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Nobody’s Fool: One Pissed off Italian

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Nobodys Have Opinions About Ukraine

Nobody’s Opinion

While President Trump was giving his usual repeat again, wash, repeat again talk at the CPAC Convention last night, Putin was upping the threat to nuclear war. Reported in the headlines of the Liberty Daily:


Russian President Vladimir Putin raised the alert status for his nuclear forces to “special regime of combat duty” as Russia and Ukraine battle for the fourth day. Putin ordered the Russian defense minister and the chief of the military’s General Staff to put the nuclear deterrent forces in a “special regime of combat duty.”


Something is too weird. Trump’s ending was full of the usual “WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, THE BORDER WILL BE SECURED, and yada yada— and it all sounded great, but what are the odds that is going to happen? I’m getting ads every half hour to get EMP protection gadgets that cost a LOT of money. And if the grid does go down, what then? Maybe I’ll be able to start my car, but will the gas stations be running? And if you stock up on stuff, you can bet somebody is going to try to steal it all.

Half the country already has been destroyed. Thousands of jobs never to come back. If you don’t see it, it’s because you are all in your homes watching movies….but not the Truckers today: They have GONE through the towns, and they will tell you…the disappearing middle class.

After all, Trump’s right hand is still supporting and praising MANY RINOS for office, while his left hand is saying “We must get rid of them.” Add to that his “the vaccine is great get it” to “no more mandates” and we all know it’s killing people.

It’s easy to get the feeling that you have NO idea who this man is anymore. Did Trump go in to protect the country, only to come out after being beat up and defeated to ‘join’ the elites so that he could survive? After all, we all know the power that the elites have. Maybe in his mind it’s not smart to die for your country if you can put off the horror show for a little while.

He is about keeping the GOP in power, or what? I’m not sure really.

As for the Ukraine: Nobody Knows what the hell is going on, except that CHINA wins if Russia can take out both Europe and the United States at the same time. Who benefits? CHINA! And Klaus, Gates, Zuckerface, or so they think. To me it seems that just like China is getting the blacks and whites to fight, they are getting Russia and the West to fight, which leaves the world to them.

It’s just smart politics.

And make no mistake: China OWNS Biden. While the United States suffered for having to get its gas from its enemies, Biden wants us to stick to the China plan: Windmills. Solar. Electric cars.


And the poor people of the Ukraine, who just want to live with their kids and walk the streets, their whole lives, are being destroyed. Where do THEY go to? Poland can’t take them all. I’m sure we will take some, because that seems to be the pattern of the elites—how do you destroy borders of nations for their one world government?

You mix up ALL nations into a big Babylon. Wars do that real fast. Obama and Bush’s war flooded Europe with Muslims who are now taking over England and France.

And by the way, where was the Queen on Canada? Where was she on the FACIST moves in Australia? Maybe amfortas can fill us in on her silence. After all, she went through the horror of WWII…what say my British friends?

Well, here’s a good English fellow who always shares a great amount of clear thinking on the matter. He doesn’t know what to think about Ukraine. After all Biden, Kerry, Obama, and the Clintons were very much involved in it before this happened. So, all around the nobodies of the world are the ones left to suffer.

Enjoy with me, the common sense of Neil Oliver. Fast becoming a BIG somebody.

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Nobody Flashes What Klaus Has Planned for your Brain

I’m watching President Trump right now at CPAC, and I wonder WHEN is he going to mention the globalists that are causing all this suffering?

Nobody Wonders, but here is the idea that we will all get wired in our brains.

Yeah, Right. Sure.

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Ron DeSantis: The NEXT Candidate to Rule Us All

Okay. I was suspicious at first. I didn’t think Ron could match the Trumpster….but this speech made at the CPAC convention was to my Nobody Opinion, better than Cruz’s. President Trump speaks later on this weekend.

I must admit, I’m still not all that enthused about Ted Cruz, who probably will run against Trump for the nomination.

Anyway, if you missed it, like I did, here it is again.

Florida is lucky to have him.


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Nobody Remembers…the History of Russia and the Ukraine

This is hands down the very BEST explanation of Putin, Russia, and the Ukraine that you will get anywhere on the web. It’s long, but I couldn’t stop watching it.

After you watch it, it will all make sense.

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Nobody Wins With War

Nobody Wins when the Globalist start a war. No? This was RUSSIA? Hmmm…Yes, but Biden GAVE him the money with the pipeline to do this, actually nudged him in that direction, and now says we will do nothing, and then tries to figure out where his pudding cup is.

Nobody Wins

Russia invades Ukraine, with bombs and the full force of shock and awe. Gee, what a surprise!

