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I had an scratch on the inside of my eyelid yesterday. Luckily, I got into see my eye doctor and he said it would take about a week to heal. Sort of like when you cut your finger. HOW did I get this? I have no idea. I was planning on doing a piece on Individualism VS Communism, but, I’m giving my eye a rest. Maybe Monday.

Tonight, while watching a movie, I saw this commercial, (see below) which, excuse me, actually scared me. They are full fledged attacking anyone who isn’t vaccinated. And ON the CDC website, the plans for basically, concentration camps where you will be FORECFULLY vaccinated are already being planned.

Watch the video below in my tweet and decide whether you want that vaccine.

The Nazi’s did this. And I can’t believe that in my own country, they are even thinking about this. Clearly, China controls our government now. They ran Trump out of town, armed the Taliban so that WE now have to take in terrorists among our mist, and people are now applauding the demise of the white race. If there is another attack on our soil, China will have clean hands…(why not let the Taliban do it?) and President Trump will be blamed. They are moving most of the refugees to Texas right next to a military base.

I could tell myself: Oh, they really won’t do this, but they have not let the 300 people they hold in prison in the Capitol out even though they committed no crime. They fully control all media. Here in my neighborhood, the Christians are totally vaccinated and scared.

I was watching just a small clip of President Trump today on my cable, and it just went black. This happens a LOT.

Unless Trump is in the background, mounting a coup himself, America may be…over.

And that’s my Nobody’s Opinion.

Unless, we can wake up the idiots in our mist.

And by the way: Why do I have to evacuate when I can just stay in my home?

Because they want to put, as the good doctor says: The poison in everyone.

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  1. In Oz today.

    NSW Police Force

    Taxi, rideshare and passenger services are prohibited from conveying passengers to Sydney’s CBD between 9am and 3pm today (Saturday 21 August 2021), under a prohibition notice issued by NSW Police.
    The notice was issued to seven transport providers in response to planned unlawful protest activity at risk of seriously compromising the public’s safety.
    Central Metropolitan Region Commander, Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell, said more than 1500 officers have been deployed to disrupt, prevent and respond to any unauthorised protest activity.
    “The transmission of the delta strain of COVID-19 presents a clear and present threat to the community. Now is not the time to gather in groups in protest,” Assistant Commissioner Thurtell said.
    “This prohibition notice is just one of our strategies to prevent any unlawful mass gathering and keep our community safe.
    “Essential workers, or anyone that requires medical treatment, will be able to make their way to their destinations.
    “I’d like to acknowledge and thank the affected transport companies in advance for their compliance,” Assistant Commissioner Thurtell said.
    The boundaries of the exclusion zone are –
    • Western boundary – West Link Road and The Crescent at Lilyfield
    • Southern boundary – South Dowling Street and Todman Avenue at Zetland
    • Northern boundary – Bradfield Highway at Milsons Point
    • Eastern boundary – New South Head Road and Ocean Avenue at Edgecliff
    Companies who fail to comply with the notice risk a maximum penalty of $500,000, while individuals face fines of up to $100,000.

    Vee Heff Vayz of Makink you OBEY.


    Comment by Amfortas | August 21, 2021 | Reply

  2. Today in Oz there are protests against the lockdowns and the pressures to get vaccinated. The video in this article shouts out.

