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According to Al Sharpton, and the family’s lawyer, this Class C Felony, (in Missouri its against the law to incite riots) incited by Michael Brown’s Stepfather last night in the middle of Ferguson, a man who has called for PEACE, and NO Violence, actually,—uh—- really didn’t mean it.

He told the crowd to burn this “bitch” down. And they DID! They burned, and burned some more. (Can the shop owners now SUE Michael’s step-dad?)

But according to the family’s lawyer, the poor man, was just so distraught, you would be too if your son had been killed by a cop. Just don’t focus on it.

Focus on that mean prosecutor.

And wonders of all wonders…this scene was shown by…CNN!

One thing we do notice, due to the fact that the stepfather wanted the world to see his butt (which must have been cold) we can see why Michael Brown maybe had the attitude he did…which was, “Kiss my butt, I don’t have to obey you.” —is pretty much Obama’s modus operandi.

I think Obama needs to get with the program and get himself a new look. 

People are shouting….”Hands up! Pants down! Don’t Shoot!” OR “Pants Up, Hands Down, Don’t Shoot!”

It’s getting hard to follow.

Al Sharpton just called for the Federal government to overturn the verdict, and like a true black Reverend, he did it in church. He also called for all blacks to protest across the nation.

Tonight, the Governor has decided to send out the National Guard….evidently he was too busy last night to answer his phone call from the Mayor of Ferguson.

Glad you could make it to the riots Governor Nixon.

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Obama didn’t Care About a Beheading, What Makes You Think He Cares About Fergusion?

Nobody Reports

I’m having trouble not writing my usual jolly Nobody’s Perfect tonight, because like the rest of the nation, I’m watching this unbelievable event of protests going on, and it’s only a short ten minutes away from where I live.Ferguson 1

They’ve closed down everything in St. Louis: schools, civic centers, air space. It’s one thing to protest, it’s another thing to burn down the city.

Obama’s race war has started. As I watch the burning of the buildings, blacks looting, stopping cars on highways, I am sick with disgust.

To me, the racial war has been lit. Obama and holder struck out the first time, with Trayvon Martin, but Michael Brown was killed by a cop. THAT light lit.

And make no mistake: This racial war has been fueled from behind the scenes by one man, the man who studied under Sal Alinsky, that lovely university communist mentor of his, to crash the system of America, it was the only way to “change” it. You have overwhelm it economically—- then the crash and burn comes, and your communist takeover is complete.

This was always Obama’s plan. These last two years we will see things we won’t ever believe can happen in America, and we saw some of it tonight.

I’m not going to go into the many racists attacks on the America white man that Obama has made since he has become President, but what is even more obvious to me, is how he is controlling the events now.

First tonight: if you saw the testimony of McCullough, it was obvious, Michael Brown’s parents had a real thug. Any decent mother, seeing her son steal cigars and then shove someone smaller than him, would have been ashamed from the start.

She was never ashamed. You can bet Eric Holder got to her as fast as he could.

It was the reporters in that room tonight that lit the match for the riots. Every single reporter’s question was filled with outrage that Officer Wilson got off. The British man was especially hateful. The local news stations all had people on claiming that the “system” was broken. We must change our laws and ALLOW police officers to let black men beat them up.ferguson 2

Who let all these idiots into the room? The reporters were all handpicked.

Then right away, Obama comes on TV, (Knowing the world is watching) and says “We have a rule of law.” (Yeah HIS.) and then the next twenty minutes he launched into the horrible racist problem of America and the “PROBLEMS” in our law informant..which must change.

Not a word about the problems of young black hoods that swarm the nations and kill in great numbers.

This protest was professionally handled. The fires were set so as to cripple the firemen and cops from being able to be in too many places at once. Bullets kept being fired…somewhere to KEEP them away. And SINCE Obama and his radical left have put the police on trial, the blacks for years have been creating anarchy. Obama remained silent, which was their clue to do whatever they want.

In the meantime, Obama calmly said tonight: “Hey, violence is never the answer, but we must fix this.” in the most nonchalant way.  It was just another green light to the rioters all over the nation, who by the way, had been organized by Al Sharpton.

He might as well say—“Well, hey, I have to say this you know, but go ahead folks, the white folks have been discriminating you for years.”

Here’s another clue how well this was planned. Last Friday, they had reached a verdict. BUT…in St. Louis it rained all weekend. Really rained.

Can’t start fires in the rain now can you? Let’s wait until late Monday night, when the weather is right, and the thugs can come out.

Anyway….Mad dogs have a habit of taking down the world. And Iran, is going to be his next fire.

Obama has many people helping him…like Cher :)…who tweeted:

Have problem re decision not 2 bring 2 trial, Police who shot young man near St. Louis. Something must b done 2 protect innocent young blk men

So Cher….tonight, the cops let the young black men have their way, and they burned down a city.

Cher would be pleased…Maybe she’s be the next one to get a metal.


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