guns to our enemies. And it’s not just south of the border that got Obama Guns…He’s arming half the Middle East.

When push came to shove, the Republicans were lost. They whisked Paul Ryan out..and then stupidly hid him.

They didn’t stand a chance.  So now we’re stuck with a Putin understudy.

In the annals of history, Obama will look even more incredibly malevolent. What President could pull off making you and I pay for everyone else’s abortion? What President could celebrate closing our space station? Or our Military? What President could tell you that you won’t get that heart surgery after a certain age?

Obama can…YES HE CAN. And he can triple the deficit, destory our top credit rating,  close down Gibson Guitars, and Hostess, and NASA , and Lucas, and even Solyndra, and thousands of strip malls all across the country, all the while offering amnesty, and drones, and setting the whole Middle East on the path to fanatical Muslim Brotherhood fairyland.

This fMitt and McCainrom a man who hung out in the gay bars of Chicago.

But we had other news: It wasn’t only our country where the leaders seemed insane.  Europe is starting to look like a travelogue for anarchy.  Kum Jong Un thinks he is Dr. Strangelove, and the British Royals love to go naked. Prince Harry was naked in Las Vegas and Kate the new pregnant bride was naked everywhere else. I don’t know about you, but this Nobody Thinks she married the wrong Prince.

And yet, The Royals managed to have the biggest year yet, celebrating the Queen’s 60th, and naming Big Ben, Big Queen, and throwing the biggest most expensive Olympic ever seen in the Isles of Wright. Where socialized medicine will be the New British export. It was a great “green” display and a downright almost Benny Hill advertisement for the glories of socialism, the biggest propaganda display on that subject that we’ve ever seen, complete with Paul McCartney’s cracking voice at the end singing…”Live and Let Dieeeeeeeeeeeee”

And the elites get to choose, who lives and who dies in the future. But…what else is new?

Michael Phelps will no doubt lose all his gold metals someday to Lance Armstrong. Hockey…might never come back.  And baseball…may give way to soccer by 2022, the year the earth might finally come to an end, because although the elites think that they might all just exist the planet, that doesn’t there’ll be any astronauts left to take them.

As far as disasters go, we had the worst drought in two -thirds of the United States. And more fires. My grass got green for one whole week…and then we had…Hurricane Sandy.  Sandy hit the Jersey Shore, and Jersey Christie, stuck his finger into the union wind, and ran to the President’s side.  FEMA was collecting discarded 16oz soda cups and forgetting to drop off food to the weary.  By that time we were all so disgusted with politics, in our fatique we ignored how FAST they tallied the Presidential voting results, and crowned him King.

Which he is. Obama can now arrest any one of us, hold us without trial, and not even TELL anybody where we are or why

And as if the devil himself was working for Obama–some kid went nuts and killed innocents babes at a school. Oh…and his mother was a Teapartier.

“She was from gun culture. Live free or die. That was truly her upbringing,”

You couldn’t WRITE a better power script for Obama…so next year we WILL have gun control..and once again the Supreme Court will demolish the Constitution.

They’re getting pretty good at it.

We lost some good people in 2012: Neil Armstrong, and Ray Bradbury…who befittingly died with our space program. Dick Clark— although I’m surprised they don’t stuff his body and just let it ride down the ball at midnight, in fact, I think Dick would be honored. Hell, his hair would be honored!

Whitney Houston will no longer have to give up cocaine: Opie can now claim Andy Griffith was a secret tea partier and gay: Donna Summer drag queens will get paid double on Sunday: I can finally name my next dog Fang, Phyllis Diller won’t care: and Helen Gurly Brown can get together somewhere with Nora Ephran (The lady who put the orgasim in When Harry Met Sally) and educate Joe Paterno on the finer points of child molestation. Neil Armstrong

And God Bless Mike Wallace, who had the wisdom to tell everybody that he suffered from depressions, making the rest of us feel better.

And then there was the saddest news of all. We had more soldiers commit suicide…than we lost in the war.

Mike Wallace didn’t see that one coming.

That’s another first. They served to help build a country, where they are hated, and they come home to a country, where they WILL be disarmed, and ignored, and if you think Obama has nothing to do with our finest men and women committing suicide, think again.

Yes, we are Kentucky Fried…unless…we arm ourselves with the truth.

And that’s why I’m posting this link. Please…take a look. (Movie…worth it…check it out…go ahead..good stuff…)

It’s all you need to know about how this all happened.

It’s long…I know….almost an hour. But…Honey Boo Boo…believe me, can wait.

