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Nobody Wonders: Elizabeth Holmes–Connected to the Virus?

Nobody’s Opinion

There were just too many democratic scum-ball pukes in this Hollywood narrative.  I watched “The Rise and Con of Elizabeth Holmes” on ABC for a second time, just to reaffirm my conviction: This was another democratic coverup of a great deep state crime. And they ALWAYS get those criminals off. For instance: Jesse Solet, the black man who organized a fake Trump attack, was hobnobbing with Michelle and Barack Obama right after the event. Taxpayers forked out MILLIONS looking for the Trump criminals for his fake acting and plea. Why not? Better to arrest a Trump supporter than spend that money on fixing the crime rate in Chicago.

Jesse was found guilty and now walks free on bond. Maybe that’s because he kept shouting that “I will NOT kill myself in prison!” No Jesse. You will just get hit by a car or commit suicide.

Another example: Jeffery Epstein was killed…just another death among the many numerous ‘accidents’ done by the Clintons with people that knew them. For all we know, Epstein might still be alive. One thing we DO know is that all the top leaders of the world that flew to Jeffery’s whore houses will never be convicted.

Buttloads of our very top politicians and leaders of the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, and former Presidents Obama, and Hillary, were caught rigging a Presidential election. Along with the help of America’s top tech company CEO’s. NONE of them will go prison. And that’s probably the least of their crimes if we knew. ABC is already doing another movie to talk about how the PEE tape is real.

Give me a break.

SO…knowing all this, let me go into detail about the life and cons of Elizabeth Holmes…or should I say, the cons of the democratic/RINO deep state.

In case you did not follow this story, Elizabeth Holmes, was the ‘inventor’ of a machine that could take ONE drop of your blood and do hundreds of tests to tell your health status. Cool idea. But, as a person who went through the patent process all by myself without a lawyer, I can tell you, just having an idea does NOT make you a billionaire. You have prove it works. Get backers.

All Elizabeth had, was an idea, that’s it.

What she did have, was a lot of coaching on how to con a nation. She had a lot of help. She was on just about every magazine cover in the world as the NEW woman billionaire. It’s the YEAR of the Woman!

And she dressed like Steve Jobs! Wow. She talks low! Wow. She’s beautiful too! Wow.

Now, somehow Elizabeth sold that idea to every RINO and GOP military big wig money in the country, who gave her millions, and lost all of it. They were all on her board of directors, and they all invested heavily. Very few democrats were on that board. What we do see is a lot of the deep state players, Kissinger being the most important…with China.


Rupert Murdoch, the Walton family, the DeVos family including Betsy DeVos, the Cox family of Cox Enterprises and Carlos Slim Helú. Each of these investors lost tens to hundreds of millions of dollars when Theranos folded. One of Holmes’s first board members was George Shultz. With Shultz’s early involvement aiding Holmes’s recruitment efforts, the 12-member Theranos board eventually included:] Henry Kissinger, a former secretary of stateWilliam Perry, a former secretary of defenseJames Mattis, a future secretary of defense; Gary Roughead, a retired U.S. Navy admiral; Bill Frist, a former U.S. senator (R-TN); Sam Nunn, a former U.S. senator (D-GA); and former CEOs Dick Kovacevich of Wells Fargo and Riley Bechtel of Bechtel.

They CLAIM she sold those board members with her pretty face, deep voice, and pretending to be a genius with a great idea. Not to mention, she had all the right things to say to cover up that this was a huge scam.

Hillary Clinton looked like a dumbbell next to Elizabeth. But Hillary the second she was. Hillary would spit out “I DON’T KNOW” when on the witness stand. When Elizabeth said it, it was as if she was asking if she could do whatever you wanted with her.

BIG difference.

Elizabeth’s great invention, “The Edison” did not work. No, it didn’t work, but what it did to was collect LOTS of blood from probably millions of people. So, what you may ask?

My Nobody Opinion? This was a way for China and the Deep State to collect blood samples from millions of Americans, so that the bio-weapon labs all over the world could design the virus to kill certain people or blood types.

That’s a fact that they can do this. Robert Malone, has even said it’s possible, and probably even being done.

But why Joyanna would the Defense Department want this knowledge?

Ask yourself. Who seems to run our Defense Department? And who is dismantling it piece by piece?

CHINA. It all comes BACK to China.

