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The Vacine: The Start of Global Tyranny?

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The FDA hasn’t approved it: the inventor of this very mRNI vaccine, Dr. Malone, (See Video)  says it can effect the heart and the lungs and NOT listing these possible side effects is against all medical ethics and dangerous: the x-VP of Pitzer says he is convinced it is a depopulation vaccine: various doctors have seen hundreds of people die after the vaccine, including children: one doctor who has done his own study of hundreds of his vaccinated patients developed a test and found nano-technology so small it goes undetected but it damages the small blood vessels permanently which eventually will cause strokes and heart attacks: Other bio-geneticists have shown pictures of that damage under the microscope: and now this ‘variant’ we are told, is being carried by all the vaccinated people which is much more contagious.

Top Nobel Prized doctors are against it. Half of the CDC doesn’t want to take it.

Why Is a Toxic Vaccine Being Mandated?, by Paul Craig Roberts – The Unz Review

NIH Director: Businesses Should Require Vaccine Proof From Customers (

Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates? (

Oops! FDA Accidentally Reveals List of Covid Vaccine Side Effects, Including Myocarditis, Autoimmune Disease & Death (

The Various Lies About the Delta Variant Set the Stage for Draconian Vaccine Mandates (

We are to believe that this VARIENT blew around the world in a matter of days not weeks. In reality, it’s in the vaccine itself. So, the vaccinated people are now infecting the unvaccinated. Therefore, they must continue to wear masks.

(So clever how they did this, really)

This whole virus was concocted in a lab paid for AND develop by Fauci, and Gates, who funded it along with U.S. tax dollars and they own the patents to the virus AND the vaccines.

How nice for them. In the end, they will become the richest men on the planet.

It’s also be proven, by those who worked in the lab, that it’s a bio-weapon.


All over the world, the governments are locking down the unvaccinated, calling them murderers, some of them being arrested, some of them, as in Australia, being pulled to the ground and stabbed with the vaccine.

Our own fascist government has succeeded in getting the big corporations to force their employees to demand vaccination or basically lose your job, since it’s against the Constitution.  All government employees must now be vaccinated. No student will be allowed to go to school without the vaccination. The military will have to comply.

The West has joined the East in total tyranny.

Our bodies are not our own. Like the Jews in Germany, the unvaccinated will be hunted.

Our news outlets, which are no more than state propaganda machines, are minute by minute promoting the ‘safety’ of the vaccine…doing their best to convince us all it’s in the best interests of the world if we vaccinate. Or threaten us if we don’t. Florida and Missouri, we are being told, are the most vulnerable.

It’s a lie.

The governors of those states are standing against mandatory vaccinations and good for them.

Even Dick Morris and President Trump, say the vaccine is a good idea. Dick Morris repeats a very clever argument: Polio and smallpox once infected millions, and there were quarantines, and therefore, because of that history we should all be vaccinated.

Uh…not quite. Millions of children were debilitated from polio, and in a matter of hours. Not so this virus. And they have no idea what effects the untested vaccine will do. Unlike Salk’s polio vaccine.

What they leave out is that THIS virus doesn’t affect the young. They are NOT dying or even suffering from it. Most people recover from it. If they do get it, more than likely, they also suffer from some other condition besides. BECAUSE it was designed in a lob, it’s killing the old, the sick, and the vaccinated. That’s the plan. I agree with the VP of Pitzer.

When you got Bill Gates, the King of Vaccines, out there saying that he drank pee, and ate poop, and that everyone should stop eating meat, eat bugs, and the sun should be stopped from reaching the planet, who are you going to trust?

Bill Gates, the man who helped put this virus on the planet?

Your government?

I think the lady that lived through Nazi Germany above, (See links) best explained it…this is just like what happened to the Jews.

But now, it’s on a global scale.

And unless we fight back, or IF we fight back, then Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Doctor Fauci threatened:

There WILL be another one, and that one will kill you outright.

The problem is, nobody believes there is such evil in the world.

Do we want to take that chance?

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