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WE: Are Not Suppose to Know….McCaskill

Nobody Knows

WHY YouTube was shut down tonight. Cruz was debating go-go boy in Texas: Senator Graham was out trying to start a war with the Saudi’s: Hillary keeps making a fool of herself: Refugees again are marching to the border to disrupt the election: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter are all siding with massive censorship…siding with the Chinese Military rather than America’s.

Lots to see! So, why is it down?

Hopefully, you can see this. The question is not just how corrupt Claire McCaskill is, the question is HOW did she stay in so many lucrative high positions in Missouri for so many, many years?

It must be the teacher’s union, I for the life of me cannot think of one thing she has done for us. 

St. Louis alone lost ALL it’s top companies, and even Anheuser-Busch was sold to a foreign company.

So, thanks to Veritas Action for going undercover and getting her real stink on tape.

And notice: ALL the people working for her are young college kids.

Cheap pay, and too young to know better.

I hope the video stays up, because she NEEDS to go, and this nobody thinks that this video will sink her. Watch it before YouTube bans it.

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