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The REAL Reason the Elites Want Universal Health Care

Nobody Wonders—-

Why has Universal Health Care has been the main drive among our politicians, GOP AND democratic? As we have seen, most everyone is running on some kind of ‘universal health care.” They are trying to sell it as such a wonderful thing: Everyone will be treated!

If you believe that, then you might as well move to Venezuela. Also, it’s also being pointed out that if Universal Health Care is passed into law, Medicare will no longer exit. Already now, since Obamacare, we see the illegals getting free health care and the elderly, suffering. Don’t we?

There are some of us who are old enough to remember, when America HAD the best medical care in the world. Kings and Queens from all over the world came here to be treated. I remember, whenever my grandparents had operations, they stayed in the hospital for at least a week, and it didn’t break their retirement money or put them in debt. Women having babies, same thing: at least 4 to 5 days.

Those were the good old days.

As a single parent, even years years ago, I could even afford to insure myself and my child even though it was in my divorce degree that my ‘x’ should provide it since he made three times as much as I did. (That’s another blog. He didn’t.)

It was Blue Cross, Blue Shield. As I remember, I only paid $240 dollars a month for the both of us.

Then came Hillary. Then came Obama. Socialized medicine was slowly introduced into our country’s vein like a slow IV drip of poison. And then, because of socializing the whole health care cost system, the costs ballooned. After Obamacare was shoved down everybody’s throat, it basically was the first step towards the real aim: population control.

I truly believe that is the end game. When the government controls your health care, they decided who lives and who dies.

Along with saving the big companies from having to even deal with the cost of their employees health care, the elites see as their end run: population control.

Obamacare paid for abortions, and birth control, and yes, the end of life care and the cost of drugs meant that many people had to make choices between staying alive or not eating. We all saw what happened with the vets. And all over Canada and Europe, the countries they claim to have it all so wonderful—People died waiting for tests, not to mention the suffering from that wait.

So, Obama started us down the path of Universal Health Care, and the cost has gone up 400 percent.  He wreaked our system, to clear the path for the next step. In the meantime, the elites don’t have to take Obamacare, and the democrats  are running on how bad our health care is, (which THEY damaged) and surely, THEY can come in and fix it.

But make no mistake: Universal Health Care will kill millions of the old.

The elites seem to think it’s their DUTY to cull the herd. Here’s some quotes from the famous: (From Infowars)

45 Population Control Quotes That Show The Elite Are Quite Eager To Reduce The Number Of People On The Planet

Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II and co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

Jacques Costeau: “In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it.”

Mikhail Gorbachev: “We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.”

Thomas Ferguson, former official in the U.S. State Department Office of Population Affairs: “There is a single theme behind all our work–we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it…”

Nina Fedoroff, a key adviser to Hillary Clinton: “We need to continue to decrease the growth rate of the global population; the planet can’t support many more people.”

Jane Goodall: “It’s our population growth that underlies just about every single one of the problems that we’ve inflicted on the planet. If there were just a few of us, then the nasty things we do wouldn’t really matter and Mother Nature would take care of it — but there are so many of us.”

Democrat strategist Steven Rattner: “WE need death panels. Well, maybe not death panels, exactly, but unless we start allocating health care resources more prudently — rationing, by its proper name — the exploding cost of Medicare will swamp the federal budget.”

HBO personality Bill Maher: “I’m pro-choice, I’m for assisted suicide, I’m for regular suicide, I’m for whatever gets the freeway moving – that’s what I’m for. It’s too crowded, the planet is too crowded and we need to promote death.”

CNN Founder Ted Turner: “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

Still think they don’t want to get rid of us?

I’m not sure what John McCain did to America when he came onto the Senate Floor and put a thumbs down on Trump’s ‘fix’.But what this Nobody Wonders is: Can our President stop the elites from wanting to kill as many of us as they can?And are they engineering a virus that will make us all puck like Zombies?

If it was up to Prince Phillip…it’s already in the works.

When you look at it by the words of the elites, Universal Health Care is the perfect answer to what they see as an overwhelming problem: Just too many plebians on the planet.

And we NEED to get rid of them….by any means necessary.


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Michelle Obama Can’t Smile: Nobody Cares.

Nobody Cares

So, Michelle Obama cried for a half hour after President Trump’s inauguration.

Do we care?

The job was so hard she said? Are you saying that eating at the finest restaurants and having the best chefs in the world cook for you for eight whole years was hard? Did they make you wash the dishes?

Being adored the world over for just being the first black lady was…hard?

Not having to drive your kids to school, and having mom watch them while you had all those midnight parties with Stevie Wonder at the White House…was just so HARD? Oh…poor child…how did you manage it?

Moving into all white rich neighborhoods was…oh that had to be hard. I guess having to hang out with Oprah and Spielberg…that got rough. Having your own screening room and one of your 27 personal servants to bring you popcorn…how did you manage?

Well, I guess remembering all their names, that must have been hard.

Tell me, did you even have to unwrap your soap?

Having to watch Black Lives Matter burn down cities all over the United States while you stayed nice and cozy in the White House Mansion? I can only imagine your pain.

The only other woman to have it worse in the White House was Abigail Adams.

The vacations all over the world with your girls? That was tough.

And I bet you really miss Air Force One. Why, that was YOUR Plane and to think…some white man and woman is now sleeping in YOUR bed.

No wonder you couldn’t smile at Trump’s inauguration.

The truth is, you never wanted to leave. But, don’t worry…

As we Americans walk through our local drug stores all we see, is pictures of you and Obama, as if….you are still in the White House.

Take comfort Michelle for you are NOT alone. There is one thing you share with a lot of Americans.

When we see your face still being plastered on all the talk shows and magazines—

We can’t smile either.

At LEAST you have millions of dollars to comfort you and you and your children will never have to worry ever again in your lifetime. We have to worry about all our medical expenses since Obamacare raise our deductibles clear to Mars.

Thanks to you and your husband, MILLIONS of people were thrown into part-time work with NO insurance because of Obamacare.

You and your husband destroyed what was once the envy of the world…thousands of doctors retired. Thousands lost their insurance.

Right now, most people only go to the doctor if they are facing certain death. Too many illegals need our help, so we work in pain.

And you’ve even taken away our PAIN medication by flooding the country with drug cartels. 

If only, you could trade places with just one of us, you’d see,…okay.

