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Communism, Capitalism, and the Sweet Ism Sound of Sucking…

Nobody’s Opinion

Well, bust my plastic buttons: The Pope is complaining about capitalism.Pope Francis

Democracy Now:

Pope Francis has used his first major written work to attack capitalism as a “new tyranny,” while urging global leaders to fight poverty and inequality. In a document published Tuesday, Pope Francis denounced the ‘idolatry of money’ and “trickle-down” economic policies, as well as consumerism and a financial system which he says rules rather than serves. The Pope urged politicians to guarantee all citizens “dignified work, education and healthcare.”

This coming from a guy who gets money from the poor and lives in a house which has the biggest collection of art in the world, and probably has his own foot massager.  I love a good hypocrite. Gee…another con job. And I thought this guy was going to be the real deal. (sigh)

I side with Mr. Adams who found the Catholic Church full of that very same ‘tyranny.”  The Catholic people are poor, but the Vatican is not suffering. Maybe the Pope should practice what he preaches and sell off those Bernini’s so that Peru can have free health care.

I was thinking about the rich today, because I was reading about that very big capitalist, Ross Perot, in Forbes magazine.

True Confession: I voted for Ross Perot…twice. It was said that Ross was the reason Daddy Bush lost to Bill Clinton, and so, the Clinton’s will make sure that some third-party libertarian will run against whomever runs against Hillary, to assure her election, because that worked so well with Bill. It’s all getting rather boring and predictable, isn’t it? Having our Presidents picked years in advance?Ross Perot

The reason I like Perot so much, is that he kept trying to warn everyone about NAFTA, and CAFTA. What he called the sucking sound of America losing its jobs to other countries.

I really don’t think Perot is suffering after his defeat, and neither is Mitt Romney, because they are both what the Pope is talking about: capitalists— In fact, there is one thing both Ross and Mitt have in common: They know how to get the government to fund their big money-making projects and they use that free money from the taxpayers to further their empires.

From “Love That Giant Sucking Sound”, Christopher Helman, Forbes Magazine, Sept., 2013:

The Federal Aviation Administration came to the Perots (in Texas) says Perot Jr., “and asked us to donate land for an airport,” an industrial airport to be built with public funds.

Perot like the idea–and saw a greater opportunity. He convinced Fort Worth Mayor Bob Bolen and the city council of his grand plan. Perot would put up the land for the airport but only if Fort Worth agreed to pay for utilities and infrastructure, allow Perot to operate the airport and promise future tax abatements so he could lure in companies and develop yet more of his land.

Why settle for just an airport?

And this is how it works all over the United States: The billionaires get the ‘people’ to pay for the football stadiums, and malls, and on and on and their property taxes go up, and while jobs ARE created, the bulk of the money goes to….the billionaires.cartoon

Why do you think there are more than 500 big B’s on the Forbes lists? And when the Supreme Court gave big companies “personhood”, you have the mom and pop small business up against the Wal-marts. (I understand where the Pope is coming from, but he just doesn’t get it does he?)

The Perot airport has become the main industrial hub for the lower United States. Sharon Boyd, who tried to stop Perot getting public financing had this to say:

“He’s the ultimate welfare baby. He doesn’t do anything without subsides or tax rebates. He has a mentality that views the public sector as a fat pig that’s going to be slaughter anyway, so it might as well be by us.”

So…here’s where maybe somebody should get the Pope aside and ask him: You, dear sir, can fly all over the world BECAUSE men like Ross Perot build airports for your plane to land upon. Maybe you should think about that next time you take a tour.

Is it any wonder the Pope is complaining? Mom and Pop just don’t have the money any more to fork over to the church. Instead of blaming governments for giving handouts and sweet deals to billionaires friends, he is campaigning for communism. Think about that….Communism and the Church.

Talk about a great sucking sound…put those two together and the wall of China might get sucked up into the Vatican overnight.Capaitalism

I can’t wait. Where’s my straw?

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  1. It is very easy to criticise the Church for its ‘riches’ if one ignores the fundamental issues of ‘where the money comes from’ and ‘where the money goes to’.

    The vast income stream of the Church is through donation. People – like me – put a few bucks on the Plate. No income tax. No coercion. No tax office. No men (and women) with guns will arrest me and chuck my sorry arse in a jail (paid from that coercion) if I pass the plate without contributing.

