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Nobody Wonders About the Murdoch Boys

Nobody Wonders

On the evening Fox News tonight, Bret Bair did a special on a woman who LOVED Obamacare. I was very surprised that it was at the end of what many people consider still a very conservative network.

She LOOKED like a liberal. She could have been Dr. Ford’s sister. And her story was, as usual, a heartfelt tale of “THANK GOD FOR OBAMACARE!”

It seems this lady, (sorry, I didn’t catch her name) had health Insurance with a company which she worked for all her life. But the company closed and then she got a kidney stone. And then cancer. And thank God, because Obamacare paid for everything.

She went on to say that lots of people who are employed, have such high deductibles, it’s like not having insurance at all! She forgets to mention it’s BECAUSE of Obamacare, that this is so….but I digress.

And so many people just can’t afford insurance, she says. EVERYBODY should have Obamacare…because…you see, she didn’t lose her property when she got sick. Without Obamacare she would have lost her property.

She might have if the state didn’t pay for everything she had happen.

While she was telling her story, she was petting her ‘favorite’ horse. No, she didn’t have one horse, she had about ten.

I don’t know about you, but she had to had some kind of money…enough to have and care for ten horses. I don’t know how much it cost to feed and house one horse, let along more than one, but I bet it’s not cheap.

The lady was NOT poor. And isn’t it wonderful that you and I, the lovely taxpayer, PAID for all her care, and she could go on keeping her horse and house and property, and then there’s feed for those horses, much do saddles cost nowadays?

In other words: The woman had money. Lots of money. Maybe her ‘husband’ was rich, but she acted as if she was single….and couldn’t afford insurance.


To me, this was FOX news putting on an ad for socialized medicine. For the RINO support of Obamacare. And today, the subject that was all OVER the news was that the democrats will be running on health care, and how President Trump wants to take it all away from them.

Many Americans HAD good insurance. Obamacare screwed up our whole medical system, not to mention, you were FINED if you didn’t have it.

At least the President got rid of that.

So, you have to be careful with FOX. They still represent the ‘global’ RINO’s, the BIG corporations.

The money class. Who don’t ever have to worry about paying medical bills.

Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Hilton is where FOX MAKE their money, but behind the scenes…

Nobody Wonders just HOW conservative Rupert Murdoch’s sons are since they took over his global business.
Nobody Wonders if they are just more of the global elites who want the ‘state’ to pay for healthcare, so they don’t have to.
And this Nobody Wonders if the subject of Brett Kavanaugh being a mean ice-throwing sex pervert will be replaced by the mean republicans wanting to kill a woman’s right to…health care.

Okay, we don’t have to wonder about that…it’s already happening.

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