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Nobody’s Fool: Senator Susan Collins

Nobody’s Fool

Last week, the surprising “hero” of the day was Senator Susan Collins. With her vote, Judge Kavanaugh was sure to be confirmed.

I missed her speech, but here’s a bit of it.

She made a lot of sense….crimes ARE committed by men, but crimes are also committed by women.  And she repeated President Trump’s logic that there was no real proof that the Judge did what ‘Dr.’ Ford said he did. Her vote and this speech will be remembered in future American historical annuals of important moments in Congress and Supreme Court decisions.

Nobody Wonders, if whoever sent her the cardboard ‘penis’, now regrets it.

Probably not.

Thankfully, Susan Collins proved herself on the right side of justice in this important moment of our history, and that decision…

Was a wise one. The Senator proved us all to be…Nobody’s Fool. 

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