George W. isn’t the only one who can take over a country with SHOCK AND AWE. I don’t know what to say about this except everybody expected it. Putin meets with Xi JA JA bing. Goes home and invades Ukraine, and what timing. Right before the CPAC of the Republican Party.

It’s almost as if the Great Reset was losing ground with the fool Trudeau in Canada, being made a fool of in front of the world, and he seems to be Klaus’s favorite son to take over North America. His reputation wasn’t doing too well. And those pesky Canadian truckers, gave the Americans the idea to do it here. They are driving to D.C. to upset Biden’s State of the Union.

Well, we can’t have THAT now, can we?

The global fight for the Great Reset must go on. Trudeau had to lift his “mandates” (But he will still punish everybody for protesting) and made a narcissistic speech about the Russian invasion, (As if he is still respected in his own country or the world for that matter) that made Biden seem like a weak and silly old man, which he actaullly is.

Clearly, Trudeau has been picked to be the next North American Castro great leaders. Klaus adores him.

Didn’t get off to a good start there did you Justin?

Biden came out and admitted that American soldiers are not going to fight for Ukraine.

Bill Gates is upset that not everybody got the vaccine, and it’s been exposed what is actually IN the vaccines, and so he is planning to put out another secret bioweapon to get whatever nanotech is IN these vaccines into everybody without them knowing it. If that doesn’t work, he is going to BLOCK OUT THE SUN!

Klaus’s own ego couldn’t stop him from announcing to the world that we will all be expected to be slaves and robots, so a handful of handpicked ‘experts’ can run the world.


Putin, whether we think so or not, is actually helping Trump.

Or is he? He’s got China to the left of him, Europe to the right, there he is, stuck in the middle with who?

In the meantime, as Klaus says, wars will be used to crush us all…because Klaus wants to show off his new outfit which he got from the Star Wars Costume Department.

It doesn’t matter…here’s another thought on it from Nobody’s Favorite pontificator, Joseph Paul Watson.

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Confusion…is an Art Form for the Rulers

Nobody Reads

It’s clear. If anybody in authority, whether it be lawyers, school boards, putting a bed from IKEA together, voting in ANY election, or the government giving you instructions, you can be SURE anything you read will not make any sense.

Do you honestly think they WANT you to know what they are doing?

EXAMPLE: I have two magazines in my bathroom. AARP and Amac. I got Amac to see if it really WAS in improvement over AARP. What I found out is, somewhere in the pages I feel Liz Cheney is staring back at me, giving me the evil eye. At least with AARP I know Bernie Sanders is probably on the board of directors.

I came to an article called “Ask Rusty” in Amac who fancies himself the Dear Abby of how to take care of your Social Security. Yes, yes, the rules of SS change as much as Biden changes his diapers. You really have to pay attention.

The question was along the lines of “How much can I make on TOP of my Social Security yearly? And here was the concluding answer:


For awareness, if you were to return to work in any year between 2022 and the year prior to the year you reach your FRA (Full Retirement Age) and you exceeded the annual earnings limit, Social Security would take back benefits equal to $1 for every $2 you are over the limit. In the year you reach FRA, if you were to work and exceed the limit, SS would take back benefits equal to $1 for every $3 you exceeded the limit by. However, at your FRA, you’ll receive time-credit for any months your benefits were withheld because you exceeded the earning limit, which will result in your benefit amount being increases slightly at your FRA. In this way, you may, over time, recover any benefits that were withheld because you exceeded the earnings limit.



Read that fast. Read that backwards. Does it make sense to you? Why should the government even be allowed to dictate in the first place HOW much money you make after 65?

In the FIRST place, why in the WORLD can’t you make as MUCH money as you want after your retirement age and still collect what you are OWED of which you paid into ALL YOUR LIFE? After all, they would STILL be taking taxes out of whatever you are making. And SECOND place, WHY should illegals, who never paid into it at all, get more than YOU do the rest of your life?

For that matter, why was Congress allowed to unlock SS and spend it down to nothing so that nobody knows if it even HAS any money in it? And why should our rich Congressmen get big pensions the rest of their lives while our SS goes to paying for their big pensions?

We all know it’s a big Ponsi scam, but it’s basically breadcrumbs now to the old, AND the old VOTE.

And here’s the real kicker: Nobody should have to pay taxes on the SS money when they start getting it every year. It should be tax free PERIOD.

I could go into a whole rant about SS, but really, I should stick to the point. Whenever lawyers want to confuse you, they write directions so totally misleading that even Einstein was befuddled.

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes.” —Albert Einstein.

If he were alive today, that list would be VERY long indeed.

And this habit of doublespeak fills our airways, our politicians lying mouths, and even the most simply things, they can and DO confuse you with.

