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Nobody’s Fool: Victor Davis Hanson

It wasn’t too long ago, I was seriously wondering if I should consider moving from the house that I love, and put in so much hard work and money to maintain. Throughout my life, slowly and with every new President, I notice that the area in where I could travel freely, was becoming smaller and smaller.

All throughout my life, I went downtown St. Louis, and enjoyed the shopping, the history, the many shops and attractions, but now, you risk your life or your car being stolen. ALL the shops are gone, and downtown St. Louis is dead. You even risk danger just visiting the Arch.

Each President had a hand in my city’s destruction. All of them democrat. Cervantes was the last GOOD democratic mayor (He built the Arch) we had, but after that, it’s been decay. We have our first female black mayor, Tishaura O. Jones, and while pretty, she’s not much. Soros has pumped millions into this town.

Our decay was all due mostly to globalization, unions, and democratic policy of paying the blacks to stay home and have lots of babies, give them all jobs in the government where they could hand out the welfare, but kept the jobs going overseas and the drugs pouring in. It was a sure vote as LBJ planned, and it payed off: For them.

Globalization destroyed ALL our major companies in St. Louis, and sent them to China.

Most democratic cities all share the same fate.

I live in the North Suburbs of St. Louis, I always went into the other suburbs, to shop, to visit. I spent a lot of money in Ferguson. Then it burned down thanks to Obama’s race war. Now, you take your life in your hands even getting on the highway that goes into Fergusion.

I recently had a fight with a friend, who wanted to take a certain dangerous highway to visit Rush Limbaugh’s grave, which is not far from Ferguson. He was just passing through. My ancestors are also buried in that graveyard, and I told him it was a danger for anyone to travel the route he wanted to take, because almost every other day, someone is SHOT and killed in their car on those roads. He had a GPS map, and told me I was wrong. GPS assured him, it was safe.

Machines VS experince? You judge. He risked the GPS and probably was okay, he took the risk. He beleived his machine over someone who had lived here all her life. After all, compared to a GPS I’m just a Nobody.

That explains pretty much right there.

So yes, now, I have to go EAST to shop mostly, because my own neighborhood is dangerous.

And then, one day, I watched a video by Hanson who was having the same problem in HIS neighborhood. And he felt the same way I did: His neighborhood was crumbling all around him, but he asked….Why should HE have to leave? He loves his home, and he’s not leaving.

Do you fight for your property your rights? Or do you just give into the politicians and the decay?

Globalism is destroying the world, and as Hanson points out in this video, it never ends well. And history supports that.

Victor Davis Hanson, is Nobody’s Fool. And I watch his video’s whenever I get a chance so…here he gives a much needed history lesson that probably only President Donald J. Trump agreed with.

Enjoy, the brave and common sense history analysis of Victor Davis Hanson. I do.

We need MORE like him.

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The Nobody’s Fool Award this week goes to Harry Vox and Steve Kirsch…

For doing great research to PROVE that this pandemic has all been planned.

The more this gets out, the better.

Remember, this was aired in 2014.

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Nobody Wins When FAKE News Is Silent

It’s the middle of the afternoon here in St. Louis. All last night the big news was some 15-year-old kid went into his high school, killed three people, and shot up at least 8. (Update, one more died.) Of course, they arrested him, and nobody will release his name or whether he was black or white. This happened North of Detroit, and what seemed to be a mostly white school.

If it was a white boy who had committed this, then we would know already who he is. The funny thing is, not many news stations are even reporting about it. It’s like the horrible murders in Waukesha, a black upon white hate crime, fostered by BLM and Obama’s democratic communist race baiting that is only getting worse.

Waukesha is now forgotten. And something tells me, this will be too. Gun control will be talked about, but the victims were mostly white so no…

Officer says Waukesha crash that killed 6 people and injured 62 others was an ‘intentional act to hurt as many people as possible’

********** From various reports:

OXFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — A 15-year-old sophomore opened fire at his Michigan high school, killing three students, including a 16-year-old boy who died in a deputy’s patrol car on the way to a hospital, authorities said.

The boy’s father on Friday bought the 9 mm Sig Sauer used in the shooting, Bouchard said. He didn’t know why the man bought the semi-automatic handgun, which his son had been posting pictures of and practicing shooting, Bouchard said.

Myre, a junior and a running back on the football team, has been described as a hero by his peers. A petition is also circulating that calls on the school to rename its Wildcat Stadium after him. The petition has been signed by more than 34,000 people as of Wednesday morning.

“Tate is not just a hero to his fellow students at Oxford high school but a legend, his act of bravery should be remembered forever and passed down through generations, he put his life in danger to try and help the thousands of other students at Oxford High School,” petition organizer Drake Biggie wrote.


What the question tonight to me is: New York, is putting on a Christmas “Lighting the Rockefeller” Christmas tree ceremony, with MOSTLY country singers. As if to soothe the white soul.

Tonight, many, many families are in deep, deep despair upon losing their loved ones due to the hate pouring out of their TV’s every night.

These lives are on Obama’s hands. He is the grandaddy of BLM.

What was on TV tonight? The news was all about the Supreme Court and the fight to overturn Roe Vs Wade IS the main concern tonight. Not to be decided until next JUNE…right before the elections.

TELL me the Supreme Court is not political.

Yes, the talk is all about abortion, best to keep those voters on what really counts. Not the slaughter of innocent white people.

They really DO control the narrative, and it’s what you don’t hear that should worry you.

What we heard today, was the past disappearing into the mist. And the fog is making the smoke from the legal marijuana seem light.

The silence on the recent tragedies is deafening. And Klaus Schwab is…


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Nobody Wonders: Global Tyranny: Is this 1984 Come Again?

Nobody Wonders

Right now, we are witnessing the most tyrannical threat to the world since WWII. Somewhere long ago, the ‘elites’ of the world, decided to make the world more equal. And so, politicians were paid off, and the governments started handing over their power to the multinational companies. After all, it was a way to let them KEEP their jobs and make them all rich.

Covid was released, and who benefitted? The BIG stores, and all small business competition were whipped off the map. Multinational companies made trillions.

Notice the restaurants were hit the hardest because that’s where most people get good meat.

For too long the elites have wanted to keep people from eating a good steak. They made up the ridiculous lie that cows farts lead to global warming. They now threaten starvation coming.

Should we doubt them? And just who ARE the men behind this?

We are seeing this happen right now. The vaccine for Covid has been mandated by the American “President” Joe Biden. All companies must force their employees to get the vaccine or be fired.

So, First: It’s a MANDATE, not a law passed by Congress. Congress has now put its power in the hands of the multinational companies to force whatever tyranny they want to impose on the people.

THIS IS AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION. Only Congress can make laws. So, they made a law that said all the President has to do is declare an emergency and voila! THEY can arrest you for just about anything!

Like going to a rally on Jan 6 to protest the Coup.

You see, they just bypass the Constitution with these stupid mandates.

You and your family starve, or you do what we want. If your loved one dies from the vaccine, Congress has given the big pharmaceutical companies a free pass. They cannot be sued.

