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Nobody’s Perfect: Klaus Schwab—The NEW Hitler

Listen to this madman. He is Adolf Hitler on steroids. He is KING OF THE WORLD, an unelected jerk, who knows everybody is going to be really pissed off by his tyrannical actions to own and enslave the whole planet, so he has already placed his generals in every top position in every government on the planet, (expect China) and he BRAGS about it.

We are witnessing his plans in Canada. Trudeau was trained at his school for Tyrants. All Canadians will bow to their orders or starve. These plans are trying to come to America. They WILL end up shooting people and say it’s in the name of ‘democracy.”

Wait, they already DID shoot someone in cold blood…on Jan 5. And they imprisoned over 300. Remember, America did this BEFORE Canada.

As you saw in his pages yesterday, he is as confident as Hitler was in taking over the world.

What IS it with these Germans? Merkel? (I bet Hillary’s German) What? Is it in their DNA?

The mistake he is making is that he actually thinks he can control…China. And that if you kill enough people then you win.

And he is boasting about what he is doing.

THAT’s where he is making his biggest mistake….

So, Klaus wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for exposing to the world his plans.

It’s time the world starts painting him for what he is: A Genocidal murderer.

Would you go back and kill Hitler?

Somebody stop this monster before he kills more people with his delusional megalomaniac ideas.

After all, he thinks nothing about killing off 4 billion of us.

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