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Even Trump Can’t Outdo THIS

Nobody Flashes: When I turned onto Trump’s speech tonight, I wanted him to talk upfront about the great Truckers in Canada.

But he only mentioned them halfway through his speech. And his speech was…sorry…much too long.

Mr. President don’t be boring. You might need a new speech writer. You need some new material.

They said there were over 50,000 people in Texas, and yet, his speeches are lines much repeated from his first run in 2016. This is 2021, and it’s not the same country. It’s not the same world.

While we all know how unfair the world has been to President Trump, and what he has gone through from all sides…on the other hand, he had the honor of being our President, and a much loved one at that. We are suffering just as much as he is, if not more. So far, he has become victorious in every battle. Even though he has paid a high price.

But, so have MILLIONS of people all over the world, who have lost their lives, or their jobs.

He will probably run, but this nobody hopes, he gets a bit more like he used to be and pays attention to the real misery of the people once again. His speeches are starting to sound pale, and more…dare I say…political. He is being MUCH too nice.

I’m not sure, “Nice” is going to cut it this time. He really does need a better speech writer.

On the other hand, we don’t know exactly what HE is up against and what he has learned from all this, so how can we judge? Maybe he thinks his speeches are bringing in all the crowds. I don’t know. Something is…just not right, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Now, seems Trudeau is fighting back, and not allowing the trucks and people to come into Ontario.

So, I’m posting this from just a simple man, who is represents us all. A man, who tells a simple story, but hopefully, more ‘leaders’ will hear his story, and hopefully, people will start posting their stories.

Our politicians are much too concerned about not ‘offending’ any of their colleges, and not saying a word. What does that tell you?

Having said that, showing up to a Trump Rally, that only one channel out of HUNDREDS OF broadcasts, is not exactly a good thing. Also, it was on NEWSMAX, and like Trump said, they NEVER show the crowd. Right there, that tells you that the GOP is NOT behind Trump. They may talk about him, but they only use him to make their money.

In the meantime, the ‘war’ on the people has just begun. We pray for the safety of the good people in Canada. May they stay warm and well fed through their fight.

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