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I had an scratch on the inside of my eyelid yesterday. Luckily, I got into see my eye doctor and he said it would take about a week to heal. Sort of like when you cut your finger. HOW did I get this? I have no idea. I was planning on doing a piece on Individualism VS Communism, but, I’m giving my eye a rest. Maybe Monday.

Tonight, while watching a movie, I saw this commercial, (see below) which, excuse me, actually scared me. They are full fledged attacking anyone who isn’t vaccinated. And ON the CDC website, the plans for basically, concentration camps where you will be FORECFULLY vaccinated are already being planned.

Watch the video below in my tweet and decide whether you want that vaccine.

The Nazi’s did this. And I can’t believe that in my own country, they are even thinking about this. Clearly, China controls our government now. They ran Trump out of town, armed the Taliban so that WE now have to take in terrorists among our mist, and people are now applauding the demise of the white race. If there is another attack on our soil, China will have clean hands…(why not let the Taliban do it?) and President Trump will be blamed. They are moving most of the refugees to Texas right next to a military base.

I could tell myself: Oh, they really won’t do this, but they have not let the 300 people they hold in prison in the Capitol out even though they committed no crime. They fully control all media. Here in my neighborhood, the Christians are totally vaccinated and scared.

I was watching just a small clip of President Trump today on my cable, and it just went black. This happens a LOT.

Unless Trump is in the background, mounting a coup himself, America may be…over.

And that’s my Nobody’s Opinion.

Unless, we can wake up the idiots in our mist.

And by the way: Why do I have to evacuate when I can just stay in my home?

Because they want to put, as the good doctor says: The poison in everyone.

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