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The First Report of Michael Brown

Nobody Remembers

Literally, I don’t.

What don’t you remember besides “Don’t leave your favorite hat or very expensive prescription eyeglasses in a restaurant, Joyanna?”baby shock

(A bad habit of mine.)

I don’t remember who exactly told the story that Michael Brown was REALLY angry on the morning before he was shot. And I haven’t really even thought about it until my friend Mona, who lives on the East Coast, bought up the subject on the phone today.

“Remember,” she whispered, “when his step-dad said that very morning that he was talking to the kid a long time and trying to get him out of his anger…that Michael was really mad about something and his step-dad kept telling him NOT to be so angry and to get rid of his anger or it would lead him to no good. How come nobody is taking about that? ”

And after she said that…it did come back to me. Yes. I do remember some man, talking to a reporter that very day, and saying how sorry he was and all, because Michael had left the house really angry….and Mona was right. It hasn’t come up since.

I explained to her my theory that whatever you hear the very first minutes or hours after the event, are usually VERY important points:

For instance: When Princess Diana was in an accident, witnesses DID see a white car …they were interviewing them, almost within the hour right after it happened. And Diana sat in the backseat of that limo for 4 whole hours before they go her out. I remember that night because my mom and I were glued to the TV most of the night. They were in the middle of Paris and they couldn’t get a friggin ambulance to her? We were shocked. diana death

In that respect, you can say Michael Brown’s body got removed a lot quicker than the Princess of Wales.

And remember—-Trans World Airlines Flight 800 (TWA 800), a Boeing 747-100, exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York, on July 17, 1996, at about 8:31.

Right after the event, there were at least five witnesses that night that said they saw AND heard a missile go up and strike the plane. Within hours, those people disappeared and the story that the plane crashed due to malfunction was put out. Bill Clinton put the plane in a bunker, and hide it from sight.

So..because I believe that the first reports are almost always changed, I decided to search for that video, that my friend Mona and I remembered, but I couldn’t remember if it was his dad talking, or a cousin, or pastor, or step-dad.

Mona remembered the step dad.

BUT..according to Google, both of us got it wrong:Flight 800

It seems that morning, when Michael was walking with his friend and deciding they were going to go get some stogies to stuff with dope, they passed a contractor:

It took them awhile to get moving. Brown — who’d recently taken to rapping about God — stopped to speak with a landscaper who had been cursing about a chain saw that wouldn’t start.

“He told me that the Lord Jesus Christ would help me with my anger problem,” the worker later told the grand jury.

(I wonder what the Lord Jesus thought about him stealing the cigars and bullying a helpless man?)

After searching for more than I considered a fair amount of time, I found out that—Wow…did Mona and I get it wrong. The ‘big gentle giant’, who was going to grandma’s house, also helped other people with their anger.

Right—-And Lee Harvey Oswald was the first assassin in history that could make bullets travel backwards.

Having said that: If there is anybody else that remembers the same first report that Mona and I do, please let me know.

As Scrooge would say: It may just be a bit of undigested cheese that effected us both.

So,….according to the Gospel of Michael Brown: protesting, burning, looting, and stopping traffic is the new way the Lord Jesus Christ is helping all blacks with their anger, of the shooting of the Jesus loving, God-fearing, soon to go to college, big teddy bear, baby boy—- Michael Brown.

I’m certainly glad they got the first report of the resurrection right, aren’t you?Michael Brown 1

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