This merger of the multinational companies with our politicians has been building over decades. And now, CHINA has grabbed that sucker by the balls and is basically bringing the world to its Knees.

The end game: China communistic rule for the planet. Rich suckers at the top. To do that, they had to release the virus, and use fear to take away everyone’s rights. (See video below)

Daddy Bush’s globalization plans for the world is a horror film. Daddy Bush, should go down in history as the man who kicked-started the global erasing of all borders. And there were many others in the background who worked hard on bringing on this “THIRD WAY” as Bill Clinton used to call it.

Whatever you call it, it means permanent horror for humanity:

A Globalist makes this statement from 1975:

Efforts to organize for peace are hopeless in a world of nationalism, and if we are ever going to have an international order, it will have to rest on a new extranational body—the corporation whose “manager, governors, and authorities think in extranational terms, whose personnel are indifferent to the nation-states except as impediments.

He goes on:

Global corporations account for the majority of the economy’s transactions. The conglomerate characteristic of global corporations and the nature of global oligopoly explain a category of structural transformation. The sheer power of these economic giants has out-stripped the ability of states to control them. The nation-state to the global corporation is a threat to the very survival of civilization.

Have we now just handed over our country to China? Have our politicians all worked towards giving our country up too communism to line their own pockets?

Consider that now, you can lose your job if you don’t get the Fauci vaccine. Is that American? Didn’t the Nazi’s do this to the Jews? Is this a very wall planned out takeover from China? The “Sun Zu taking over a country without firing a shot?” And more importantly, how many of our own ruling political class have been bought by China to make this happen?

That’s another blog isn’t it?

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Nobody Escapes

Nobody’s Opinion

Here’s the most important headline for today:

Does Biden Want to Destroy America? by Terry Paulson (

And here’s what Mr. Paulson so succinctly listed to answer the question, and I hope you follow the link and read the whole thing…And I’ve added a few of my own at the end.  

If you want to destroy America, open our Southern border to all who want to come in.

If you want to destroy America, do everything you can to end our energy independence.

If you want to destroy America, stoke the fires of racial hatred in an already divided country.

If you want to destroy America, allow crime on the streets to go unpunished.

If you want to destroy America, keep calling for lockdowns and strict mask guidelines.

If you want to destroy America, allow congress to pass reckless deficit spending creating government dependence and rampant Inflation. 

If you want to destroy America, establish the federal control of elections.

If you want to destroy America, project military weakness and failed leadership in times of crisis.


Mr. Paulson blames all who voted for Trump, assuming that the election was legitimate.

And he blames Biden on the American voters.

THIS nobody puts the blame on China, who basically has played the long game of the takeover of the world. They bought and sold many of our politicians, they released a bio-weapon with the help of Bill Gates and Fauci, who will make BILLIONS off the vaccines. They own half of Congress, and ALL of the democratic party. They are now working with The Taliban, the Muslims, Russia, and many dictators in South America and Africa, AND the European Union.

They’ve managed to kill all small business, and will now go to push global warming which they ALSO control. Our biggest CEO’s have already made deals with them, and China has bought and paid for the destruction of our country.

While Biden gave the Taliban our weapons, China is taking California, New York, and are on their way to taking Texas and Florida.

President Trump was the only one standing in their way. But, because he won, the “globalists” controlled by China, had to speed up their global agenda.

They released the virus, and soon, very soon, will take over complete control of our biggest companies: Wal-Mart, Disney, Ford…and even Apple and Microsoft. They already own Facebook and Twitter’s CEOs.

The CEOs of those companies, and the American politicians WHO think they are going to get a place at the China table are going to be into a big surprise. China will gobble them all up.

So, the ONE thing that can save us is holding onto our guns.

The Taliban has already said they want all guns turned in.

China wants to destroy America, and Joe Biden is the bought and sold puppet that has been put in place to do it.

If the NEXT elections are stolen like the last one was, and like before, we have even people like Mr. Paulson, still thinking this America is still ours…

Nobody Knows if the American people will get what happened to them.

Lindsey Graham is already saying another 9/11 will happen.

Remember, Joe Kennedy, who is trying to tell us about the danger of this ‘vaccine’, now admits it was our own CIA who killed President Kennedy.

Sure, Joe Biden is destroying the country, but he had a LOT of help, and I’m pretty sure it was NOT the American people.

Watch this video, for some answers.

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Nobody’s CAN Be Fooled

Nobody’s Fool


This word didn’t come into our vocabulary until very recently, but tonight, we are witnessing another “failure” of the great push towards globalism that the elites of the world have been pushing, for decades.

The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. Like Vietnam, we leave in disgrace, burning our own flags, releasing all prisoners, and telling Americans there to “Hide” because Joe says they will have to wait their turn, positions on planes being given to Muslims who need to go first.

It’s even worse than Vietnam.

The excuse they gave for invading Afghanistan in the first place was that it would unite the world in peace, love, and free trade for all. “Democracy” will come with every McDonald’s franchise in every single country in the world. To show how wonderful we were, President Bush build the biggest and most expensive embassy in the whole world.

Bush and his Daddy. (sigh) Makes you wonder what ‘deals’ THEY had with the Saudi. Now the Taliban, who are the enemies of the Sunnis’ sit in that embassy. Trump’s peace with Israel and the Saudi’s just got smashed.

Thanks Obama. Thanks. Whoever RUNS Obama, and Biden now.  

The dream of a “one world government”, by the elites, Or as I like to culturally call it, “One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them” seemed to have started with Woodrow Wilson. And the United Nations. But…that’s another blog.

Let’s just ask: WHY did Russia invade Afghanistan, and lose, and why did AMERICA, invade Afghanistan and lose? What the HECK is in Afghanistan that everybody wants? Afghanistan never attacked anybody.

If you buy the clever propaganda that “they trained for 9/11 in Afghanistan, and they will come here, OR, we are there to give them democracy and women’s rights, then you…sorry, you are a fool.

Here’s my Nobody’s Opinion: Our politicians are now in league with multinational corporations, and Afghanistan produces 90% of the heroin in the world. THINK: Big Pharma. And I once heard General Petraeus, who was there the longest, talk about the minerals in them thar mountains. CHINA controls 80% of the mineral mining in the world. Minerals that are needed for not only computers, but electric cars, and our most sophisticated military planes and tanks, etc. So, were we there to keep China out?

Why not just tell us?

Now, China will control all opium AND the minerals


China stands to hit the jackpot with the Taliban in charge. On the table for them are several things:

  • The Taliban has agreed not to harbor any Muslim terrorists looking to ignite a putsch in the Xinjiang region, where those pesky Uyghurs live
  • Mining rights in Afghanistan
  • Building a major highway in the Wakhan Corridor for trade purposes


So, why didn’t our politicians just tell us the truth? Well, that would spoil their whole industrial military complex image which made the elites billions off of war. And all their stock portfolios gave them $43 million dollar homes in the Hamptons’.

It is NO coincidence that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Michael Bloomberg met this week IN Greenland to give money to Greenland to begin mining for minerals there. President Trump, who wanted to get out, tried to BUY Greenland. Bill Gates just bought up our farmland. Warren Buffet just bought up Kroger.