BECAUSE…they want you to do what THEY want you to do. And if they said anything simply, then YOU would understand: YOU are getting screwed.

Maybe that’s why they hate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It’s just too…simply understood. And that’s why they HAVE to rewrite it whenever they can.

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Black Beauties Meet Deadly Ends

Nobody Knows.

WHY would two beautiful women on the top of the world, after having won titles to BEING the most beautiful women in the world, kill themselves?

Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA, killed herself?


She was pronounced dead after falling from her high-rise apartment.

Medical examiners conducted an autopsy Monday and a day later her death was confirmed a suicide, PEOPLE reported.


Wow. Black. Beautiful. And she jumped off a high-rise? I…. what? Someone who spent so much time on taking care of her body, her image, her legacy, would NOT jump off a high-wise. No, she would just take an overdose of something so as not to spoil her good looks, or upset her ‘mother.’

I’m just saying. And remember…she was a LAWYER. She wasn’t an idiot.

Nobody Knows if she was pushed.

And then there’s the case of another beautiful black woman: Zoe Sozo Bethel, miss Alabama. She died from brain injuries her family said, from an ‘accident’?

What kind of accident? They wouldn’t say. She was a staunch conservative and worked for Project VERITAS, so Nobody Wonders, what was SHE about to reveal?

Nobody Wonders if BLACK conservatives now will be targets of the ‘deep state’? We all know the blacks are starting to catch on to the big scam that they have been lied to all these years: how whites keep them down, when Dinesh D’Souza exposed the fact that it’s ALWAYS been the democrats that have kept the blacks in cess pool cities, the blacks started thinking.

 And with BLM, they get them to burn their own communities to the ground and blame it on cops. REALLY? You don’t think they might want to question that at sometime when their own stores are burning?

Many blacks are waking up. I see it in my own neighborhood, and I must admit, when I saw Tiger Woods car going off the road, in an accident where he could have been killed, to me it looked like a typical ‘mafia’ job.

It was a rental car. He was not drunk. He’s NOT a stupid man. And they can now control any car…and crash it. So…Nobody Knows if they were trying to get him off the blacks that would love Trump to be elected bandwagon.

Even though, Tiger has never expressed politics. Tiger is loved all over the world, and good friends with Trump.

Am I crazy enough to think that hit jobs would be put out on any black conservative that might support TRUMP for reelection? Are blacks important to the democratic voting block?

You bet they are.

Let me just say: Remember Ron Brown. The plane crashed, but there was a bullet in his head.

Of course, these two stories could have just happened.

In the meantime, they now keep our eyes on the upcoming war with Russia. Proving they CAN chew gum and walk at the same time.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Klaus Schwab—The NEW Hitler

Listen to this madman. He is Adolf Hitler on steroids. He is KING OF THE WORLD, an unelected jerk, who knows everybody is going to be really pissed off by his tyrannical actions to own and enslave the whole planet, so he has already placed his generals in every top position in every government on the planet, (expect China) and he BRAGS about it.

We are witnessing his plans in Canada. Trudeau was trained at his school for Tyrants. All Canadians will bow to their orders or starve. These plans are trying to come to America. They WILL end up shooting people and say it’s in the name of ‘democracy.”

Wait, they already DID shoot someone in cold blood…on Jan 5. And they imprisoned over 300. Remember, America did this BEFORE Canada.

As you saw in his pages yesterday, he is as confident as Hitler was in taking over the world.

What IS it with these Germans? Merkel? (I bet Hillary’s German) What? Is it in their DNA?

The mistake he is making is that he actually thinks he can control…China. And that if you kill enough people then you win.

And he is boasting about what he is doing.

THAT’s where he is making his biggest mistake….

So, Klaus wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for exposing to the world his plans.

It’s time the world starts painting him for what he is: A Genocidal murderer.

Would you go back and kill Hitler?

Somebody stop this monster before he kills more people with his delusional megalomaniac ideas.

After all, he thinks nothing about killing off 4 billion of us.

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Killing off the West: Klaus’s Plan– A World of Slaves

Nobody’s Opinion

An explanation of the history of this blog: Just for some background…

Back in 2000, I started blogging. First on Blogger, then on Townhall, and then on WordPress. Like many busy women, trying to find the time to blog was never easy, so I did it late at night because my days were too full of just taking care of business: mine and everybody else’s in the family.

Back then I saw the horror that was coming to us. I first started noticing it with the change in National Geographic, a magazine I had read since I was a kid.

I saw it before most people because I was just going along in my life, working, taking my son to all his sports activities, when one day my son came to me and said, “Mom, I can’t fall asleep before 5a.m.” And he had to get up at 6 a.m. for school. He was worried because he was falling asleep in school.

