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So, Where is George Bush Tonight?

Nobody Wonders

Where is President George W. Bush tonight? Marines are once again being killed, Americans are being left to die a horrible death in Kabul tonight, and the Taliban is chanting “Death to America”, while Pakistan is happy that the tyranny of America is over in Afghanistan. We have given Pakistan BILLIONS…such is the loyalty of American leaders.

Oh, but just hand us the list of Americans and we will help you. Oh those suicide bombs? Oh, the Taliban didn’t do that, Isis did. Remember, Trump said he got them all…Uh…no…Taliban is good. (Ha ha)

They lie just as well as ANY American politicians.

How does it feel to know that thousands of your Afghanistan women are going to be killed very soon? All the ones you built schools for? By the way George, since you can’t keep your mouth shut about Trump, what about OUR schools?

You AND Obama, AND Biden…a disgrace to history.

Hey, George? Aren’t you going to come out and blame President Trump again? Are you going to praise the military for doing such a great job, even though you and Obama have kept this going for 20 years? Obama, Biden, Bush…they all praised the military and then, stab them in the back. Now is YOUR time to get BACK into there and kick butt, right?

Good plan George. Better call Obama.

Okay, I’m pissed. Sorry.

Now even West Point is going BLM, WHITE SUPREMISTS, crap.

Nobody Wonders: Is he watching the thousands of Afghanistan’s desperate to get on the airplanes to be distributed all over the world? The man who had NO plans for the aftermath of entering the middle East and trying to take over two countries at one time? Iraq and Afghanistan?

Have these wars just been all about the “Great Reset?”

Or, is he instead very happy that the Great Reset will be done before the American people rise up against their Covid masters? After all, we still have guns. We ARE getting pretty upset out here, and you know it.

George is a globalist. I blame him and Obama more than Biden with this total embarrassment, which by the way, has Obama written all over it.

I agree with the CIA major on Steve Bannon Today: This is WWIII, and they had to start a war, didn’t they? If the men are overseas fighting a war, they can’t be at home fighting you. It works every time. Our military has been taken over by China. At least at the top.

What they are doing to our American kids is FINALLY getting the people pissed off. The great reset will make a lot of people VERY angry, and that’s according to their great Nazi leader Klaus Schweb.  This whole mess in Afghanistan couldn’t come at a more perfect time. After all, Americans STILL have their guns, and war is ALWAYS a winner with the bankers, elites, and corporations of the world, which are already swimming in billions just from the lockdowns.

Biden truly IS China’s puppet. He reads his lines, and then…well, as Obama so graciously said. “You don’t have to do this Joe.” But Joe is not all there, and at least he got to say he was President. They have kept their word: Hunter has NOT been touched for any of his crimes.

And Biden is a perfect cover for the ones who are destroying the country…THEY won’t be blamed, poor old Joe will.

Joe Biden. Taking a bullet for the elites. What a guy. It was a brilliant move really. Hillary would have been hard to control. Joe has the mental ability of a cucumber.

While the Biden administrations BRAGS about getting half of Afghanistan OUT of the country and through out the world, where they will continue their dreams of a global takeover, “President” Biden is handing over the defeat of America, and the middle east AND soon to be Taiwan….to China.

Those pictures that Hunter painted are going to get a lot: Daddy really came through for China, once again.

In the meantime, Americans go to work, and wonder…Why? Why do our leaders want to destroy our country?

Are they REALLY going to take our guns and put us into concentration camps?

Will we be attacked again like we were on 9/11?

They are already, predicting it.  

May God be with every American overseas in the mess tonight.

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