    It is carefully spoken apart from one woman who curses a bit !! 🙂


    Comment by Amfortas | August 20, 2021 | Reply

  3. This is from Mark Latham. He is an Independent Politician in Oz and once long ago the leader of the Labor Party.

    At the height of the troubles of the Whitlam Government its Resources Minister Rex Connor declared, “Life is an equation in hydrocarbons”.
    For the past 18 months, Australians have had their existence defined by an equation in Covid cases.
    Intoxicated by the power of directly controlling people’s lives, State Premiers have pursued the chimera of zero cases, believing that the tiniest of outbreaks justify harsh lockdowns, in effect, the house arrest of entire cities in pursuit of Covid elimination.
    Inevitably, however, there was going to be a lockdown that didn’t work, where certain communities refused to comply with the gazetted Health Orders and, week after week, the Covid numbers kept rising.
    Welcome to NSW. Not that Gladys Berejiklian would ever accept or speak this truth, but her Sydney lockdown has failed.
    The worst thing you can do in politics is to believe your own propaganda. Gladys genuinely thought she had established a ‘gold standard’, some sort of magical NSW immunity to the Dan Andrews embarrassments south of the border.
    This complacency was reinforced by the success of the Northern Beaches lockdown earlier this year, when the residents of that isolated, mostly Anglo peninsula played ball and followed the rules.
    But Western Sydney is different. It’s easy to lock down the middle class Northern Beaches, with their ocean views, well-apportioned home offices and love of all things online. In places like Canterbury, Auburn, Greenacre and Merrylands, it’s a world apart.
    For 30 years Australia’s political class has promoted the idea of laissez faire, celebratory multiculturalism, with no boundaries, no rules and no English. The impact on the rule of law has been devastating.
    If someone moves to a country that doesn’t expect or even encourage them to speak the national language, they are likely to think, “This place must have no rules, they let you do what you want, plus pay welfare for it.”
    When they established our national policy of multiculturalism in the 1970s, this is not what Whitlam and Fraser intended. They expected everyone to speak English, crossing racial boundaries to create a sense of social solidarity.
    Communities need things in common, the glue of shared values and aspirations to hold them together. This is impossible when people live in the separatism of ethnic enclaves and have no means of talking to each other.
    The Sydney lockdown has exposed the soft underbelly of Australian multiculturalism: people who either don’t understand the Health Orders or don’t want to comply with them.
    It has flushed out the strength of the cash economy in these parts of Western Sydney: people who look at QR codes and contact-tracing like that’s the real plague.
    We’re not in Palm Beach anymore, Gladys.
    There’s a tight correlation between the map of Sydney’s Covid cases and its ethnic demographic map. The same thing happened with Melbourne’s second wave last year.
    These problems have been allowed to fester for 30 years, by both sides of politics. Inevitably, the modern failure of multiculturalism was going to bite Australia on the bum, and now it has.
    In the millions of words written and spoken in the media about the NSW disaster, no one has dared to speak this inconvenient truth.
    The woke-PC threat of censorship has denied the people of our State an honest assessment of what’s gone wrong.
    The only comment from the government was when the Health Minister Brad Hazzard briefly lamented how people from “other backgrounds” were not following the Health Orders.
    How have Berejiklian’s policies failed so badly?
    One of the things that’s surprised me since coming into the NSW Parliament two-and-a-half years ago is the woke virtue signaling and self-indulgent identity politics that defines the culture of the NSW public sector.
    I call it the Jim Betts Syndrome, named after the former British Communist Party member who now heads the NSW Planning Department. There isn’t a LGBTIQ staff committee, harmony council, reconciliation talkfest, de-gendered language guide, Bruce Pascoe book club or Indigenous urban design fantasy that Betts hasn’t embraced.
    In fact, this is the bulk of his working day, soaking up his diary commitments until 4.55pm when he has just five minutes left to do the job NSW taxpayers want from him: approving high-quality development and employment projects.
    Betts is not an anomaly. He’s indicative of a workplace culture that’s exclusively about the Leftist politics of senior management, instead of the people of NSW and the customer service and value-for-money they expect.
    Gladys thinks so highly of Betts she has promoted him to be the next head of the NSW Public Service and Premier’s Department. She might as well declare every State agency to be a Greens branch meeting.
    From this culture, the government has been ill equipped to deal with the crisis of multiculturalism and Covid in Western Sydney. From day one, it needed to send the NSW Police door-to-door in the hotspot suburbs, shocking people into compliance. Instead of this hard-policing strategy, the Premier’s daily press conferences have recycled useless PC rhetoric about “diversity being our strength”.
    Gladys is as woke as they come. She would have a heart attack if she had to say the things I’ve written in this column.
    Memo to Sydney: Want to know the real reason why, for over 50 days, you have been under house arrest, losing your jobs and losing your minds?
    There are actually a couple of viruses circulating: the nasty one from Wuhan but also one from a place called Woke. Politically, it’s just as debilitating, paralysing the capacity of governments to implement practical, hardheaded solutions in Western Sydney.


    Comment by Amfortas | August 20, 2021 | Reply

    • Well, amfortas just gave us a right bloody well said summation of Australia. THANKS! (I’m thanking you for Mrs. O too, right Mrs O?) This Nobody appreciates you taking the time out of your busy day Amfortas to fill us all in on the politics happening down under. We get NO news about Australia. Unless we search for it of course. And who better than you to fill us all in.  By the way, I just watched a movie called ROUGE, filmed in the North, and never realized how really beautiful your country was.  It was a bit of a horror film about a giant croc…that eats a lot of people….and I couldn’t help but think of you in your great land. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | August 20, 2021 | Reply

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