You wouldn’t.

So, do we care if you were depressed after you left the White House?


Not one bit.

In the words of your husband I only have one thing to say.:

“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

Yep. Your husband said that about a woman….and you said…nothing. How come?

I bet you were smiling too hard, right? Anyway…

Nobody Cares what Michelle Obama says anymore, except Oprah Winfrey.

And Nobody Cares about her either.


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Nobody Wonders About the Murdoch Boys

Nobody Wonders

On the evening Fox News tonight, Bret Bair did a special on a woman who LOVED Obamacare. I was very surprised that it was at the end of what many people consider still a very conservative network.

She LOOKED like a liberal. She could have been Dr. Ford’s sister. And her story was, as usual, a heartfelt tale of “THANK GOD FOR OBAMACARE!”

It seems this lady, (sorry, I didn’t catch her name) had health Insurance with a company which she worked for all her life. But the company closed and then she got a kidney stone. And then cancer. And thank God, because Obamacare paid for everything.

She went on to say that lots of people who are employed, have such high deductibles, it’s like not having insurance at all! She forgets to mention it’s BECAUSE of Obamacare, that this is so….but I digress.

And so many people just can’t afford insurance, she says. EVERYBODY should have Obamacare…because…you see, she didn’t lose her property when she got sick. Without Obamacare she would have lost her property.

She might have if the state didn’t pay for everything she had happen.

While she was telling her story, she was petting her ‘favorite’ horse. No, she didn’t have one horse, she had about ten.

I don’t know about you, but she had to had some kind of money…enough to have and care for ten horses. I don’t know how much it cost to feed and house one horse, let along more than one, but I bet it’s not cheap.

The lady was NOT poor. And isn’t it wonderful that you and I, the lovely taxpayer, PAID for all her care, and she could go on keeping her horse and house and property, and then there’s feed for those horses, much do saddles cost nowadays?

In other words: The woman had money. Lots of money. Maybe her ‘husband’ was rich, but she acted as if she was single….and couldn’t afford insurance.


To me, this was FOX news putting on an ad for socialized medicine. For the RINO support of Obamacare. And today, the subject that was all OVER the news was that the democrats will be running on health care, and how President Trump wants to take it all away from them.

Many Americans HAD good insurance. Obamacare screwed up our whole medical system, not to mention, you were FINED if you didn’t have it.

At least the President got rid of that.

So, you have to be careful with FOX. They still represent the ‘global’ RINO’s, the BIG corporations.

The money class. Who don’t ever have to worry about paying medical bills.

Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Hilton is where FOX MAKE their money, but behind the scenes…

Nobody Wonders just HOW conservative Rupert Murdoch’s sons are since they took over his global business.
Nobody Wonders if they are just more of the global elites who want the ‘state’ to pay for healthcare, so they don’t have to.
And this Nobody Wonders if the subject of Brett Kavanaugh being a mean ice-throwing sex pervert will be replaced by the mean republicans wanting to kill a woman’s right to…health care.

Okay, we don’t have to wonder about that…it’s already happening.

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What Part of ‘Replace’ Did We Not Understand?

Nobody Wonders—

How anyone can even be surprised that the GOP did not repeal Obamacare? After all, the writing was on the wall, when Boehner was forced to retire and Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s pick for VP, was made Speaker of the House. Mitt Romney had the first ‘Obamacare’ in Massachusetts. Paul Ryan was placed in the speakership to do exactly what he did: make sure the repeal never happened.

And isn’t it funny, Obamacare came down ONE vote that could have killed it. Kennedy died, and Scott Brown replaced him.

The way the democrats got it through was basically, with fraud.

(Refresh your Obamacare history here.)

Remember, it was the one vote of Bush appointed, Supreme Court Justice Roberts, that made it law.

Now somehow the magical number of “Let’s repeal it and take TWO years to replace it!” is said over and over.

Why two years? Why not ONE year?

Because that’s when the next elections come up in about two years, and all the republicans that said they would repeal it, but didn’t, will then be able to say:

“You don’t want the democrats to give us a one payer universal health care system, do you?!”

And they think they will THEN be able, in two years, after everyone is suffering or dead, to get the votes.

They will once again, use fear, just like the democrats do.

And somehow, someway, it will come down to ONE VOTE.

As Rush Limbaugh said today, and I have been saying for quite sometime, the Americans wanted them to REPEAL it…not replace it.

But that became the clever slogan that even President Trump used. In fact they ALL used it. They never said what they would “replace” it with, but they let us all to believe that it would NOT be government-run.

We woke up AFTER the election and discovered, they meant replace it with a nicer government healthcare system.

And Trump, was in on this. Twitter rants are nothing compared to this one flaw that he has.

President Trump claims he is all for free markets.

Obamacare is basically socialism. So how can he be for ‘replacing’ it with government health care?

Many say he didn’t do enough to help the GOP pass the legislation…so did he WANT it to fail?

Rand Paul and the others who told us it was basically Obamacare redo, were right. And Trump has always said…better to walk away from a bad deal, so in that respect, Rand Paul and the few GOP Senators who lobbied against this were hero’s.

So, why did Trump blame THEM?

Nobody Wonders.

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Jimmy Kimmel: A Mother’s Persepective

Nobody Remembers….

Jimmy Kimmel had the sympathy of the world this week, when he told the story of how his son was born with a defected heart, and then tears of relief came as he relived the scare and the pain of having to wait the three hours of surgery while doctors operated on his newborn son’s heart.

His son, is at home now and doing well.

And then, he made an emotional plea that all parents shouldn’t have to worry about the doctors’ fees and every child should have the chance to life. Did Jimmy Kimmel use his ordeal to promote Obamacare? Or universal health care? Or stop Congress from repealing it?


So sorry, Mr. Kimmel, that you had to go through what millions of other parents all over the world go through almost every day, but here in America…no baby that is born and is alive is left to die.

Unless of course, your heart is beating and you are SUPPOSED to be aborted. Then the doctor can stab a knife in your brain and harvest your organs for sale for that lady at Planned Parenthood who wants a great sports car.

But that’s another blog.

Michelle Malkin wrote the best essay on this, but, I wanted to add a bit of my own.

The night my son was born, (Jan. 1980) it was pretty scary. The doctor had to take him by cesarean because I had a condition called Placenta Previa…which means, if you go into labor both mother and child could die.

