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Mad Dogs Go Out in the Noonday Sun

Nobody Wonders

Whenever an animal is cornered, that’s when they are the most vicious. After last night’s election, it was a wonderful thing, wasn’t it? We all knew deep in our hearts that the country was NOT embracing socialism, or communism, or dictators, like the liberals were all telling us day after day, and we all came out and said in one clear voice:  “KNOCK IT OFF!”

The best part of the night? The sheer number of Republican wins. Not in sixty years has this happened.

The worst part of the night? The FOX news reporters making remarks that the REASON they won, was because they kept the “tea party” out of races. The fact is: The REASON they won is because the tea party, which to my mind is the majority of conservative Americans.(who are in mind with the tea party, just not actual members) want AMERICA to come first. We got that crap from Harry Reid, and it’s time they know that we don’t LIKE being told we should listen to Karl Rove and his band of progressive GOP brothers. They were smart enough to keep Karl Rove in the background last night, but it’s obvious that FOX is Bush’s channel, just as much as CNN is the progressive channel.

Every time I heard them say it, I got mad. Obama King

Anyway. One step at a time, right?

Obama came out today, in true form, stood up, and basically said that 2/3rd’s of the people did not vote, and therefore those 2/3rds of Americans are for HIM, therefore, this election means nothing, because HIS people didn’t bother to vote. HIS people outnumber us, and HIS people just didn’t vote.

That’s his answer to the clear message that was sent.

And he had his usual threats: He will take executive actions if Congress doesn’t please him–especially with amnesty.

‘You send me a bill that I can sign and those executive actions go away.”

Cindy Crowley said this:

“We don’t know what he’s going to do executive order-wise on immigration, but if he makes a major move along the lines of what we’ve been hearing, which is to give some sort of status to keep millions in this country with some sort of special visa, that would be like just popping a grenade and throwing it in the middle of the Senate floor.”  

On another note: While the rest of the country was turning red, here in St. Louis Country, where the infamous Ferguson riots still happen, everyone was hopeful for a new face…republican Rick Stream.. IN FACT, he had the support of many of the leaders of the black community: The Fannie Lou Hamer Coalition – a group of more than 30 African-American elected officials who feel disrespected by the Democratic Party – endorsed Republican Rick Stream today in the race for St. Louis County executive.Fannie Lou

Round about 11pm everyone was ecstatic because it was announced that Rick’s lead was about 1500 votes.

This morning, we woke up to the announcement that no..actually the democrat Steve Stenger won by 1500 votes….and he was going to make sure that NEXT elections, those paper ballots that nobody thought were important enough to order, were going to be well stocked. Many people were, yes, turned away.

I’m not even wondering about this. It happened with John Ashcroft.

The democrats just fixed it, my guess is, because Obama NEEDS Ferguson. He is not finished with his race baiting yet….and a democrat HAD to get elected in Ferguson.

I’ll bet you the next Harry Reid’s majority lead in the Senate, that Stream won.

Nobody Wonders, when Obama will start the fires. Get ready…because remember: mad dogs go out in the noonday sun.

Rick STream





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