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NOTE: I tried to post this video here, but I could not get it up on Twitter, probably for good reason, but you can click on the link and see that the pharmaceutical companies, are doing:…you won’t like it, but I’m actually thinking about sending it my own doctor.


My husband is on vacation this week, so we took a trip to a very popular National Park here in Missouri called the Elephant Rocks. Basically a wide area filled with very huge volcanic rocks formed billions of years ago, and if you have young kids, and are driving through Missouri, take them.

And so, I’m just writing some radom thoughts here tonight.

The first is, not far from the Elephant Rocks was another Missouri Park called Johnston Shut-ins. It’s a river valley for swimming, and it had been flooded years ago when a storm broke an Electrical damn, causing the whole valley and park to be destroyed. Think Mount St. Helens path. It’s a shame. The whole park was destroyed. We didn’t go into that area because they didn’t allow dogs, but I told my husband to go check it out while I sat in the car with the pup. What I did noticed was even stranger.

In the parking lot were about 25 cars filled with Chinese. They didn’t speak English, and the cars were all stuffed with it seemed mountains of all their belongings. The cars were all nice, but there were at least four to five kids in all the cars, and the men were communicating with their cell phones. One of the cars it seemed had broken down. I thought it was strange to see a whole flock of Chinese ‘homeless’ traveling right here in the middle of Missouri.

Okay…flash to tonight. Early on this morning it was announced that Simone Biles had won the Bronze metal. Interesting enough, they didn’t bother to mention who won the gold. Tonight as I watched the PR propaganda calling Simone the best in the world, her aunt died, and isn’t she a hero, etc, etc, it was clear the China girl who won the gold deserved it. The second China girls who won the silver, well, how do I know. Interesting I thought. China girl, black girl. I see this more and more in all the commericals.

Watch and see if I’m wrong about this. I’m always going “Chinese! BLACK! Gay!” White women are there, but the white men? They are becoming extinct in commericals.

I also noticed that one of the commercials, was for a new Marvel movie, out at the theaters, with a Chinese superhero, who looked and talked very American. But the whole movie was…and had…all Chinese actors. But hurry! It’s out at all the theatres now! Marvel now will make all Chinese movies for America. I just thought it was a first: Marvel with NO American or British actors. Maybe they have a few in the movie, but I will probably not see it.

China is moving in. It’s almost as if there is a race to see WHAT nationality takes over America.

Blacks? Hispanics? Or Chinese?

My worst nightmare would be if Michelle Maukin ran for President, won, and turned out to be a Chinese spy.

Okay, clearly, I’ve had too much sun.

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