Even though he had told my husband at the time, that he was NOT to get into any fights with me, the moron (my first husband) started a big fight with my father, and I went right into labor.

Years later I realized he did it on purpose, but that’s another story.

I went right into labor at six months…and was rushed to the hospital. 

I was also awake during the operation, and concerned, because my doctor had not slept in 34 hours. They brought my son over to me, and I said “Hi Sweetheart,” And then I said his name over and over… he just looked so beautiful, and then they took him away.

I remember yelling, “You did it Anastasio!” That was my doctor’s first name. But then, I must have passed out.

After they sewed me up, they put me in a room with another woman, whose baby was born with a collapsed lung. And then they told me, my son was having trouble breathing. I stayed awake the whole night, and nobody gave me any news, just that, because TWO babies had been born that needed help, they thought the baby with the collapsed lung was more concerning.

So, I laid there…awake the whole night. FINALLY, in the early morning, a German doctor who I had never met, came to tell me that my son had hyaline membrane disease, and he used his pull, to get him into Children’s Hospital, in St. Louis.

Later I realized, he saved my son’s life. The hospital was full, but he pulled it off.

The room was still dark, when TEN people brought him over to my bed. He was in an incubator. His arms and legs tied down, and he was on a respirator. When I saw his little body, I noticed that with every single breath, his stomach caved down deep, almost to his spine. He struggled to breathe with every breath.

They didn’t let me touch him. I couldn’t. “You might upset him,” they said.

Tell a mother she can’t touch her baby? It was like being told I only could live one more day. I’ve never wanted to do anything more.

He was in a big glass box, and then I told him to, “Be a good boy, I’ll see you soon…” EVERYBODY in the room, started crying.

Clearly, every one of them thought he would die.

But, I did NOT want to even think about that.

I was told an ambulance was waiting to take him where he could get better care.

When he left, I wanted to rush to see him. I was MAD because I couldn’t stand up. When you have a cesarean, they cut through seven layers of muscle, and you might think you don’t need that muscle to stand up, but you do.

The lady besides me was pumping out breast milk for her baby. But…I had nothing. My body and my soul just went into shock. The fact that I couldn’t produce milk for my son, left me feeling…well you can imagine.

NEVERTHELESS, every single priest that came into that room, I threw out. I told them “My son’s going to live.,’

And I prayed to God… “Please, PLEASE, don’t take my only son.”

They let me out within three days. It was a good 40 minutes’ drive to Children’s Hospital, but I went right down there the moment I walked out of that hospital.

The walk to the neonatal unit, when every step was painful, was hard, but I was so excited that I was going to see my son. I held on to my stomach the whole way. (My moron husband made me walk from the parking lot, which was quite a ways. It took a good 30 minutes.)

And there was my angel….all tied up, with that big hose down his throat… and I STILL couldn’t touch him. His arms and legs were tied down.  It was horrible to witness.  But, he wasn’t struggling to breathe, anymore, and he had color in his cheeks.

That’s good, I told myself. That’s good.

Every day I went, and I grew to trust and love the nurse who took care of him. SHE had confidence that he would live. And finally, one day, a young doctor said, “He keeps tearing lose his arms and legs, and trying to tear his respirator out. I think, he’s trying to tell us something, I’m going to risk taking it out.”

I was…so proud of him…clearly, he WANTED to live.

That’s my son. Strong. Smart. Determined, from the moment he was born. He still is to this day.

And I thanked God, for those nurses and doctors who saved my son’s life. As Jimmy Kimmel does here.

But here’s where Jimmy Kimmel gets it wrong.

My son was six and 1/2 pounds at birth at six months. While he was certainly in bad condition and lost a pound while he was there, there were at least five or six babes who weighted around 2 or 3 pounds. Some white. Some black. And nobody came to visit them.


It broke my heart. It broke the nurse hearts. Every day I would hope to see…someone care, to be there. But…nobody wanted them.

I visited my son every day in that hospital for a month. And everyday, I witnessed the care that those other babies got.

They were given the BEST care that anybody could ever receive. And none of them had insurance. Those doctors and nurses gave every single baby in that hospital the best of the best.

I stopped watching Jimmy Kimmel years ago. I thought when he got parents to steal the Halloween candy from the kids and then take video’s and send them in so the whole world could watch them cry, was beyond cruel.

It was NOT funny. It was just plain mean. And I NEVER forgave him for it.

Liberals like to talk about bullies and here was Jimmy Kimmel, bullying kids for ratings. I imagine he still does that stunt, so that’s why I don’t watch him.

So, let’s hope, that Jimmy Kimmel learned how PRECIOUS life is, since he found out, how quickly it can go.

Because, for every child he makes fun of and makes cry on his program for ratings…there is another child, who couldn’t be saved, and some parent somewhere who is watching that horrible joke and wondering.

What the hell is wrong with Jimmy Kimmel?

Children are precious.

Or did Jimmy Kimmel just get that message?

We’ll see.






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Congress & President Trump: There IS a Better Way. Find it.

Nobody Remembers

Listening to the doomsday whining about the failure of the GOP Obamacare lite, I got to thinking about two men; Reagan and Edison.

But before I remember Ronald Reagan and Thomas Edison today, let me say this:

I think, after hearing about the “failure” of the Trump/Ryan health care repeal failing all day…I’m actually hopeful. It’s a GOOD thing it failed. FINALLY. It’s being debated as all legislation should be. And anybody with a brain knows it. While the cable news networks are all crying that this is the end of the GOP, it’s all nonsense.

Good thing I’m not on TV, I would be saying “Hey, remember, Obama GAVE us this nightmare, do you think we can fix it in a day?”

This should give us hope, not despair. Better a good plan, than one that will cripple us further. Everybody knew, except President Trump and Paul Ryan, that universal health care in America will leave the almost destroyed middle class bearing even more of a burden than they do now. I would LIKE to think that President Trump will see that his wish for universal health care is not what the people voted for. This country is not the America of 2000, the year Trump wrote about his desire for universal health care in his book. I would hope he sees, that even though it’s what he thinks is best, is NOT what America wants. Nor, is it in line with free markets.

So, yes, I’m happy tonight. You can’t fix stupid in a day. Mr. President…WE CAN WAIT.

