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Calling Amfortas..

Just a shout out to my Aussie friend who lives in Australia…and whom I believe said this is not happening where he lives.

So, Amforats…is this real? Fake? Only once in a while? What’s going on there?

Nobody Wonders.

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Build Back Better: But Destroy FIRST

Nobody Wonders

“All warfare is based on deception” Sun Tzu

Diversity is our strength.

All of the leaders of the West repeat this over and over again, and we’ve been hearing it for years, with every immigrant that comes into the country. But is it?

Pat Buchanan says:


“Where is the scientific, historical or empirical evidence for the proposition that the greater the religious, racial, tribal and ethnic diversity of a nation, the stronger it becomes?” he asks, perhaps rhetorically.

Rather, in America today, “Diversity is our strength” is a commanding ethos: It governs the minds of the Joint Chiefs, it informs the decisions of our top policymakers, it drives the campaigns of the political left, it animates the activities of the activist left, and it’s scribbled on the chalkboards of our children’s schools.

Today, those who preach the gospel of diversity, be it multiculturalism, critical race theory, or any other novel heresy, don’t care about what unifies us. Often, they resent it and instead actively promote what makes us different. Many times, they work to actively divide us


So, build back better with a diversified population. Will that work?

Only a united country can survive, and that has been the proof up until the great “globalization” plans were announced by Daddy Bush. To Build back Better,” the mantra of the globalists, you FIRST have to destroy all nations and their borders and countries. How do you do that? Like they did with the Tower of Babel….creating chaos, the old divide and conquer, pit white against white, democrat against republican, woman against man, and throw in humiliating guilt of whatever they can think, by relentless demoralizing a nation.

Christianity, education: destroy and dismantle. The communists have done it all throughout history.

We are seeing it all happen right before our eyes. The question is: Why?

Once again: Money, and power. The same old human flaws. As history records, this will not end well.

So, when WAS the ‘great reset’ hacked? At no other time in history has the great invasion of hordes of refugees flooded Europe and America.  America has taken in more people from other countries, more than any other nation.  And Nobody Wonders if creating the Tower of Babel on the whole planet was a means to the end of which the “elites” decided was a great way to lead the world to that borderless world they wanted to create. 

And they DO want to create it. They say so. All the time.

So, the question is, were wars used to flood the West with immigrants to further the destruction of nations? Nobody Wonders.   

How do you destroy countries? Wars.

“There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.” Sun Tzu

“Contributing to maintain an army at a distance causes the people to be impoverished.” Sun Tzu

President George Bush Jr., who helped keep the wars up in the middle East for over 20 years sure helped destroy our economy, and it drove millions of refugees all over the world. Our country suffered immensely. Tell me he didn’t know that. He could have just gone and got bin Laden… but nooooooooo…..

All of the leaders of the West repeat this over and over again, and we’ve been hearing it for years, with every immigrant that comes into the country. But is it?

The Bushes, and especially George Jr. who insisted, like Biden today there was NO way they could have known that we would be attacked on 9/11, or like now, the Taliban would take over. Nope. Our Presidents had NO clue. None.

George did his part.  He sure saved the banks, didn’t he? Obama did the same. He armed many a terrorist, in fact, he let go, he HELPED them at every turn. They got hundreds of weapons from Obama. Obama brought them over here and put their leaders back into their countries to fight us again.

Not to mention a plane load in billions of cash to Iran.

Notice, nobody talks about that.

Makes you wonders, was Hillary hoping Putin would start a war with the uranium she gave him? Anyway….back to George.

George said this today:


“The Afghans now at the greatest risk are the same ones who have been on the forefront of progress inside their nation. President Biden has promised to evacuate these Afghans, along with American citizens and our allies. The United States government has the legal authority to cut the red tape for refugees during urgent humanitarian crises. And we have the responsibility and the resources to secure safe passage for them now, without bureaucratic delay. Our most stalwart allies, along with private NGOs, are ready to help,” the Bushes said.”


WHY do we have to bring them here Geroge? Why not put them up in another Muslim country somewhere? So far, over 60,000 plus and their families have been imported here, and this was before this mess. What George? Open borders are not filling up America fast enough? Not enough ‘diversity’ in the country yet?

Because IF you are going to have a one world government, you need to break up religions, families, histories, basically the building blocks of any great nation. 

That’s EXACTLY what they have been doing.

 9/11. THAT was sent millions scrambling into Europe. The endless wars in the middle East sent MILLIONS of Muslims flooding Europe, until whole cities were taken over. Paris, is no longer Paris. Liverpool is now a Muslim city in itself. The people were forced to take care of them all.

Michelle Malkin: Endless Wars = Endless Refugees | CNSNews

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Nelly. When do ordinary Americans, whose neighborhoods will be flooded with all these untold numbers of “folks,” get a say about this “import first, ask questions later” refugee dump? Who voted for 6,000 of our best and bravest American soldiers to be used as travel agents and security guards for unlimited numbers of poor, unskilled, and unvetted Afghans and their families who will soak up precious public resources in our age of pandemania?


So, Nobody Wonders if  THIS invasion of Western Civilization was all along planned by the very elites who want to rule us all.

And remember, the people of the world, will suffer, and have NO say whatsoever in anything that happens to them.

Some believe that globalization will bring peace and hope to the world, every nation filled with different tribes, who speak different languages, and who stay in forever conflict with each other,

Are you SURE that will happen?

Can a duck learn to bark?  

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