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The Muslim Invasion: Created on Purpose?

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Everyday, I tune into the Glenn Beck Program, and for the last few days he has raised MILLIONS to get everyone, out of Afghanistan. Last time I checked; it was over 20 million. He hired a pilot, and said they got about 300, but getting more was hard because our STATE DEPARTMENT would not give them permission, or something to that effect. I don’t know. A lot of it seems to me to be “Look, I’m such a humble good person and the government wont’ do anything but I will.”

Sorry, but why didn’t he just, like Ross Perot use his own money and send men to rescue them? Ross did that for men left behind in Vietnam but he never tried to use other people’s money, or even bragged about it. So why did Glenn?

He’s a radio talk show host. AND…

Because, GLENN wanted the brownie points.

Glenn is giving the same argument we are hearing from most everyone. Those poor people will be KILLED! They HELPED us. We promised them…now they will be killed. He opens his big heart to ‘Do the right thing.”

I’ve never heard Glenn be so passionate about the veterans on our streets. But he reminds me of a pool lady that I swim with: Mrs. J. I’ll call her. She gathers the ‘turtles’ (I call them turtles because they are all in their 70’s and just get in the shallow end and move their feet…like turtles.) and they talk for hours. Mostly about all the good deeds they have done. All of them are Christians.

Yesterday I overheard her talk about how the Muslims that have moved into our neighborhoods don’t bother anyone. She likes them.

I have talked about the Muslims in my neighborhood them before, (Not the same attitude) and here’s how the global elites are USING good hearted Christians to accept the Muslims into their neighborhood. Christians are hell bent to show YOU and themselves and GOD, just how tolerant and merciful they are to all religions.

It’s the old ‘Love your enemy and give him the other cheek.” They feel all good inside when they do that.

The liberals USE this good-hearted nature of most Christians to accept what will eventually be, their own downfall. Muslims lie. Here in my town, they have built their Mosques next to the churches, every single time. They do it in every country. And they do NOT blend. They do not want to be Americans. And I don’t believe for one minute that the leaders of the world do not know this.

Of course they do.

This didn’t just start, mixing the Muslims into the West, and the wars that all our Presidents have been getting us into. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter started moving Muslims into the United States by the thousands.

They are SUCKERS for what they are doing, which is destroying their own countries. Or the NWO plans.

Now all the conservatives talk about how the United States rebuilt Germany, saved those countries, and we should do the same for Afghanistan.

Germany, was bombed to oblivion. You cannot compare, and we are not as strong as we once were. How many men DO we have left to fight wars? Not many I bet. Too many abortions. That was not happening before WWII.

Everyone is talking about Biden destroying America’s reputation. And yes, this is the most insane thing that any American President has done in history.

Trust me, this was planned. Obama brought in millions of Muslims, we now have them in Congress, and he WAS a Muslim. Still is. Well, if he is anything besides a giant racist and hater of America. Obama has given more of our weapons to terrorists that he should be…well, fill in the blank……..

But this isn’t just about Muslims. Who really wins in this destruction of all Western nations?

China. Let the Muslims attack and kill Americans. China does it without firing a shot. The Nazi’s used the Muslims to further THEIR goals. Nothing new here.

Unless free men woman start realizing that China is using Biden to take over not only our country, but all of the West, we will be doomed to a nightmare.

And China is using the Western Leaders to help them out.

The Virus was just a warm-up act. If the vaccine passports become reality, like Fauci wants, then the West will never recover.

Many of the good women cry “Where are the voice of our men?”

Guess what? That’s what the women’s revolution was all about. To take over countries you MUST silenced the men. Make them wimps. Now they could lose their jobs….they are keeping quiet.

And the ones who stand up: Are being arrested. Burn a BLM flag, you go to jail. But Biden just burned all of the American flags in Afghanistan. He takes a knee to BLM, a subsidiary of China.

God help us now. If the God-fearing people of the WORLD don’t all unit, we will all fall to the tyranny that is coming fast. I see it here every day.

Today a man at my husband’s work got so frustrated by not getting the help he needed at work, because of all the shutdowns, he walked out on HIS boss, got in his car, and ran into a tree.

That’s how bad it is. The Covid lockdowns are WAR. WAR on the West. WAR on everyone.

WAR on your freedom. And they will never give it back. They are trying to break the will of the people.

It’s that simple.

Waiting for Trump?

Yeah. He’s only one man. And they have silenced him.

In the meantime….it starts:

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