Every day, I roll my mouse over a mousepad that I bought in Ft. Myers, Florida, in the gift shop at Thomas Edison’s winter home. It’s frayed around the edges, and worn, and yet, it’s one of my favorite things. It has a picture of Edison and the words:

“There is always a way to do it better….find it.”–Thomas Edison

That’s what ‘we the people’ should be demanding of Congress. Hey guys, start over. FIND a better way.

There’s another favorite item of mine, and it’s a book called The Notes. It was a collection of Ronald Reagan’s Private Collection of notes that he kept in his desk, mostly quotes from others that he used to live his life by.

Let me share a few of President’s Reagan’s favorites.

Regardless of theoretical pretensions, socialism is nothing but the application of dictatorial power— Leonard Read

(Universal health care IS socialism.)

The germ of dissolution of our Fed. govt. is in the Fed. Judiciary, an irresponsible body working like gravity, gaining a little today & a little tomorrow, & advancing its noiseless step like a thief over the field of jurisdiction until all shall be usurped from the states & the govt. of all be consolidated into one. –Thomas Jefferson

(9th Circuit Court, Obamacare.)

It will be of little avail to the people who laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood: if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man who knows what the law is today can guess what it will be tomorrow. –Alexander Hamilton

(Obamacare is HOW many pages long? Thousands?)

And last but not least:

A nation can survive its fools & even the ambitious but it cannot survive treason from within. For the traitor appears no traitor: he speaks in an accent familiar to his victims & wears their face & their garments….he rots the soul of the nation. He works secretly & unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city: he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. –Cicero

And so the infection of the ‘deep state’ is now to be feared. But hey! Thomas Edison didn’t give up. And because he didn’t give up to find that better way, the whole world was born anew.

Come on Congress…turn that light back on…go back to work…And Mr. President…

You KNOW….there has GOT to be a better way…FIND IT.



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Nobody Solves Universal Health Care With One Executive Order

Nobody Knows

Yes…not many people know what I am about to tell you. If you have been wondering WHY President Donald J. Trump is pushing for Paul Ryan’s horrible Obamacare ‘repeal’ that is actually just a twist on the old one, then sit down. Really. Sit down.

I was laying down when I read this. Good thing too. Not much in my bed to throw but a few pillows.

Remember I told you that I actually READ Trump’s books? Yep. From his own mouth, or pen…or brain:

From Trump: The America We Deserve– page 206 and 207:

The healthcare bureaucrats are depriving Americans of care in order to keep costs down. Medical care is so expensive, in fact, that millions of Americans have no health insurance at all.

Working out the detailed plans will take time. But the goal should be clear: Our people are our greatest asset. We must take care of our own. We must have universal health care.

Sure, this was published 16 years ago, around the time Obama was hanging out with his buddy in the gay bars of Chicago. (Now he is hanging out in the gay islands of Fiji, no I’m not jealous, no…) but I really don’t think Trump has changed his mind on this. Think about it, he has always ONLY said,

“Obamacare is a disaster, we are going to repeal and REPLACE it.”

So, Obama was right. He mocked us all when he said that the Affordable Care Act was, and would remain, the LAW OF THE LAND.

Now, I know that some of you around the rest of the world love the universal health care that your country provides for you…but those of us here in the United States, who are old enough to remember….do remember that once upon a time America had not only the best, but the most affordable health care in the world, and we were hoping that repeal meant….going back to that wonderful system.

But no…it’s clear to this Nobody, that’s not going to happen.

Trump will never call it universal health care now. He’s not stupid. So, WHY is he doing this?

Here’s what goes on in my little nobody mind:

FIRST FACT: The Fortune 500 companies do NOT want to have to supply their employees with medical insurance. It’s a cost they’d rather have the government-run, like they do in the socialist countries.

SECOND FACT: President Trump needs those Fortune 500 companies to help him bring HIS big vision for America into fruition. And besides, he truly doesn’t want anybody to not get help when they are sick.

THIRD FACT: There are so many people NOT working in this country, that over 93 millions people who don’t have jobs, need something. Add to that the millions of illegals and ‘refugees’ who need care…you have a BIG problem.

FOURTH FACT: The government destroyed the fine system we had in the first place.

How? Presidents of both parties kept messing with it. And now, we are overwhelmed with MILLIONS of illegals who are sucking our system dry.

Why do we have so many illegals?

Globalization. Thank the Rockefeller Rinos’. Thank Daddy Bush. Thank his son.

Wait Joyanna! You didn’t blame the man who passed it in the FIRST place.

Well, here’s where my little Nobody mind Wonders…

Could it be, that the global men who run this world, decided that having a BLACK man pass universal health care would work? Remember, there was only ONE man who stood against it in Congress: Ted Cruz.

Strange, don’t you think? Where WERE all those little GOP ducks?

What if these men that run the global network of power in the world thought that the quickest way to get the United States on the global-no-borders-world government-platform, was to put someone in who could actually manage to get it through?

Obama came out of nowhere. As FDR said, nothing in politics is a coincidence.

So, as much as I truly am a big fan of our President, and I tell myself this system is now SO entrenched, and so many elites fighting against him, all he can really do is get rid of the tax…I still feel terrible. On THIS subject, we might be royally screwed. Unless of course, President Trump starts backing Rand Paul’s plans:

So, Mister President: Here’s a nobody suggestion—-

If you MUST have universal health care, than for the American people’s sake, do one more thing.

Write an executive order that says, whatever health care law Congress passes, THEY have to abide by it too. That way, they will have to write a good one.

I’d like to leave my pillows sitting lovely on my bed.


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An Alchoholic Gets Top Medical Care…And Other Brotherly Rants

Nobody Wins

“This is what REALLY pisses me off.” my brother said. “Bob,” (not his real name) is an alcoholic, and he had a heart attack, but they couldn’t operate on him until he was detoxed, so they put him in a coma for a week to detox him. A WEEK! How much was that bill? And you know what? He didn’t have to pay one single penny. Because if you don’t work, you don’t have to pay. You and I pay.”mad-two

My brother was on a furious rant. He is now on Social Security and I was asking him about Medicare. My brother has a small business, so he’s glad he’s on Medicare. But, his wife had to sign up for Obamacare, and then he went into another rant….