    And where does most go? To the biggest and oldest Charitable effort the world has ever seen. It pays for hospitals and schools, amongst other things. It is a continual flow from Catholics like me. It supports the poor directly. It succours and provides practical solace.

    Yes the Vatican is magnificent. It has treasures. One can and should direct criticisms. But it has taken 2000 years to get where it is. Do you ‘save’ Joyanna? Do you ‘invest’? Do you ‘buy stuff’ that others might deem extravagant? Obama lives in a Palace too, only you don’t call it a palace and it has only been around for a couple of hundred years. And woe betide you if you don’t cough up a vast part of your income to pay for him and it and all the stuff he has (How come Obama is a multimillionaire on $200,000 a year??). What’s the Pope’s pay? Compare the Pope’s small room with the opulence of the President’s bedroom ! Does Mrs Obama’s enormous personal staff of flunkies serve even a ceremonial function like the tiny Swiss Guard does for the entire Vatican State?

    Capitalism is like any other economic system. It is not sacred. It is criticisable.It can get distorted and oppressive. It must be criticised. Cogently. Like the Pope did and does.

    I have every sympathy with you, as my very good friend whom I love dearly, having to live under the worst example of crony capitalism the Planet has ever seen. Crony capitalism is to what the Pope directs his ire. Frankly you should recognise an ally when you see one.


    Comment by Amfortas | December 1, 2013 | Reply

    • If the Pope was talking about crony capitalism, why didn’t he just say so? No…he did not. He suggest that ‘governments’ PAY for education, health care, etc…that money comes from somewhere. It comes from the people, and goes into the hands of the corrupt. Trillions have been giving to Africa. (from governments) Where did it go? And why didn’t the Pope recognize this? Trillions have been given to the poor. and yet, poverty still exists. Charity doesn’t always work now does it? Sometimes it’swelfare with God’s blessings. I agree with you that the Churches have done many charitable things…but they have also been very political. But, amfortas— capitalists too….have done many things. They invent the very stuff we crave. The churchlook after their own, (I’m talking about the high rate of rape among the Priests) and that hypocrisy was unforgivable. Hey, I’ve read the Bible three times. I don’t find the church adhering to the ten commandments OR Jesus. The Pope is treated like a rock star. Just like a President. The Catholicschurches close their doors AND lock the doors—if you want to pray….you make an appointment. Or attend the service. The church is not “open’ to god’s children. Tell me, have you tried to get to that church on any given morning only to find the doors locked? What would Jesus say? Over here in the States, I have many Catholic friends. They complain all the time about how the Church will not allow them to continue to be members unless they give 10 percent of their income to the church. It’s mandatory. And then, of course the plate is still passed. The Catholic education is not free. The people pay the church for it. It’s worth it, but that’s on top of the ten percent. I guess you haven’t been a member long enough for them to come knocking at your door yet. Or maybe in Australia, it’s different. . As you know, I have my own beef with the Church. They excommunicated me, AND my son. They sided with my first husband who left us both (and me pregnant) …in poverty. Thank god for my parents. My husband had the money, so he was much more important. I begged them not to punish an innocent child, but no…they were cruel, rude, and basically pigs. And I don’t mind saying it. Hypocrites. The ONLY time my ex husband went to church was on the day he was married. Now, I know those paintings are their right to hold. Okay. But I do find it hypocritical that the Pope blasts wealth when he could very well sell some of that stuff and feed millions. Come on…the Pope is poor? You’re kidding me. He sleeps in a sparse bed, then gets up and has a great meal, and walks through golden hallways. What I think is more relevant to this conversation is that the Pope was from a very communistic country. To him, it’s what he knows. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all…but he should stay out of politics. Real capitalism is hard to find anymore. The crony capitalists, and the crony communists are making sure they hold all the cards. But the concept is superior. And you know how I feel about the Obama’s. The Pope…is NOT God. He is not a pharaoh. He is just a man. And here’s the question I wouldask: If thewhole country of Italy was starving…millions dying in the streets, would thePope feed them all? Or would he askother countries to help so that he could keep the treasures the church hassaved forever? Keep those…possessions. What would Jesus do? It’s just the hypocrisy that gets to me. Everybody wants a free ride.


      Comment by joyannaadams | December 1, 2013 | Reply

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