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Nobody Flashes

Mike said that tonight, he would present a very special guest. So, I made sure to turn on the only station that carried him during the day, and to my great surprise, he was not there, but someone trashing him saying he HAD no proof of a stolen election.

Nobody Wonders: What did they do? Threaten their jobs, and their very lives?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. If they can do what they did to President Trump: If they can put a demented man in office, control ALL the media around the world, force people to be vaccinated and destroy their businesses: if they can kill JFK, his son, and Princess Diana, and Epstein and out of the blue at the very right moment, make a governor of New York resign over some sex scandal, (Notice Bill Clinton did not) then what is going to happen to us?

Mike Lindell is a very brave man. It’s up to all of us nobodies to go to and gather as much as we can from his website before they take it down.

Oh, and order some pillows. He is spending his own money and risking his life, along with Tucker and a few other handfuls of patriots to try to save the country.

I must admit, it’s hard not to just tell ourselves that all will be well.

Right now, here in St. Louis, we are being put on lockdowns again. Soon, the unvaccinated won’t be able to buy groceries. Tyranny is not only coming…. it’s already here.

So, I posted this video. On Twitter. Make sure you visit Mike’s site to see more.  

They tried desperately to make SURE that nobody in the United States could visit his symposium today. He was hacked early on, and I watched the first hour, where the men he had on his panel were the very best I’ve ever seen anywhere.

And yet, what did they do? Governor Cuomo resigned today, over a sex scandel that he will NEVER be prosectured for, and was replaced by a democratic woman they are sure will win the Governor’s seat in New York. Cuomo killed too many old people in nursing homes, and while everyone was excited, the REAL reason I beleive that this news came out to today, was because Mike Lindell was going to show proof to the world, how the election was stolen.

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