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The Planned Depopulation of the Deplorables.

Nobody’s Opinion

(Sorry, this one’s a bit long.)

We’ve now had two nutcases take up our news program this last week, and get us off the upcoming illegal immigration horde coming to our borders.

The idiot “non-bomber” and the despicable man who killed Jews in Pittsburgh.

More people are killed on a weekend in Chicago than at this Jewish synagogue, but…Those people don’t count to the liberal media because they’re black.

The Jewish vote is important to the democrats. And this guy was a NAZI and they all call Trump a NAZI…thinking that you are so stupid that will associate the man with the President.

While we are always supposed to just assume that nothing in politics is connected, how can we not suspect the worst, after we’ve SEEN the worst from our politicians. Could the liberals, whose main men ran the CIA and the FBI send out false flags before the most important election in their history?

Tell me, how long was the story about Hillary selling uranium to Russia on the news? Giving them our long-range missile technology?

Have you heard anyone besides Lou Dobbs make more than a few seconds of comments about this?

No, me neither. Even if Russia nuked us, Hillary would NEVER be blamed.

But we should be blaming the people running the world for the mess they’ve gotten us into.
While the news media is filled with “The democrats hate the Trumpsters and the Trumpsters hate the progressives.” what is really happening is the elite hate us. America. Hillary and Obama admitted it. She called us ‘deplorables’ and she meant it.

What are the elites doing? And how LONG has this been going on?

A nobody like me asks this question every day. With the destruction of the West by the FORCED immigration we see assaulting Europe and America daily….and the daily mantra that poverty is caused by global warming, can we finally connect the two together and figure out what the heck these morons that fly their jets to Bilderberg conventions are doing to us all?

First: I think they consider themselves SO smart and SO elite and so endowed with a narcissistic habit of wanting to control everything, somewhere along the line, they decided that the world was going to die from overpopulation.

It would be better if there WERE less of our deplorable selves. And they decided, long ago to try and fix that horrible problem— benevolent moralistic souls that they are.

Forget the bluntness of President Trump, here’s a quote from Queen Elizabeth’s own husband: • Prince Phillip, a man who had four sisters who were married to NAZI’s, had this to say about the population and people who have too many children:

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation,” Philip told Deutsche Press Agentur in August 1988.

Never mind he has four children himself. And eight grandchildren.

Bill Gates keeps hoping to stop the overpopulation growth with his vaccines in Africa. But, so far, it hasn’t been working.

When did this ‘concern’ about too many humans on the planet begin? Nobody Knows…but it’s been around quite a while.

Thomas R. Malthus already acquired this point of view by the end of the 18th century. In his famous “Essay on the Principle of Population” (first edition in 1789), Malthus argues justly that in time the growth of the population will inevitably slow down, either by an increase of the death rate or by a decrease of the birth rate. On a local scale, migration also plays an important role.

It is no coincidence that Malthus’ essay appeared in England at the end of the 18th century. After all, the population there had started to grow at a historically unseen rate. More specifically the proletariat had grown immensely and that worried the intellectuals and the elite. Year after year, new demographic growth records were recorded.

The elites did a bang-up of erasing their own kind didn’t they? (Not their families of course, just the masses that they ruled.)

Getting rid of the old and replacing it with the NEW had a lot of help in universal health care, where you GET no care.

With that, the government could deny people drugs and procedures to get them off the planet. Even

Obama wanted his mother to “just accept her fate.” He admitted that it really costs the state too much to keep us old people alive.

Wars help. But then again…there is always a chance with nuclear weapons, somebody is going to hit THEM. The elites that is.

No, they can’t kill us all until they can get those robots up and running.

The problem they all lament is there is just not enough young men to fill the jobs to keep the multinational, and more importantly the BIG Brother government going. Bringing all those ‘colored’ people into the West, and then getting them educated will bring down the population growth.

So is the hope of the ‘deep state.’

But, feeding the masses that are already here…that’s a problem. SO…

Global warming chicken little fear story was invented as a way to TAX the West in order to supply the money to other nations to get this done.

How many times have we heard politicians say that if we just send OUR tax money to every other poor country on the planet THEY WON’T HAVE TO COME HERE? When global warming scare doesn’t work, they use that.

While the West killed off millions of their own babies, countries like China, India and Africa went on a baby making spree.

I was reading an article in the 1995, February Issue of Scientific American, yesterday, when I found what the real scientists claimed they had found the ANSWER to stopping the population growth…

“When a child becomes perceived as expensive, we may finally have a hope of dislodging the rapacious hold of high fertility rates.

Got that Mr. and Mrs. America? This nobody happens to think that’s one of the ways that our media and our leaders got us to have so many abortions: They control the markets, they control the jobs, and while once upon a time just one man working in America could support a family of three easily, that is no longer the case.

After all, we have huge cell phone and cable bills now. Higher food prices, higher education prices, higher everything. The Fed has been working hard. They ‘nudge’ us into becoming their cattle and accepting their prices.

Even fast food is expensive now. And they keep telling us we HAVE no inflation.

Talk about a lie: That’s a BIG one. So of course, having a child is very expensive now. America has stopped having babies.

The #MeTOO movement is just another way to KEEP women from getting married and having a lot of kids. And many single women just cannot afford to have lots of babies, now, to live the life you want, you need TWO salaries, or …..welfare.

Here’s another population ‘fact’ that I wonder about: Black women get more abortions than whites.

I live in a mostly black neighborhood. You sure could have fooled me. All my adult life I have noticed that while the democrats destroyed the family, the more kids they had, the more welfare they got, and it was a common sight to see mothers with at least four or five little black babies walking behind them.
Tell me, when was the last time you saw a white mother walking around Wal-Mart with six kids?

The other day I was in Wal-Mart, and now it’s the Hispanics walking around Wal-Mart with the train of kids. (Or the Muslims) I heard a black mother standing in the diaper aisle say while looking at the price of diapers: “Now I KNOW why I stopped having kids.”

In other words, she has a job now and must pay for these things.

But not the migrant. Not the illegal.

Nobody Wonders: Is this the plan? Was this mass ‘single’ parenthood just something that randomly happened?

Don’t be stupid. We’ve been brainwashed with “It’s a woman’s right!”

In the meantime, American has transferred literally TRILLIONS of dollars to African and all nations all over the planet to help with birth control, education, medicine, while our middle class was wiped out.
That money went to the dictators, and the people STILL kept having a lot of mouths to feed.

I don’t remember getting a voice in that….do you?

But here in America, raising a child in America, is so expensive, people can barely afford one.

Some of the millennial are putting off having kids. Some don’t have any at all. Weddings now are few and far between. Those big Italian weddings are long gone now.

So yes, our white elitist Western leaders have basically wiped out their own race. They don’t want us nobodies to figure out what they are doing to us, so they now call all white people racist or white supremacist.

It’s an old progressive Clinton trick: attack FIRST to hide your crime.

It’s hard to imagine us being able to catch up with the billions of Muslim and African births in the world, and after all: The elites all live in gated communities with walls.

BUT…having said that…while it looks bleak, it doesn’t mean we can’t fight for our own country, our culture, and our constitution…because America is an ideal. An ideal NOT based on the color of one’s skin.

We OWE it to future children to expose the elites for what they HAVE done so far. It’s going to take generations to undue this mess.

As for the elites worrying about the billions of people on the planet…I don’t buy it.
I think we should tell them: Hey, you can always move to Mars. And be sure and take Hillary with you.

She would make a SWELL President there.


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