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Nobody’s Fool: President Ronald Reagan

Reagan was not only a great President, he could REALLY tell a good joke.

Most conservatives miss him, and as I was watching this, I was thinking that G.W. Bush looked bored and mean standing behind him. Maybe I am reading into this, but Pence often had the same snotty look on his face when he was standing behind President Trump. That’s the Rockefeller RINOS for you. As you know, I NEVER liked Pence and thought he was placed there to take over when they got President Trump impeached. The deep state was SURE they were going to impeach him.

Sadly, Reagan did such a good job, G.W. Bush, who helped kick-start the whole globalist mess was put in on Reagan’s coat tails. One thing good that came out of THAT, was if Pence runs, he won’t have much of a chance.

At the end of this video, Reagan’s kindness and good heart is shining like a star: I couldn’t help but think of the great difference between Reagan and Biden.

Joe Biden’s many mean and angry outbursts, and there have been many, show just what he thinks of the American people.

You can’t teach class. You can’t teach heart. But you can watch it here…


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Nobody’s Opinion: The Bloomberg Balloon Forum of Hot Air

Nobody Flashes the Hot Air opinions of the Global lords, who are acting like they are STILL in charge of their own countries. But since they are so used to power, they still gather and rule the world.

And why not?

Anyway, this video shows Hillary Clinton ‘leading’ leaders at Bloomberg economic forum, a meeting which is filled with so much BS and hot air, it’s hard to watch. Pay close attention to the ‘words’ they use. It’s all smoke and mirrors and they say absolutely nothing of worth.

Tony Blair, another world global member of the Cartel, seems more personal with the bunch of BS. Tony is still upset that England LEFT the E.U. Notice the world “TRADE” comes up every other word. They basically are saying, “the world has changed” and it’s not our fault. All these ‘lords of crap” are so good at talking for hours and saying “NOTHING” that it’s hard to watch it. The countries are willing to pay ‘greater cost” says the man from India.

Well…heck, most of THEIR money came from OUR politicians. During the TARP payout, Glenn Beck pointed out that not only did our politicians give over 5 trillion bailout money to OUR banks, over 90 TRILLION was handed out to the REST of the world.

THAT’s on American taxpayers.

It’s basically how to keep the United States ‘functioning’ while China takes over, which these dweebs are talking about. And all of them are trying to figure out how keep doing business in China, while the United States is declining, and not piss off any of the people. Hillary calls the “new reality”, a new multi power global order.

Blair, as you notice, knows China is NOT becoming more democratic as was hoped, and he says it’s important that the West keeps its “liberties.”

Hillary than goes on to attack Russia. Hillary is all in with China. Hillary is acting like the new QUEEN of the New World Order. Just the fact that she is allowed a voice in this ‘forum’ should make every American mad. She’s worried about Crypto currency. And she should be.

She goes on to attacking Putin. Putin to her is more of a concern than China. Right. Sure. All ‘disinformation’ comes out of Russia.

Now, let me say this: if you go on the Bloomberg Cable Channel, you will see a lot of info promoting China and its people. China is presented as such a glorious place.

Bloomberg is all in bed with China. Let me say that again:

Bloomberg is all in bed with the Chinese.

One thing you will notice, all these people THINK they are the most intelligent people on the planet, and they are ALL trying very hard to SOUND like great thinkers. But Watch Hillary’s face when Tony Blair is talking. She’s already creating her response.

The evilness is this woman knows no limit.

To me, this video reminded me of a bad Sci-Fi movie…only DARTH Vador is a woman.

Hillary Clinton: The question is: WHY does she have so much power with the elites?

Nobody Knows.

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Even Trump Can’t Outdo THIS

Nobody Flashes: When I turned onto Trump’s speech tonight, I wanted him to talk upfront about the great Truckers in Canada.

But he only mentioned them halfway through his speech. And his speech was…sorry…much too long.

Mr. President don’t be boring. You might need a new speech writer. You need some new material.

They said there were over 50,000 people in Texas, and yet, his speeches are lines much repeated from his first run in 2016. This is 2021, and it’s not the same country. It’s not the same world.

While we all know how unfair the world has been to President Trump, and what he has gone through from all sides…on the other hand, he had the honor of being our President, and a much loved one at that. We are suffering just as much as he is, if not more. So far, he has become victorious in every battle. Even though he has paid a high price.

But, so have MILLIONS of people all over the world, who have lost their lives, or their jobs.