That started a whole learning curb for me. I fought doctors, the school systems, neighbors, you name it, it was then I discovered that our government was almost a dictatorial system that parents had NO control over. Teachers looked down at the noses at me. I found out that most of them really didn’t care how MUCH the kids learn, just that they would make it to tenure. And yet, the school bent over backwards to help the black kids that didn’t even live in our school district yet were allowed to attend.

The teachers got summers off, got their computers paid for, didn’t teach the classes, and basically had cushy jobs. The higher up just collected BIG salaries and did nothing. If you complained, they COULD and DID take it out on your kid.

 Not only the schools, but nobody I wrote letters to in government ever answered. Except one: Laura Bush. But that was because I handmade a gift for her and the President, she had her secretary call me to thank me. Okay. I was flattered. Because my mother had suffered a stroke from watching President Clinton lie on TV, I was SO very grateful to have the Bushes in the White House.

Sadly, they turned on America too.

Mostly, I saw that the normal person like me had NO say whatsoever in their daily lives. I was so depressed and shocked that citizens in America were just ignored, that my mother suggested I read the Adam’s papers…after all, they were our ancestors.

And THAT was even more of a shock. I found out all that they should have been teaching in school About that time, Tom Hanks came out with the movie series on John Adams. I learned as much as I could about the family, and my own connection to them, and in the process, realized just how very very far from freedom the country had come.

As Joe Rogan said recently, a quote said before but now I saw was true, most men lead lives of quiet desperation. Around the year 2000, I saw my beloved National Geographic go CLIMATE CHANGE ALARMIST. I read in the library that America was to become a “service” economy. WTH I thought? What’s that? The information age was upon us all.

My mother ran a union printing shop—they went on strike, and most of the business left St. Louis. Unions started killing manufacturing. Cars, clothes, shoes, you name it, the unions drove those companies to China.

LBJ put the blacks in Ghettos. Unions were killing the jobs and the bosses said, “Screw them, we’ll just go overseas for the cheap labor.”

What happened? The government just took over the “union” jobs. I’m not sure HOW many people work for our government, but you could cut them in half and things would be better.

What could I do? I was so upset that I wanted to start a website where everybody, all us NOBODIES could state their opinions, complaints, and come up with ideas on how to get our freedom back.

BUT….I wanted this to be in not just in America but all over the world. Imagine a site where you could go and click on a country and find out what the CITIZENS of that country were thinking? Now, we see them on the streets protesting, but not many interviews them, it’s handpicked to be…watered down. You only see, what the stations which are totally controlled want you to see.

I wanted to find at least one person in every country, to gather information about what was happening in their country and make a website where the world’s people could get together, and the best minds could fight this GLOBAL takeover by the rich and elites. I had high hopes for one gentleman, who didn’t want to do it, and so, after meeting up with the FBI and BILL CLINTON, my little blog went from getting over 40 comments a day to, SURPRISE! Maybe 3 people looking at it.

Yeah, I know. My friend who posts what she ate for lunch every day gets over 40. Clearly, for years I thought I was doing something very wrong. Now, with the revelation of how Google can put anyone at the bottom of the search engines, and they can censure anyone they want, it became clear to me.

Until one day, I was observed by the FBI. Then, I went to the bottom of the Web. I’m still there. Even though you can Google me, since then I have learned they have ways of keeping you…small. Twitter does the same. So does Facebook.

Clearly, the web threw me into the hell hole of no traffic. That’s why I’m so grateful for the few people that do read me.

It’s been a long haul. Life came in: both my parents had massive strokes, and I quit my job as an entertainer to take care of them. My son’s sleeping problems never went away. Like many now, I lead a life of quiet desperation. I have watched my city, my neighborhood, my country, and now the world go into, as Biden so annoyingly put it: A DARK WINTER.

ONLY NOW, does the world seem to be waking up to what has disturbed me for too many years.

Since the Elites have managed to release a deadly virus and threaten us with another one (GATES) and NOBODY can arrest them or hold them accountable because they have bought off all the top leaders, I’m hoping that the world will not end in digital slavery.

Good people are fighting everywhere…the trouble is: This takeover has been planned for a LONG time, and since they made us all a cashless world, the banks, our food, our water….our very health will be in their hands, and THEY KNOW IT, and plan to not let a good crisis go to waste.

Bill Gates has threatened us with another disease. They will not stop until they get everyone tagged, and monitored, and controlled.

They want war in Ukraine to further destroy our economy.

Who will arrest Bill Gates? Nobody Knows, but we must keep fighting, because as they have said in their own words, there are just many people on their planet.

Right now, we NEED a divine intervention. THIS nobody is counting on it.