“Obamacare is worthless, it doesn’t pay for anything, and on top of that, the deductible went up to $5,000!” His wife has a precondition…and so she needs a lot of doctor care and medications. But because they own a small business, which thanks to the Bush/Obama bank holiday, are going the way of J.C. Penny, they need the cheapest insurance they can find. At the time, Obamacare was law.obamacare-3

“I just found out that one dental implant costs $5,000.” I told him, trying to get in my frustration. I have a tooth that decided to dislodge from its roots, without even asking my permission. “They can give you a whole set of dentures for $485, but for the price of one tooth, I could buy five really cool riding lawn mowers!” (Don’t ask me what made me think of that.)

My brother didn’t care about my teeth…or riding lawn mowers…he was too upset….

“And another thing, did you know that Dubai will not take ANY refugees? We protect Dubai, and they are rich beyond any place else in the world, and yet, why do we have to take Muslim refugees when they don’t have to? I see the armies of young men coming into the country. And it’s me who is paying for their health care. I’m sorry, I’m furious.” he said.

“Well, it’s the Saudi’s that are building mosques all over Europe and the United States for those ‘refugees’.  It’s basically an invasion. That’s how they take over countries.” I said.obamacare-triple

But, he wasn’t listening. “All my money goes to insurance.” He said. “House insurance, car insurance, health insurance. The other day I went to the dentist office, (he has insurance) and I asked them if they were SURE that I was covered, and they said “Yes, we’re sure.” And then they sent me a bill for $553, and when I called them, they said the insurance didn’t cover it, and if I DON’T pay it, then my credit rating is shot and they will come and take my house….”

And so the conversation went. I had just had the same conversation earlier that day with my friend in North Carolina. She said, “Everybody that I talk to is so depressed. They can’t get ahead, and they know they will NEVER be able to get ahead, and there is nothing in the world that you can do about it.”

Not to mention the news, hour by hour, minute by minute, the news is depressing, vicious, attacking— and it does leave you feeling like nothing in life will ever be enjoyable again.

It’s a wonder more people don’t commit suicide.

And the Democrats say that things in America are great. Really? Seriously?

The rich in Washington D.C., still do not feel the pain, and they never will. They have sucked the working class people dry, and in the future, the millions of illegal immigrants sucking off the teat of the ones working, will bankrupt us all, with the blessing of the rich in Congress.  If Congress doesn’t repeal it, they WILL be sorry.

And as if the daily berating of President Trump isn’t enough to piss us all off, we hear today that Obama and Michelle got a $65-million-dollar book deal to tell us all what a great job they did in the White House, and how abused they were.

Am I furious? You bet. Nobody Wonders WHO paid for those multi-million dollar Obama smiles, but I bet, it was my brother.

I don’t think I’ll tell him. I’ll wait till he’s dead.



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Nobody Wonders a LOT Today…

Nobody Wonders

How can a President reward himself with a medal? That’s what Obama did today…he gave a long fluffy speech on how proud he was to serve as the leader of the greatest military on earth, and then, had his favorite sycophantic general give him a metal for “Distinguished Public Servant.” (gag)obama-gets-metal

Not many military guys showed up to watch this speech, but that didn’t keep FOX from making the rest of us suffer through it. (I couldn’t change the channel…long story.)

He talked about how he was going to miss Air Force One, and Marine One. Nobody Wonders how many military men feels sorry about that.

He also made the claim that women were as least as strong as men.

He should know. (What a putz)

Nobody Wonderspence-and-ryan-two

After watching the Republicans today give their “We’re going to fix Obamacare” speech, I was thinking more about the body language on stage. Clearly, Paul Ryan wants to be the top dog, but Vice President Pence took that away from him, just by his supreme gravitas. I’ve been thinking that Ryan was going to take over the House and block Trump at every turn, but something tells me, Pence is going to have a good go at keeping him in line.

We’ll see.

Nobody Wonders

How the democrats can even say “Make America sick again.” Which is their new attack line for the republicans who are trying to repeal Obamacare.

You bet we are sick…sick that these thugs and loser Marxists who call themselves liberals won’t get off the stage and leave America to the American people. Just today, Macy’s is closing another 100 stores. Sears won’t be able to hold on much longer.  And how dare they get up there and threaten old people AGAIN, saying that the older people will lose their Medicare.

Obama threatened that same line hundreds of times.

Pelosi even threatened that “grandma” was going to have to come back and live at your house!

Oh…horrible. In the black families the grandmothers are raising the kids. Grandmothers should complain.

Obamacare is a disaster. Everybody knows it.

And Nobody Wonders if the democrats didn’t design the damn thing so that the republicans would have a very hard time getting rid of it. (Of COURSE they did.)

Can a ten-year-old think up a better password than John Podesta? (It’s PASSWORD)

Nobody Wonderspence-and-ryan white-beaten

And speaking of complaining, some black thugs kidnapped a white guy, beat him up, and put him on Facebook, and made him say “Fck Trump” and “Fck White People.”

Facebook said it didn’t violate community standards.

Well then, since Zuckerface doesn’t care about community standards than I suggest all the people on Facebook post: “F*ck Zuckerberg”

When are we going to hear from reporters that there is a REAL war on white Christians and Jew?


Nobody Wonders.

Megyn Kelly went to NBC? GREAT! While we kept reading about how everyone LOVED Megyn Kelly, I don’t think they dare tell you how bad their ratings went down after her attacks on Trump.megyn

Now, Nobody Wonders if FOX will ever get rid of the other dead weight that’s on every program so much, most people are sick to death of them: Karl Rove, Geraldo, and Juan Williams. This nobody is getting pretty tired of Gutbucket too. He’s like a very rude five-year-old who thinks he’s cute.

His best lines are his short essays. But…

But no, I doubt it, unless there are others out there who feel the same.

And one more thing:

Nobody Wonders WHY the people (or is it the government?) is pushing legalization of weed.weed-meme

  1. It damages your lungs as sure as cigarettes.
  2. It makes you pretty stupid. Lots of geniuses have been creative when drunk, but I can’t think of any major invention done while stoned.
  3. In all the states where recreational weed has been legalized, traffic accidents have risen by about 40 percent.
  4. MOST IMPORTANT: If you are smoking and you get pregnant, your baby can have birth defects. Such as Down’s syndrome. There will be a lot more gays born to weed-totting mama’s. It damages the hormones, and the genes.

But then again, if you have stage-four cancer, and can’t afford your medication because of Obamacare, then by all means: Get stoned.

