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Nobody Flashes ANOTHER Walk Away Story

Nobody Flashes

Here’s a young black man who has seen the light…victim of the YEARS of being on the democratic plantation.

Nobody Thinks this is the BIGGEST secret being kept from the public…blacks all over the country are waking up. The democrats are counting on the black vote, and they are so sure that the blacks will turn out in the midterms to take over the house. They might be in for a big surprise.

Their big black savior, President Obumer, did more for Muslims and Hispanics than blacks. All he did was use them for their vote, and millions of them are posting video’s like this one, to wake other black men and women up.

Thanks to Dinesh D’Souza, and President Trump, they are getting educated.

Because of the strength of our President, and his relentless words and encouragement…nobody gave up the fight for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who we all hope will stay TRUE to the Constitution. What he had to go through was cruel and demeaning.

But that’s who the left have become.

The tactics of the left: vulgarity, anger, violence, is now working against them.

I have hope. Last night my husband and I were walking our dog, when a black lady in a nice SUV stopped to remark about our dog and introduce herself and her three kids….she is new to the neighborhood, and clearly, wanted to be friends. It was a good sign.

The blacks are reaching out…to the Trump supporters.

I can see a day when the eight years of Obama’s race baiting will take a turn, and the nation will be more unified it’s ever been. I can see President Trump winning reelection very easily now.

Tonight President Trump spoke in Kansas to a crowd of 10,000….who do the democrats have that could even compare?


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