Looking back, I wish I could have had the resources to start that website. I think if there was one place on the internet where ALL the people of the world could go and voice their opinions, maybe solution to the problems would actually happen. If I did it today, I would need powerful allies in the news.

So, I just continue to rant at night, and pray for answers and hope.

And by the way, here’s an article I grabbed some paragraphs from: The NAZIS Weren’t DEFEATED.

I think you, like me, might find it interesting:


The Nazis Weren’t Defeated… They Went Underground and Now Run CANADA and the WORLD, Pushing Eugenics and Depopulation Agendas – Truth. Based. Media. (

The Third Reich never really ended. Although Hitler himself was destroyed, the Nazi regime of the 1920s / 30s / 40s simply went underground and morphed into a global movement of infiltration and influence that’s now emerging as “globalism.”

The World Economic Forum is the training ground for modern-day Nazis, who include national leaders Macron (France), Merkel (Germany) and Trudeau (Canada). Notably, the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, named Chrystia Freeland, is the granddaughter of an actual Nazi collaborator and propagandist named Michael Chomiak.

Understand that the “vaccine” mRNA depopulation scheme now being pushed on the world is nothing new. It is merely the continuation of the Nazi eugenics program of the 1930s / 40s which sought to exterminate certain ethnic groups in the name of “progress” for humanity. Today, the same effort is now underway in an expanded context, where the targets are now predominantly Caucasian-dominated nations across the planet. Note that Africa has seen very little in the way of vaccine uptake, and Africans aren’t dying in huge numbers from vaccines. The mass vaccine deaths are taking place in so-called “white” countries across Europe, North America, Australia, etc., while many nations such as India are offering their Understand that Fauci is just the modern-day rendition of the Nazi eugenicists of the Third Reich. He’s nothing new, just evil recycled.’*****

Be sure to read it all if you can.

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Canada Uses Radiation to Hurt Its Citizens

So, this Sunday we pray for the Good People of Canada.

Trudeau is just warming up.

Is this to show Americans and the rest of the world WHAT they can do to us?

Why am I getting ads to protect myself against EMP by Trump’s former director of ICE? They are everywhere on my computer. If the grid goes down, they won’t do much good, and yet it’s very expensive. And if the grid goes down, it will take a year to get it back up, and then all these little gadgets will do is maybe keep you from having to replace your car or your electronics.

IF you don’t starve first.

And NOW we know WHY our government has NEVER protected our grid against an EMP attack.

Why didn’t President Trump make it just as important as the wall?

After all we’ve seen happen in the last year, who has any doubt that IF the Americans do not comply with Fauci and Gates…and the China takeover of our country, they will just destroy it.

I still remember Bill Clinton’s last novel of fiction. An EMP attack was the danger.

Sorry, this is on my mind tonight. Too much is going on WAY too fast.

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Trudeau is coming for your dog…

Nobody Wonders

What are we seeing here? Is Trudeau showing the world what will happen to them if they do NOT comply with China and the elites? They will starve you, take away your money, your pets, your children and then what?

Your life?

The whole WORLD should be screaming about this madman. And yet…what ARE our politicians saying?

Not much.

But– there were a few men and women in his Parliament who DEMANDED he apologize for saying they were all supporting NAZI’s. The one guy in the middle was great, and HE was on Twitter, but Twitter took it down, because Justin REFUSED to apologize and looked ridiculous.

If Biden came for OUR dogs, he’d be sorry. Everyone but me owns a pit bull.

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Nobody Wonders: Will it be the Parents Who Decide the Next Election?

Nobody Wonders

This guy is GOOD.

The corruption of our schools didn’t just happen overnight. I wanted to quit high school in my senior year I was so bored and so upset at the prison like attitude of the teachers and the administrations.

Our educational system needs to be overhauled, but sadly, with the unions, that won’t happen.

When my son went to school, I was constantly in fights with the school system, in fact, my own son was told he couldn’t attend high school his senior year without a doctor’s excuse. His crime? They gave none. He had good grades, never every been in trouble, top of his class, but he pissed somebody off by falling asleep in their class.

It took us two years to get a doctor’s excuse of DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome) They never officially expelled him so for two years they collected state money. Two years later, they said “Oh well, he can come back now.)

Wouldn’t even give him a trial. I fought that all the way to the governor, and NOBODY helped me. I have a whole file cabinet filled with letters I wrote to different government people and got nothing back. I did get a lot of threats though. From top lawyers.

They probably now work for Hillary.

Did you see Biden telling the joke about how he put the dead dog on the lady’s porch when she complained to him? Teachers have tenure. Every government official I talked to senators, school board members, teachers, principals…etc… were rude. They are never scared of losing their jobs. We have seen just how “scared” government officials are of being fired.

I wasted four years of my life and learned a valuable lesson: This was NOT Ameria anymore.

