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Nobody Wins: If we LOSE, DO NOT MISS GLENN BECK’s Interview with Peter Schweizer

If you add all the last years up, The GREAT RESET, has been stolen by China, with the help of our own elites.

I’ve said it before, China OWNS and controls Biden. I mean really…did you ever think in our lifetime that not only would we leave BILLIONS of high-tech weapons in Afghanistan for China, and then our President came out and issued an unconstitutional mandate for all our military men to take OR they have to quit?

EVERYTHING Biden has done has destroyed our country, in so many ways. AND our children now are being aimed at.

Tonight, I thought I was dreaming. Nancy Pelosi was on TV saying that it’s time we start manufacturing computer chips here. It was a speech President Trump has given a million times, and here she was, FOR THE FIRST TIME, talking about well…you know, electric cars need over 2,000 chips to work, and it was a national security problem..yada, yada..

I was like WHAT! What happened to her?

The last speech President Trump made, he said that right after the Olympics, we should…watch China.

Insinuating that China was going to take over Taiwan, which is of course, where all the chips are made.

Why is Nancy all of a sudden concerned? Well, if you watch this video, you will know why.

Peter has exposed them all, so this might be one of the most important interviews made in the year so far.

Glenn Beck is on a roll. This IS one great interview. Neither one of these guys miss anything.

The only thing that was disturbing was what they think we should do about our corrupted politicians and CEOs who have sold America to China. Nay, GIVEN us to China.

The answer is to shame them.

Uh…is that enough?

Nobody Wonders, but I doubt it.

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