He will probably run, but this nobody hopes, he gets a bit more like he used to be and pays attention to the real misery of the people once again. His speeches are starting to sound pale, and more…dare I say…political. He is being MUCH too nice.

I’m not sure, “Nice” is going to cut it this time. He really does need a better speech writer.

On the other hand, we don’t know exactly what HE is up against and what he has learned from all this, so how can we judge? Maybe he thinks his speeches are bringing in all the crowds. I don’t know. Something is…just not right, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Now, seems Trudeau is fighting back, and not allowing the trucks and people to come into Ontario.

So, I’m posting this from just a simple man, who is represents us all. A man, who tells a simple story, but hopefully, more ‘leaders’ will hear his story, and hopefully, people will start posting their stories.

Our politicians are much too concerned about not ‘offending’ any of their colleges, and not saying a word. What does that tell you?

Having said that, showing up to a Trump Rally, that only one channel out of HUNDREDS OF broadcasts, is not exactly a good thing. Also, it was on NEWSMAX, and like Trump said, they NEVER show the crowd. Right there, that tells you that the GOP is NOT behind Trump. They may talk about him, but they only use him to make their money.

In the meantime, the ‘war’ on the people has just begun. We pray for the safety of the good people in Canada. May they stay warm and well fed through their fight.

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While all the networks here in America are showing scary pictures of the NOREASTER, hitting the East Coast, making SURE nobody tries to join the Convoy in Canada, the Convoy is still truckin!


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Americans SALUTE the Freedom Canadian Convoy!

Nobody Flashes

THIS is why the elites are scared. THIS is why Pelosi arranged the False Flag of January the 6th, where the Capitol Police attacked and killed people in the crowd, and one woman murdered, and they came out and claimed that it was an insurrection.


They CANNOT let things like this happen. But whoops! Trudeau is probably on some South Pacific Island by now. I would love to see these truckers all over the world, pick up all the global leaders and take them to a “re-education camp” wouldn’t you? A FREEDOM camp. Where they would have to be isolated, given a ‘welfare’ check, and learn how to live and cook, and teach their kids, and make their own beds…and be told they must ALL get the REAL vaccination.

Who would have thought that the Canadians would come out in such force? God bless those people.

I’m assuming that most of these truckers…are men. You HAVE to be tough to be a Canadian Trucker. But there are a lot of great women truckers too I bet.

Canadians are coming out for freedom…it’s GREAT! Our hockey playing neighbors are tough. And you HAVE to be tough to play hockey. In my opinion, the one sport that makes basketball and baseball look lame…Okay, rugby and football can get tough, but let’s be real. If those guys in the NFL had to skate BACKWARDS and put a small puck into a net…not so easy is it? But Canadians can do it in their sleep.

Here in America, they keep this stuff off the news. BUT…make no mistake, those of us here who are watching this are hoping OUR men come to their senses. The Trouble is: We have a whole Congress full of Trudeaus.

After all, as I’ve said before, it’s going to now take the people of the whole world to resist. That’s how comfortable and invincible the elites think they are.

They are ALL guilty of crimes against their own people.

So, we need all the uplifting images we can find, right? And this weekend, I’ll bet watching for them.

Ontario…here they come.

Hey: This isn’t Hong Kong people with umbrellas, these are BIG trucks…We need all the hope we can get.

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NOBODY CARES: Supreme Court— Why Not a Dwarf?

You have to love it:

Biden made a point to honor Justice Breyer who was finally forced to retire and he starts out talking about retiring Supreme Court Justice Breyer, and ends up talking about himself. Who else used to do that? (Obama) If you listened closely to Breyer speech, it might as well have been written by Obama.

I was taking a nap when I kept hearing over and over “It’s an experiment.”

What’s just “an experiment”? I thought, as I woke myself up to see Justice Breyer holding up the Constitution. Oh. Right. America was just ‘an experiment.’

Yes, Brayer was telling the youth of the country that according to our Founders, Washington AND Lincoln, that this government was then and is NOW…just an experiment. It was up to them and future generations to see if the experiment worked. Or works. (HINT: no, it doesn’t.)

Oh, and by the way, ‘We are in a civil war.” He said with a big smile. Then he TRIED to recite the Gettysburg Address and really mucked it up. Ooooooookay.

He should have left that out. He sounded just like Biden going “You know…that thing!”

Here we were witnessing the continued destruction of the Constitution:

Biden kept quoting Breyer as saying “The law must work for the people.”  Biden mumbles a bit more and REPEATS “The law must work for the people” Translation: The Constitution AND let’s be honest, America doesn’t work for “the people.”