It’s the same reason I dropped out of college. Unless you can get into the elite school, your education is not even up to 8th grade Chinese. Robert Kiyosaki, the real estate expert, the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has made many videos about how horrible and corrupt our educational system is.

And that’s by design.

And thank goodness the naked truth has been exposed: What they are teaching the children all across the nation is…destroying them. Add the masks and vaccines, and you have a China win!

CRT is a Marxist propaganda education to control the future of our country, and turn it into a communist system, destorying the West.

I fought my school system for years here and lost. But, I was alone. So…to see the parents come forth is refreshing. Better late than never.

So, enjoy this man’s common sense. And let’s hope, the parents rule the day…

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Nobody Gets Email: The Rothschilds

Nobody Knows

Nobody doubts that there are families that are behind the scenes controlling the world’s economy. And one of the families that have been kept secret for decades upon decade are the Rothchilds.

Nobody knows much about them, but American Intelligence, has done a lot of research on them, and so, I just wanted to share it, because WHAT? Do you think I have the time to do this kind of research?

No, I have gumballs in my driveway, and my snow blower, does NOT do well with them. (Okay, it’s an excuse, but it’s a good one!)

So, believe it or not, the Rothchilds are the forebearers of the “GREAT RESET.”

You might need to grab yourself a drink:

(Thanks to the American Intelligence people for the email and all the great stuff they do.)

