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Nobody’s Pefect: Nancy Pelosi VS Buddy The Dog

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, hands down, the biggest blooper besides Jonathan Gruber’s biggest hits on Youtube, was the recently demoted Nancy Pelosi, trying to say she didn’t remember ANY guy named Jonathan Gruber, had never heard of him, and he never had a hand in ObamaCare.

And then—THIS appeared:

Notice, none of the things about Obamacare that Nancy and her Gruber had promised actually happened, it was all lies. It was obvious to most everyone that someone was going to get screwed on the deal…and we all thought they knew it. And now we know— they did.

But, Nancy wasn’t alone in the “Oops, I shouldn’t have done that.” department.

There was Buddy the dog….who got his head…stuck in a cat house:  buddy

A Golden Retriever was rescued by Suffolk County Police officers Friday morning after he got his head wedged in a cat house in Medford.

Officers Stephen Lukas, Martin Gill and Sgt Kit Gabrielsen responded to the backyard of 212 Holland Ave. at 11:10 a.m. after a woman reported that her dog, Buddy, was stuck in the cat house.

The officers used crow bars and a hammer to dismantle the cat house and free the pesky pooch.

Poor Buddy.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Is it Nancy Pelosi, who blatantly lied out her four eyeballs to the American public when Jonathan Gruber told the whole world how stupid everyone was to fall for Obamacare? After all…Nancy is a congresswoman, paid to ‘serve’ us–sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, and the people, and she was taking part in the biggest scam ever foisted upon its people.

(Okay, so…there IS the Warren Report, but people so far have not died from the lack of truth about who killed JFK.)

Or was it Buddy the Golden Retriever who stuck his head in a hole he couldn’t get out of?

You knew?

NANCY! Congratulations MS Pelosi! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week, for not remembering that you are always being videotaped.

You don’t deserve to even OWN a fine dog like Buddy, who no doubt, just wanted to play with the cat.

Yes, Nancy, you are such a turkey that forever more, I will remember you…spinning so many lies, you FINALLY fell down. (Just like this turkey.)

I suggest you stay away from the microphones from now on: You’re making us all dizzy. In fact, in the words of my old Seebee Navy Father:

You are ONE dizzy broad.


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  1. I think that next the government should deal with the DISCRIMINATION of life insurance companies!! Because, for example, if you have a pre-existing condition of a TERMINAL ILLNESS… guess what? The Life Insurance Company will not sell you a life insurance policy!! That is SCANDALOUS!! (As Nancy says.) If you really listen to her… she is saying that an insurance company should not function on the basis of risk when determining policy approval and premium. Ummmmm…. if you have an “insurance company” that does not DISCRIMINATE on the basis of risk when determining policy approval and premium… guess what?? It is NOT an “insurance company”. It’s a COMMUNIST STATE. Gruber was right that STUPID PEOPLE thought that the Government can “take over insurance” to “improve insurance company’s performance”… and that NOT be a communist state… really. Gruber got it. How many people “get it”?? Just think “life insurance”. A life insurance company cannot MAKE A PROFIT if it gives terminally ill people with less than 30 days to live… 10 million dollar life insurance policies. An insurance company is a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS! It is not “DISCRIMINATION” that is “unjust” when they develop criteria for ISSUING A POLICY!! No one has a RIGHT to an “insurance policy”… in the free world. But, these people DID just blind the American people to COMMUNISM by calling it “Government mandated and controlled ‘insurance'”. NO, IT IS NOT “INSURANCE”!! IT IS COMMUNISM AND FASCISM RISING!! People certainly SOLD THEIR SOULS to the COMPANY STORE… for the promise of a “benefit”. Obama has come to COMMUNIZE and ISLAMICIZE AMERICA… to turn it into the New World Order endgame in which he is the “dictator allah”… declaring himself God. How can people not realize JUST HOW EVIL ON PRINCIPLE OBAMACARE IS AS A COMMUNIST SYSTEM?? Just that alone?? So many FAILED TO CONNECT THE DOTS AND THOUGHT< "This is not communism. It's insurance." No, it's not insurance. Insurance is a for profit free market business. The government doing it is… COMMUNISM!! Watch 7/04/2015… for Obama to go to the OWTC… as he declares himself dictator… and watch 9/30/2015… for start of tribulation period through the UN. (He will not succeed on American soil. Great revival is coming 7/04/2015. WE will overcome on American soil. Just saying… it's about to come to a head and collide… 7/04/2015 & 9/30/2015… US betrayal followed by beginning of tribulation period through UN action… it really appears!! We will see. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord raises the Standard of JESUS above him.) Anyway,… 🙂 rant off. 🙂


    Comment by lauralee777 | November 18, 2014 | Reply

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