2013 will be the time the last remaining Americans stand up and say..

THIS…is our finest hour.

At that, I am almost sure…..


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The American/China Merger

Nobody Wonders

“Enemy of the State” is one of my favorite movies. Will Smith plays the main character, and he is hunted by the NSA because, although, he doesn’t know it, he was slipped a video of a Senator having someone murdered. It’s a great action film, but I wonder how many people believed in what the film was trying to educate the American public on: Everything we say or do, can be, without warrant..observed. The fact is, all of our data is being stored. The new technology that we are all excited about, is being used by our government to spy on us….and yet, we all are conditioned that it’s necessary.

If you talk about this to ANYONE..they always say, “Well hey! I’m not doing anything wrong, why should I worry?”

Or…as they once said in Nazi Germany, “They didn’t come after ME..I wasn’t Jewish, so I just didn’t worry about it.”

It was around the time of that movie, (1998) that I started noticing blackouts when I was listening to the radio. I couldn’t blame them on just random radio waves causing static, because I observed that they always  happened right when some conservative talk show host was about to reveal something sinister about our government.  They happened when I listened to Rush Limbaugh, or Alex Jones on Coast to Coast, and many other stations. They still happen time and again, but ONLY when some secret is about to be revealed, so no…I don’t believe my neighbor is turning on his Wi-Fi at the exact same time I’m waiting for the secret to be revealed. Nope—- because this even happens when I’m listening to the radio in my car at the exact moment when I am going,  “Wow…I can’t BELIEVE they are going to talk about this…finally…somebody is going to talk about this!” And then you hear the first word and then—–ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…

Last night I was listening to the radio, and George Noory was interviewing a man who’s FACEBOOK account had been taken down…because he put up a Gandhi quote:

The reports are absolutely true. Facebook suspended the Natural News account earlier today after we posted an historical quote from Mohandas Gandhi. The quote reads:

“Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” – Mohandas Gandhi, an Autobiography, page 446.

This historical quote was apparently too much for Facebook’s censors to bear. They suspended our account and gave us a “final warning” that one more violation of their so-called “community guidelines” would result in our account being permanently deactivated.

Evidently, this is happening to many conservatives sites. I’ve never been a fan of Facebook, because frankly, I think it’s a government dream which is gathering information on you, and your friends, and every single thing about you. And how does this make us any different than China? When Obama gathers all the heads of the great social media sites in the White House, it’s not to talk about his golf game.

He is collaborting with them.

According to an article on Drudge: China has tightened internet controls, legalizing the deletion of posts or pages which are deemed to contain “illegal” information.

So, now we are starting it here. We are becoming China.

Because this is happening in bits and pieces, no one is much concerned about this. But yesterday I checked out a book at the library, and for the first time (I’m been checking out library books for over 50 years.) I found blocks of paragraphs …just blacked out. (see photo) RB 2 001

So, they couldn’t block the book, but now it seems the government can blank out what they don’t want the public to read.

Add up all these little bits and pieces and you can see what’s coming.

Now, the aim is to “fundamentally” change America, and destroying our Bill of speech, guns, and right to privacy is already in the making. And the words of Sam Donaldson are freightening.  He indicates that tea party people’s ideas are old and outdated, but the fact is, these old and outdated rights of freedom are being replaced with the new tyranny of soft communism…and Sam considers himself privy to the “new America” where one man will decide just about everything.

The tea party people are for freedom. It’s that simple.

The “tea party” people, are being attacked like the Jews of old. And pretty soon, putting up any quotation from the Constitution will be taken down.

It’s been done bit by bit…on purpose, but be prepared for one day to wake up, and like my friend Mona says…on our TV will be…”THE STATE.”

And if you don’t go along with it…you will be…the enemy. If you are a “tea party” American patriot…you already are.

Remember…once upon a time Sam Adams head was on the top of King George’s list. You are in…good company.

Our founders gave us the best Constitution in the world…let’s not lose it.

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Accusing the Ememy of Committing YOUR Crimes: The Scrooge Bomb

Nobody Knows

Somebody has to notice this besides me…somebody. There is a battlefield attack game that the Democrats use over and over again in politics….it goes like this: Whatever crime they are committing..they accuse the other fellow of doing it, and claim outrage, while they continue to commit the very crime they are accusing the other fellow of doing.