So, how can I blame this on ‘globalization’?

I’ll let the author of The Global Corporation Ronald Miller, explain:


The depths of structural lag in national stabilization policies are profound. Policy makers have yet to comprehend the many interrelated and intersection forces arising out of the globalization and concentration processes of the corporate private sector.

Basically, he is saying that the corporation and the banks now control the world, and the politicians are still in the Nation-state mindset, which, lags behind. They BUY those politicians now. AND Presidents. Corporations have more money than most nations in the world. They are BIGGER, and can deal in international affairs quickly. It’s WHY they love China. Only one guy at the top to get permission. They want the rest of the world to become…China.

So, how did democracy work out in Afghanistan? Really? Like I said, you don’t need to get lost in a fog, you can create your own.

China wins again without firing a shot. How did this happen? China Joe:

Gropey Joe pulled out of Afghanistan after 20 years, zillions of dollars, and thousands of lives were lost. China stands to gain a great deal from this evacuation. The same China that has funneled tens of millions of dollars to Hunter Biden since 2009, and really kicked things into high gear in 2015 when Gropey Joe was vice president. Coincidence? You decide! You’ll have to do so without asking any questions because Biden, VP Harris, and Jen Psaki are all mysteriously AWOL.

This has nothing to do with globalization you might say? It has everything to do with it.

Tomorrow, I will continue.

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Nobody Will Answer Noah…

Nobody’s Opinion

I got an email last week, that was really great. It was from a man named Noah, who had a lot to say…and also said he tried to post it, but the comments were turned off.

Trust me Noah, I had NO idea that the comments were turned off. I have been posting daily since 2000, and I can count the number of comments that whole time from 2000 to 2021 to be under…40. Because Mrs. O, and now amfortas, and a few other readers commented once in a while, I figured, nobody else had anything to say, so I thought it was working.

CLEARLY, I need to figure out what’s going on.

 Noah got my mind whirling so much, I have decided to answer his first question about WHY globalism is not good for the world, but I will do throughout the week, as I could probably write a book, (that nobody would read ) so I hope to shorten the answer in daily excerpts.

Here’s Noah’s Comment:

Nobody Knows. If you want more proof that this whole coup was orchestrated in order for elites to take over the world, the …

Joyanna, what is your deal with globalism? I honestly don’t understand why it is so evil. I’m pretty sure it was Hitler’s worst enemy- globalism = internationalism, right? Which means less nationalism, and more peace between sovereign states, I think. So it can’t be that bad, can it? Geopolitics aren’t really my thing though, so I could be wrong. I was going to write this on another post of yours, but the comments were already closed.

@Amfortas I’m not sure what you are talking about. Hunters been dead for a while now. I miss HST. 😦 He was insightful and had such a strange blend of political leanings that he would defy classification today, if he hadn’t decided to kick the bucket. Its sort of weird… he had legions of sycophantic fans that he could have indulged himself with, a lifetime of accomplishment to gloat over- but he decided to punch his ticket early. I think he saw something on the horizon that he didn’t like. Or maybe he was just disgusted at how the hard-won lessons of yesteryear were completely ignored by subsequent generations. Its sort of “our thing” as Americans.

Like the left conveniently forgetting what the Free Speech Movement was about in the past few years, while they deny deny deny their socialist / sometimes Communist roots. We had over 300 Soviet spys enabled by leftists working for federal labs since WW2. Meanwhile the right forgets that they share roots with the Nazi party, and the Vatican ratline & Operation Paperclip were just precursors to our antics during the Pinkville Massacre. Near 500 murdered, 12 year olds raped and mutilated and tortured, and only Lt Calley gets charged. 3 years house arrest was his punishment. Fast forward to the W years. Some guy gets 20 years in the Big House for watching a porno cartoon. Really. That was courtesy of John Ashcroft, Moral Crusader. Apparently lewd anime is a big deal in Virginia. 3300X worse than the actual rape, mutilation, , and murder of a bunch of unarmed women and their daughters. (A mild exaggeration, because they didn’t have time to torture/rape all of them.. just the pretty ones, I bet.) The coverup lasted a year before Seymore Hersh got the heads up. Then-future-President Carter and Nixon agreed on one thing; this was an outrage. The outrage was that Calley might be held accountable for his actions. I bet Ashcroft had a similar perspective. That guy loves torture.. as long as it isn’t animated and fictional, that is.

About 90% of the country was behind Calley. Contrast with Epstein, who paid some 15 year olds for sex. To hear people speak of it, that was the end of the freakin world. Mention to those so outraged that 80 million girls have had their clits cut off (4 million a year) since Trump mentioned that Epstein likes them a little young, “Yeah whatever..” is the usual response, clearly annoyed that I changed the subject just when they were about to suggest Ghislaine might be the female anti-Christ. Btw thats called FGM, or female genital mutilation- and is a uniquely Christian and Muslim practice. Apparently it cures feminism real good, and prevents sinful female sexual pleasure to a large degree. Also, its regarded as punishment for Eve’s “Original Sin”. And Its still legal in 11 states right now, It happens at a rate of around 11,000 girls per day globally.

Kinda puts things in perspective, don’t it?


 Noah had a lot to say, and hopefully, he will argue more with amfortas and Mrs O will join in. All have great thing to say. Noah, for now, send me your comments and I will post them.

And speaking of SAYING…I want to start off this global pros and cons with two men’s thoughts that sum up points that I agree with.

The first one is taken from J. D. Vance:


It’s not just the bad policies of the Biden administration that we have to push back against, that’s obviously important, it’s the entire leadership class in this country in the government, in the bureaucracy, in the private sector … these people do not see themselves as Americans first, as owing an obligation to the country that gave them all the incredible opportunities. And that is maybe the fundamental problem in this country: The ruling class that instead of investing in this country — building institutions, making the people who live here wealthier, happier, more prosperous — it actually enjoys plundering the greatest country in the world because it doesn’t see that it owes anything to the people who live here, to the previous generations that actually built this country. [Emphasis added]

I was at a dinner in 2017, 2018 with a lot of corporate leaders. I was sitting next to the CEO of one of the largest hotel chains in the world. He said ‘Look, President Trump’s immigration policies are forcing me to raise wages for my workers’ and he was complaining about this. And I said ‘Okay, well explain this to me.’ And he said ‘Look, in the past, if I wanted workers, I could just go across the southern border and get a bunch of Central American foreigners to do this job for poverty wages but now because I can’t tap into those people, I have to go to Americans and I have to give them higher wages to do it.’ And again, this guy was talking about this like it was a bad thing but this is what the elites do with immigration is they use it to undercut the wages of American workers. [Emphasis added]

J.D. Vance: Ruling Class ‘Actually Enjoys Plundering’ the United States (

And the second one is fast becoming one of my favorite pontificators: Russell Brant.

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The LONG Plan of Global Takeover is Here: Stand Back.

Nobody’s Opinion

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my ‘phone’ news, a news app I did NOT sign up for, it just came with the phone, and I saw this headline:

Fact Checker DIES of exhaustion. 

