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I got an email last week, that was really great. It was from a man named Noah, who had a lot to say…and also said he tried to post it, but the comments were turned off.

Trust me Noah, I had NO idea that the comments were turned off. I have been posting daily since 2000, and I can count the number of comments that whole time from 2000 to 2021 to be under…40. Because Mrs. O, and now amfortas, and a few other readers commented once in a while, I figured, nobody else had anything to say, so I thought it was working.

CLEARLY, I need to figure out what’s going on.

 Noah got my mind whirling so much, I have decided to answer his first question about WHY globalism is not good for the world, but I will do throughout the week, as I could probably write a book, (that nobody would read ) so I hope to shorten the answer in daily excerpts.

Here’s Noah’s Comment:

Nobody Knows. If you want more proof that this whole coup was orchestrated in order for elites to take over the world, the …

Joyanna, what is your deal with globalism? I honestly don’t understand why it is so evil. I’m pretty sure it was Hitler’s worst enemy- globalism = internationalism, right? Which means less nationalism, and more peace between sovereign states, I think. So it can’t be that bad, can it? Geopolitics aren’t really my thing though, so I could be wrong. I was going to write this on another post of yours, but the comments were already closed.

@Amfortas I’m not sure what you are talking about. Hunters been dead for a while now. I miss HST. 😦 He was insightful and had such a strange blend of political leanings that he would defy classification today, if he hadn’t decided to kick the bucket. Its sort of weird… he had legions of sycophantic fans that he could have indulged himself with, a lifetime of accomplishment to gloat over- but he decided to punch his ticket early. I think he saw something on the horizon that he didn’t like. Or maybe he was just disgusted at how the hard-won lessons of yesteryear were completely ignored by subsequent generations. Its sort of “our thing” as Americans.

Like the left conveniently forgetting what the Free Speech Movement was about in the past few years, while they deny deny deny their socialist / sometimes Communist roots. We had over 300 Soviet spys enabled by leftists working for federal labs since WW2. Meanwhile the right forgets that they share roots with the Nazi party, and the Vatican ratline & Operation Paperclip were just precursors to our antics during the Pinkville Massacre. Near 500 murdered, 12 year olds raped and mutilated and tortured, and only Lt Calley gets charged. 3 years house arrest was his punishment. Fast forward to the W years. Some guy gets 20 years in the Big House for watching a porno cartoon. Really. That was courtesy of John Ashcroft, Moral Crusader. Apparently lewd anime is a big deal in Virginia. 3300X worse than the actual rape, mutilation, , and murder of a bunch of unarmed women and their daughters. (A mild exaggeration, because they didn’t have time to torture/rape all of them.. just the pretty ones, I bet.) The coverup lasted a year before Seymore Hersh got the heads up. Then-future-President Carter and Nixon agreed on one thing; this was an outrage. The outrage was that Calley might be held accountable for his actions. I bet Ashcroft had a similar perspective. That guy loves torture.. as long as it isn’t animated and fictional, that is.

About 90% of the country was behind Calley. Contrast with Epstein, who paid some 15 year olds for sex. To hear people speak of it, that was the end of the freakin world. Mention to those so outraged that 80 million girls have had their clits cut off (4 million a year) since Trump mentioned that Epstein likes them a little young, “Yeah whatever..” is the usual response, clearly annoyed that I changed the subject just when they were about to suggest Ghislaine might be the female anti-Christ. Btw thats called FGM, or female genital mutilation- and is a uniquely Christian and Muslim practice. Apparently it cures feminism real good, and prevents sinful female sexual pleasure to a large degree. Also, its regarded as punishment for Eve’s “Original Sin”. And Its still legal in 11 states right now, It happens at a rate of around 11,000 girls per day globally.

Kinda puts things in perspective, don’t it?


 Noah had a lot to say, and hopefully, he will argue more with amfortas and Mrs O will join in. All have great thing to say. Noah, for now, send me your comments and I will post them.

And speaking of SAYING…I want to start off this global pros and cons with two men’s thoughts that sum up points that I agree with.

The first one is taken from J. D. Vance:


It’s not just the bad policies of the Biden administration that we have to push back against, that’s obviously important, it’s the entire leadership class in this country in the government, in the bureaucracy, in the private sector … these people do not see themselves as Americans first, as owing an obligation to the country that gave them all the incredible opportunities. And that is maybe the fundamental problem in this country: The ruling class that instead of investing in this country — building institutions, making the people who live here wealthier, happier, more prosperous — it actually enjoys plundering the greatest country in the world because it doesn’t see that it owes anything to the people who live here, to the previous generations that actually built this country. [Emphasis added]

I was at a dinner in 2017, 2018 with a lot of corporate leaders. I was sitting next to the CEO of one of the largest hotel chains in the world. He said ‘Look, President Trump’s immigration policies are forcing me to raise wages for my workers’ and he was complaining about this. And I said ‘Okay, well explain this to me.’ And he said ‘Look, in the past, if I wanted workers, I could just go across the southern border and get a bunch of Central American foreigners to do this job for poverty wages but now because I can’t tap into those people, I have to go to Americans and I have to give them higher wages to do it.’ And again, this guy was talking about this like it was a bad thing but this is what the elites do with immigration is they use it to undercut the wages of American workers. [Emphasis added]

J.D. Vance: Ruling Class ‘Actually Enjoys Plundering’ the United States (

And the second one is fast becoming one of my favorite pontificators: Russell Brant.

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Another Vietnam? Who Benefitted?

Nobody Flashes

Tucker Carlson again makes a good point. Our “Presidents” are really good at getting us into conflicts and nation building, and we end up GIVING away our treasure in lives and money.

They should all go to jail for such imcompetence, so why do they all do it?


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