Nobody calls it for lack of a better name— The Scrooge Bomb

In simple terms…Picture a bully beating up a boy in a schoolyard. The boy starts to fight back…the teacher comes out, and the bully says, “That boy just HIT me!” So the teacher punishes the boy who was attacked and did nothing. The other boy, the bully, goes home with a smile, and beats up the kid the next day. Bully

Today, Harry Reid came out to the media ..and said this:

“Now is the time to show leadership, not kick the can down the road.”

Now, most people just hear that soundbite, and think Harry is telling the truth, because he says it boldy and loudly. But, if you are following the daily news, it’s Obama and the Democrats who are “kicking the can down the road” by not fixing our problems.  Harry even came out and accused the Republicans of keeping the country from recovering. At the same time, the Democrats attack the rich, knowing FULL well that the 1 percent at the top, will never pay taxes, BUT they want YOU to think those are the people they are going to tax.Harry Reid rich

It’s a lie. A bold lie. The people who will get taxed and suffer the most ARE the poor. The very rich have already protected their billions. That’s why they all say, “Hey, I should pay more taxes!” They can say that because they know they have all their money in offshore accounts.

I was watching this scene last night from Dickens’ Christmas Carol, and when I heard this last line, about how the excess population should just die,  I thought to myself: That sounds JUST like Obamacare, because we all know Obamacare is designed to shorten the lives of the baby boomers, for one simple reason: They need more working people to collect more taxes, and 90 million people sucking money out of the health care system is too much: It’s pure math to them. But notice how the video accuse the Republicans.


Obama is trying to lead us to the European Model, and this was reported today:

France should allow doctors to “accelerate the coming of death” for terminally ill patients, a report to President Francois Hollande recommended Tuesday. Belgium is considering a significant change to its decade-old euthanasia law that would allow minors and Alzheimer’s sufferers to seek permission to die.

When Obama says grandma should just take a pill and die quietly, he meant it.

As I watched this version of Dickens’, I could not help but compare what the elites in the world, who are all in the very income bracket that they are claiming they want to tax, go on: Scrooge…made his money in the stock market. He was a rich man. He didn’t share his wealth with the poor. There is a  socialist lean-to this version of A Christmas Carol…and I wonder if Dickens’ book had the very same lines. I must admit, I’ve never read it.

For some reason, I thought the whole thing was less about redistributing money than knowing the joy of getting back to people and family, and charity of the heart.A Christmas Carol

But, even in Dickens’ time, there were those who knew how to play the stock market and got very rich, and big money makes MORE money, and all you have to do is sit and collect your dividends. As we have seen, in the crash of 2008, everything was all about saving the stock market, and the rich’s dividends, which they did.

The rich, including almost all in Congress, have actually tripled their fortunes since 2008. top 1 percent

Emmanuel Saez, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley, estimates the top 1 percent have received 52 percent of the economic growth from 1993 through 2010. By contrast, real median household income (inflation adjusted) has increased by less than 1/5 of 1 percent since 1980, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

So, don’t let anyone tell you that Reagan destroyed the economy. It was the Clinton’s that made the rich richer, and the middle class disappeared, and the Bush’s helped. And unless the Republicans get better at pointing out the fact of this little game the democrats play.. The Scrooge bomb….they will always lose.

But then again, maybe as long as they are in the 1 percent themselves, they just don’t 1 percent

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Nobody Flashes: Video Shows Exactly How Obama Gets His Jobs Numbers!

Nobody’s Opinion

Last week, after the empty chair got righteously trumped in the first Presidential Debate, all his minions filled the airwaves with all the various reasons of why the Potus was off his game:

1) He was speechless at all the lies being thrown and him and couldn’t respond because he was drugged.

2) He didn’t want to look like an angry black man, and pretending to be an intelligent white man was just too hard.

3) His debating skills were sabotaged by John Kerry, whose debating skills were sabotaged by his wife who still cannot speak English.

4) He wanted to look Presidential…and have a civil conversation, and Mitt just wouldn’t let him talk, unlike his teleprompter, who lets him talk all the time.

5) The real Mitt Romney wasn’t there, but the one that was there just lied, which in that case means that the real Mitt Romney that wasn’t there, is NOT a liar.

6) He was oxygen deprived….and just didn’t want to be there.  In fact, his poor brain was so ‘oxygen deprived’ that all he could think about was helping Snoop-Dog come up with 10 reasons why everyone should vote for him, and was writing them down while Mitt was talking so he wouldn’t forget.

7) He was especially angry that Mitt attacked Big Bird, who was his childhood favorite Sesame Street character. He couldn’t believe someone would attack the Bird who taught him how to count.

8) He was thinking about the 17th hole.