According to the report, and NO this was NOT the Onion, some poor lady was so exhausted from trying to keep up with all the Trump’s family lies that she died of sheer exhaustion. The people that hired her to do this job did NOT expect so many lies to be told at the RNC convention.

At first I laughed out loud, and then I thought, how many people are reading this crap and thinking it’s true? It was in the regular news feed.

Today, it was admitted that only 10,000 people have actually died from COVID-19. Fauci had to admit it. But on the news, more shutdowns and it’s reported that almost 200,000 have died, you hear it everywhere. The mask wearing mandates are closing down businesses all over the country, and for what?

England and France’s people have figured it out.

How many times in the last few days did we hear that the boy that shot back at rioters was called again and again a “murderer” when he was was actually defending himself? There is lots of video to prove it.

Now, a young Trump supporter was point blank shot dead in Portland for wearing the wrong hat.

How does the media react? Well, Trump WANTS these riots, they are saying, and he’s the President, this is happening on HIS watch! In fact, all this is his fault. Never a mention about the democratic mayors and governors that are standing by and letting it happen.

The English people have woke up. They are protesting the “mask” charade. The French too. BIG protests. Their leaders want them all arrested.

Clearly, this is a planned GLOBAL takeover of the world…and whose behind it all? China. And our biggest companies.

And Amazon is right up there with the coup. Let me tell you why.

Bezos didn’t just buy the Post because he wanted to get into the newspaper business. They all know, they HAVE to control the news. They push out  the fake news and utter lies we hear and see every second of every day, whether you want to see it, or not.

Which brings me to Amazon. The other day, I read a report about how Amazon is putting ports into all these different cities. And I was very surprised to learn that OUR city was not one of them.

This is a global EFFORT, and here’s the proof to me that what we are seeing happening has the support of all the tech companies. And the major media here in our own country.

As you know, I’ve lived most all my life. St. Louis is smack dap in the middle of the nation. Missouri is why the stealth bombers are located here. Sometime during the last years of Bush, TWA, moved out of Lambert field…which once was so busy with air traffic that you could look up in the sky and see the planes lined up, at least 7 waiting to land. TWA left, was destroyed, and THEN the whole airport and surrounding area was transformed.

Oh, it took them some time, but where once thriving hotels, restaurants, neighborhoods stood, it was ALL torn down. It took them years, but they did it. Most of us could not believe that the construction went on, since the airport was dead.

A HUGE bunker and BIG hills were created. A new runway that would hold the biggest plane ever built was constructed.  It’s still there, just waiting for traffic. And If you could google Lambert field today, you would see what LOOKS like, a hidden bunker. A giant hidden bunker under the airport.

Recently, there were HUNDREDS of solar panels put up next to it. Across the street from the airport, where there IS no structures.

Now, several years ago, China wanted to buy the airport. Or rent it, I can’t remember. We had lots of our politicians say how WONDERFUL it would be so sell Lambert field to China, because it would bring so much business to the area. We lost a Ford Plant, and Boeing is at this airport. For years it was reported that a Chinese company right across the street from Boeing was a front for spying. This company ‘sold’ giant statues. Of course, they never sold those statues.

So, the people got to vote on whether they wanted China here, and we all voted NO.

During the Obama years, all was quiet. But since the election, Amazon has been on a real tear here in North St. Louis. Right next to the airport HUGE, and I mean HUGE warehouses have been built almost overnight. Old car dealerships are being tuned into PRIME TRUCK parking lots. More car washes are going up, and major work on our highways are being done, right next to the warehouses.

This is ALL for Amazon. So, why are they keeping this huge transformation of a town so secret?

I believe that Amazon is going in with China to make St. Louis a major hub for China/Amazon business. It’s part of the global takeover of the world that China has planned and THAT is news that you won’t hear about at all.

There’s the FAKE news, and the censored news.

A while back I told you about a Chinese guy that came up to my front yard and started taking LOTS of pictures. I thought he might have been my Pilipino neighbor, but then I remember, they moved out. No this guy took about 30 pictures of the front of my house…smiling an ignoring me. He did not speak a word to me even though I was talking to him.

I think this China guy was actually going through the neighborhoods looking for houses to ‘sell’ or use in propaganda in China.

Hillary Clinton gave us the biggest clue of all, when she said Joe should not Concede. Joe Biden IS on the payroll of China, That’s a fact.

And our President is right: If he does not win the election, we WILL be taken over by China. And our very own past President, have sold us all out. They’ve been in bed with China to make themselves very rich. And now, with the release of the virus, and the communist threat of having our lives ended by thugs in the streets, President Trump is the only one standing in the way.

That’s my Nobody Opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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Nobody Says: Follow the Money

Nobody’s Opinion

Love, peace, unity, and tolerance have been preached by all the politicians and leftist radicals since the 1960’s, if you are over 60, you remember. What we actually have gotten from these people is: war, riots, hatred, destruction, and now, the first coup d’état in American History. —Completely ignored of course

What IS the state of our union?

Pretty crappy. Dangerous. Stressful, and for most of us, bewildering.

Every patriotic American whose is older REMEMBERS the history that was taught to them long ago, and therefore we feel like we  are living in some kind of Dante Hellhole, complete with the witchy cackles of Hillary Clinton, and the demonic faces of Schumer, Strzok, and Wray.

Which brings us to our never-ending war against President Trump and his band of deplorable Americans.

It’s called a ‘culture’ war which is really, all about…as usual, the money. Money. Those who are in power, GET the money. They’ve spent it all…and they need more, to protect themselves from being prosecuted. It’s basically that simple. And if destroying America is how THEY get their money and KEEP their money, so be it.

Even in the war between the states the Confederates loved their country, not so now. Most of the soldiers killed in the civil war fought for their homes, where they lived. Most of the soldiers did NOT own slaves. Clearly, times have changed. The white liberals fighting now…are they fighting for their homes? Their land? Do they even KNOW what they are fighting for?

Free everything?

While noble mantras come out of every liberal speech, in the end, that old mantra repeated by someone long ago, this Nobody Thinks that it usual comes down to FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Let’s look at everything from that FOLLOW THE MONEY standpoint, shall we?

The Economy: If you read the history of money, you find that the rich have gotten richer. Richer than anyone can even imagine. Greed. It’s as old as history itself. And then, Trump became President and STOPPED that elite gravy chain.

After credit cards were invented, a new world of “Investment trading” was put on steroids. The rich always get the first dib’s on the stocks…and THEY have the money to invest, without starving if they lose in the market. It’s rigged.

The banks control all the ups and downs of the market, and since the rich actually HAVE the money to invest and triple their investments, the little guy, who maybe only has a 401K, can lose it all in an instant, as in 2008, when President George W. Bush decided that the little guy would bail out the rich people who caused the disaster (ON purpose this nobody thinks) The rich got richer, America started on it’s way down. Little banks were put out of business…and now, with the virus, they get another boost! More little businesses closing leaving the big international companies in a virtual world monopoly.

The future belongs to them.

Much like Google. Apple. Microsoft. Whoever invents this vaccine will be the richest man in the universe. Bill Gates wants that title. In the meantime, while everybody is being forced to stay home, WE THE PEOPLE are buying Microsoft computers for the kids, and for ourselves SINCE we can go on lockdown at any moment.