Then Biden announces he will choose a black woman for the Supreme Court. THAT will fix it. Black women, only represent, according to data, only 2 percent of the population.

Which MEANS…if skin color and sex is the new criterial for getting on the Supreme Court, then logically speaking, we need a gay woman, a gay black man, a transvestite, a Muslim man, a Muslim woman, and at least a few Chinese and since Peter Dinklage thinks dwarfs are being discriminated, at LEAST one dwarf.  

No more white men or women.

Only yesterday, Kamala came out giving the Chinese talking points of protecting minorities, gays, women, blacks, transvestites, etc.

So, the Chinese colored revolution continues. Stacy Abrams must be sitting around Oprah’s house salivating on how to get on the court. Not sure Kamala wants the job, although they are trying to sell, her into it, because they just don’t know what else to do with her. Hillary was probably paying big bucks for that suggestion. Obama could be nominated, (being as many say he IS a woman) but, then again, being the background President now…he really couldn’t do much on the court.


One thing we do know, is this will keep the news media busy and OFF the actions of Biden and Russia, where Putin makes Biden look like the incompetent idiot he really is.

Will enough Republicans vote for the black woman? In the words of FARGO:

You Batcha!

Personally, I think Peter Dinklage could complain not about some kid’s movie written over 50 years ago, that any adult knows was written to make the little kids laugh, (For Goodness sakes Peter “IT WAS A FAIRY TALE!!) but the fact that there ARE no dwarfs on the Supreme Court or even in the democratic party for that matter.

It’s about time, don’t you think?

Go ahead Peter, you would look good in a robe.

You’ll just need a bigger version of the Constitution.

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Nobody Cares

It’s clear: Davos welcomes with sycophantic and pathetic arms, their pick for the new Overlord of the world— Xi Jinping.

EVERYONE at Davos this year, came out kissing the lord and master of the New World Order: Xi Jinping.

While I’m familiar with Gates thinking HE is running the world and redesigning it like we are all his little play toy things, Nobody Wonders if Gates is so narcissistic that he thinks China will let him LIVE after they have used him up for the Global Road to Tyranny that Gates, Fauci and Nazi impersonation Klaus are so happy about.

I have never listened to a speech by Xi Jinping. I got 18 minutes into it and almost fell asleep. It was a speech that Obama could have given, or Biden, or Pelosi, which means, corrupt tyrants everywhere all sound the same. They try REAL hard to sound SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sincere, filled with promises and false lies, and yet, we all know that China released the virus and spread it around the world to destroy the economies of the world in order to bring in the GLOBAL world government. And that they killed millions and MADE millions while doing it. And he had Fauci and Gates and Zuckerfact to help him do it.

I got tired of hearing him say “GLOBAL”.

The question is: Gates, Fauci, Davos, our big CEOs all love this guy, because they don’t want ANY people in any of the world to have freedom.

They want it ALL. ALL the money, ALL the power, and if you think these horrible men even care about you or your life, or the planet, then I have another Windows version of 3.0 to sell you.

We don’t have to go into the damage that China and Gates have done to the world. But the fact that all it takes is a slick lying salesman to sell you your own death, and make it sound wonderful, well, I find it it rather—


History tells us, BOTH these guys need to be stopped. And add that nutcase/NAZI Klaus with them.

And we thought Hitler was bad.

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Does Russia REALLY Want to be Ruled by CHINA?

Nobody Wonders

So, what’s up with all this RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA! — War cries?

Didn’t we get enough of Russia is behind EVERYTHING during the Trump administration?

My friend Petra, called me today, all upset: “Have you heard about the Ukraine?” You see, Petra, unlike all the rest of my ‘friends’ has family in Germany. She goes every year to visit a rich widow friend who lives in Italy. I’m pretty sure she’s not concerned about OUR country, but what war would do to her yearly visits to her rich friend in Europe.

She’s been watching too much T.V.

After all, the COVID ‘destroy the people’ with a bio-weapon is being exposed. Fauci, Gates, and the fact that they are now calling for our children to be vaccinated is starting to wake up the idiots who are sitting in front of their new giant screen Wal-Mart TVs. When the country goes into an economic depression, they ALWAYS start a war.

And better to pick a war with Russia than China. WHY? Because ALL our big Global companies do business in China. And this Nobody Thinks, CHINA wants Russia to also be under her control too.