9) He was thinking that Michelle was still pissed off at him sitting next to Beyonce in Las Vegas all night, and was thinking of taking Michelle to Paris after the debate to make up for it…then maybe another vacation…

Nobody Believes any of it: the fact is, Obama couldn’t debate Romney because he simply doesn’t believe in the free market system. How do I know? Because it ws among his summation.

“I believe in a free market.” he said in the first sentence of his closing remarks.

Oh..sure you do…that’s why you have fundamentally worked every day to try to control and change the whole American system.

Because Romney beat him so bad on the economy, they came out the next day and ‘fixed”a few numbers, used that very special process shown in this video,  and came out with the great news, that people are just now going back to work! In California, they can’t afford to GET to work because the gas pumps are down but hey… jobs are coming back! If people can’t afford to drive to tham, that’s not his problem…..he will need another four years to build those roads.

I don’t know what it’s like in your neighborhood, but the economy here is so bad, that almost daily I have some guy knock on my door wanting to know if I need my trees cut, or my roof fixed, or new windows. The economy is SO bad, that when I say “Ok, give me an estimate” they refuse. They can’t give me one until my husband is there.

In other words, sales are SO bad that they have to make that sale, and they no longer want to trust the “Housewife” who may be, the one who really does make the decisions. Housewives are…such a rarity nowadays they are NOT to be trusted.

They HAVE to make that sale, and they think the husband is the only one with the money.

We’ve come full circle girls. Talk about women’s discrimination. I can’t even get estimates anymore. And the house is in MY name.

“I handle the money. I make all the decisions on the house. ” I tell them.  “You say you give free estimates, but not to the wife? ”

Nope. Doesn’t matter. They can only talk to my husband.  (Nobody is making this up.)

The truth is, the economy has crashed. I stopped looking for work as a musician quite a while ago because the pickings were very slime. I could still play piano bars..but there are none that are hiring. Most of the ones I used to play for are out of business.

Yes, the empty chair doesn’t tell you that most of the jobs added, are government jobs, and that’s why he said he wanted to add $100,000 teachers.

The ONLY reason Obama wants to add 100,000 math and science teachers is for the union dues that would be taken from those teachers, and then put right back into electing democrats.

Other nations have large class sizes, and they seem to do just fine. Besides, our schools have been so bad for so long, we would probably have to import them.

So next time you hear Obama says” It’s all in the math” remember Obama leared his math at the feet of Big Bird.

He still thinks there are 57 states, and pretending to be Oscar the Grouch will get him re-elected. If I were Mitt, I’d attack Count Dracula in the next dabate. That’s should bring him to his knees.

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Taking a Progressive Trip on the Post-Dispatch

Nobody’s Opinion

Nobody  broke down and bought the Post-Dispatch Sunday Paper today. Fifteen years ago I had a subscription and canceled it because  I got tired of looking at starving African babies and reading about how Americans should save them all. I couldn’t figure out how after all these years since the car was invented, those people in Africa couldn’t do like we did–get themselves up to speed on cars, electric, ovens, etc….and take care of themselves. Some of them are still  living in huts. If we could do it, why couldn’t they?  I never figured that one out.

At the time I didn’t realize it, but I was looking at the new “globalization” propaganda…made to pull at your heartstrings and hand over you money. It was purposely trying to make you feel bad because you were a “rich” American in a nice house with air-conditioning, while in Africa, some baby was starving. Getting you ready for the big global “redistribution” which they have all planned years in advance.

And as I glanced through the paper today, I see that the ‘progressive’ message has not changed: The front page headline said this in big bold type

People Near Life’s End  Choose Comfort, Control.

In other words, if you are sick, just accept it, and we’ll give you some nice morphine and put you in Hospice. It’s the real face of Obamacare, and it’s how all you old people can save Obama  some money and just die without all that expensive care. COME ON! You don’t want to be selfish and take money out of the Medicare system do you? DIE you fool!

I never thought I’d live to see the day in America where “dying” for the good of the state would become the new politically correct and proper thing to do.  Not that Charles Hesston didn’t try to warn me.

In another section:

Housing Grants Build Hope in Pine Lawn

Pine Lawn is predominately black neighborhood in North St. Louis. It once was a really nice place.  On the page was a picture of a young black woman whose house needed repairs, so she went to the mayor of Pine Lawn and he gave her, through an organization called Beyond Housing…a  $20,920 gift. “It’s a godsend for people like me.” she said.

