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Nobody Remembers: 10 Facts You Don’t Know About America

I was talking to a young woman at the local pool the other day. She was the lifeguard, sweet, about 17, and we got to talking about the history of the Indians. How they were ‘slaughtered’ by the white man. It the history that has been repeated again and again in most all of our schools. I remember reading “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” and also …how many movies were made where whole villages were slaughtered.

But, in my own family tree, one of my ancestors on my mother’s side of the family, settled somewhere up East near Hartford, CN. A family of Harts came over from England and lived in the 1600, in a small cabin. Thomas Hooker and his son were neighbors. The family had a mother, a father, and 11 children. They kept to themselves. To get to the point: One of the younger boys was sent to lend a hand to a neighbor as it was harvesting time. He was 10 at the time.

When that boy came home that evening, after working in the fields all day, he found his whole family had been slaughtered and scalped. His father, his mother, and every one of his brothers and sisters, murdered.

The house, and the barn, were burnt to the ground.

So, if that boy had not been helping a neighbor that day, then I wouldn’t be here. Or writing this. I can’t imagine what that was like.

I tell this only to show, that men of every country has it’s ‘ruthless’ men and killers. History being taught is not always what really happened.

So, I hope you enjoy this little video I found.

This guy, Mr. Reagan, is REALLY a great story teller. And the story he tells about the Indians? I don’t think any Hollywood producer would put it in a movie.

So, Enjoy? The great lessons of history from Mr. Reagan.

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