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Judge Napolitano: Absent from Sheer Brain Duty

Nobody’s Opinion

When a liberation/conservative/constitutionalist starts talking like he is bought and sold by big government, while he CLAIMS to be against big government, It’s enough to spoil my whole day.

I’m talking about Judge Napolitano.

Judge Napolitano was just on C-Span this morning as I was stepping out of my shower. He was making a few very outrageous points and I couldn’t NOT believe my ears.

Forget drying off. I had to listen.

He sets up his arguments about how the government has gotten too big. States should have more rights.

Okay. Okay. I’ll go along with that.

And then, someone said to him that they couldn’t stand the uncivil fighting going on TV every moment of the hour. I knew what they meant. They meant by the democrats.

Well, Guess who our old buddy the Judge BLAMED for this uncivil discourse?

You guess it. The Judge blamed President Trump.

He went on to PRAISE the omniscient Obama who, was just the most eloquent man, and never said an unkind word about anybody his whole Presidency. As if he was Jesus himself.

— unlike President Trump, who based his whole campaign on being nasty to everyone.

According to the Judge.

I could NOT believe he said this.

Where in the Sam Hill was the Judge while the election was going on?

First: Trump ALWAYS attacked back, he was never the first to hurl the insult. And where was the judge during the debates?

Where was he when the famous FOX News babe, Megyn Kelly asks on her very first question to Trump this: insinuating that Donald Trump: he was a misogynist, a women hater…


A question so nasty, spoken with so much venom, most everyone was shocked that this question was even allowed.

And let’s not forget the insulting and nasty remarks made by President Obama during the White House Press Dinner— where he ridiculed President Trump in front of the whole world?

Come on Judge. Nobody has EVER had to put up with such attacks. Not George W. Bush. Not Bill Clinton. Not Hillary.

What PLANET are you on?

Trump fought back. And we loved it. We STILL love it.

And I would like to add, that now President Trump fought back with, may I so boldly add, the presence of mind of a revolutionary founder.

Have you READ the Declaration of Independence lately, Judge?

Would you call the wording of that famous document that you claim to love a very “civil” discourse?

Well, I’m sure King George, like dear President Obama, was VERY well spoken.

We are tired of being “Well spoken to.” And then ripped off.

Donald Trump said what was on many people’s mind. He labeled his opponents AFTER they had attacked him viciously.

Yes, he called Ted Cruz, “Lyin Cruz.”

But Cruz HAD lied. He said he was not aware of the pictures of Melania posted everywhere by his campaign right before the Iowa convention, because he wanted to win.

“Pocahantas?” How is that a cut? It was funny.

And “Crooked Hillary?” Haven’t I heard YOU even call her that? What’s going on with you Judge?

So, be rest assured that Judge Napolitano is a ‘Bush Baby”.

He is a globalist.

He professes to know the constitution, but he knows NOT the heart of the America people,

Judge Napolitano only knows the heart of the people who employ him….and THEY are the ones acting like Kings.

King Bush.

King Fox.

King George

Yeah, I’m still mad.

Pass me a dry towel.

Or better yet….somebody see what the good Judge is smoking and hide it.

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