THAT’s power. THAT’s Money. THAT’s…tyranny. And Bill Gates does it all in the name of philanthropy.

Right sure. Take me out to the ball game to forget. Wait.

There will BE no more baseball, concerts, schools, gatherings…you will not be allowed to do anything without permission soon.

Don’t worry, we’ll put your picture in the stands! For a price.

WAR & CHINA: Why did China release the virus into the world? MONEY! And who was the cash cow for China: HONG KONG! They truly are smart. Destroy the world’s economy by not letting anybody work but those BIG companies who all make their products…are you ready for it…IN CHINA!

Which is why all America’s big companies are on board…and the sports people, it’s all about the China market which means…MONEY!

You can thank Paul Ryan for China’s power. He gave them that power when he let them into the markets of the U.N. Thanks Paul. Gotta love ya.

Immigration: Basically…slave labor. Where once blacks were imported from Africa, now the rich demand their slave labor from South America. This brings all wages down in America. The past four Presidents helped send our jobs overseas And Paul Ryan sealed the golden calf for China by giving them high status.

President George W. Bush got us going with that. He signed the Open Borders treaty with Mexico and Canada, (North American Treaty) and all four of our past Presidents were on board with it. MONEY! It’s a global thing you know, and the global markets were opened to the Wal-Mart, McDonalds…etc.

And one last item: WAR. Why did George W. Bush get us into that damn war? MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Why do we get into ANY war?

MONEY. War is money.

And what do they do when the people’s money run out and heads into a depression?

WAR! Which makes you wonder when war with China will become the new talking point.

You cannot tell me that President George W. Bush did NOT know that the war in Afghanistan would break us. It destroyed Russia. George knew it TOO. He’s not that stupid. He was downsizing us on purpose. IF he had another reason, too bad he didn’t tell us.

And then there’s the little secret NOBODY talks about: Why do so many women get abortions?
Well, besides the fact that the communist wanted to destroy the family, in order for Hillary’s communist village to take over, in the words of Gollum James Carvey….“It’s the economy, stupid.”

ABORTION: Why do so many women get abortions? Because, now that there are more single women than married couples, single women have to bear the brunt of the cost of raising a child. That means, she won’t be able to dress nice, have an iPhone, or every be able to afford child care, unless of course she marries a rich man. And marrying a rich man is more like winning the lottery. Now, it costs almost $500,000 to raise one child…at least to those women who are not on welfare. It’s not that women don’t want children, it’s the cost that’s frightening. Many students go to their death beds with student loan debt.

I’ve heard so much talk about the cost of this and that, but the politicians just give money out like it’s water, which devalues our dollar, and puts our children living in boarded up destroyed inner cities, and the rest of us watching BLM eating steak dinners, while we eat veggie burgers.

The Deep State has basically sold our country to the highest bidder.

Fauci, Gates, China, the last four Presidents…all…it’s all about the money.

They will TELL you they care.

But what they really care about is…THE MONEY.

Better save your silver and gold, and HIDE it like Jesse James did, because they will come for that too someday. They did it once before.

Can President Trump SAVE us?


Yes. With God’s intervention.

I sure hope he turns up soon. And I hope, the tea party reappears and tears off their masks, and says “deep state, GO TO HELL!”

If BLM can do it, so can we.



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What Came First: The Global Pandemic WHO, or the Global Pandemic Easter Egg?

Nobody’s Opinion

Okay, I’m about to become the biggest ‘conspiracy” yokal since JFK was taken out with just one bullet.  I’m at the point where I really don’t care if anybody thinks I’m wacko.

To me, the last decade of global social engineering, has been a bought about by a bunch of narcissistic globalists, with a written business plan. A business plan that certain people at the top of our global chain, got together and agreed upon, in secret yearly meetings around the globe, only to be tweaked in certain emergencies. President Trump winning the election in 2016, was the emergency.

By the way, if we look at this as simply a global business plan, it makes a lot more sense.

While many have said that this ‘virus’ was just a natural virus that has accidentally been released from a lab in China, this nobody thinks this nugget of power grab has been incubating for quite a long time. Years ago, in the halls of Bilderberg castles, it was decided that only a few top people would rule the world, and they convinced themselves it would be a GOOD thing. America was to become a ‘service’ economy, and China would become a manufacturing economy, and a new currency would dominate, the one all electronic, and well, these wishes were all written down, you just couldn’t find them. BUT, after NAFTA, CAFTA, and the Pacific Trade AFTA, what was next?

All very good intentions perhaps, but it got screwed up.

So, let’s talk about just one thing: This new corona virus.

From the Daily Mail

• The US National Institutes of Health, a government agency, awarded a $3.7million research grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology
• The lab is the center of several conspiracy theories that suggest it is the original source of the coronavirus outbreak
• The institute experimented on bats from the source of the coronavirus
• They were captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan
• Sequencing of the Covid-19 genome has traced it to bats to Yunnan’s caves
• The U.S. government funded research on coronavirus transmission in the lab over the past decade

This means that SINCE Bill Gates has the patents on the virus, and SINCE he is part of the WHO, and SINCE liberal Fauci has also been on that panel, and working for years on his own patents along with Gates, it’s all of the deep state’s agenda for the global world they want to fashion. The trouble is, Donald Trump was NOT supposed to become President.

The agenda has been kicked up to full speed ahead. And this virus is the fast way to get us all there.

I’m sure they are telling themselves “Well, we tried EVERYTHING to get rid of him, and we just didn’t mean to go there, but we had no choice!.” 

I once had a history teacher who said, “Always back up what you say” so, let me give a tiny reason I think this is question everyone should ask,

What came first? The chicken or the egg? The WHO, or the virus?

Now that the virus has been released, we are hearing on all of our networks how “Life as we know will now change.” AND the only stores that will survive this economic disaster are the big ones: Target, Wal-Mart, Costco,..yep, the little guy won’t survive.

Think. I don’t know about you, but for decades Wal-Mart has been closing down almost whole towns of business all over the world. At first, it was just the mom and pop stores, but then, it was the bigger grocery stores. I don’t know what’s been happening in YOUR neighborhood, but in North County, St. Louis, the only place you can shop now is Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Cosco, or Target. All the malls in St. Louis are now ghost towns.

I’m not saying big companies are bad. What I am saying is that our own politicians have given them every advantage over the little guy.

This giant leap of major companies happened BEFORE this virus. But the news is acting and repeating the propaganda that all the retail stores closing is due to this virus. We were made to believe that people just LOVED shopping online. We are TOLD that it’s the new way, and everybody loves it!

Gee, if everybody just shops at Amazon, why get in your car at all?

All through Obama, remember, the race riots were held mostly in shopping Malls. Blacks were basically given permission by the President to go ahead and loot, and the workers at these malls were told to just stand aside. The Malls usually only had one unarmed cop on deck.

(Remember recently there was a shoot out at a Mall in Texas?)

Chicken or the egg. Did people stop going to malls because they preferred to shop online? Or was it because all the stores were closing down, and they really had no choice? They were FORCED to shop online because the malls all closed down.

