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Every day during the summer, I swim at the local pool. Mostly the 2- hour swim is reserved for a group of women (and two men) who basically are all near 70 years old and older.

ALL of them, but me, have been vaccinated.

Of course, I must admit, President Trump’s endorsement of the vaccine didn’t help matters much, and I’m sure many people got the vaccine because he endorsed it. But I have been doing a lot of research and the more Doctor’s video’s I see telling me the vaccine is deadly, and the more they push it. The more I feel you are NUTS to get it.

As we saw this morning, both New York and California are going the way of Australia. It will be a crime if you do NOT get the vaccine. This is tyranny, not anything to do with the health of the American people.

If you don’t know that, there is nothing left to say.

So…just in case you’re lives are too busy to ‘search’ for answers, INFORWARS posted a few video’s made by REAL doctors (Not Fauci) who give you warning about the vaccine.

Still, the American people are like sheep. Uneducated. Trusting. And too honest to believe that a ‘vaccine’ could actually end up killing you.

If you have already gotten the vaccine: what can I say? I hope your body is super. BUT…if you are undecided, then here are video’s which go into greater detail….all done by doctors banished from the internet.

Of course, I put up a picture of calm and beauty,after the link, just to soften the blow.

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