I’ve always thought the reason Trump kept saying “We should get along with Russia” was because of ALL the countries on the planet, Russia doesn’t want China to run the world any more than WE do. I could be wrong about that: BUT I DON’T THINK SO.

Biden comes out sounding all bully, bully:

“I made it clear to President Putin that we have a sacred obligation, Article 5 obligation to our NATO allies. And that if, in fact, he continued to build up and/or was to move, we would be reinforcing those troops,” Biden said.


Well, 5,000 troops against 100,000…and a fight over a country who have many citizens who LIKE Russia: sounds lame to me.

This could be solved easily___

They don’t want western missiles in Ukraine, and they don’t want Ukraine to join NATO.

Remember, George Washington said we should NOT get involved in other country’s wars? HA. NO money in that is there?

****************From Revolver…

All of this noise evades the real truth, though: The Ukraine crisis is a creation of the Globalist American Empire. It is a product of American overreach, and the crisis continues because the DC national security cabal refuses to admit any mistakes, backtrack, or engage in any serious negotiation whatsoever. America’s ruling elites are willing to risk war, possibly even nuclear war, for the sake of their own desire to exert control everywhere on Earth. 

And yet, despite all that, the situation in Ukraine still didn’t boil over until the US endorsed a revolution to overthrow a democratically-elected government. It was Yanukovych’s extrajudicial overthrow that sparked Russia’s seizure of Crimea and its support for an anti-Kyiv insurgency in the eastern Donbas region. And the crisis has continued ever since, thanks to America’s negotiating posture, or rather its lack of one. America’s position is that, more or less, there can be no negotiations.


Yeah, Let’s not forget Biden’s and Hunter were REALLY involved in the Ukraine. And the Rino’s think that Russia will join China and Iran and go after Europe SO…therefore we should send the last of our brave men and woman over to fight the Russians. Right now, neither the people In Kiev or Germany seem too upset. Why is that?

EXCEPT, there’s one little problem. Russia has the capability to send an EMP over the U.S, and the U.S will NOT be able to stop it, and voila! America will be destroyed. 90 million will die in the first year.

Biden’s doesn’t tell you that does he? And yet, the elites are already war-gaming it.

Many of us wouldn’t put it pass the globalists to do it themselves and BLAME it on Russia.

I’ve ALWAYS thought, China wants Russia off the map too. And if they can get America to do it, then more power to China.

Right now, I always think: What would OBAMA SAY?

Right. “IF YOU GO OVER THE RED LINE, THEN THERE WILL BE ACTION.” Remember that lame threat? Let’s hope, it’s Obama talking again through Biden. Russia will take some of Ukraine, and the next outbreak will take it off the news.


*****..More from Revolver The Globalist American Empire Would Rather Risk Nuclear War Than Admit Its Own Arrogance – Revolver

Russia has serious and legitimate interests in Ukraine. Prior to 1991, Ukraine was politically united with Russia for almost 350 years (longer than America has even existed). In the eastern third of Ukraine, the majority of people speak Russian, and a large minority identify as ethnically Russian. The Crimea, seized by Russia in 2014, is not only overwhelmingly Russian by language and ethnicity, but its very existence as a Ukrainian province is the result of a historical fluke: Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev transferred the Crimea from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR as an act of sentimentality.

And of course, if one wanted to invade Russia, Ukraine would be the best staging ground to do so. Ukraine hosts a long border adjacent to Russia’s most populous regions. So, it is understandable that Russia greatly dislikes the idea of Ukraine joining NATO, an alliance whose entire raison d’etre is to contain Russia.


A war with Russia would be a disaster. But then, if you are out to destroy America, you can bet, there are many globalists giving it a good thought.

It would be much quicker than crashing and releasing disease-ridden lab monkeys into the middle of Missouri, and it seems, they are running out of time to do the GREAT RESET.

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Nobody’s Fools: The Doctors Speak!

Okay, every one of these doctors have put their lives and fortunes on the line. They all were at the rally on the steps of the Washington Mall, where MLK made his great speech.

They spoke the truth about the vaccines. We need MORE doctors, and nurses, and well, just about everybody to keep this up, and I’m hoping this goes around the world.

(On another note, the rest did me good today. And listening to these great doctors certainly helped.)

If you can find the time, you will be uplifted too.

THIS is one of the reasons they are trying to start a war with Russia.

When the doctors come out, they really HAVE no defense.

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Nobody’s Opinion

While I was desperate to save my husband while he was in serious condition with pnemonia from Covid, I didn’t pay much attention to myself.

