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Project Veritas Exposes ANTIFA in your classroom!

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How in the WORLD can this absolute immature baboon of a moron become a teacher in our schools? He has the maturity and knowledge of a 4-year- old.

I take that back. Even a child would have better sense.

Oh boy, he admits that in the sixties the communists TRIED to take over because the economy had failed? WHAT!?

I lived through that era and it wasn’t the economy that everyone complained about: it was the war in Vietnam.

it WHAT AN Idiot. Add to that. he is very excited about going to China. Hopefully, he loves it so much he stays there.

And this man is teaching our kids? This video should be passed around all over the United States. DO IT!

He clearly wants a violent revolution, led by himself, and I wish I could be there when some vet knocks him on his ass. Clearly drugs are involved. Every day drugs. He talks as if he doesn’t realize where MONEY from. Really.

THIS is what our teachers unions are turning out? Was this how Obama started?

Probably. Real loser’s revenge.

Project Veritas, once again, is showing us the enemy within. And if all of them are as stupid as this guy, we have nothing to worry about.

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