You really have to wonder why anybody would smoke anything.

But then again, that’s another blog.




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NOBODY Wins With Obamacare

Nobody Wins

The 114th Congress starts to work this week, and the nation is waiting for them to repeal Obamacare.

It’s mostly why the people voted them in. But— they have that look of deer’s staring at the headlights. WHAT? There are all sorts of nebulous and plangent explanations for why it’s going to be difficult.ryan-obamacare

Any America would say: No it’s not. Trash it. Let the people buy their own insurance, and across state lines.

Pretty simple. Competition.

Tell me, what would be more expensive to a health insurance company: covering contraceptive and abortions for 400 million Americans, or supplying insurance to people with pre-existing conditions?

Or is the REAL dirty secret is that, Congress is supplying free health care to illegals to bring in more babies?

Has anybody even taken an account of this? Which costs more? My Nobody Opinion is that it’s all about not paying for the upkeep of the baby boomers, who they REALLY don’t want draining the systems for too long.

That why Obama said that his mother should just “accept” her fate and not try to prolong it.

If you can’t afford that medication, then, as Scrooge so famously said, “You should die and reduce the population.”

Donald Trump has promised to repeal, and ‘replace’ Obamacare, because frankly, it a rape of the American people. The people who are paying the bills, now have to forgo their coverage to cover the ‘poor’ and illegals that can’t afford it. On top of that, we are now being forced to basically ‘kill’ babies.obamare-dr

Some of us consider that to be a tyrannical act on the part of the government.

They’ve already made abortions legal. It’s quite another horror to FORCE everybody to pay for them.

We are now going to watch the democrats AND the RINO republicans in Congress, hem and haw because the dirty secret is: The big companies wanted universal health care, and the one global corrupt corporate party that dwells in the ‘swamp’ of Congress will be sure to try to give it to them.

It’s not just Obama and the democrats who are going to fight this.

Tell me, how many republicans in Congress, do you think are going to help Donald Trump? The last two years they have collected more taxes than ever in history.

Do you think they REALLY want that to stop?

The ruling plutocracy wanted the healthcare system of all the European countries, except, Obamacare is NOT like those systems. It’s more like Hitler’s holocaust, only it’s was pushed with a PR blaze of compassion for the poor, and big, fat lies.

From the Washington Post:

Democratic opposition and complex Senate rules mean that core pieces of the 2010 health-care overhaul are likely to remain, including the legal framework for the individual mandate and pieces of the state exchanges the law created. Furthermore, President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to preserve other key aspects, such as a ban on insurers denying coverage because of preexisting conditions and a requirement that insurers cover children under 26 on their parents’ plans.

Here’s the deal. Why can’t they just pass some law that says in America, if you are an insurance company, you can’t refuse people with preexisting conditions? And with competition, the insurance company that officer to cover children under 26, will get more sign-ups.obama-and-obamacare

NOBODY should be forced to pay a fine. After all, they already take out of the working people’s paycheck money for Medicare.

But Joyanna…. what about all the poor people who can’t afford it?

Here’s what Michael Savage has to say about it in his book, Stop the Coming Civil War…

By eliminating the individual health insurance market, the administration is using Obama are to bring into being a massive redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the poor. Deprived of health care they can’t afford; the middle class will become totally dependent on the federal government for their medical care.

In Venezuela, two thirds of the three hundred state run hospitals have been reduced to walk in clinics run by Cuban doctors. These clinics do not treat serious illnesses. In the US the same thing is already going to happen. Four Georgia hospitals have been forced by Obamcare to shut down in the past two years, because Obamcare cuts payments of emergency services so drastically that they were open the verge of bankruptcy.

Is it too farfetched to believe that the real purpose of the Un Affordable Care Act is to remove undesirables like the sick and the elderly from the rolls of the insured?

And if you don’t think that Obama loves socialism…

For the Obamacare rollout, Obama worked with the same public relations specialists who also did the publicity for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

Really? And you TRUST this guy to say that the Russians hacked our elections? Just how many times has he lied to you?

It’s clear to most that they purposely made Obamacare fail, so as to replace it with universal health care…. which is what is going to happen, you wait and see.

I repeat myself: The big corporations wanted this.

Can Trump stop this?

Yes, if Trump can get the Congress to do something, then he truly is a miracle worker.asinine

Remember, Congress doesn’t have to abide by Obamacare. They go to the BEST doctors and hospitals that you or I could not afford.

Nancy Pelosi said today that it was too “complicated” and “sophisticated” to reform.

What it really is, is a slow death of millions of hard working Americans.

They should put a fork in it, and let Obama’s take that sorry ass Obamacare- Hugo Chavez legacy to his grave.

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Lie of the Year: Obama Cares

Nobody Cares

I can’t think of a way to start this blog piece. I really can’t. I was raised in the American family tradition of work very hard, chin up, live your life honestly, try to always do what’s right…treat others as you would like yourself be treated…the essence of Christian values.

Yesterday, I spent the day at the local hospital where my son had back surgery. It was a long day. My only brother and his wife were there, my husband and I, and my son’s current girlfriend, Meka, all sat there in the prep room, joking around.

He was scared. Who wouldn’t be? Your spine holds a lot of nerves…one false slip by any doctor and you could be paralyzed.

The hospital where this surgery was to be performed, is one of the worst in the city. Like most hospitals in low income areas, it has a hard time keeping afloat. I’ve spent many a long day in that hospital since both my parents suffered from brain hemorrhages, and there were times I wanted to write a horror book that would make Stephen King’s horror look lame. I had to be there at the hospital every day to look after both my parents just to make sure they weren’t killed by neglect.

I once knew a man who had the wrong leg cut off at that hospital. And the things I saw, would make any person doubt their sanity.Obama lied

BUT…this hospital has one of the BEST nero-surgeon in the country. His name is Dr. Lu, and he is one of those men who seem to float above the masses. In fact, of ALL the people I have met in my life, and some of them are very famous, I have never met anyone that I have been more in awe of. In the first 2 minutes…I would have trusted him with my soul. And he had agreed to do the surgery.

My son, was nervous. Some kind of blown calcified disc was lying on one of his main nerves. He has lost all feelings in one leg, and therefore, other important parts of his body. He went on like this for months, not being able to sit down, and having to drive 40 minutes to work, every day was horribly painful to say the least.

