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Nobody Suggest What You CAN Do With the Twelve Days of Christmas

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If you missed the Straight No Chaser guys the first time around, here they are, taking another rather annoying Christmas song and doing fun things! They have made a regular career out of themselves. Really, you’ll enjoy this if you haven’t seen it.

And I can even give everyone a fun thing to do with the family this Christmas…something I made up one Christmas for my own audiences:

You pick twelve people out of the crowd (in your case family) and each one gets a day. And they can say WHATEVER they want to make up. Everyone sings the “On the lst day of Christmas my true love gave to me…..and then the person who has ONE jumps up and says….whatever comes to his mind.

“Nine janitors trashing, eight kitties barking, seven Biden’s barfing, six men a drinking, FIVE Golden Banana Cakes! “

You get the idea. Just don’t give them too much time to think about it, so they have to STAND up and shout out when it first comes their turn, and it always helps if you do it after everyone has had a few glasses of wine to get them warmed up.

But I give you fair warning…you might hear things you never thought were possible, most of them having to do with sex.

Of course, if there are kids there, you must simply be silly, and by all means, let them join in.

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Nobody Reads About Amy Adams

Nobody Reads

I was putzing around in the latest Issue of Vanity Fair this morning. Vanity Fair is a double edged sword: you can read a lot of really good writers, saying absolutely nothing, but saying it in a very creative way, or entertaining way, and waste a good 20 minutes of your life, or…you can get some real insights into the lives of the rich and famous…and then there’s the fluff. Every month they are promoting somebody, with some fluff piece, and this month it was Amy Adams. Amy Adams, Hollywood’s Red Hot Winter Wonderland. (Okay, the title gives it away)Amy Adams on couch

But, if I were Amy Adams, I’m not sure what I would take out of these statements:

“Hoffman describes Adams as “a great actress” who will keep working until she gets it right.”

That’s like saying, the girl is such a moron we have to do 847 takes just until we finally get something we can use. Nobody Thinks that the definition of a great actress is someone who can do the scene in just one take..but maybe I’ve got it wrong.

He goes on:

“She s so vulnerable. She’s the person the director is either in love with or wants to kill. At bottom, she’s generous and she shows up to work.” In other words (This are the words of Nell Scovell) there’s no one he’d rather have jerk him off in the sink? He laughs. “Basically.”

So Amy, your duty here is to help the director jerk- off onset. (Hey…I’m living in a world of smut disguised as serious liberal journalism. Help me out here.)Amy Adams

Is it me? These liberals are SUCH big feminist supporters, and yet think nothing of insulting someone’s acting ability by saying she really is just there to add sex appeal to the movie, and add some fun to the director’s day.

Oh…but she is generous. That’s good in any winter wonderland I suppose.

UPDATE: Somebody should be more generous to Amy by the looks of this apartment.

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Nobody’s Email: Obama CARES About Gay Sex

Nobody Flashes Email

OMG…I actually got this in an Email. And since Obama is sending all gay athletes to represent America in the upcoming Olympics in Russia, and was really praising them up and down today in his big “Everything is wonderful” speech today, Nobody Wonders when Obama is going to come out and say that, yes…he too was once gay, but Michelle came along.

Michelle, recently said she was a single parent.

If you are straight, and really don’t want to see gay men in underwear looking at each other’s private parts–than take a pass. I only pass it along to make the point—

WHY can’t the gay men be dressed like normal people? WHY do the gay men have to be in their underwear showing everything? Do gay men not have brains? Do gay men only want sex? Is it all about the one-night-stands? Why get married then? Will we see Obamacare video with straight people in underwear?

Somewhere in some Democratic War Room, some political hack is saying, “Okay, we’ve worn out the race card…now…it’s all about the gay card…let’s go people! Push it. Push the gay!”

And if you get as upset at this as I did, then I apologize for our President and his gutter mentality ahead of time.

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