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Weather Wars: Dane Wigington

Nobody Wins

It wasn’t too long ago I got in a discussion with a reader about the chemtrails that I would see two days before a rainstorm was predicted. And sure enough, when that storm came, it was more destructive than what I had remembered all my life.

He said that they were just jet streams. He mocked me. I thought to myself, he ‘must never look up.’

Sorry. I’ve lived next to an airport for over 40 years, and I KNOW the difference. The jets were always made in checkerboard fashion, or VERY long streams. You can find pictures of chemtrails all over the internet.

They are NOT normal. But they kept happening.

Today, here in the North County of St. Louis Missouri it got up to 65 degrees. I really don’t remember in my lifetime that ever happening. Maybe in December but never in February. Now, we are told a Polar Vortex will hit that heat and we will get ten or 12 inches of snow. The Governor has already put Missouri in an emergency state.

MMMMMMmmmmmm…what? Are they trying to slow down the U.S. Truckers from making it to Washington D.C.? A huge snowstorm up and down the Eastern coast would certainly slow all those truckers down, wouldn’t it?

Nobody Wonders.

Does everybody remember that horrible ice storm in Texas last year? When the windmills froze, and millions of Texans were shut down without food or water for weeks?

I have noticed that weather events now happen, and most all the time, the event helps a political party.

Well, if you read me, you know, I have always believed that they can ‘manipulate’ the weather. They know how to read the charts, and they just send up their planes, or their HARP, and do their thing. They have patents on this stuff and all countries are capable of it. China and Russia brag about it.

Even Clinton’s Secretary of Defense General Cohen, said that future wars will be weather wars. Burning down California seems to the biggest ‘victory’ for somebody right now. Sad. Very sad. Trees take YEARS to grow.

Of course, those weather wars have turned the propaganda into the deep state control fear mantra of “CLIMATE CHANGE”!!!

So, since this video is banned, go ahead and give it a watch. It’s an interview with Dane Wigington and you can visit him at The guy knows his stuff.

As IF we don’t have enough bad stuff against Gates and his merry elite buddies. THIS should be the last reason for humanity to stand up and put them back into their merry mansions where they belong.

They are messing with our children, our trees, our water, and the bees. Is it any wonder Zuckerface wants us all in his Metaverse? He knows, the planet they have ruined will be gone, if you believe this man.

And sorry, to this nobody, he makes a lot of sense.

Watch here:

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