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Nobody Cares

I hope Nobody Cares if I post this song today…it has special meaning for me, because I have lost an old friend…again. Yes, it was years ago, I remember the moment. I was crying in a high school classroom and she was sitting a few seats in front of me. I had just had a fight with my “best” girlfriend, who I realized didn’t really like me. It was over for us. She didn’t even want to talk to me.

As I was sitting in that class, I remembered the words to this song, wrote them down and passed them to her. My heart was breaking…what had I done?

She never said. Nope. Silence. We parted after that day. We were never friends again. Until 3 years ago, I had heard that her husband had died. Immediately  the affection that I had for her in high school came flooding back. I found  her house, left flowers, and I thought, that I had found my fiend again. And I had! We had fun again, going places, watching movies…shopping…

But…again, my heart breaks. She won’t answer my calls, and she is fine. What did I do?

Like before….Nothing. Silence. Her rudeness is overwhelming.

Funny isn’t it? There is absolutely nothing I can do. If somebody doesn’t like you, you just have to move on to those that do…right?

And now, pardon me while a have a nice little cry, wipe my eyes (reapply my eye makeup) and think about the people that…as Krauthammer would say:

Really matter. Like YOU guys!

“Long ago, it must be…I have a photograph. Preserve your memories…they’re all that’s left you.”

The words to this song…are timeless.

Thanks to everyone for letting me share such a raw and still tender pain. In the words of my mentor and friend Doug Powers,

You’re the best!

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