2 weeks I was running around getting meds, calling doctors, TRYING to keep both of us out of the hospitals.

Today, I woke up, not feeling very…keen. Basically, exhausted. So, it’s weird. If you don’t mind, I’m going to take one or two more days off.

BUT…I did want you to see, if you haven’t already, these three clips: The Croatian MEP calling Macron a killer…Jen Paski admitting Obama is President, and last but not least, one of the greatest speeches ever given on the steps of the National Mall. The son of an assassinated brother of a Democratic President, Robert Kennedy Jr, warned the country, not only of the vaccines but of what they are trying to do to us all: Make us slaves. His ancestors would be…so proud. It was truly, a GREAT speech.

If you can find the whole speech, it would be well worth your while.

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Making Contact With God

I watched the movie Contact last night: Carl Segan’s opinions about space, time, and the wonder he felt for the universe and everything in it. Carl was FILLED with so much joy and wonderment, it made him one of the most important people on the planet.

I miss him.

The movie poses a lot of questions about Science VS God.

Myself, I must admit, I’ve been wondering about the universe and everything in it since I could remember. Because to me, no matter WHAT religion you are, the truth is: we ALL know there is something going on. You don’t get this much coordinated miracle of life just…randomly. It defies ALL science. It defies ALL logic. A higher ‘power’ must exist just because…well all you have to is open your eyes to see the boundless miracle of life on this planet. I can sit and stare at the leaves on my trees for hours and marvel at how they came to grow, fall, and come back.

God, or what you call God…just is. And because he cannot be proven, (according to science) to many he he doesn’t exist. Science needs proof and there is none.

Well, poppycock. Open your eyes. It’s pretty easy. He’s everywhere.

One thing we all know: And this IS FACT: Life is good. Killing life, is bad. It’s pretty simple. And when you are “Godless” killing life is VERY bad, and we are now witnessing a mass genocide by madmen who are…Godless.


We are ALL snowflakes. We are all, as Foster’s says in this speech: precious. NO two people on this planet are equal, and that’s the miracle they are trying to desperately to erase. Every single person is different, and every single person has a miracle inside them. Kill the individual, and you will kill invention. You will kill, the planet. We are seeing it right now. Kill freedom, and you kill your country.

Jodie Foster tries to explain what she witnessed when she was “contacted” but the Congressman, played by James Woods, called her nuts.

Fauci could have played that part well. I really liked this ending scene.

Then I thought I’d post this: Jordan Peters is a deep thinker. He’s one of those ‘snowflakes” that can’t stop thinking.

It’s the individual who saves and uplifted mankind. All advances in science came down to visions, people with a passion. But now, our elites are KILLING our future. They want most of us to DIE.

They’ve said so. They want to control every man, woman and child on this planet.

But you know what? Life WILL find a way. It always does. Because GOD…made life so indisputable it will succeed beyond all odds.

I sense people waking up…. don’t you?

Jordan said: You’re the image of God. We are NOT the image of Gates, or Fauci, or Biden. And it’s about time we ALL reach up to the stars and the power that created us all, and maybe, just maybe….

Truth will win. Yes, WE are the Gods of our own lives. I myself plan to find that better God I know lies inside me…

Because that’s how God made us all. In his image.

Enjoy Jordan. I think Carl would have really liked him.

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Forget Biden: What is OBAMA Doing?

Today I was reading an old Reader’s Digest, and it brought to mind a question: Since Biden’s administration is basically filled with Obama’s old cabinet, And Susan Rice, Obama’s right-hand gal is basically seeming to run the White House, isn’t it interesting that we hear nothing of the Middle East?

Obama had VERY strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, he was a Muslim. The very fact that he got to be President shows just how long ago our country was lost.

And the question now is? Is he still running it?

Remember, Hillary’s right-hand gal, Huma Abedin’s father was Muslim Brotherhood. And Obama appointed to Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, a Muslim. The CIA had Muslim Brennen, another Muslim and communist, appointed by Obama. Add to that all the terrorists he let go that came back to attack and kill many Americans. Not to mention he armed ISIS with American equipment. And let’s not forget that midnight plane he sent to Iran with Billions of unmarked cash.

Seems we’ve all forgotten this haven’t we?

Obama at EVERY turn sided with the Muslims. He even said when it came down to it, he would side with them. One only has to look at Obama’s background to see that at every turn, he helped and protected the Muslims over America. Biden’s Afghanistan’s blunder was…NOT a blunder. To me, it was just another Obama helping out his buds.