Well. Sure. Who wouldn’t want to be handed Scott free $20,000 to fix up their house?  Evidently this stuff is happening all over the country.  The paper said,  “It’s part of a multimillion dollar experiment in urban resuscitation.” And if you have a school in the area named after Barack Obama, then they REALLY want to resuscitate you!

Resuscitation? We go from “Go home and die you old cow to..You’re black? Then come on in because we’ve got some money to give ya.”

To make matters worse, they call it an “experiment.”  Giving out free money is an…experiment.

I love it.

Obama’s progressive message didn’t end there. In the weekly Parade Magazine issue,  the title said:

“It takes a garden. A tale of hope, determination and love in a struggling North Carolina town. How to start you own community garden.”Across the country, community graders are blooming, an estimated 1 million of them dot places from Homer, Alaska, to Brooklyn, NT.

Basically, it’s the Obama’s answer to the unemployment–don’t give them jobs, just teach everyone how to grow food! They’re going to get pretty hungry!

Many of the folks who come here are trying to make food stamps stretch.”

And–they are creating “after school” programs for the kids to learn how to grow their own food! Isn’t it wonderful! People are taking home turnips for FREE! And you  thought Michelle’s little White House Garden was just something for her to do. No…in fact, houses in the black communities are getting “grants” especially if the state builds a Barack Obama elementary school. Most all the states now have at least one Barack Obama school. Martin Luther King…look out.

Nobody Knows, but would like to know, if that lady who got all that money in Pine Lawn will get free food from the Mayor, or if she will join her local community garden club and WORK for free? I also wonder if the little children know that they are being trained bascially to work for ‘free’, like their ancstors once know, picking cotton?

Somehow, I doubt it.

Where is all this going to lead? It’s okay to for an American kid to work in the field to grow free food, but its not okay for a kid to sell lemonade in their own  front yard.

Where? Think about it. Communism VS Capitalism.

Which do YOU want?

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Nobody WIns When GM Moves to China: Did You Pay For It?

Nobody Wins

I have a good friend who I am always kidding around with: “You just wait and see…the Chinese are coming to take us over!” She always just laughs at me…but she is the one who sent me this video.

 You will not see this on any news station…..but it’s scary.

The mantra has been our elites…that globalization would bring democracy to China. But that’s not what is happening. Instead of us bringing democracy to China, China has plans to bring communism to the United States…and our big multinationals don’t care what government rules, as long as they have a bigger market. They love the “one person decides” rule because it speeds up their production-so they all say. In a democracy you have to wait for everyone to agree. Our government makes it difficult to do anything..too many regulations.

Notice the body language of the GM big wig. It’s almost…obedient. He is no longer an American. He now serves the state of China.

It won’t be long before he is replaced by a Chinese military official. Once they have all that they need in technology, what will keep them from kicking out all of the GM officials?

Not going to happen? Don’t be so sure. Remember, we elected a President with a foreign name.

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Who’s Board are YOU on?

Nobody Wonders

I just got finished reading Steve Job’s biography and was amazed about the fact that Al Gore was on the board of Apple. Then I remembered that both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama had been on the boards of Wal-Mart. So,..I don’t get it. The CEO’s of these big multinational companies are hiring government people to be on their boards, and paying them to vote on the company’s issues.

Isn’t that fascism?

From USA Today:

Corporations are largely forbidden from giving money directly to politicians’ families for their personal use. But they can hire family members, pay them for making speeches and put them on their boards.

Lawmakers are required to disclose if they or their spouses receive fees of more than $1,000 for sitting on boards but are not required to specify how much they are paid. There is no limit on the number of boards a congressional spouse can sit on or how much can be earned

Elaine Chao, wife of Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., sat on the boards of Dole Food, Protective Life, Kindred Healthcare, Marine Transport, Northwest Airlines and several other companies before ethics rules required her to resign those positions when she was sworn in as Secretary of Labor last year.

Richard Blum, who is married to Feinstein, sits on the boards of six companies, including an offshore company in England called the Concord Egyptian Fund. Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., reported receiving $59,460 last year from Behlen Manufacturing, a Columbus, Neb., maker of farm equipment. Nelson sits on the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Like I said: Nobody Thinks there should be a law saying no one connected with the government, or their spouses or relatives,  should be allowed to serve on the boards of any major companies. Really, what does Hillary or Michelle know about running a company? And WHY should they be allowed to vote on issues? Is Michelle on the board of McDonalds? Is that why I’m getting apples in my Happy Meal?

Nobody Wonders. Nobody is amazed as I am that this goes on.

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