From Wiki:


During high school, she was interested in computer programming and says she started her first business selling C++ compilers to Chinese universities. Her parents had arranged Mandarin Chinese home tutoring, and partway through high school, Holmes began attending Stanford University‘s summer Mandarin program. As such, Holmes is fluent in Chinese. In 2002, Holmes attended Stanford, where she studied chemical engineering and worked as a student researcher and laboratory assistant in the School of Engineering.

After the end of her freshman year, Holmes worked in a laboratory at the Genome Institute of Singapore and tested for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-1) through the collection of blood samples with syringes. She filed her first patent application on a wearable drug-delivery patch in 2003. In March 2004, she dropped out of Stanford’s School of Engineering and used her tuition money as seed funding for a consumer healthcare technology company.


You will have to watch the ABC series to see why…but today, I’m going to explain WHY I think this is just a con to COVER UP who was really behind Elizabeth Holmes. They want you to think it was her con all along…don’t be stupid.

  1. Elizabeth Holmes’s father was VP of Enron. He was convicted on Fraud. She was well connected and very rich, and very much a part of the deep state.
  2. Whenever she was on the stand, she did the typical Hillary response; Blamed EVERYONE else, said “I don’t know” about 660 times, and claimed she was sexually abused, by the man she met in China, who came in to take control of the company when the workers were starting to ask questions about WHY the machine didn’t work.  
  3. You can tell she’s been coached. By the lifting of her eyebrows, by her repeated sentences, by the copying of Steve Jobs, they SOLD her as the female Steve Jobs, and this famous quote when she was caught:

This is what happens when you work to change things, first they think you’re crazy, then they fight you, and then all of a sudden you change the world.”

(They work hard on this stuff.)

In fact, I agree with her old professor from Stanford, she couldn’t believe that after having only two semesters of chemical studies that Elizabeth could start a billion-dollar company. And that the machine would even work. It didn’t. She just collected the blood and sent it out to other companies to get analysis.

A lot of patients were hurt by the scam. Of course, they received nothing either.

Elizabeth might be able to speak Chinese, but get 99 patents? Uh…I don’t think so. She was too busy posing for her next magazine cover photo shoot. She couldn’t even figure out how to press the button on her machine.

No, the deep state used her, just like they used Joe Biden, for a purpose. And that purpose had to do with the virus, and China. Too many things point to it. Maybe some reporter out there like Peter Schweizer or Robert Malone, or even the writer who exposed her (Watch the documentary) can figure it out.

But, the ‘deep state’ is behind this, and since Kissinger is tied at the hip with China, I’m betting on that.

Since she was caught, she got married, pregnant, and soon we will see her flash those big, beautiful eyes once again in September. Where the ‘rape’ of her Indian boss/boyfriend Balwani, who she met in 2002 during a trip to Beijing as a part of Stanford’s University’s Mandarin program…will take the stand.  

ABC is doing another movie about Elizabeth. It’s all to blame HER, and NOT the cabinet board members who gave her the money to fund the company. Funny, not one mention in this documentary was there of her relationship with China. And you can bet, that the HULU movie coming out, will make SURE Elizabeth take the fall as just an innocent young woman who wanted to ‘save the world.”

Will she go to jail? Or will she, start another company for the deep state? Tell me, do you REALLY buy that all those heavy hitters would NOT have their lawyers make SURE that her invention was real?

I don’t. They groomed a beautiful woman, with a background in China, to scam the world.

I just wish these criminals in the background pulling all our strings would pay the price that the rest of us pay.

It’s going to take a lot more than a woman with big, beautiful eyes to hypnotize the common man.

All we need is a good man to expose the Disney coverup for what it is: Pure propaganda. And if, as I believe, this was all about making the perfect virus to release?

Truth is stranger than fiction. And that’s, I’m sure, a Hollywood movie that’s already been made.  

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  1. Joyanna you seem to be becoming more awake to the massive corruption and collusion as the years pass by.
    I wish all conservatives were.
    I want to share a site that digs into the nuts and bolts of the system with you.
    They seem to be months, maybe years ahead of the curve.


    Comment by Yesido | March 21, 2022 | Reply

  2. Hello Joyanna – J P Farrell is intrigued by this story but I think he’s more interested in the machine… type ‘Theranos’ into his search box —


    Comment by pete | March 20, 2022 | Reply

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