Remember, Obama’s great help from Twitter and Facebook during the Egyptian revolution?

From Reader’s Digest:


Egypt also has been home to the oldest and most tenacious movement within radical Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a nation that gave birth to some of the most zealous of Al Qaeda’s leaders. Of the 22 men on the FBI’s most wanted list following September 11, seven were Egyptians. It was Egypt that dispatched Sheik Omar Abdulrahman, the preacher whose sermons inspired the truck bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. And it was a son of Egypt’s middle class, Mohammed Atta, who piloted the jet that crashed into the North Tower Egypt has received over $50 billion in foreign aid over the last quarter-century. The reason is simple: Egypt, with its vast reserves of peasant soldiers, offers the most serious challenge to Israel. Without Egypt, there can be no full scale Arab-Israeli war. But the anti-westernism has stoked there by British colonialism has simply shifted onto the United States.


Remember, Obama hated England too, and gave Churchill’s bust back to England. Not only was Obama a racist, but he also hated America, still does. Is our western country’s destruction just a continuation of Obama’s ‘fundamental change.”?


At least six American Islamist activists who work closely with the Obama administration are Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism and the Center for Security Policy in Washington.

Let’s start with Mohamed Library, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council who has met with national security staff inside the White House. He raises perhaps the most alarms.

Elibiary has been accused of “downloading sensitive material from law enforcement databases,” according to the Investigative Project. Last month, he tweeted: “I do consider the United States of America an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution.”


In other words, isn’t it funny that with Obama running the country, in the background, the news of the Muslims is all together…silent? Did Obama hand over Afghanistan to Al Quada, (through Biden) just like he continued to hand our weapons and money to the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran at every chance?

While we are being concerned about RUSSIA…and China, and the ‘pandemic’ we hear crickets about our old enemies the Muslims.

Nobody Thinks, the silence on the attack at the last synagogue, and the terrorist being let into our country, is a powder keg we should think more about. How many Muslim terrorist came over our border?

Too many to count. Remember, the Boston Bomber was let in our country on a green card…he worked for the FBI. Yes. History is always hidden.

Want proof that Obama is still running things? The FBI thinks the America patriots are more of a threat to America than any attack again by Obama’s buds.

And THAT is why, you don’t hear much from Obama. He’s keeping himself hidden.

 Nobody thinks we should be asking “Where exactly is he?” And what is he doing?

Why are we Not hearing about Obama? Remember, he once said in an interview he would be okay to him to rule silently from the background.

I think the answer should concern us all.

Obama? Working for China? Working for Muslims? Working for…who?

Nobody Wonders.

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Nobody Wins

I must admit, I have missed just writing. But I’m hoping by Monday, I can get back to somewhat normal blogging. So, here’s a video I just watched that I thought was interesting.

All the conservative pundits all have their own style, and each offers important knowledge, and opinions, but there is one thing that Glenn Beck does better than anyone: he CAN entertain while putting the GLOBAL world stage on alert to the masses. I’ve read many of Glenn’s books, and I think you learn much more from one of his books as opposed to say…Mark Lavin. Glenn wasn’t the first to put together the global cabals, Alex Jones was. Nevertheless, Glenn goes into much greater detail.

When Trump was running in 2017, Glenn was on the Ted Cruz train. He got pretty nasty about Trump, but, now I think he’s a bit more educated and open about the man.

Because of Glenn, I moved money out of Bank of America and put our money in a local bank. Not sure if they can’t GET at the local banks, but I had been with Bank of America since I was 19, so it was a final admittance that yes, Glenn might be right. We must fight the big banks locally.

So, I’ll probably be getting the book. In the meantime, listen to him.

You WILL learn a lot.

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What WOULD We Do Without Tucker Carlson?

Nobody Flashes

The hammer is coming down quickly. How can anybody deny that the Biden administration is being guided by people who want this country destroyed?

Already ANOTHER witch hunt to destroy Trump has begun. Real patriots in America are being threatened by the ‘President” and his administration.

In the meantime, I always thought that the vaccine was the REAL danger. Right now, some man down the street died of Covid. We are doing better…because I was very insistance of getting help.

My position: If you can stay out of hospitals. Do so.

Still, good news from Boris Johnston today in England. It seems he’s lifting the masks and vaccine mandates.

Why? Nobody Wonders.

So once again, hereeeeeeeeeeeee TUCKER!

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