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This word didn’t come into our vocabulary until very recently, but tonight, we are witnessing another “failure” of the great push towards globalism that the elites of the world have been pushing, for decades.

The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. Like Vietnam, we leave in disgrace, burning our own flags, releasing all prisoners, and telling Americans there to “Hide” because Joe says they will have to wait their turn, positions on planes being given to Muslims who need to go first.

It’s even worse than Vietnam.

The excuse they gave for invading Afghanistan in the first place was that it would unite the world in peace, love, and free trade for all. “Democracy” will come with every McDonald’s franchise in every single country in the world. To show how wonderful we were, President Bush build the biggest and most expensive embassy in the whole world.

Bush and his Daddy. (sigh) Makes you wonder what ‘deals’ THEY had with the Saudi. Now the Taliban, who are the enemies of the Sunnis’ sit in that embassy. Trump’s peace with Israel and the Saudi’s just got smashed.

Thanks Obama. Thanks. Whoever RUNS Obama, and Biden now.  

The dream of a “one world government”, by the elites, Or as I like to culturally call it, “One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them” seemed to have started with Woodrow Wilson. And the United Nations. But…that’s another blog.

Let’s just ask: WHY did Russia invade Afghanistan, and lose, and why did AMERICA, invade Afghanistan and lose? What the HECK is in Afghanistan that everybody wants? Afghanistan never attacked anybody.

If you buy the clever propaganda that “they trained for 9/11 in Afghanistan, and they will come here, OR, we are there to give them democracy and women’s rights, then you…sorry, you are a fool.

Here’s my Nobody’s Opinion: Our politicians are now in league with multinational corporations, and Afghanistan produces 90% of the heroin in the world. THINK: Big Pharma. And I once heard General Petraeus, who was there the longest, talk about the minerals in them thar mountains. CHINA controls 80% of the mineral mining in the world. Minerals that are needed for not only computers, but electric cars, and our most sophisticated military planes and tanks, etc. So, were we there to keep China out?

Why not just tell us?

Now, China will control all opium AND the minerals


China stands to hit the jackpot with the Taliban in charge. On the table for them are several things:

  • The Taliban has agreed not to harbor any Muslim terrorists looking to ignite a putsch in the Xinjiang region, where those pesky Uyghurs live
  • Mining rights in Afghanistan
  • Building a major highway in the Wakhan Corridor for trade purposes


So, why didn’t our politicians just tell us the truth? Well, that would spoil their whole industrial military complex image which made the elites billions off of war. And all their stock portfolios gave them $43 million dollar homes in the Hamptons’.

It is NO coincidence that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Michael Bloomberg met this week IN Greenland to give money to Greenland to begin mining for minerals there. President Trump, who wanted to get out, tried to BUY Greenland. Bill Gates just bought up our farmland. Warren Buffet just bought up Kroger.


So, how can I blame this on ‘globalization’?

I’ll let the author of The Global Corporation Ronald Miller, explain:


The depths of structural lag in national stabilization policies are profound. Policy makers have yet to comprehend the many interrelated and intersection forces arising out of the globalization and concentration processes of the corporate private sector.

Basically, he is saying that the corporation and the banks now control the world, and the politicians are still in the Nation-state mindset, which, lags behind. They BUY those politicians now. AND Presidents. Corporations have more money than most nations in the world. They are BIGGER, and can deal in international affairs quickly. It’s WHY they love China. Only one guy at the top to get permission. They want the rest of the world to become…China.

So, how did democracy work out in Afghanistan? Really? Like I said, you don’t need to get lost in a fog, you can create your own.

China wins again without firing a shot. How did this happen? China Joe:

Gropey Joe pulled out of Afghanistan after 20 years, zillions of dollars, and thousands of lives were lost. China stands to gain a great deal from this evacuation. The same China that has funneled tens of millions of dollars to Hunter Biden since 2009, and really kicked things into high gear in 2015 when Gropey Joe was vice president. Coincidence? You decide! You’ll have to do so without asking any questions because Biden, VP Harris, and Jen Psaki are all mysteriously AWOL.

This has nothing to do with globalization you might say? It has everything to do with it.

Tomorrow, I will continue.

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