To me, this was ludicrous. I don’t think shopping at the mall just overnight became disgusting to most everyone. I bet you Rodeo Drive is still hopping. Not to mention how they continually devalue our dollar.

Did you like wonder why Wal-Mart or even Target had to get into the grocery business? Have you wondered why China has more Wal-Marts than the United States?

It’s one thing to have a monopoly, but there used to be anti-trust laws to prevent that sort of thing. In a real free market, one company should not be allowed to swallow up all others, and yet, that’s what our last 4 President did. They let one huge merger after another continue until most of the small businesses were wiped out. Today the largest employer is our government, and that TOO is by design.

The next step is for our government to take over the remaining corporations, and the progressives are using that bird whistle aimed at the President who they want to declare it. So, let’s say he declares it, merging the state with the companies, and then wow…what’s next?

What if something happens to him?

Call it what you like: communism, fascism, socialism, it all ends up the same. A few very rich crush the poor, and the poor die.

And they’ve got the most conservative pundits protecting big companies. Mark Levine protects big pharma. He says that we should pay the big prices for our drugs or otherwise NEW drugs will never be invented. The American citizen should go ahead and suffer if he can’t afford his medication then.

As Thomas Edison would say, “There’s always a better way, find it. “

I remember Rush Limbaugh, all throughout the Bush years, promoted Wal-Mart. He was sticking up for big companies who he said, brought us cheaper goods from China. I know this, because I listened to him every day for years. He is now promoting like crazy, Apple. Okay, I’m sure he is getting money from Apple to sell to conservatives, and there is no doubt that he loves Apple, still, most all of Apple products are made in China, with slave labor. Just a few days ago I heard him talking in awe about the many shops Apple has over there. On the one hand he is praising President Trump, on the other hand he is in bed promoting a product made in China. He sees no problem with that. It gives me pause to wonder why Rush is not more…like Trump. We NEED to bring more manufacturing back to our country.

But…he really doesn’t talk about that much. He praises the work that Apple gets done in China.

So, do we get back to what came first: The Chicken or the Egg?

THINK: The globalists want us to stop driving, stop moving, stay in our homes and ride bikes. That’s been on the agenda for God knows how long, and I say that these plans of controlling the masses have been hatched by the many globalists chickens who meet in secret at Bilderberg meetings, Harvard meeting, Brussels’ meetings, and the U.N. for decades.

Both the Bushes and the Clintons are part of this network.

And one lone wolf has put a light on their plans.

Bill Gates and Fauci want to shut down the world for 18 months. So many will starve. That’s really stupid.

Yes, a vaccine would be nice, but ONLY if it doesn’t come from Bill Gates.

Once upon a time, a man named Jonas Salk invented a vaccine for polio. He discovered it much by accident. And he purposefully did NOT patent it so the world could benefit.

This is what they do: create the problem, create fear, and then come in with the solution.

I don’t care what they say: Bill Gates is not humanity’s keeper.

Could this all be to keep President Trump from building back up what they meant to destroy?

I’ll bet my Easter egg basket on it.


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In God We Trust….And President Trump.

Nobody Knows

Tucker Carlson…he’s young, and gets smarter by the day. How is that possible?

Well, here we are on day…what day is this in the virus world? We knew about it in November? Or…December? Or China didn’t tell us? Or Biden called Trump xenophobic because he stopped the planes from China coming in…in what month was that?

While I was listening to President Trump’s coronavirus updates today, I thought to myself, “Thank GOD we have a President who understands, markets, jobs, employment, and how to handle crisis.” Not only that, Trump has been ready for this kind of thing since he put out the idea that he wanted to be President in his book, written in 2000 TRUMP: The America We Deserve. 

REMEMBER, he wrote this in the year 2000, before 9/11, and before 2008, and before this virus crisis now.


I believe I have better hunches than most, but my place in the world has also given me better knowledge. My third reason for wanting to speak out is that I see not only incredible prosperity in our future but also the possibility of economic and social upheaval. Look toward the future and if you’re like me you’ll see storm clouds brewing. Big-time trouble. I’m not the only one who sees the storm on the horizon. A lot of people in public life and in private life know what many come our way. The politicians may not want to think about it but its’ there. 

The first storm—economic disaster: I hope I’m wrong, but I think we may be facing an economic crash like we’ve never seen before—probably sooner rather than later. The next president, or maybe the one we’ve got, could be in office for a stock market crash worse than the one in 1929. I’m not saying this crash will ruin us, but we have to anticipate it and know how to rebound. We’d better be ready, as a nation, to claw our way back up. Right now I’m not seeing the leadership we’re going to need. 

The second storm—terrorism: We need to get past the idea that, because we’re the only superpower, we’re safe. My uncle John Trump was an MIT professor and a brilliant man. He had a clear and compelling view of the future, including a strong belief that one day the United States might be subjected to a terrorist strike that would turn Manhattan into Hiroshima II. 

Nobody Knows if this was a bio-weapon attack. If it was, do you really think our government would tell us? Hell no. And Nobody Knows if this attack had the help of some of the anti-Trump people in our own government. Past Presidents, and politicians who hate the man with all their hearts for what he has done to their dreams of a one world global government. Logically speaking, many of our elites have been working with the Chinese slave labor markets, at the expense of American jobs and safety, just for the billions they can put in their profits. It’s been VERY good for them.

One thing we DO know: To have THIS President at this time in our history, to this nobody, shows that divine intervention has once again, helped the good people of America. There is absolutely NO other man probably on the planet who could not only guide us through a crisis, but come out better afterwards.

Nobody Knows, how Hillary Clinton would have handled this, and we don’t want to know.

Tucker doesn’t want money to be handed out. But then again, remember: the globalists have been “fundamentally” changing our country for decades. We do have a ‘service’ economy. And this will economally destroy many people.

If ANY man can figure out how to fight back, it’s one man. President Donald J. Trump.

I can’t wait until I see his image on a $100 dollar bill. Or…how about Mt. Rushmore? After this is over, I think we could take up a petition.

Now, excuse me: I have an appointment with my gumballs in the backyard. My President has told me to stay home, and so be it.

If I had the money, I would sent them to China.


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Nobody Reports the Headlines

Nobody Reports

If you are as confused as I am, on whether or not this virus IS really that much of a threat, then join the club of “Okay, what DO I really do?” Clearly, the American people are crazy. Wal-mart all over the country was having run on just about everything. Bare shelves.

All I can figure out is: China has not only been infecting our nation with flu virus for many years now, they also have been destroying us with drugs. You can thank the Brits for destroying THEM with heroin in the First Opium War around 1839. Which probably gave them the idea of how to destroy a country without bullets.

So, we can expect more of this according to Alex Jones AND the President. And now, since our last four Presidents have worked hard to make us a “service” economy, China is now threatening to NOT send us medicine.

In the meantime, we all wonder: Will these democrat demons ever stop?

No. They won’t. So, here’s some reported headlines of the day: The country is being shut down, probably because no past Presidents ever thought to get ready for the next flu weapon.

Kind of like how they “Didn’t even IMAGINE 9/11.

