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Canada Uses Radiation to Hurt Its Citizens

So, this Sunday we pray for the Good People of Canada.

Trudeau is just warming up.

Is this to show Americans and the rest of the world WHAT they can do to us?

Why am I getting ads to protect myself against EMP by Trump’s former director of ICE? They are everywhere on my computer. If the grid goes down, they won’t do much good, and yet it’s very expensive. And if the grid goes down, it will take a year to get it back up, and then all these little gadgets will do is maybe keep you from having to replace your car or your electronics.

IF you don’t starve first.

And NOW we know WHY our government has NEVER protected our grid against an EMP attack.

Why didn’t President Trump make it just as important as the wall?

After all we’ve seen happen in the last year, who has any doubt that IF the Americans do not comply with Fauci and Gates…and the China takeover of our country, they will just destroy it.

I still remember Bill Clinton’s last novel of fiction. An EMP attack was the danger.

Sorry, this is on my mind tonight. Too much is going on WAY too fast.

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