But, when he could bear it no more, he had to get the surgery done.

Thanks to Obama…and Obama’s great care, my son could not afford insurance. And Obamacare is much too expensive. But of course, we all know that now.

For those of you lucky enough to still make middle wage jobs, there are many young people, who can only find jobs paying around $30,000 a year. St. Louis is that economy. There are no jobs here, and most of them are either in government, healthcare, or fast food. Like Detroit, the jobs are just gone.

My son, was in dire pain every day for years because he couldn’t afford to fix his back.oh no two

Luckily, the doctor agreed to do it for less. The family had to put $4,000 done up front, and then when he gets the bill, it will be a nightmare trying to figure out how to pay for this. I don’t want to even think about it.

This has to be happening all over the country.

When I was young, and a single mom, health insurance was actually affordable. I had an insurance policy that covered both my son and I for about $235.00 a month. Nowadays, the state pays for those single moms.

Obama said more people would get covered while pushing Obamacare! How wonderful it would be!

Well, he lied.

If you are black, or illegal, you can get covered.

If you are white, and poor, or a veteran, you will go broke trying to pay your medical bills. He knew this, and he really doesn’t care. It’s all about re-distribution.

So, If you wonder why I hate…yes, I hate this President, then you know why.

He hates us.. Especially the common white American who “clings to their religion and their guns.”

We have the most racist President in history.

Today, at his press conference, Obama stood with Iran. He sent John Kerry and James Taylor to sing the French a song.

Treating the French like children. And it’s totally embarrassing to any America who remembers that we used to have adults in charge.

Who ARE these spoiled brats?

I was brought up with “Turn the other cheek.” I’m tired of turning the other cheek, and getting slapped every single day, by our government and the vast media complex of rich liberals. They print money to keep the corporations in big profits while the dollar goes down, and the little guy can’t afford food anymore.

You wonder why America is fat? Is it because REAL food costs too much? Bread, and snacks, and soda filled with caffeine keeps us all going while working two jobs?

As far as I’m concerned, there is a terrorist in the White House….and a group of rich elites in Washington who are afraid to stand up to him.tea party five

You know how classless he is? Today, before he introduced David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, he had to mention how we defeated the British in New Orleans.

And THEN after that slap, he said how David is his best friend.

You know who does that kind of stuff? Psychopaths. Read up on them. They all do it.

I suppose you could say that America had been here before and it’s been much worse, but that’s not the point. The point is…this was NEVER suppose to happen. Even in our worst time, our Presidents were not..completely against their own country. Obama is. And yet….there are men like Dr. Lu…such good men everywhere.

And, I don’t know how to end this rant. Except to say, it’s getting hard for me to find the good men anymore.

And I now know, how it must have felt before Jesus.

But…having said all that, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much. God was good to us yesterday. Now, if he would just do something about that ‘President’.

By the way,—-thanks for listening.

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Nobody’s Pefect: Nancy Pelosi VS Buddy The Dog

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, hands down, the biggest blooper besides Jonathan Gruber’s biggest hits on Youtube, was the recently demoted Nancy Pelosi, trying to say she didn’t remember ANY guy named Jonathan Gruber, had never heard of him, and he never had a hand in ObamaCare.

And then—THIS appeared:

Notice, none of the things about Obamacare that Nancy and her Gruber had promised actually happened, it was all lies. It was obvious to most everyone that someone was going to get screwed on the deal…and we all thought they knew it. And now we know— they did.

But, Nancy wasn’t alone in the “Oops, I shouldn’t have done that.” department.

There was Buddy the dog….who got his head…stuck in a cat house:  buddy

A Golden Retriever was rescued by Suffolk County Police officers Friday morning after he got his head wedged in a cat house in Medford.

Officers Stephen Lukas, Martin Gill and Sgt Kit Gabrielsen responded to the backyard of 212 Holland Ave. at 11:10 a.m. after a woman reported that her dog, Buddy, was stuck in the cat house.

The officers used crow bars and a hammer to dismantle the cat house and free the pesky pooch.

Poor Buddy.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Is it Nancy Pelosi, who blatantly lied out her four eyeballs to the American public when Jonathan Gruber told the whole world how stupid everyone was to fall for Obamacare? After all…Nancy is a congresswoman, paid to ‘serve’ us–sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, and the people, and she was taking part in the biggest scam ever foisted upon its people.

(Okay, so…there IS the Warren Report, but people so far have not died from the lack of truth about who killed JFK.)

Or was it Buddy the Golden Retriever who stuck his head in a hole he couldn’t get out of?

You knew?

NANCY! Congratulations MS Pelosi! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week, for not remembering that you are always being videotaped.

You don’t deserve to even OWN a fine dog like Buddy, who no doubt, just wanted to play with the cat.

Yes, Nancy, you are such a turkey that forever more, I will remember you…spinning so many lies, you FINALLY fell down. (Just like this turkey.)

I suggest you stay away from the microphones from now on: You’re making us all dizzy. In fact, in the words of my old Seebee Navy Father:

You are ONE dizzy broad.


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Nobody’s Email: A Tale of Two Doctors

Nobody Gets Email:Dogs

The jokes recently are more like fables. By the way, have you noticed that Aesop’s Fables at the library has been replaced by “Mommy has Two Daddies” ?

Here’s one of those: MADE YA THINK!

(Thanks to Kris)

Two patients limp into two different  medical clinics with the same complaint. Both have trouble walking and appear to require hip surgery.

The FIRST patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and has a time booked for surgery the following  week.

The SECOND sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for  an appointment, then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist, then gets an x-ray, which isn’t reviewed for another week and finally has his surgery scheduled for 6 months from then pending the review boards decision on his age and remaining value to society.

Why the different treatment for the two patients?

The FIRST is a Golden Retriever taken to a  vet.

The SECOND is a Senior Citizen on Obamacare…Obamacare bed

In November if there is no change in government we’ll all have to find a good vet.

God Bless America !