Here’s some facts:
• Almost all of the reported coronavirus deaths in the U.S. happened in long-term care facilities in Washington State. And almost all of those occurred at the same facility.
• Most people who get coronavirus have mild or no symptoms.
• No young or middle-age people have died of coronavirus in the U.S.
• Most around the world diagnosed from January-March 1 have already recovered.
• 31 Washington State elderly. That includes 27 in King County, (22 at the same elderly nursing facility in Kirkland), three in Snohomish county, and one in Grant County, a patient in their 80s.
• Four California elderly: A woman in assisted living in her 90s, a hospitalized woman Santa Clara in her 60s, an “elderly man” in assisted living, and a 71-year-old man with underlying health conditions who’d been on a Grand Princess cruise ship.
• Two Florida residents in their 70s who had traveled overseas.
• One New Jersey diabetic man, 69, who suffered two cardiac arrests.
• One South Dakota man aged 60-69, with “underlying medical conditions”
• One Georgia man, 67, with “underlying medical conditions”

So, why is Trump acting as if this is Armageddon? Probably because he knows it’s a bio weapon, and that the democrats have got him looking like he is a real meany if he didn’t do anything.

Once again, you can thank the democrats if you get sick.

I certainly will.

Now to the “reports”

Russia, Which Closed Border With China, Has Recorded Zero Coronavirus Deaths

Nobody Says: WOW…Borders work! Who knew? They just gave Trump $40 billion for the virus, but hey, why not use some of that to finish the wall? Notice, not one peep about the infected diseases coming into our country from our border. Will anybody ask Bernie OR Biden about the danger of an open border?


Crooked Hillary Smears President Trump as Not ‘Giving a Damn’ About Coronavirus Outbreak

Ahhhh…you gotta lover her. I want to see her get thrown BACK into the limo, don’t you?

Chi-Coms Accuse U.S. Army of Starting Coronavirus Outbreak, Demand ‘Explanation’

Well, I demand an explanation of why they are trying to take over the world, and make us all communists and HONG KONG. Why do they treat their people like cattle to be slaughtered? Our explanation? Hillary wants back in the White House.

Elderly Will Be Denied Intensive Care as Coronavirus Overwhelms Italy’s National Health System, Experts Warn

I THINK that was the whole idea of this virus: Kill the old people. Merkel needs room for more Muslims.

The Pope is old…How about a young Pope who is NOT a communist? I might even go to a church.

Political Correctness Kills: To Prove They Weren’t Racist, Mayor of Florence Encouraged Italians to “Hug a Chinese” Before Coronavirus Pandemic Hit

Which explains WHY so many of their old people are dying. They must have some really sweet and senile old people in Italy. I blame the Pope. God has LEFT his building.

Report: Joy Behar Taking Leave of Absence from ‘The View’ Due to Coronavirus

Come on, Joy’s just lazy. Who’s going to miss her?

Pelosi Under Fire for Sneaking ‘Abortion Slush Fund’ in Coronavirus Emergency Bill at 11th Hour

Pelosi, also keeps coming out and acting as if she is President. We need a Pelosi “flush” fund.

Fake Catholic Pelosi Proposed Taxpayer Funding of Baby Murder in Democrats’ “Coronavirus” Bill

Like I said: God has also left the Pelosi Catholic building.

President Trump Signs Bill to Help Telecoms Replace Chi-Com Huawei Equipment

God KNOWS….I love this man.

And this from Pat Buchanan.

Will coronavirus kill the New World Order?

In retrospect, was it wise to have relied on China to produce essential parts for the supply chains of goods vital to our national security? Does it appear wise to have moved the production of pharmaceuticals and lifesaving drugs for heart disease, strokes and diabetes to China? Does it appear wise to have allowed China to develop a virtual monopoly on rare earth minerals crucial to the development of weapons for our defense?

The question is: Will the globalists who run the world and who seem to be working with the Chinese because it’s just so much money in their pockets, LET this happen?

That’s why it’s a MUST to keep Trump in the White House.

And last but not least this headline…

Is God unhappy with Mankind?

No one knows. But one thing is sure: The devil is really happy with Hillary and Obama, and all the other democrats who are driving this country into sheer hysteria.

Because, they can.

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The Perfect “YOU ARE ALL GONNA DIE!” Storm

Nobody Knows

At my local Walgreen’s drug store, the usual older lady there who works at the main register always looks worn and tired. Nothing new here I thought. She is probably in her mid-seventies and HAS to work. There is another old guy who works there too, who ALSO looks as if he should be fishing on the piers in Florida, and staying in his seat.  But he’s always there.

So many old and retired people now work around my community, simply because they HAVE to work. They don’t get pensions, and Social Security barely pays for necessities nowadays.  I went into my local hardware store today. They have somehow managed to stay afloat and in business, by some miracle, because they are across the street from a Menards and a Home Depot. I always try to give them my business.

Instantly I had three old guys asking me if I needed help. Nobody was in the store.

They all looked worried, as well as they should be.

So there I was this morning, going to Walmart to get bird paper for my birds, and I had the radio on, basically saying: Oh..hey..if you are over 60…just stay home. Don’t go out. Everyone is probably going to catch this flu. So, you know. Just don’t go anywhere.

WHAT? This was from the administration. I was wondering, did our President approve this message? Is this another department of Obama holdover that President Trump has no other avenue to go to. HE said, over 8,000 people have died of the flu this year, only 26 so far of the corona-virus. Why are they trying to shut down over 90 million people?

Everybody who is NOT Trump is causing a panic basically.

I called my husband. “Hey, they are telling us on the radio that we should not go into public places, should I still go to the gym? There ARE Chinese there. “ (Why am I asking him? Habit.)

I decided to go, and walking out the door was a sweet very old Chinese couple. “Oh, just my luck.” I thought. I did some work in the gym and left.

I came home and Dana Pirino on Fox was just TOO slap happy about the whole business. All the democrats were crying out that President Trump was ‘incompetent’ and was going to kill us all. Schumer was still viciously attacking Trump for the virus.

That man is lower than a warthog. He grunts like one too.

My husband said that where he worked, they are told that if someone has a fever he must go to the doctor and be checked then if they have it, made to stay home. And here’s the real kicker: The company bosses decide IF that worker, even after having been cleared of the virus, gets to come back.

I instantly thought of all the old people around my neighborhood being laid off due to a ‘virus’ with no legal recourse against the company. Profits go down because people stay home, and they have to cut somewhere right?

Which leads me back to my theory that the deep state would LOVE to get rid of the old and sick. And most of the deep state wants universal health care.

To them, this IS the perfect storm. Whether created by mistake, or by design it doesn’t matter. They are going full frontal turkey with it to destroy our country.

One doctor on Fox said this:

“What I have a problem with is the panic and the fact that businesses are getting destroyed that people’s lives are being upended, not by the virus, but by the panic,” the physician continued.

“The panic must stop. And the press, they really somehow need to be held accountable because they are hurting people,” he asserted.

Yes, not only are they hurting the old and Trump, they are hurting the economy, which is the main success of President Trump’s three years in office, and they’ve even admitted they were HOPING something would ruin the economy.


