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Nobody’s Fool: Victor Davis Hanson

It wasn’t too long ago, I was seriously wondering if I should consider moving from the house that I love, and put in so much hard work and money to maintain. Throughout my life, slowly and with every new President, I notice that the area in where I could travel freely, was becoming smaller and smaller.

All throughout my life, I went downtown St. Louis, and enjoyed the shopping, the history, the many shops and attractions, but now, you risk your life or your car being stolen. ALL the shops are gone, and downtown St. Louis is dead. You even risk danger just visiting the Arch.

Each President had a hand in my city’s destruction. All of them democrat. Cervantes was the last GOOD democratic mayor (He built the Arch) we had, but after that, it’s been decay. We have our first female black mayor, Tishaura O. Jones, and while pretty, she’s not much. Soros has pumped millions into this town.

Our decay was all due mostly to globalization, unions, and democratic policy of paying the blacks to stay home and have lots of babies, give them all jobs in the government where they could hand out the welfare, but kept the jobs going overseas and the drugs pouring in. It was a sure vote as LBJ planned, and it payed off: For them.

Globalization destroyed ALL our major companies in St. Louis, and sent them to China.

Most democratic cities all share the same fate.

I live in the North Suburbs of St. Louis, I always went into the other suburbs, to shop, to visit. I spent a lot of money in Ferguson. Then it burned down thanks to Obama’s race war. Now, you take your life in your hands even getting on the highway that goes into Fergusion.

I recently had a fight with a friend, who wanted to take a certain dangerous highway to visit Rush Limbaugh’s grave, which is not far from Ferguson. He was just passing through. My ancestors are also buried in that graveyard, and I told him it was a danger for anyone to travel the route he wanted to take, because almost every other day, someone is SHOT and killed in their car on those roads. He had a GPS map, and told me I was wrong. GPS assured him, it was safe.

Machines VS experince? You judge. He risked the GPS and probably was okay, he took the risk. He beleived his machine over someone who had lived here all her life. After all, compared to a GPS I’m just a Nobody.

That explains pretty much right there.

So yes, now, I have to go EAST to shop mostly, because my own neighborhood is dangerous.

And then, one day, I watched a video by Hanson who was having the same problem in HIS neighborhood. And he felt the same way I did: His neighborhood was crumbling all around him, but he asked….Why should HE have to leave? He loves his home, and he’s not leaving.

Do you fight for your property your rights? Or do you just give into the politicians and the decay?

Globalism is destroying the world, and as Hanson points out in this video, it never ends well. And history supports that.

Victor Davis Hanson, is Nobody’s Fool. And I watch his video’s whenever I get a chance so…here he gives a much needed history lesson that probably only President Donald J. Trump agreed with.

Enjoy, the brave and common sense history analysis of Victor Davis Hanson. I do.

We need MORE like him.

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  1. Move to Oz. 🙂 But only by invitation to Tasmania. It is paradise here and we’d like to keep it that way. (Fat chance tho’).


    Comment by Amfortas | March 22, 2022 | Reply

    • LOL…My neighbor says I was born a sinner. Tasmania would probably throw me out. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | March 22, 2022 | Reply

      • We are all sinners. Let me know when you need an official invitation 🙂 There’s always room for You.


        Comment by Amfortas | March 23, 2022

  2. I hate that you feel so sad about your neighborhood. Maybe being a military family and moving a few times i can move easier but we lived in our last house for 16 years. I was so used to the house and liked it but knew it would never be our final house because it was 2 story and I already had one knee replacement. So we moved. We are now in TX, home of the no state income tax. That part is very nice! It has some different rules and no really good restaurants nearby but we have gotten used to it. We built a house on 2 acres and I love the house. This will be our final home. But everyone respects others here. There are some that want to take advantage of others but it’s not a lot. So if you’d like to come here I can help you. Closest big city is Tyler, Canton has the First Mondays yard sale and Longview isn’t too far either. Dallas is a 1 1/2 hr drive if you really want to go although I do want to go to the stockyards. They have an arboretum, lots of restaurants etc. Ft. Worth is more city but is still very affordable for housing. You shouldn’t have to move if you don’t want to but do you want to stay where your life is in danger? Hugs my dear!


    Comment by Debbie | March 22, 2022 | Reply

    • Wow, sounds like a great place to live.  I’m from Naples, Florida. I even have some lots there. We could build on.   But, my husband has practically built out of thin air— built my dream home here. A GREAT Egptian Liberary, a HUGE bedroom with a fireplace and sauna. I have over 5,000 books that I’d have to get rid of…something that would be very hard to do… You would think we were rich. But no. It took a lifetime to build. My plants and garden have been growing all my life. And I LOVE trees. Simply love them.  I’m told, houses are not cheap, and we are getting ready to retire, so, money, and the upcoming ‘economic’ disaster might force us too. Someday, I’d love to visit your little town.  I imagine Texas is much like Florida.  Anyway, thanks Debbie, for the info. Who knows what will happen? Nobody knows.  Thanks again for telling me about it. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | March 22, 2022 | Reply

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