Fraud 1: Lord Victor Rothschild (1910-1990)—the butcher of biotechnology—ordered the Rothschild Archive in 1973 to lie about the real family name: BacharachFraud 2: The Rothschild pretend to be Palestinian Zionists descended from the 12 Tribes of Israel when in DNA fact, they are descendants of ethnic Khazarian Jewish-converts who were semi-nomadic pagans from the steppes of Eurasia (ca. 650-969)Fraud 3: The Rothschilds were/are secret Frankists who abandoned Judaism, follow the Kabbalah and believe certain elect persons are exempt from moral law “since we cannot all be saints; let us all be sinners.” Sins like incest, pedophilia, adultery and homosexuality are their sacraments. (Explains why Jeffrey Epstein and Sir Jimmy Saville had no remorse.)Fraud 4: Rothschild Frankists brokered German gold, then loaned it to England in 1776 to hire local Hessian soldiers to fight for Britain in the American RevolutionFraud 5: Rothschild Frankists loaned 15 million UK pounds to finance the British to burn down of the White House in 1814, then teamed with their secret agent Alexander Hamilton to finance the First Bank of the United StatesFraud 6: As satanic Frankists, the Rothschilds live double lives posing as Crypto-Jews, Crypto-Christians and Crypto-Muslims (conceived while in prison for the debauchery of him and his followers in Częstochowa, Poland, 1760-73) while financing both sides of war among their banking customersFraud 7: Rothschild and his broker brother-in-law Sir Moses Montefiore brokered the loan to Parliament from 18351838 to compensate for the loss of slaves by British bankers—founding the offshore British banking system used to this day to finance war and debauchery worldwideConclusion: Fraud unwinds contracts once the victim becomes aware of it. All Rothschild offshore bank accounts must be seized to pay reparations for the damages that their frauds have foisted upon the world(Feb. 16, 2022)—In the decades surrounding America’s Declaration of Independence in 1776, Europe and the Middle East were also battling demonic principalities and powers working to pull humanity into the abyss.See Ephesians 6.Our latest discoveries explain much about the old money behind:Bioweapons, British hegemony, Communism, Corporatism, Credit, Debauchery, Depopulation, Eugenics, Frequency weapons, Hollywood, Jeffrey Epstein, Lawfare, Mass Surveillance, Mind control, Money, Monopoly, Patent theft, Pedophilia, Pharmacide, Pilgrims Society, Promiscuity, Propaganda, Sir Jimmy Saville, Socialism, Spies, The Bank for International Settlements, The Bank of England, The City of London, The U.N., The Vatican Bank, Transhumanism, Washington, D.C.In about 1751, Jacob Frank (1726-91) claimed to be the Jewish messiah as the reincarnation of an earlier messianic claimant Shabbetai Tzevi (1626–76). Jacob was the founder of the antirabbinical Frankists, or Zoharists.Jacob Frank held that certain elect persons are exempt from moral law. This sect abandoned Judaism for a “higher Torah” (Jewish Law) based on the Zohar, which was the most important work in the Kabbala, the Jewish mystical movement. Hence its members are also called themselves Zoharists.Jacob Frank was a proponent of an antinomian anarchist approach that rejected all the prohibitions and restrictions of Jewish law, including the laws of incest.Frankists  were master infiltrators. They were masters of living a double life. They practiced sexual orgiastic ecstasy as a sacrament.After Jacob Frank was imprisoned for thirteen years in the fortress monetary of Częstochowa, Poland, he decided that he and his followers should, on the surface, convert to the predominant religion of their region. Then, they should secretly continue their debauchery with his messianic blessing. In business that meant say whatever it took to get the deal even if it meant breaking those promises when expedient.Sabbatian Frankists are well documented in the Encyclopedia Judaica and in the writings of Israeli academics.In a nutshell, these groups practiced incest, pedophilia, adultery and homosexuality and were otherwise depraved. The Talmud states that the Messiah will come only in an age that is completely guilty or completely innocent (Sanhedrin 98a). From this epigram, the Frankists would declare, ‘Since we cannot all be saints, let us all be sinners.’” They ran afoul of Christian and Jewish rabbinical tribunals alike, including the Inquisition.Coincidentally (?!), with the benefit of hindsight and current geopolitical events, a number of heretofore unconnected threads come together at this time in history.Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Bacharach) (1744-1812)Nathan Mayer 1777-1836 EnglandJames Mayer (1792-1868) Paris, bullion, specie 1812, Napoleon; married nieceJacob Frank (1726-1791); wife Eva Frank (1754-1816)Frankist messianic, orgiastic apostasy (1751-)Hell Fire hedonist club for the aristocracy including John Wilkes, ancestor of John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln’s assassinRothschild-financed German Hessian soldiers (1776-1778)Hyam Salomon (1740-d. 1785), Rothschild agent in America; First Bank of America (1781); Rothschild co-agent Alexander HamiltonSecond Bank of the United States (1816-1836); Rothschild co-agent Alexander HamiltonSEMINAL ALIGNMENT OF GOOD AND EVIL FORCES IN THE WORLD (1740-1820) CENTERED ON THE ROTHSCHILDS TREACHERYFig. 2Rothschild Demonic Profligacy. (Compiled Feb. 14, 2022). Critical 18th Century Years When America Emerged to Counter a Satanic Global Takeover That’s Still in Process. Anonymous Patriots.They kept their enemies confused by refining the art of saying the opposite of what they really think.If a Moslem was coercing them to convert to Islam, or a Christian to Christianity, or a Jew to Judaism, they converted without resistance, on the surface, while maintaining their Sabbatist beliefs and immoral practices secretly. Sound like Bohemian Grove? Epstein island? Marina Abramovic?Frankists seek redemption through ritual sexual ecstasy and moral opposites.Whatever the Ten Commandments taught, they did opposite. Don’t kill. They killed. Don’t steal. They stole. Don’t commit adultery. They swapped wives. Don’t lie. They lied. Don’t sodomize. They sodomized, especially children. Don’t mistreat children. They were pedophiles. And so on. They were a belief system of opposites, much like our maddening self-styled elitists today.This Rothschild family heritage was certainly worth hiding. British Lord Victor