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American Nazi: Ezekiel Emanual

 Nobody Wins

“At 75 and beyond, I will need a good reason to even visit the doctor…Flu shots are out.” –Ezekiel Emanuel, “Why I Hope to Die at 75

They know it’s coming…after the elections, in 2016, the REAL death trap of Obamacare is going to hit millions of people—then it will become painfully obvious: Yes, Obamacare will decide who lives and who dies.Bastard

Soon, in the not so distance future, only the very rich will get heart surgery if they are over 75. Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Daddy Bush, they will always have the best care that money can buy, and at whatever age they need it.  But, not you and I. And it’s one thing to watch Obama play golf every day on your hardworking money, but when he insists that you DIE? Even democrats are not going to take that lightly.

So the man who designed the death panels, is going to help out, he wrote: Why I hope to Die at 75″

Ezekiel: Once I have lived to 75, my approach to my health care will completely change. I won’t actively end my life. But I won’t try to prolong it, either.

(Well THAT’s good news.)

Anyway, here’s a few more of his ‘opinions’ and my usual banter:

Ezekiel: I am sure of my position. Doubtless, death is a loss. It deprives us of experiences and milestones, of time spent with our spouse and children. In short, it deprives us of all the things we value.

Nobody: So this is your “I feel your pain” approach? No, you don’t need to see that grandchild one more time. Weak argument.Old people

Ezekiel: But here is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss. It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived. It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world. It transforms how people experience us, relate to us, and, most important, remember us. We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic.

Nobody: Living too long is a “loss”? So, let me get this straight Zink. No life is worth living UNLESS it is fully capable of walking, thinking, moving, and serving the state, have I got that right? That leaves out most of Ferguson, MO, and half of California. That’s what Hitler said…you’ve been reading too much of that guy.

Ezekiel; Indeed, I plan to have my memorial service before I die.

Nobody: What if you get hit by a car? I’d make a video now if I were you.Obamacare bed

Ezekiel: Americans seem to be obsessed with exercising, doing mental puzzles, consuming various juice and protein concoctions, sticking to strict diets, and popping vitamins and supplements, all in a valiant effort to cheat death and prolong life as long as possible. This has become so pervasive that it now defines a cultural type: what I call the American immortal.

Nobody: I suggest you stop climbing mountains right now.  You don’t exercise, or eat the right foods, no…and god forbid that someone 75 takes vitamins, or even aspirin. You and your buddy Obumer are having a real problem with American’s trying to stay on the planet aren’t you?

Ezekiel: Since 1960, however, increases in longevity have been achieved mainly by extending the lives of people over 60. Rather than saving more young people, we are stretching out old age.

Nobody: What? Young people usually don’t NEED saving.  What planet on you on? How many young are you killing in the womb, now that everybody gets free abortions from your Obamacare? Is that why your overwhelming the country with sick and diseased children? So the old will die off to save them?

Ezekiel: The results show that as people age, there is a progressive erosion of physical functioning.

Nobody: I got news for you, the human body starts eroding WAY before 75.

Ezekiel: Even if we aren’t demented, our mental functioning deteriorates as we grow older. Age-associated declines in mental-processing speed, working and long-term memory, and problem-solving are well established. Conversely, distractibility increases. We cannot focus and stay with a project as well as we could when we were young. As we move slower with age, we also think slower.

Nobody: We think slower? I’d take a ‘slower’ thinker over you Ezekiel, any day of the week. All those old people bugging you? Good.

Ezekiel: By definition, few of us can be exceptions.

Nobody: Oh boy….like you, I’m SURE. Only a few ‘superiors’ intellects like you can live to be old. Why don’t you just say it?Thomas Sowll on doctors

Ezikeil : I will leave aside the very real and oppressive financial and care giving burdens that many, if not most, adults in the so-called sandwich generation are now experiencing, caught between the care of children and parents.

Nobody: Oh, that’s it exactly, appeal to their selfish side. Just think if you had to decide between taking care of your ageing parents or going out to dinner every night. Oh, I forget, you’re talking to liberals.

Ezekiel: And while children can never fully escape this weight even after a parent dies, there is much less pressure to conform to parental expectations and demands after they are gone.

Nobody: Translation: Children will finally be free of those annoying old people. Solvent GREEN! Let’s just put a chip in everybody’s arm.  Or how about a vaccine that makes everyone get sick and die at 65! Why wait?

Ezekiel: We wish our children to remember us in our prime. Active, vigorous, engaged, animated, astute, enthusiastic, funny, warm, loving. Not stooped and sluggish, forgetful and repetitive, constantly asking “What did she say?”

Nobody: I wish to remember my two-year-old child when he would always say, “Do it again!”

(Good god, this man is sick.)

Ezekiel: Once I have lived to 75, my approach to my health care will completely change. I won’t actively end my life. But I won’t try to prolong it, either.

Nobody: Half the nation is hoping and praying for your demise dear sir.Obamacare

Ezekiel: Again, let me be clear: I am not saying that those who want to live as long as possible are unethical or wrong. I am certainly not scorning or dismissing people who want to live on despite their physical and mental limitations. I’m not even trying to convince anyone I’m right. Indeed, I often advise people in this age group on how to get the best medical care available in the United States for their ailments. That is their choice, and I want to support them.

Nobody: Okay, like Obama –this last sentence is a bald-face lie. By designing Obamacare, which will kill off people—-“I want to support them.” is the biggest lie since Obama told us we cold keep our doctors, and he was born in Hawaii.

Okay. I hate this man. He is going to kill millions of people before their time by making sure they do not get any care at all. The trouble is: this ‘plan’ to kill off the old, the feeble, the weak, the unborn is a very REAL plan that permeates throughout our government.

Obamacare will kill millions. (If Ebola doesn’t get us first.) Why do think they exempted themselves from it?

This from another;

Emanuel’s push for people to die at 75 is deeply connected to Obamacare, which insists that care be rationed for the elderly – who, presumably, must be encouraged to make the same “mature” decision about death Emanuel has made. Emanuel pushes back against those attempting to lengthen their own lives, castigating them as morally deficient:

If Ezekiel Emanuel wants to die at 75, that’s his prerogative. If he wants to reshape the system so the rest of us die at 75 as well, that’s evil.

Evil doesn’t cover it.fix it

What I think of this man cannot be printed, and so, I’ll leave it at that.

Ezekiel has designed a holocaust. The man is not different from the Nazi doctors in the war camps, who stripped the Jews nude when they got off the trains, and the doctors would send the old, the weak, and the feeble to the gas chamber

The man, is a monster.

And we must scream and yell until Obamcare is repealed.

Our very lives, depend on it.

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