Here’s a nobody comment that pretty much says what everybody is thinking:

What, what?  The point of all of this is that a)Yes, it’s always possible there are nefarious reasons that super wealthy people in bed with politicians and stakeholders around the world can easily create a scheme like this and not think twice about it, b)This could just be what it is:  A technician in Wuhan at one of their crazy labs contracted the virus and it started from there and it’s nobody’s fault, just a bad situation, and c)This one is of course the only thing any 1/2 brained person knows to be a fact:  The establishment, liberal media outlets are hyping this to the 9s because they want so badly to beat Trump and they have nothing left.  They can’t argue policy, Trump would win.  They can’t argue trade, Trump would win.  They can’t argue the constitution, Trump would win.  They can’t say Russia did it, Trump already won while they all broke the law.  They can’t say anything.  All they can do is what they are painfully good at, which is lie, psychologically project, manipulate, and do anything to gain power at your expense and at my expense.  The modern Democrat party does not care about Americans.  At all.  Literally.

I’m with that doctor. I’m with THAT nobody.

Like I said in a past post: What will they do next?

Well, we are finding out, aren’t we?


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What? Warren and Obama Attack Bernie?

Nobody’s Opinion

Bernie is on the rise. Oh-oh. That heart attack didn’t keep HIM down, no sireee. It’s being reported that this impeachment trial is all about keeping Warren and Bernie from campaigning and getting more popular.

By now, you must realize that the corporations who own most all our TV cable news, are globalists. And we now are finding out, not only how corrupt and FAKE they are, but how many lies are being reported in order for them to determine who wins the next election.

They simply, in their minds, cannot let Trump win another four years. Not after all the hard work they’ve done to bring about the downfall of the United States, as a republic.

Warren is a joke. Hillary won’t let her happen either.

Which is why, they love Bernie Sanders running, because he is introducing all the socialists/communists politics they eventually WANT to use to transform America, they just don’t want to have to PAY for that transition. They want us to pay for it, and so far, we have.

Bernie wants complete control of even THEIR money. Can’t have that.  It’s crony capitalism at the top, and communism at the bottom— that’s their ticket to paradise, thank you very much, and just like China, they want to decide who wins and who doesn’t.

Bernie would take their money. Not good.

And so, on every station, with every poll, Americans are told the it’s Joe Biden who is winning, and who the majority of Americans WANT to win.

Joe Biden. The man who can’t keep away from sticking his nose into every kid’s hair, and then forgets what state he’s in. The man who can’t draw a crowd of even 50 people. The man whose made billions off of illegal deals with every foreign country he got to fly to as VP.

Right. We are suppose to believe that he’s the man, when once again, we see Bernie draw big crowds and why shouldn’t he get support, especially among the young, who do not know any better? The globalists had to get rid of Bernie when he was drawing those same big crowds instead of Hillary. They know that for years they’ve been brainwashing our kids to become global citizens of communism, and Bernie is saying the very same thing that Obama said: They BOTH say that they will fundamentally transform America. What’s not talked about is just how successful Obama was at that already.

The middle class has been effectively wiped out in America. With NAFTA and all the trade deals done by the globalists, we are now simply a service economy. (Which was predetermined by the globalists some 30 years ago.) And because of Obamacare, millions of young people, can’t even get medical care. They can’t afford a house. They can’t afford child care.

They can’t afford a college education, and neither can their parents afford to send them.

The middle class is now, those who can afford $350,000 homes.

The family has been broken up, leaving the state to feed the kids at our schools. Companies are forced to have employees work only part time so they don’t HAVE to pay for medical. And they’ve flooded every cities with refugees and foreigners.

Our public schools are socialist— a parent has no say whatsoever in the crap our kids are being made to learn.

Our medical system is about to go completely one-payer. It’s just about there.

Young men and women can’t afford college to get out of having to just flip hamburgers for a living, because now, the computer jobs are being filled by foreigners, thanks to our Congress.

The whole economy is depended on Wall Street. And you need money to play. They don’t even teach you how to play in school.

They are making us cashless, and making sure books fly off the shelves in our libraries.

They are censoring the internet, while nudging us to all shop online.

Young people can’t buy a house. They have to put off having kids. And they have no future if they can’t agree to put themselves into debt the rest of their lives.

Can you blame the kids for loving Bernie? He sells socialism like a trip to Disneyland. This transformation of America has been going on for decades.

Just yesterday, I tried to get into see my doctor, who is booked up until June. Not too long ago before Obamacare, three weeks tops was the wait. Now…doctors have left in droves. If you really need to see one, you get their nurses who can only do…pretty much nothing. Or take your chances with a Muslim doctor. In St. Louis, HALF of all doctors now are either Indian or Muslim.

You might get Bernie’s free health care, but you will die waiting for it.

Go outside insurance, and it will cost you just as much if not more.

And it’s OBAMA who is against Bernie. WHY? Because he likes the money he’s making off Wall Street. He loves being in the top 1 percent. And he has yet to introduce his pick, who we all know, isn’t here yet.

This weekend, my husband and I went downtown St. Louis. Most everybody stays away from downtown because of the crime. My neighbor up the street lost his son who was downtown at a stoplight and got a bullet into his head. Sorry, it’s sounds blunt, but it’s true. No, downtown St. Louis would be the same as the South side of Chicago, if anybody lived there anymore.

Recently, the democratic city people decided to take a note from London and Chicago and build a huge Ferris Wheel, downtown to draw people down there.  For $24 you can take a ten minute ride. We made the huge mistake of taking it during the day. The Ferris Wheel is pretty cool, but then you look around from the top, and you want to gasp with horror.

I couldn’t believe the sheer magnitude of decay…old buildings, built mostly around the 1800’s. Cracked sidewalks, garbage everywhere. No life. No apartments. No new buildings. Just a city that died somewhere in the late 1960s. As far as the eye could see. Even the railroad station below, where hundreds of trains ran everyday in WWII…empty. While a new attraction, less then ten people lined up to ride.

There was a restaurant across the street. A very expensive Italian restaurant that was in the lobby of a vacant hotel. I was wondering who would DARE to go to this place at night. I would be afraid to even get out of the car, and then I realized that St. Louis has been run by democrats for over 50 years.

I’m sure the Mafia is still here, even if they are underground.

Nope. Too many republicans caused this to happen also. They jumped in bed with the big corporations, transferred our middle class job overseas, and made the U.S. taxpayers pay for the protection of Europe for all these years.

President Trump is stopping that. THAT’s why the E.U. has been able to have socialism for all these years. The U.S. Taxpayers paid for their defense. That’s why we are seeing mass protests in France, and England.

Welfare, just doesn’t work. Trump is cutting them off.

Now that Trump is stopping that, we ARE seeing people revolt. As Margaret Thatcher once said— The problem with socialism is that  sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.

In the meantime, if you want to know just how wacko this Bernie is, and why even the Marxist Obama doesn’t want him…

Like everything else: It’s all about the money.

So, here….here’s a good background check on the only man who can draw a crowd beside our President.

Make sure your kids watch it.


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