Rothschild did just that in 1973.In 1973, British Lord Victor Rothschild ordered an official family timeline. This occurred just after The Rothschild Report (1971) to the UK Parliament recommended a complete overhaul of research and development investing by the British government with a focus on computers, communications and biowarfare.The Rothschild Archive Timeline opens with:”a detailed Rothschild family tree was commissioned which traced the family back to ‘Uri Feibesh’ in 1450.”Dubiously, “Feibesh” should be spelled “Feibesch.” Why misspell it? (Thwarts searches.)Remarkably, neither the misspelling “Feibesh” nor the correct spelling “Feibesch” appears anywhere else in the Rothschild Archive!This opening statement is an evident lie, not just sloppy editing.The year “1450” is also wrong. Numerous genealogies show that the Rothschilds ancestry includes:Uri or Ori Feibesch (Fajsch) Zu Bacharach (1475-1588) from Frankfurt, GermanyPrior to Uri, the ancestry trail goes cold.Why would the Rothschild Archive not disclose Uri’s full name, including “Bacharach?”  The Bacharach family is a rabbinical dynasty in Frankfurt, Worms, Poland. Remember Lord Henry de Worms, Lord Pirbright? British Privy Council, Lord Rothschild collaborator. The Wellcome Trust. Biowarfare.For context, the Frankfurt Jewish community was just being established then.We  first note that Wikipedia participates in this Rothschild misdirection. Their “Frankfurter Judengasse” page states:“It is likely that Jews were amongst the earliest inhabitants of Frankfurt.”Even a history novice knows that Frankfurt is a Stone Age city (ca. 3000 B.C.)!!!World Guides states: “The first mention of Frankfurt in official history records dates to 794 AD. It was noted that Franconovurt, or ‘City of the Franks’, was the meeting place for an important ecclesiastical council of Franconian noblemen led by Emperor Charlemagne (Charles the Great).” This is confirmed by City of Frankfurt resources that further states: “Frankfurt, as the location of the most important north-south river crossing in Germany… has been inhabited since the later Stone Age (c. 2000 B.C.). Until the Romans arrived (Emperor Augustus, 63 B.C. to 14 A.D.), the area had been controlled by various Germanic and Celtic tribes.Why does Wikipedia misstate Frankfurt’s history so ludicrously? Evidently it is because most drive-by “historians” will believe it. We see it as misdirection about Frankfurt’s true history and the central role of the Rothschilds in world corruption.The Jewish Virtual Jewish World  traces the earliest Jewish communities :Evidence of a Jewish community in Frankfurt, a city on the Main river in western Germany, dates to the 12th century. At that time, a small group of Jewish merchants from Worms settled in the town, and quickly flourished and grew wealthy. Jews had been in Frankfurt prior to this period as well, but never as official residents – Frankfurt had long been a market town, and [Khazarian] Jews visited to trade there as early as the tenth century.Uri was the son of father Eichanan Ben Zur Bacharach Zur Roten Rose (1496-1550) and mother Fogele Rose “Tzipora” Bacharach (born Worms Haas-Grotwohl) (1505-1550). Eichanan had alias names Elchanan ben Uri, Han, Hon, Hane, Elkan, Elchanan Bauer.Eichanan was the son of father Uri Feibesch (Fajsch) Zu Bacharach (1475-1588) and mother Zu Bacharach (nee Zur Roten Rose (ca. 1496-1550).ROTHSCHILD DELETED “BACHARACH” FROM THE FAMILY NAMELord Victor Rothschild dropped the “Bacharach” part of Uri Feibesch name? This is evident fraud.We will not delve further into the Bacharach family name other than to say it has been a family with a strong rabbinical heritage.The change from “Barcharach” to “Rothschild” is suspicious since the Bacharach name would normally be retained, and since Mayer Amschel would otherwise have thought so little of his Bacharach family heritage as to name it after a house instead!CRYPTO-ROTHSCHILD BACHARACHS INFILTRATED THE U.S. GOVERNMENTNotably, many Bacharachs emigrated to America in the late 1800s. Three Bacharachs are notable in the British Pilgrims Society’s infiltration of the American government as crypto-Rothschilds (N.M. Rothschild and his son Walter were co-founders of the Pilgrims Society and tight allies of Cecil Rhodes, Lord Alfred Milner, Henry deWorms and Sir Harry Brittain.)Benjamin Bacharach (1865-1936), banker; merchant; pres.;Beth Israel Synagogue, Atlantic City.Isaac Bacharach (1870-1956), arrived Atlantic City 1881; banker; businessman; Councilman, Atlantic City (1907-13); Republican; State Assembly (1911); Congress (NJ-2nd, 1915); House Ways and Means Committee (1915-36); sponsored Federal Declaration of Taking Act of 1931—Eminent  domain seizure of public lands permitted (the ability to seize public assets to back Rothschild loans).Harry Bacharach (1873-1947), arrived Atlantic City 1881; Postmaster, Pres. McKinley, 1901; reappointed by Teddy Roosevelt 1905-1909 during the ramp up of British Marconi Wireless in the U.S. in the run up to the first World War; Mayor, Atlantic City (1911-15, 1916—19, 1931-34); Chairman, NJ Public Utilities Commission Member; Water Policy Commission; Banker; real estate developer; founder, Jewish Community Center, Atlantic City (1924-25); Betty Bacharach Home for Afflicted Children (Longport, New Jersey)CONCLUSION—CALL TO ACTION:The Rothschilds have totally hidden their real family name “Bacharach,” their depraved Frankist religion, and their Khazarian nomadic roots. Then, they moved in their crypto-Bacharach family Fifth column into America in the exodus of their fellow Khazarian Jews from Odessa and climes in the 1880s.Their sinister promotion of British Zionism and a new world order in conspiracy with the Pilgrims Society must be evaluated in a whole new light.Are the Jews of the 12 Tribes of Israel actually their spiritual enemies since they are only crypto-Jews at best?The fraud and treachery of this family is off the charts.Now the Rothschilds must be unwound and prosecuted as satanic oppressors of humanity.Other posts that we made during the week of this research:Kharzarian documentsUnmasking Israel-Abraham Burla – Global ExterminatorThe Missing Link of Jewish European AncestrySir Walter Rostow, the Russian Khazars, and the British Pilgrims SocietyGlobal Genocide By King of the Jews – Israel-Abraham BurlaOur Spirit | February 16, 2022 at 9:17 am | Categories: Americans for Innovation | URL:
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