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Nobody Wonders: Who Runs the World? Corporations? Or the Governments Who Work for them?

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Last week I was reading in a book, first published in 1975, with the title of Global Companies. The Political Economy of World Business. And one article caught my interest: It was called “How a Multinational Corporation Appears to Its Manager.” The author was Jacques G. Maisonrouge, who was chairman and chief executive officer of the IBM World Trade Europe/Middle East/Africa Corporation. He was also VP of the French Chamber of Commerce in the United States. He was a trustee of the Institute of International Education and an officer of the International Management Education Foundation.

He starts off with this:

If, as Edward Gibbon observed, history is “little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind,” ours is surely an era that figure scholars will study with zeal. For in the last few years we have witnessed the rise of a series of problems that, for range, complexity, and seriousness, have seldom been equaled.


The seminal problem appears to be the lopsided distribution of the world’s resources, both material and human. What is needed are mechanisms whereby those resources can be identified, managed, and more equitably distributed.


One such mechanism—the international company—already exists, but ironically it is being increasingly viewed by government and supranational agencies alike as part of the problem. Thus, it has been variously characterized as a manipulator of currencies, an exporter of jobs and technologies, a secret instrument of home country politicies, exploiter of developin economies, a dodger of taxes, and a creator of artifiacial shortages.

But it is the only world we have and to manage this speck of cosmic dust in such a way that its inhabitants can live decency, with dignity and in peace, each with his fair share of what the world has to offer, is extremely challenging work, worthy of our best efforts. It is my contention that no better tool has yet been devised for realizing these goals than the international company.

In view of the sorry record of generations of politicians trying to solve the same problems—hunger, disease, illiteracy, the unequal distribution of wealth, it is all too clear the purely political solutions do not work in the long run.

NOBODY: This is the view of a multinational manager. THEY can run the world a lot more efficiently than any government. They really believe that. So, Nobody Wonders, is THAT why so many of our politician’s do NOTHING to stop the madness of Biden? Is that why they stood by and said nothing about Antifa, whites being persecuted, patriots being attacked, and actually joining in the destruction of their own country, with the HELP of all our institutions?

Are all the governments in the world, on the dole to the big moneyed banks and CEO’s?

THIS is the latest from the Conservatives who know:

100 Years of Authoritarian Dreams of Control Have Been Realized – The Blue State Conservative

The corporate elite now have more money to pay their politician/employees to stack the deck further in their favor.  The cycle continues into the glories of having your own charitable foundation.  This scam is incredibly well organized after 100 years of fine tuning.

The foundation can be non-taxable while still paying salaries to its’ principles.  It can also provide money to political causes and research grants to universities and individuals.  These researchers are lifted socially into the cocktail circuit much to their delight while expanding their niche.

We now have reached the stage of having the oligarchy control the government as well as the educational system while sucking their middle-class rivals financially dry.  It will be interesting to see how long it will take to drive the society totally into the oblivion.

As they say above…this is a WORLD-wide coup by the elites. And we are now, fighting WWIII against a few at the top, who mean to control us all.

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