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Obama Give Up His Party? Don’t Make Me Laugh

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I don’t believe in ANYTHING about any politician anymore. Since the biggest coup in American history, where a sitting President received more votes than any other president in history, and yet, it was stolen from the people and a moron was put in office, most of us believe that it was the “deep state” that had this planned all along, and since then the lies and propaganda has been worthy of a Putin or Castro. So when I see so much news cooing over Obama’s BIG 60th birthday party being canceled, I’m suspicious of why we should even care. Obama used the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, and his vast connections in the global world to destroy the American republic and is still doing it. All of Obama’s old staff is running the demented Joe Biden, and continuing to form Obama’s vision of a destroyed America.

So, once again I ask…Why rub his “popularity” in our faces?

Obama only gets the very rich and powerful to come to his birthday party. Trump would get thousands of regular Americans to come to his should he choose to put on a “Trump BDAY rally.”

But that’s not his style.

So, Nobody Wonders, was this report on the world loving Obama so much that over 700 rich people from around the world were going to make it to Martha’s Vineyard to be with their most favorite BLM/cop trashing politician? Was this to show Americans how much he was loved, and how RICH he was?

The former president has reportedly invited 500 guests and 200 party workers — including a “Covid Coordinator” and is requiring all attendees to prove that they have been vaccinated and have had a recent negative test for the potentially deadly contagion. But the party has now been “significantly” scaled back according to Hannah Hankins, a spokesman for Obama which was reported by the NY Times.

 “It’s My Party and I’ll Defy if I Want To” 

China made fun of it, of course.

“Holding large gatherings even while in the grip of the pandemic seems to be embedded in the DNA of Americans,” the Chinese newspaper claimed. “On July 4, US President Joe Biden welcomed around 1,000 people to the White House to mark the country’s Independence Day and to tout his administration’s ‘achievements’ in fighting the pandemic.”

A large number of former White House staffers and celebrities like Paul McCartney, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, Nick Jonas, and Stevie Wonder.

So, the good Obama, SO concerned about people getting sick, is canceling the big crowd, who are already on the island ready to party. I find this to be a joke. Every thing we read is carefully planned for some psycholgical effect, and you KNOW that this party would have gotten revealed, and it would look bad, like the rich man showing off to the peasants.

At the end of the Obama is going to cancel statement, this was said:

“He’s appreciative of others sending their birthday wishes from afar and looks forward to seeing people soon.”

Yeah right. If they are not having that party at Obama’s house, you can be SURE that they just moved it to another person’s house…because Obama’s house wasn’t big enough. If they planned this for a year, trust me, Paul and Stevie already have their equipment set up, and Spielberg probably made a great film just for him.

Nobody Wonders if THAT will be reported, but I’m pretty sure, the party go on. The elites will NOT be denied their freedom to celebrate themselves.

As Simone Biles said at her last Olympic run: “I do this for myself.” No truer words were ever spoken by an elite.

They might as well make it their motto.

You can be sure, she will be there.

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